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Varsity Basketball Coach and Health/Weight Lifting Teacher who is passionate about helping athletes be the best that they can be! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • New Mexico Highlands University (NM)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, HIIT, CrossFit, Conditioning, Boot Camp, Aerobic

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Snatch, Rehabilitation, Power Clean, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Clean and Jerk, Bench Press, Balance, Back Squat


  • New Mexico Highlands University (NM)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, HIIT, CrossFit, Conditioning, Boot Camp, Aerobic

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Snatch, Rehabilitation, Power Clean, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Clean and Jerk, Bench Press, Balance, Back Squat

More About Coach Savannah

Head Varsity Basketball Coach & Health/Weight Lifting Teach at Poston Butte High School

2019-2020 Desert Sky Coach of the Year
2021-2022 Black Canyon Coach of the Year
I teach weight lifting and other athletics based classes.

Former college basketball player turned coach and teacher! I use a lot of what I learned in my strength and conditioning coaches in college as well and continued education to help athletes grow their game.

Huge on tailoring each session to an individual athlete. Strength and conditioning is NOT a one size fits all! I am also huge on injury prevention and body maintenance so athletes can be the BEST and HEALTHIEST that they can be. Each session will be a little different and can also be adjusted based off of athlete's preference. I have access to a full weight room, track, courts and more.

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Client Reviews

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Great communication from the start. My 8th grader felt comfortable with the coach while being pushed. I specifically liked that Coach Savannah offered strength training as part of her session. My daughter is feeling stronger and more confident, ready for her next season. Worth the commute for us - would recommend!

Coach Bix has changed my daughter’s game!! Bix’ attention to detail, knowledge, and coaching style are the perfect combination. My daughter has only had a few sessions with Coach Bix, and already her shot has improved significantly and most importantly her confidence on the court is at an all time high! We are excited to continue working with Coach Bix!

Coach Bix has supported my student athlete with technical skills beyond what my athlete has ever received from any coach she has worked with. Much more, she has supported confidence and esteem building contributing to my athlete's growth mindset and problem solving skills on and off the court.

Great first session with Coach Bix, looking forward to more!

Coach Bix has been the absolute best trainer we have had. She embodies all that you want in a coach. She is patient but pushes your athlete to their full potential. She teaches in a way that is understood and the kids respect her for it. My daughters confidence has gone up so much in the last few months because of her time with Coach Bix. We are so grateful to have connected with her and look forward to many more trainings!

Coach Savannah is so passionate and truly cares about the athletes she trains. She is very skilled and works incredibly hard and that is poured into her athletes. We’ve seen such a change in our daughter’s performance and attitude. We feel lucky to have our daughter coached by Coach Savannah.

Coach Savannah is absolutely amazing! She knows how to bring the best out of the players. My daughter loved the challenge and most importantly she had fun and enjoyed the sessions. She knows exactly what the player needs to work on to elevate their game. I highly recommend her if you want to see major improvement in your kid’s basketball skills.

I am really impressed by Coach Savannah. The various techniques she uses to create a customized training program for my son have made a significant difference in his game play. Not only does she focus on the mechanics of the game, she works on conditioning and technique for an all round top performance. It never gets boring with Coach Savannah's training as she has a vast knowledge of the sport and what it takes for each individual to get where they want to be within the sport. My son and my family are so happy to be working with her.

(no details provided)

Coach Bix is an awesome coach. She knows exactly what to work on and I have complete faith in her process!

We’ve really enjoyed our first round of training with Coach Bix! Working hard & getting better! Signing up for round two :)

(no details provided)

Coach Bix was great with our 9 yr old son! She fostered his love of the game while working on fundamentals. He came home excited to practice what he had learned in his coaching session and bring those skills to his next game. He is looking forward to his next session with Coach Bix. Coach Bix is an amazing local resource we are fortunate to have.

Coach Savannah is amazing! My son has never been interested in sports but recently asked to learn basketball. He was super nervous as a novice but after his 1st session and every session since he tells me how patient Coach Savannah is. I watch the sessions and see him improve constantly but I believe because of her skills and personality with people that he keeps asking for more coaching from her. She’s the best! I never thought I’d hear my sweet couch potato ask if he has practice every night! After every session he walks to the car telling me how much he likes Coach Savannah. I love that he’s learning basketball the right way so there will be no bad habits to break in his future with basketball.

Coach Bix is a great coach. My daughter enjoys training with her.

Coach is amazing. My 9 years old daughter was so happy with the training and patience from the Coach. I could see the improvement right away.

Coach Savannah has been great to work with!! She has helped my 9 year old son so much, in many ways just after 4 sessions. She is super motivating and he really looks forward to working with her each time!

Coach Savannah is a great resource for anyone to improve their basketball fundamentals. She can quickly assess and determine what she needs to work on with that particular person and she is very encouraging as well.

Coach Savannah is an amazing coach, after a few sessions I’ve already had so much improvement! She is a great coach with passion towards the game!

Coach Bix was referred to us by a teammate of my daughter and we can’t say enough about her. She is personable and easy to talk to but also pushes my daughter and gets her to see her potential. We also took advantage of her weight lifting options (she even built us a custom package). We are very happy with her!

Coach Bix has been great with my daughter. She is just getting into basketball and Coach is great, we started seeing progress after day 1. I highly recommend her.

Great Experience all around. Highly recommend Coach Savannah!

I absorb so much in each session! I feel encouraged to work harder and better every session. Every session is so valuable, and flies by so fast. Never had a better coach!!

Savannah was amazing! She kept my 7 year old engaged the entire lesson and he was showing immediate improvements. He can’t wait for his next lesson.

She is very attentive and really took time with my son. She makes sure that he is perfecting his moves and plays. We have seen an improvement even after his second session.

(no details provided)

Savannah is hands down the best coach we have gotten to work with. She explains downfalls as well as strengths. My daughter was making mistakes when it came to shooting and after a couple sessions we have already seen a huge improvement. I am very happy we found Coach Savannah!

Coach Savannah is an amazing trainer. Pushes my daughter with new drills and is very encouraging and detailed. She explains how certain drills will help her in games. I cannot say enough good things about her. Thanks

We’ve worked with Coach Bix for the past several years and we can’t say enough good things. She is engaging, explains things well and everything is related to the game itself. She pushes my son but is very encouraging and motivating. We’d recommend her to anyone of any talent level who wants to improve their game!

My son really likes Coach Savannah pushing him on new drills that he hadn't practiced yet. She was very positive while he was learning the more complicated drill. Overall very good experience. thanks

Extremely happy with coach Savannah. I took my daughter Kyla for her first 1on1 and it surpassed what I had expected. My daughter also left feeling more confident in her game. I recommend her for anybody looking to help their game. She is very thorough on the basics and is very good at explaining what she would like from each exercise. Highly recommend her!

(no details provided)

Coach Savannah is legit. She makes my 13 yr old son work....in the best way possible. He's had quite a few sessions so far with Savannah and he improves each time. I keep expecting him to want to skip a workout but he keeps reminding me to book more sessions because he can see how well she can coach....and how he benefits. My son really loves the handling and shooting drills she puts him thru plus all the equipment she uses to help. If you are looking for a skilled coach that lives and breathes basketball, look no further.

Great Fist session, Makayla took to Coach Savannah very well, and she is excited for the next session

Coach Bix is wonderful! She knowledgeable, fun and has a ton of different drills to work skills from all angles! We definitely recommend training with her.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Savannah has the skills and heart for basketball! We love her working with our daughter! Visible progress in my daughters skills and confidence !

Coach Bix is fantastic! She pushes me to work hard and I feel my skill growing more and more with each session. She is extremely patient and will walk me through new skills and techniques until I can do it perfectly myself. I can’t wait to use what Coach has taught me in game time. I have learned valuable skills from Coach Bix, she is easily one of the best coaches I’ve ever had!

Savannah is a great coach!! Very personable, which helped my daughter feel at ease. She is knowledgeable, making it easier for my daughter to learn and understand what to do. We really saw improvements their first session together. My daughter is very excited to work with her again!

(no details provided)

My son and I love Coach Savannah! She truly cares about his improvement and goes out of her way to make sure he reaches his goals. We recommend her to any child at any age that wants to get better!

Thank you coach Savannah! After just one session, I can already see improvement with Bray's ball handling and left hand. We will definitely be doing these sessions regularly.

Great Coach! My daughter enjoyed learning from Coach Savannah. Signing up for more sessions.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Awesome first session! Coach is personal with what you want to receive through your training. Can't wait for the other sessions!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

After just one session with Coach Savannah, we saw a huge improvement in our son's ball handling, fundamentals, and agility. She takes her time and pushes you to do and be your best. We highly recommend Coach Savannah to anyone who is looking to improve their basketball skills. We have already booked another session with her!

Very well rounded session, skill work, strength, conditioning! Great summer work out!

My son enjoyed his session with Savannah. She drove to our neighborhood court which was a plus and worked on basic ball handling and shooting appropriate for his age. We plan to schedule more sessions with her.

Thank you coach Savannah for helping out my son.

We have really enjoyed working with Coach Savannah. She is so good with the kids as she knows the importance of teaching them the proper skills but also letting them be kids & encouraging fun in a youth sport instead of just competition. We look forward to continuing on with her and having our son play with her again.

Savannah has been absolutely awesome with my son. Every session she challenges my son to get better and always has great drills for him. I can tell he enjoys his sessions and he has asked me to continue getting lessons from her. I know with her help my son will reach many of his goals he has this next upcoming season. Savannah has also been great to work with since our schedule is so crazy. We actually live in the Tucson area but are up in the Gilbert area every other week. Savannah has been flexible with the lesson schedule and location of the lessons.

Thank you Savannah

I was very impressed with Coach Savannah. My daughter's first lesson was great, which is why we decided to rebook her. Coach Savannah was patient, encouraging, friendly and professional.

My kiddo had a blast and gained confidence after just one session. We will be signing up for more sessions for sure!

Coach Savannah gave my daughter a great workout and taught her some great skills and drills. We're looking forward to more sessions!!

(no details provided)

Coach Savannah is awesome! She is experienced and knowledgeable about basketball and is truly sincere about helping our son improve his skills while focusing also on maintaining a healthy attitude and sportsmanship! Our son has improved so much already since we met Coach Savannah! Looking forward to making more progress!

(no details provided)

Coach Savannah is great! I love her. She was on time and the practice was just what my son needed. She worked on everything w him in just an hour. She's my favorite coach so far!

Thank you Coach Savannah! My daughter has learned more in two practice sessions than she did in two seasons with her local league. We are looking forward to many more practices!

My granddaughter who is 12 liked Savannah very much and felt that she helped her with her basketball skills. Montana, her parents and I are eager to see Montana improve so we have booked more sessions.

Coach Savannah is a great coach! My daughter truly enjoyed her session. She was very excited before the session but even more excited afterwards about what she had learned. I have referred to another parent to Savannah for sessions. You can't go wrong with her at any level of skills.

Coach Savannah coached my daughters recreation team and we recently reconnected and she told us about CoachUp. My daughter has improved so much over the years under Coach Savannah and we can't thank her enough. She pushed my daughter enough for her to see her potential but kept it fun and is very encouraging. I would recommend Coach Savannah to anyone with a child who is trying to learn and get better at basketball! Thank you again Coach, you are AWESOME!

(no details provided)

Coach Savannah was an excellent motivator! The entire hour was devoted to working out. Coach Savannah knows basketball and I am booking a package with her!! Thank you for the great session! Marie

So glad we found you Savannah! You really care and take your time with Madison to challenge her to new heights! I saw a difference even after the first practice! I feel like she's learned more from you in just these two practices than her whole time playing in rec league. Thank you for being so awesome!

Savannah was an excellent coach for my daughter! She emphasized the importance of fundamentals and challenged her to achieve skills she didn't know she had. After 5 sessions, there was a clear difference in attitude and ability. I strongly recommend booking just one session first for Savannah to correctly identify your child's ability and frequency of training before committing to an entire package. Thank you Savannah, we will continue to use your coaching service!

Coach Bix has been my weight lifting instructor for two years and it has been amazing. She pushes me but is also encouraging and motivating. I have become a lot stronger and more explosive since training with her!
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