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Sonal is a certified yoga teacher with 500+ hrs of experience, well versed in different forms of yoga including Hatha, Flow, Restorative, Prenatal yoga, Therapeutic and Chair. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Restorative, Integral, Hatha

  • Focus, Rehabilitation, Prenatal, Peace of Mind, Pain Management, Flexibility, Core Strength, Breathing Techniques, Balance


  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Restorative, Integral, Hatha

  • Focus, Rehabilitation, Prenatal, Peace of Mind, Pain Management, Flexibility, Core Strength, Breathing Techniques, Balance

More About Coach Sonal

Yoga found Sonal at a very young age, long before she knew what yoga was or the impact it would have on her daily life. She recalls watching in wonder as her two older siblings practiced yoga, and thus she has them to thank for the great inspiration.

Sonal’s passion for yoga was sparked when she returned to India from the States in 2003. Since then, she has been graced with the opportunity to study deeply with many masters. Her first great influence was Guruji Nhawkarji of Swanand Yoga Center in India. It was here that Sonal found her calling and the inspiration for opening her own yoga studio one day. In 2011, she took her commitment to yoga to a deeper level and became a certified instructor at the distinguished Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in India. Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute was founded in 1924 by Sri Swami Kuvalayananda, the great mastermind mainly responsible for the worldwide spread of yoga through his extensive scientific research on its profound therapeutic benefits.

Studying under the protégés of this great yoga master, Sonal was immediately introduced to the power of yoga to heal, balance, and restore positive health. Upon her return to New York, she went on to become a certified instructor and a teacher at the Integral Yoga Institute®. Founded in 1966 by Sri Swami Satchidananda, who is regarded by many as “an apostle of peace,” Integral is a worldwide yoga organization dedicated to the principles of peace, and the harmonious development of every individual.

Sonal is deeply honored by the opportunity to inspire others with her knowledge. Through her encouragement for students to explore their physical and emotional boundaries safely, without strain and injury, she hopes to equip each of her students with the tools to quiet the ego. Her vision is “a world where we can all unfold into the integrity of who we really are.” Each class with Sonal, whether group or private, is designed to leave you feeling centered, calm, and full of peace.
Recently, Sonal had a privilege to provide Pre-run and Post-run yoga/stretching sessions to NYC Marathoners.

November 2011-present
Integral Yoga Institute
New York
Yoga group instructor
∠ Hatha yoga asanas with proper breathing instructions
∠ Ensure correct posture
∠ Relaxation techniques
∠ Pranayama (Breathing techniques)
∠ Mediation

September 2015-present
1199 SIEU National Benefit Fund
New York
Corporate Yoga instructor
∠ Hatha yoga asanas with proper breathing instructions
∠ Meditation
∠ Deep relaxation

November 2011- December 2014
Swanand Yoga (owned and operated)
Group and Private yoga instructor
New York/ New Jersey
∠ Hatha yoga asanas
∠ Adjust postures and ensure correct form
∠ Pranayama (breathing techniques) instruction
∠ Deep relaxation and guided meditation
∠ Tips on healthy diet
∠ Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga
∠ Class designed to individual needs focusing on specific areas such as lower back, shoulder, neck, hip area, etc.
∠ Corporate classes (on site)

April 2011 – May 2011
Kaivalyadham SMYM Samiti
Teacher Training Course
Lonavala, India
∠ Yoga and Physical Education
∠ Yoga and Value Education
∠ Yoga and Mental Health
∠ Anatomy and Physiology of Yogic practices
∠ Tradition (Hatha) Yoga
∠ Yoga Teaching Practices
∠ Meditation

Traditionally, yoga is transmitted from teacher to student, one to one. Regardless of the level of experience, personal sessions allow you to delve deeper into every aspects of yoga, benefitting the practitioner both physically and mentally.

Private practice allows the student at any level of experience to work closely with the teacher in designing a practice that suits his or her specific needs and desires. All sessions incorporate a variety of breath, movement, and Asanas (postures) tailored to the client. Hands-on adjustments are often used to promote safe and healthy alignment, and relaxation within the postures.

The sessions are specifically designed to improve posture, flexibility, blood circulation and strength through stretching different muscle groups and holding postures working with rhythm of breadth.

The intention of this type of practice is to relax and rejuvenate the body and bring a calm stillness to the mind.

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Client Reviews

Sonal is a wonderful teacher! She is understanding, professional, skilled, encouraging, and everything I would wish for in a yoga teacher. Her experience, knowledge and competence inspire trust and ease. I highly recommend her services!

(no details provided)

Experience, knowledge and qualifications come though in every session. Highly recommend.

I would highly recommend Sonal P. For Prenatal and Hatha Yoga! She is very patient and sensitive towards our needs - as she faced a unique situation to teach yoga to me and my pregnant wife at the same time. She made the sessions fun yet challenging for both of us. Through the knowledge of anatomy she challenges and stretches the muscles we did not even know existed. We feel very peaceful and energized after her class. We are truly grateful to have found coach Sonal!

Sonal is amazing. She is very intuitive and has catered my practice to address my medical concerns. She is always on time and very considerate. I am totally relaxed and sleep very well after our sessions. I highly recommend Sonal.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Sonal is an extraordinary teacher and guide. I have health issues and I'm.66 years old. After a few sessions, I am abler to do things I haven't done in years. When I started, I wasn't able to sit on the floor or walk more than a couple of blocks pain free. Now I am able to walk half a mile and incorporate the yoga practice into my daily life. I didn't think I could concentrate for a full session, but with her guidance and patience I can. No two classes are alike. I recommend Coach Sonal unequivocally.

Sonal is a gentle, knowledgeable and attentive coach. Highly recommended.

I would highly recommend Sonal as a yoga instructor because she is very caring, gentle, patient and intuitive. She worked with me to improve my balance and flexibility through stretching and restorative poses. This is very important for me at this stage in my life (74 years)!
She made the session fun, gentle yet invigorating. The deep relaxation at the end was truly healing both mentally and physically.
I am very happy and would continue to work with her in future.

Dr. Vimla Vadhan
Professor of Pshchology (presently retired)
Kingsboro Community College of Cuny

I am always happy and excited to take Sonal's class. She is very present and in tune with her students even in a group class. So, taking a private one on one session with her was truly special.
As always she took first five minutes to understand my physical and mental state in order to make the session as beneficial as possible. Her well explained guidance through the neck and shoulder stretches actually helped me release the tension from those areas. Her instructions were very clear and I did feel a lot better afterwards. She also suggested some asanas (postures) that would help me alleviate my other discomfort.
I am looking forward to our next session. Thank you, Sonal!
Lahar Pasad

It was such a breath of fresh air to take a yoga session with Sonal. I have taken quiet a few group and private yoga classes of different disciplines such as Hatha, Vinyasa, flow, in past but have never felt this calm, peaceful and centered. Sonal calls her teaching style Hatha Integral.

She was very warm, thorough and attentive through out the session. Her explanation through the knowledge of anatomy was so precise that I got so much more out of this practice. She also designed the session very skillfully where after the initial centering of the mind around the breath and specific stretches, prepared the body and mind for postures. Her hands on adjustment where needed
improved the alignment of the body. After getting a good work out for different muscle groups she introduced the last phase of the session- guided deep relaxation. It was divine. Her gentle voice very soothing. I felt extremely relaxed, calm, peaceful and rejuvenated by the end of the session.

I would strongly recommend coach Sonal P. to those who are looking for true yoga experience. I can't wait to take another session with her.

Thank you Sonal for being you!

Damyanti A.

In the short 3 months I have been working with Sonal, the change for me has been profound. Truly striking. Physically, all tightness and minor tension aches are gone. The ease with which I move, my posture, improved. The increase in my stability and strength noticeable. As, if not more importantly, is the calm and peacefulness, serenity really, I feel after each session which carries me through the week. I have studied yoga several times before on an off throughout the years. Never have I enjoyed yoga as much nor achieved so much progress in so little time! Sonal’s teaching method and persona, is gentle, kind, and motivating. She is, to use a coined phase, the real deal. After 2 sessions you will understand exactly what I am saying,
I have been taking yoga with Sonal for about a year. Yoga with Sonal has helped me both physically and mentally. I have found physically that I am much more flexible in areas of my body that previously my joints and muscles were tight. I also find that mentally I am more at peace. Sonal is an excellent instructor that cares about her students physical and mental well being.
I wanted to say how pleased I am with Sonal's class and her instructions. At first I was not sure If I would like her style of teaching but after attending just one session I realized how great I felt after taking her class. I love the stretching and breathing techniques. I am hooked on her class and look forward to every Wednesday! I would highly recommend her classes to anyone. Sincerely.
I've taken yoga sessions led by Sonal Pimplé many times. I can honestly say it's one of the most relaxing experiences! She's incredibly thorough in her class, and gives one-on-one guidance when needed. She offers a wide array of yoga, and allows beginners to feel encouraged to learn more. It's a beautiful, zen experience that adds peace to the day, and personal introspection. I've enjoyed both her day classes, and her candlelight yoga sessions. I highly recommend checking her out!
I have participated in many classes taught by Sonal at Integral Yoga. These were restorative yoga sessions, which are designed for meditation and relaxation. In each class, she was supportive and reassuring as she guided us through poses. She creates a soothing atmosphere. She always goes the extra mile to make the classes both enjoyable and Instructive. For example, she brings essential oils to class. She has a gentle and healing touch which make her classes both healing and helpful. I highly recommend her as a wonderful yoga teacher.
Sonal – Yoga Guru par extraordinaire In one word, yoga guru Sonal Pimple, is extraordinary. When Sonal is performing those intricate yoga asanas she seems at peace. Her dedication and passion for the practice is apparent, and I am impressed with her extensive repertoire. I am tempted to compare Sonal’s sessions to an airline flight: the initial warm-up and take-off period with seat-flights fastened; next the smooth cruising at 35,000 feet when one is able to stretch and breathe with will (holding pattern with seat-belts relaxed), and finally the warm-down when one’s personal motivation to perform one’s optimum best with sincere conviction manifests itself! The after-effects after the smooth landing are phenomenal and a pleasurable release from one’s tensions. Sonal explains and performs the varied asanas and mudras with panache; whenever I concentrate I am able to get involved with what she imparts to us students. Good luck to Sonal, wherever, she teaches. Om, Om, Om!
I have taken several yoga classes with Sonal over period of 5 years. I love Sonal as she gives everyone personal attention, and adjusts the poses to accommodate your individual need. After taking the classes I feel relaxed,not stressed and rejuvenated! J. Haas Project Manager, US GSA
I was afraid, nervous and skeptical to try yoga because I had this notion that it was for young people. Thankfully for me, my co-worker who is also my friend encouraged me to take yoga class with Sonal. I signed up for the class. The very first session with Sonal was transforming. Not only she put me at ease but also showed me how to modify the poses to stretch and strengthen the muscles to increase flexibility. I've been doing yoga with Sonal for more than year now and can proudly say that I am able to do what I thought I could never do. It's been a life changing experience. I highly recommend Sonal, as teaching yoga is not only her job but her passion. She teaches with conviction and is very attentive, intuitive and friendly. Every session with her teaches you something new, be it stretches, poses, breathing techniques or meditation!
I absolutely love having Sonal guide me through Restorative Yoga. I can get very wound up in thought-even while doing yoga...Sonal is restoring my capacity for self-care: mental clarity, ease of movement and an opportunity to make room for my spirit. She expertly uses therapeutic touch which is so appreciated by me, as are the essential oils-which you can decline (don't). Thank you, Sonal. You really rock. Tina Schiller New York City
Sonal is a caring and inspiring teacher who is able to understand the needs of her students and environmental conditions. Her classes are based on the individual needs and have a steady flow based on the classic teachings of integral yoga. She is truly passionate about her practices and this passion is positively influencing her students.
We were yoga neophytes and Sonal was patient and understanding with us, offering gentle but specific guidance on posture and practice that we both found very beneficial. Her emphasis on philosophical peace and thoughtfulness in the practice sessions gave us moments of deep insight and creative energy.
Dear Sonal, I am going to be traveling with the family I work for- for 3-6 months. I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful teaching and Practice!! I have "attempted" Yoga MANY times over the last 20 years. I have never returned after the 2nd class. I do not believe all teachers, classes, and practices are as kind, gentle, and welcoming as yours! I have experienced ALL of the changes in my body, mind, and spirit you describe in the class. You have changed my life!! Thank you again for being a "light" for myself and others seeking peace. You are a great teacher and mentor. I hope to pick up classes with you again when we return to the city.
Sonal has been my yoga instructor for 2yrs. I always look forward to her classes. They are a perfect blend of relaxation, breathing techniques, stretching, and asana's. She explains positions well, gently readjusts me if I'm off a little, and paces the class well. My favorite part is shavasana at the end when puts a drop of essential oil on my forehead! It's like a reward for s job well done
I joined IYI a few years ago, looking for tutoring in mental and spiritual healing, and learning how to feed my body healthily. I have definitely found that through the different teachers whose classes I have taken(Manu Dawson, Nalini, Misame and Dhyani). I have now found another teacher/healer that I like very much. I like the knowledge that Sonal P. has of the healing postures for the body, and especially the help Sonal provides with the guidance of her hands. Respect, Ms. Jones
Sonal P is an excellent yoga teacher. I take her restorative yoga class and I am moved by her consistent calm, healing, generous teaching. Sonal P uses clear soft spoken instructions, aroma therapy if students are open to aroma therapy, inspirational readings and breathe work to empower students to find a peaceful place to learn, heal and let go. Sonal provides a safe place to heal. I have PTS from a savage attack and I have injuries and chronic pain. Sonal P is professional and very kind. I recommend her classes and she emphasizes you can modify poses if you need to. Sonal P can help you modify if you need help. Sonal P's touch is also very healing. Suzannah B. Troy
I have been taking yoga lessons with Sonal for the last 3 years. In that time, I have gone through a transformation both physically and internally. With the challenges of city living, the yoga session with Sonal is an oasis of peace and rejuvenation! It is unparalleled in its ability to be true to what yoga is designed to do!
I met Sonal 3 years ago, through a friend at work, and her classes have been the most amazing experience each time. I had been introduced to yoga 14 years ago, while I was pregnant with my first child, and discovered how helpful it was for me, with my pregnancy and even better with each delivery (2 daughters). It taught me breathing and relaxation methods I had no clue about. I continued, off and on, but not on a regular basis, always looking for a similar experience as I had while I was pregnant with each girl. The teacher at that time was unique. Then I discovered Sonal, her calm, her different breathing methods (several ones...), her soothing class, her unique relaxation at the end of the class and her amazing giving. My feeling, after an hour with Sonal, is being fully relaxed, rejuvenated, and happy. The night following her class are the ones with the best sleep. Since, I have shared her class with my 2 daughters (11 and 13 years old now), when we can. They are discovering yoga at their own level, and love it. Thank you, Sonal, for your yoga style.
I’ve been doing lunchtime yoga with Sonal for approximately one year now. She comes twice a week to my job to lead a class into 50 minutes of total bliss. We start with a warm up that includes breathing and easy stretching. She slowly builds it up to a total body stretching with poses that are suitable for those that have been sitting for hours at a desk and otherwise. Sonal ends with more breathing and a guided short meditation that leaves me relaxed in body and mind. She has a beautiful calm spirit and energy that is uplifting and as well as a fountain of wisdom and experience.
I would highly recommend Ms. Sonal. I have attended her class for over a year. I feel comfortable in her class. She is experienced and patient. She incorporates different postures, breathing technology, meditation and relaxation.
I have studied yoga with Sonal for several years. Her multi level approach gave me the ability to advance my practice from a beginner to deeper levels . She inspired me to weave yoga into my everyday life. Her smaller class sizes gives her the ability to work directly with each student, in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. Her style of yoga is meditative and restorative, it was perfect healing after a long work day. I truly enjoy studying with Sonal.
Several years ago I had the pleasure to meet Sonal Pimple when I attended one of her Hatha yoga classes at Swanand Yoga. I left that class feeling peaceful and invigorated. I'm thankful that our paths crossed and that I continue to attend classes with Sonal as she is a caring, thoughtful instructor with the gift of bringing peace, calm and breath to every class that she guides.
I always feel better after a yoga class with Sonal. She incorporates postures, breathing, meditation and deep relaxation into sessions that can somewhat paradoxically be both energetic and calming. As a result, I am becoming more fit and more grounded.
I have taken yoga classes in the New York area for the past 15 years. I have to say that Sonal is one of the best yoga instructors I have ever had. She is very kind to everyone that attends one of her classes from beginners to advanced students. She makes everyone feel comfortable and always tells us to listen to your body on each pose. She makes it a true yoga experience not another exercise class. I would highly recommend Sonal to anyone that is new to yoga as well as anyone that has taken yoga for years. It’s a truly invigorating and relaxing experience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It is my great pleasure to recommend Ms. Sonal Pimplé. Her performance as a Yoga Instructor for 1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds proved that she has been a valuable addition to our in house exercise program. I have known Sonal for over a year in my capacity as Event Manager of the Wellness Department at 1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds. Sonal has had an incredible rapport with our staff, which is very culturally and age diverse. Most importantly attedees always rate her as an excellent instructor. And now by popular demand she is teaching twice a week. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Myriam.moreno@1199Funds.org
I have had the great pleasure to practice yoga under the expert and caring guidance of Sonal Pimple for several years. Sonal has a unique style that truly make the sessions for the mind, body, soul and spirit. I hadn’t practiced yoga for many, many years and she made me more relaxed, comfortable and confident in each progressive session. She has the ability to grow and improve her students’ skills while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere where everything feels like it’s progressing naturally. Sonal has a natural gift for teaching and making us all appreciate the mind and body connection that makes yoga special. Mark Koch --
Through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, Sonal has unintentionally molded me into a better person. Her positive energy and personalized attention steered me into unimaginable directions. Enrichment came in waves that we weren’t intending to invoke or stimulate. I felt a sense of belonging with Sonal; I was a newcomer to yoga in a class setting, which normally takes time to adjust to, but her demeanor and style became second nature. Sonal is a leader and entrepreneur; from the fashion and textiles world to the rhythm of her own yoga studio, she is driven to accomplish dreams. I must emphasize again Sonal’s energy and personalized attention, and hope others have been inspired by her work.
I am writing this testimonial letter for Sonal Pimple as a professional and as a long standing friend spanning over a decade. Sonal is the Founder and CEO of of a successful textile design company. Her other dedication is to continue a lifetime dream to be the best yoga teacher that she can be...and she is because this is her other dedication. She does this for all of who need spiritual and physical guidance....and this is who she is. Her skills started in India as a child and continued to adulthood being certified in the most prestigious school of yoga. This formed the foundation to continue her dedication to he yoga practice by getting her certification to teach in the United States. I give Sonal my highest recommendation to continue with her yoga practice to others who wish to receive her teachings. If there is further support that I can render, please let me know.
I have been practicing yoga with Sonal for over three years now. Her classes are challenging without being intimidating. She adapts her classes to make them appropriate for extremely hot or cold days. She offers options for poses when necessary so that the student can still get the benefit of the pose. She is one of the most mindful and spiritual teachers I have ever practiced with. Taking a class with Sonal is really a treat after a long stressful work day.
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