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World class coach & swimmer (Canadian National Swim Team), Ranked 9th in the world in 1992. Being coaching all age groups for 20 years including triathletes & water polo players. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. San Diego, CA
  2. Encinitas, CA
  3. Carlsbad, CA

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles


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  • Syracuse University (NY)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprint Freestyle, Open Water, Individual Medley, Distance Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke

  • Technique, Starts, Sprinting, Relays, Pulling, Pacing, Open Turns, Kicking, Flip Turns


  • Syracuse University (NY)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprint Freestyle, Open Water, Individual Medley, Distance Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke

  • Technique, Starts, Sprinting, Relays, Pulling, Pacing, Open Turns, Kicking, Flip Turns

More About Coach Sebastien

I've coached all age groups in Canada and in the United States for 20 years. Coached the High School Team (2 years), Masters swimming program (20 to 90 years old) for 2 years, coached specific training camps, summer camps, elite swimmer camps, and other functions in improving all ages swimming techniques, endurance, and competition preparations (Competitive swimming and Triathlons). I've also given over 1000 private lessons for swimmers of all age groups, capabilities and skills. Provided coaching for physically challenged individuals, trained athletes for triathlons and international competitions. Also, I've been an official for 10 years which allowed me to truly understand the technique and swimming regulations.

Was part of the Canadian National Swim team from 1989 to 1996. Was ranked 9th in the world in 1992. Participated to the Pan Pacific games, World Games, Commonwealth Games, University Games, World Championships, World Cups, etc.. Was part of the Syracuse University Varsity team and had 8 Big East Records, 10 Syracuse Records, etc.. Trained with the best coaches in the world and competed against the best swimmers in the world. I know what is the best technique and I know how to teach it to you so that you can apply it for your swimming advantage.

I focus on technique and attitude. It is important to have a strong technique and then reinforce it with swimming practice and, at times, dry land activities. It is also important to work on the athlete mindset in believing in their capabilities and to strive to improve their swimming performance. At times, I will get in the water, with the athlete, to show them how to do things or to swim along with them to give them speed, confidence or a pace. Will write practices if needed, provide written feedback after each sessions so that the athlete has the lesson to remember and can focus on their own time in improving their performance.

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Client Reviews

Coach Sebastien was very welcoming, calm and explained technique really well. He gave me constructive advice and actionable steps to improve and a path toward my goals!

Coach Sebastien is a great coach! I learned a lot in my first lesson. I would recommend him to anyone.

Coach Sebastien is a great coach, he not only help my son improve his skill, he also gave a very detail improving plan for him, it is amazing.

‘Coach Seb’ was much more than I bargained for to say the least. It’s one thing to get first class coaching from a former world ranked competitive swimmer, but it’s another thing to gain life lessons on top of it. In the one hour I gained insight on proper swim mechanics but more importantly, he encouraged me to push my limits and create new ones. Anyone who books Coach Seb will not be disappointed, I guarantee this. Thanks for everything coach!!

Coach Seb is a true pro. Complete understanding of swimming stroke mechanics and a great demeanor with kids.

Coach Sebastien was extremely approachable and uses his experience as a swimmer/coach together with his background as an engineer to educate. I appreciate this approach because often coaches that were elite athletes often have a difficult time teaching as things came naturally to them, and cannot articulate the details of what the student is doing incorrectly or where they need to be corrected. I found him the exact opposite of that, he was analytical, articulate, and approachable. I watched my 13-year-old have a conversation with and swim next to him during our first session. I appreciate the didactic style, not to mention the follow-up written recap of the session.

(no details provided)

My son's introductory lesson went very well. Coach Sebastien took the time to listen and understand my son's background and what I've observed to be his strengths and weaknesses. He was able to communicate to my son in a friendly and respectful manner. He provided a follow up overview of the lesson on what he worked on and what he needs to do to continue to improve. My son said he could tell there was an improvement in his breast stroke and felt the lesson was worthwhile.

(no details provided)

Top notch. Could see massive improvement in my workouts the following week.

Will continue to work with.

Coach Sebastien is a good coach. He was able to pinpoint my son's problem as far as swimming techniques on the first day. He gave advice and suggestion in regards to fixing my son's swimming issues. Also, he gives written suggestions or report on how the issues can be resolve. Coach Sebastien will work with you as far as your goal for your kids.

My son just had the first class with Coach Sebastien. He is so helpful to find out what to improve and how to improve.

My son is seven years old, he has learned swimming for almost two years in a swimming school. He can swim all the four strokes, but needs a coach to go to the next level. We found Coach Sebastien on coachup and had the first class with him last Saturday. My son enjoys learning from Coach Sebastien, he expected the next class immediately after the class.

After the class, coach Sebastien gave us a long detail list of observation and improvement to do for each stroke, what to practice, and what to do in next class, with explanation why they are helpful to improve the swimming.

I expect to work with Coach Sebastien until my son goes to the college.

(no details provided)

Coach Sebastian was terrific.
Exactly what we were looking for while raising our water polo son. Coach Sebastien combined his water polo skills and his skills with swimming to teach my son how to become a faster swimmer even in just one lesson. I highly recommend coach Sebastien next coach for you

Great coach. Very patient and knowledgeable.

Coach Sebastien was a great coach. He was patient and detailed. I think with time, he would be able to improve my son's strokes and techniques the correct way. I would recommend him to anyone.

Coach Sebastien did a great job working with my 7 year-old daughter. He worked with her in the pool on all 4 strokes and gave us a detailed oral and written summary after the session. Highly recommended.

My daughter really enjoyed the session with Coach Sebastien, it's really helpful. He worked with her strokes and enheanced her technique, and he was very patient. He is really responsible and told us every single detail that he discovered and would like she to have more practice on after the session. He is a really good coach, and I recomment to have lesson with him.

My 9 year old enjoyed his session with Coach Sebastien very much. Coach Sebastien was in the pool with my son during the entire lesson to observe his strokes and show him the right technique. He was very patient and encouraging with my son; and explained things in a way that's "easy to understand" (my son's words). I notice my son smiling and laughing throughout the lesson. After the session, Coach Sebastien wrote a very detailed review of the lesson we had and highlighted points for improvement of all four strokes. I found this very valuable for my son to take with him during his regular team practice between sessions so that he can be reminded of what to focus on. I highly recommend Coach Sebastien for a young swimmer. Thanks Coach!

My daughter (8) found this session to be very beneficial, as did I. Coach Sebastien spent the right amount of time up front with both of us, asking questions about what we wanted out the lesson and also gave us great information on what to expect from him. He encouraged feedback and questions and was very thorough on making sure that my daughter understood what he was teaching. He was in the water with her demonstrating what he showing her and helping her to start to develop good techniques and habits. I would definitely recommend Sebastien for a young swimmer. Thanks Sebastien!

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