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Successful former Pac-12 football coach/teacher who will improve your daughter/son's fundamentals and skills and athleticism at whatever sport they currently play! View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Scott. 60 minute session length ($60 per session)

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + one-time fee

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

2 session package with Coach Scott. 60 minute session length ($57 per session)

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$114 2 sessions ($57/ea) + one-time fee

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5 session package with Coach Scott. 60 minute session length ($55 per session)

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  • Washington State University (WA)

  • 22 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Kicker, Punter, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back, Defensive Line, Offensive Line, Linebacker

  • Throwing, Cutting, Blocking, Catching, Hand Placement, Jamming, Kicking, Punting, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Footwork, Pass Defense


  • Washington State University (WA)

  • 22 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Kicker, Punter, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back, Defensive Line, Offensive Line, Linebacker

  • Throwing, Cutting, Blocking, Catching, Hand Placement, Jamming, Kicking, Punting, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Footwork, Pass Defense

More About Coach Scott

5 years at Univ. of Washington as a Asst. Football Coach (LB'ers, Special Teams, & TE's), 2 years at the Univ. of Arizona as a Asst. Football Coach (LB'ers & Special Teams), 6 years at Boise State as a Asst. Football Coach (LB'ers) and 2 years at Skyline High School (Defensive Coordinator & Special Teams) - Won 27 games with zero losses in winning 2 State Championships while coaching at Skyline High School. I have plenty of experience working with younger kids as well, as I helped coach both 7th grade team for a year and then moved up and coached most of the same kids in 8th grade the next year. With these 2 youth teams, I primarily coached the QB and offensive line, special teams, and all the defensive players and we had great success.

Started my first 4 seasons at Washington State University at Outside LB'er. Drafted into the NFL and played LB'er and special teams for the New Orleans Saints for 5 seasons, then started my 17 year college coaching career. I coached at the high school level at the end of my coaching career.

As an expert in coaching/teaching football, I can coach/train any and all positions on the field (as well as any age) and make it fun! I will work on improving your movement, quickness and speed on the field. I will teach you all the steps and fundamentals in throwing the ball, catching the ball, tackling, blocking, and catching, as well as how to take on a block of a bigger player, how to play pass defense, how to rush the QB, how to catch a punt, how to deep snap the ball, how to play man to man defense, how to make an open field tackle, how to block your opponent, how to run great pass routes, etc. Whatever position you'd like to work on, I can take you through all the teaching steps and drills to get you better. Promise.

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Client Reviews

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I can’t say enough about Coach Scott! He not only has the experience and knowledge, from being a professional player and coach, but he also has the positive motivation that drives kids to work harder while having fun! His technical instruction was excellent!

Coach Scott is a phenomenal resource that any football player could benefit from. My son plays QB and I could tell the depth of experience Coach Scott brings to the table. He has real world experience playing and coaching, and best of all, he's fantastic at communicating his knowledge to the player. Highly recommended!

My son Ishan, 13 years, has played football with his friends casually in the park. And he recently signed up for football team and he wanted to learn some basic techniques to get himself oriented and prepared.

We met coach Scott at a local high school field over the weekend. Coach Scott had some training gear and he had Ishan perform some agility and footwork exercises, proper catching techniques and more.

Coach Scott was kind and set small goals to keep Ishan focussed and motivated throughout the session. Ishan enjoyed his first session and we are looking forward to signing up more consistently.

Information, communication and energy are tops. My kid felt improved in first meeting!

It was a pleasure meeting and training for the first time with Coach P. He was punctual and ready to get things rolling.
He knows what he's doing. He showed interest and was not shy about giving constructive criticism. We like that. No one wants to waste time and the hour went by fairly quickly from how busy the training was. Overall, we are looking forward to more sessions with Coach P.

Coach Pelluer a very knowledgeable man I trained with him and he instantly knew the weaknesses in my game and how to fix them. any parents reading this I’d recommend him wholeheartedly.

Coach Scott was great. Even though this was just a trial session to see if this would be useful for our son, Coach Scott came prepared for a full work-out, with practice equipment and a lesson plan. He interacted great with our son, who has not played team football for four years and was obviously rusty. Coach Scott was encouraging, but honest, and this one-hour session already imparted important skill knowledge and training expectations. His session scheduling is also very flexible. We look forward to having regular training with him!

My son really enjoyed his session with Coach Scott. He asked to book another immediately after. I really appreciated Scott's thorough feedback as well. Highly recommend.

Coach Scott is very Attentive and patient with my son. He has help Boost my sons confidence level and shown he what positive sportsmanship looks like. Being a single mother of a young man now days is hard I appreciate Coach Scott’s willingness to extend his time and Expertise in the game of football. -Tyahna C

Had a great experience with Coach Pelluer. He was able to quickly identify areas of immediate improvement for my son to build confidence while also identifying skills that will take longer to develop. He was simultaneously kind and supportive while pushing my son to go farther into the workout than even he thought he could.

I signed my son up for a session in hopes of helping him develop skills that will make the game continue to be fun. I believe that outcome will be achieved with the added benefit of having fun in workouts, building confidence and getting some mentoring from a great role model.

I’d recommend time with coach Pelluer to any parent who is interested in helping their kid improve their football skills, regardless of level. Knowing some of the other kids he’s working with and where my son is, it is clear he is able to adjust for the client to make it a positive experience well suited for the specific individual.

Coach Scott was really patient and explained every training technique and what each one helps with. He also shows you how to do it. He's a good Coach. If you want someone good. I recommend Coach Scott!!

Coach Scott was amazing and it felt like he had been coaching my son for a long time, even though this was their first session. From the very moment my son stepped on the field, Coach Scott had built an immediate strong rapport with him. He was a great encourager, motivator, confidence-builder. My son enjoyed his session and is excited to continue working with Coach Scott.

Coach Pelluer has been great working with my son, a high school lineman. He's encouraging and hands-on, but also challenges my son. From agility, to hand-eye drills, to fundamentals, my son has already learned so much in the couple sessions he has had. Also, my son is exhausted at the end of a session, but loves every minute of it.

Amazing Coach! Really helped me get better. Highly recommend!

Coach Scott did a great job of teaching the basic skills needed as well as giving my son confidence to continue with this new position. Thank you!

My son works weekly with Coach Scott. Coach Scott works him hard, is very encouraging and follows up with a detailed report of the days session. I can't see my son working with any other trainer.

Finished our first session with Coach Scott. My son is 16, playing his first year as quarterback. Scott spent an hour working him out, through agility drills, drop backs, and passes. My son enjoyed his time and thought that Scott football knowledge was greater than any of his previous coaches. We will be booking more sessions.

My son's first training session with Coach Scott today was GREAT!!! He loved Coach Scott's training approach, starting with the fundamentals of the game. My son is very excited about working with Coach Scott over this summer to help him prepare for a big high school football season this fall.

Coach Scott is amazing, he hit it off immediately with our son and got right to work. Coach pushed our son to perform and improve while remaining positive and encouraging. By the end of the first session, our son was tired and couldn't wait for the next one.

Absolutely hands down best coach/trainer I’ve ever worked with he not only took an interest in my athletic life but my personal life great person I highly recommend working with him!

Coach Scott is awesome! He works with my 10-year-old son Max. He motivates him and works on football agility and coordination skills and other fundamentals of the game. Max loves it and always looks forward to the session.

(no details provided)

Great coach and he always pushes me to get better

(no details provided)

Today my son had his first session with Coach Pelluer to work on kicking technique and it was great. He had some great tips and motivation for my son and we will definitely be scheduling some more sessions soon! Excellent, highly recommend!

Great first day! Connected well with my nephew! Coach P was very encouraging and on day one I saw improvement in how my nephew approached the workout and attacked the drills! Looking forward to the next 5 sessions!

My son had a great session with Coach Scott.
He tailored the session according to his needs.
We are planning to work with him again.

Coach Pelluer is awesome!

Coach P was awesome! He started off assessing our son and went straight into his work out. He was encouraging throughout the session and our son was extremely comfortable with Coach. We really enjoyed the first session as Coach immediately saw potential and a vision for our son!

Very effective coaching style! Very educated and knows what he’s talking about. Highly skilled and trained. Would recommend.

Just from our first session with Coach Scott we could tell he is an amazing coach with a tremendous amount of knowledge. Not only does he demonstrate his expertise very well he is very positive and uplifting in motivating young athletes.

I've been working with Coach Scott for 2-3 weeks now. I chose to work with him because I am walking on to the University of Minnesota football team spring 2018 & I liked the idea of working with a former D1 coach. My experience so far has been really good. I notice every practice that I get a little more fluid, coordinated, and in better playing shape. Coach Scott has a lot of passion for the sport and I can tell that he genuinely wants me to succeed. I know this because he challenges me not only physically, but mentally as well. During rest periods he quizzes me on why run certain plays. Highly recommend for anyone trying to improve their craft.

Coach Scott is hands down the best trainer ever! I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to more training sessions with him! 5 stars!

Coach Scott has a great background and is a great motivator. He is knowledgeable about football and athletics in general. I cant wait to work with him again!

Coach Pelleur is very knowledgeable about the game and can help you improve your game in any area you want. If you put in the effort, he will be there to push you to the max.

Coach P. was great. He started on a positive high working my son and keeping him focused. He packed in a lot of knowledge and drills in our hour training session. My son cam away tired but excited to use his new knowledge on the field the next day and in the game. He took that training and turned it into reality by using the "hat and hand" technique and getting a sack and a fumble in the first half of his second game, only third game he has ever played! We plan to get in some more sessions with Coach P. to see the progress he can make!

Coach Scott is an awesome coach, I signed up my little 14yr old brother Lazarus for two sessions and he was able to work with my availability since I was visiting from out of State. Thank you my little brother has learned a lot from you, thanks for motivating him and the positive vibe, his working on his 20 push ups every night before shower and stretch after shower.

"Awesome Coach his really into the session and gets me
Motivated, working on my weak points and encouraging me. I had trouble on route running as a running back, this will be my first playing wide receiver and thank you Coach Scott for working with me. I'm looking forward to more sessions. I'm working on my push ups and runs"..Lazarus

Coach Scott is great. He has a huge passion for coaching and you can see that in your sessions with him. He also has a vast knowledge of football. A winning combination.

We just had our first session with Coach Scott and it exceeded our expectations. He is high energy, positive, intense and thoughtful. My son already learned a lot in a short amount of time and is excited to work with Scott this season to help him get to his goal of being a D1 tight end.

My son had his first session with Coach Scott and said he was the best by far. He's looking forward to future training to get ready for the upcoming season.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Scott is what you want! Our son has been coached at Bishop Gorman High School and had training by multiple retired NFL players. I can say without hesitation that Coach Scott is one of the best! He provides speed and agility, hand, eye coordination, conditioning and guidance on nutrition. He's not one of those trainers who gives cookie cutter training. He gives position specific training! He works with our son to help him achieve the goals that will take him to the next level. Best money we've ever spent!

Right away Coach Pelluer's energy and enthusiasm were apparent. He is motivated and positive throughout the session, building confidence as well as skill. I'm looking forward to watching my son continue to improve due to Coach Pelluer! Great experience from a positive, knowledgeable Coach.

Coach Scott was great I had a great session with him I know I'll be able to get to the next level with his help and can't wait for the next practice

Coach Scott was amazing ! Not only is he knowledgeable and experienced- he's patient and encouraging! My son had a great first session with him and came away from it with confidence and excitement- and is really looking forward to his next session. Scott
has a really great affinity with teens and has that unique ability to keep the bar raised in his expectations and still have fun and build a great camaraderie with his athletes. We are looking forward to Tristan's next session!

Coach P is the best and deserves more than 5 stars!! Learned so much in just one session. Cant wait to work more with him. Couldn't of asked for a better coach!!!

Good & detailed touch on basics to begin with.

Scott knows his stuff. I recommend him 100% to any up coming football player. I appreciate your patience and coaching techniques.

Coach Scott is fantastic, really is doing some great work with our son. They connect really well and he can't wait for their next session.

You can tell right away when you meet Coach Scott that he knows a lot about coaching football. His years of playing at the collegiate and professional levels are impressive, but his coaching experience is extensive as well. For all of his success on and off the field Coach Scott is humble and very personable. He's also prepared and enthusiastic. In the first session with Coach Scott my son received individualized instruction that will improve his preparation and techniquen on the football field. My son is very excited to continue working with Coach Scott and I can't help but support his decision after watching his first training session. He's excited to learn and improve. More importantly this is all coming from him wanting to be better and his belief that
Coach Scott will help him get to where he wants to go. Coach Scott has the necessary experience, knowledge, and tools to lead young men to improve the various techniques and skills needed to be successful on the football field. From what I've seen watching Coach Scott work with my son, I can sincerely and enthusiastically highly recommend him to others who are seeking a terrific football coach and mentor.
GO COUGS! and Huskies

(no details provided)

Scott my son Deuce and I really appreciate the time and training today. My son learned a lot from you in just one day and can't wait to train with you again.

I have spent the last three years working with Scott Pelluer, and I must say that he has greatly impacted my life. Not only has he been a great football coach (and one that has really honed my skills), he touches on the important parts of the game and reaches out to you personally. From my experience, Mr. Pelluer excels greatly at his craft, I would say he is one of the best coaches I’ve had the pleasure of learning from, and by far the greatest personal trainer that I worked with over the course of my high school career, and college preparation. I owe a chunk of my success to Scott Pelluer, by this, he has the highest recommendation from me. I have met few coaches who can match his abilities in both the on-field and personal aspects of coaching. He is respectful, highly skilled, and has a passion for the game that goes unnoticed. Sincerely, Jack Weidenbach
My son, currently a junior had some injuries taking him out of play for an entire season. We contacted Scott with the initial idea of having him help coach football techniques and preparing him for what to expect at college football level. With the injuries what we ended up needing was someone who could connect with him on a psychological level first and getting him mentally prepared to get back in for what was going to be the last game of the season. This turned out to be his best ever game; thanks to Scott. He managed to connect with our son and the family, it was training for all of us. His advice and knowledge was invaluable and even outside of our sessions was always available for any questions and advice we needed. We would strongly recommend Scott for anyone who is serious about football. He knows how to engage and connect but also maintains that respect and control shown by many college coaches.
We had Scott work with our 13 year old daughter to prepare her for her school basketball team tryouts. He focused on improving her basic fundamentals of both ball handling and shooting as well as more advanced skills. I really feel that he improved her confidence on the basketball court with every session. He was always very enthusiastic and upbeat and provided Emily lots of encouragement. I would highly recommend Scott if your son or daughter is looking to improve their skills while still making it fun!
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