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Native Southern Californian who was able to successfully compete on the east coast at the collegiate level in spite of coming from a grassroots program. View all coaching experience

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Session Length: 1 hour

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3 session package with Coach Rodrigo. 60 minute session length

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  • Salve Regina University (RI)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalie, Defense, Attack

  • Stick Skills, Stick Protection, Stick Checks, Shooting, Offball Movement, Long Stick Midfield, Ground Balls, Fast Breaks, Faceoffs, Dodging, Defense Positioning, Agility


  • Salve Regina University (RI)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalie, Defense, Attack

  • Stick Skills, Stick Protection, Stick Checks, Shooting, Offball Movement, Long Stick Midfield, Ground Balls, Fast Breaks, Faceoffs, Dodging, Defense Positioning, Agility

More About Coach Rodrigo

I have fice years of coaching experience of players ranging from elementary school to collegiate players. I was the JV coach at my alma mater Servite High School '11 in Anaheim, CA. I will work with any age group.

I have worked with students who are picking up a stick for the first time to Division I college players. No matter your experience, I guarantee to improve your child's play.

At Servite High School I was a three year varsity starter and captained the squad my senior year. Nominated into the Servite Athletic Hall of Fame. From there, I was recruited to play at Salve Regina University a DIII program in historic Newport, Rhode Island . SRU is a member of the Commonwealth Coast Conference which regularly competed against nationally ranked programs including Endicott College and Western New England University. Helped the team in winning its first ECAC New England DIII Championship in 2014. Sole Californian on the roster who was active on the field all four years.

Each session would be specific to the player's skill level and position. I specialize in defense but I am very knowledgeable in goalie, midfield and attack positions. For example, if I were to have a session with a sophomore midfielder in high school drills would include passing and catching, stagnant and on the run. Groundball drills with and without pressure of an opposing player. From there we would move to shooting first with time and room shooting and then progress to on the run shots. Finally, I will line up with my student and apply appropriate defensive pressure and have one vs. one sessions to simulate game like situations.

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Client Reviews

Our first session was excellent. Coach Rod seems to be very knowledgeable and introduced my son to new skills and exercises he needs to work on. Not only is the coach highly skilled in his craft he knows how to encourage and be positive. My son is very hard on himself when he misses but Coach Rod finds a way to shake him out of it and move one. Excellent communication skills! Great Coach!. We are looking forward to more training!

Coach Rodrigo was great for Dakota at her first session. We just signed up for 10 more sessions. Thanks Coach

Everything about Coach Rodrigo has been professional and excellent. He responded within minutes of me booking a session for my son. We had a great phone call where he asked about my son: Covering everything from his goals to his strengths/weaknesses to his passion. We met for our first session where Coach Rodrigo immediately got my son working. He assessed his need for better footwork and put him through a fun but intense workout. My son came away from the session excited and looking forward to more coaching. Coach Rodrigo even followed up with some encouragement and some workout homework. Definitely looking forward to my son learning from Coach Rodrigo this summer.

(no details provided)

Coach Rodrigo is an excellent lacrosse coach. He explained everything throughout the training process and taught me many techniques for making the transition from goal to field. i would most definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn or improve their lacrosse game. Highly energetic and positive in all aspects. Will definitely schedule more sessions in he future. Thanks Coach Rodrigo !!!

Coach Hernandez is an excellent coach for my daughter. She scored a goal three days later. My daughter usually doesn’t even look to score. I love how coach was able to teach my daughter to play with more knowledge and with ease. He made my daughter love lacrosse even more with just one session. Coach Hernandez taught my daughter so much. I recommend coach to both girls and boys that wants to get better in lacrosse. Thank you coach!!!!!!!!!!

Coach Rodrigo is outstanding! Our son has played a few different sports for short time periods. Coach Rodrigo assest him quickly and went right to work on an action plan for our son. His passion for Lacrosse is contagious. He had a way of telling our son what he needed to hear to fix what has to be fixed and he did it in a manner where our son walked away with great respect and admiration for Coach Rodrigo. Outstanding Experience. Highly recommend

Working with Rodrigo was an experience. He listened and helped me identify the challenges I was having. In all the years playing lacrosse, none of my coaches have really worked with me on my feet work (dodging). In that 1 hour session he showed and gave me the tools to continue on the path to become a better player.

Coach Rod was excellent. It was my daughter’s first meeting and she definitely learned quite a bit for first day. He seems to be a great coach and look forward to booking more days with him. Thank you.

Coach Rodrigo is a stud !!! With only 2 lessons, he has taught my son Eric so much. My son and I really respect him. My son is new to Lacrosse and the coach is so patient. I will continue to use Coach Rodrigo to teach my son. My son loves him. My boy has another lesson on Wednesday and I will book more lessons at that time. Thanks Coach Rodrigo, Coach up is lucky to have him and he deserves a raise !!!

Coach Rod was great!
He was really chill and funny, made my daughter feel relaxed. Excellent at giving visual cues and instructions.
Would definitely use him again.

Coach Rodrigo was great! This was my daughter's first time trying lacrosse. He was patient and encouraging. She had fun and learned a lot. Looking forward to more training with Coach Rodrigo.

My daughter Alexandria has only been playing Lacrosse for a year and a half. She is a freshmand on the JV Team. She is new to the sport and new to the position of Goalie. Rodrigo worked with her during her spring break and we are very pleased. He was on time and ready to train. My daughter learned some great new techniques that she will be able to carry with her on the field. Rodrigo was very proffessional and is a good trainer.

(no details provided)

Amazingly helpful! One hour did more than 6 months of self training.

Coach Rodrigo is Awesome! I can say enough about him. My son really enjoys his lessons and looks forward to it each time. No matter what level you are he is capable of teaching the player. He works great with kids and his disposition towards them is great.My son had very little experience and was nervous but coach made him feel super comfortable. Don't hesitate and sign up with him, it was the best decision we have made in my sons future with Lacrosse.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Rodrigo is a friendly coach with a great sense of humor. He is patient and takes time to make sure my son can master the skills in lacrosse. He pushes my son to play better and better, and has inspired an athletic will in him. My son practices lacrosse every day and loves to do so. Coach Rodrigo is definitely an awesome coach!

I think coach Rod is a really good coach. His lessons are very good and after 2 lessons I've already improved a lot. I've learned so much in just 2 lessons. He also makes the lessons fun because of his sense of humor and always cracks a couple of laughs throughout the lesson. I would recommend coach Rod to everyone. He's really good.

Our initial session went very well, I'm currently adding another block of sessions due to the positive results. Coach Rodrigo"s assessment and point by point methodolgy works. All we need now is a little repitition.

Coach Rodrigo has my son, a beginner lacrosse player, progressing nicely. The biggest asset he has provided is that the enthusiasm my son has for the spot continues to grow. His response after his second session was, "That was so much fun". Good job Coach Rodrigo!!!

Coach Rodrigo was exceptional! During his first session with my son, he went to great efforts to properly determine his skill level so he could formulate an effective coaching plan. My son is not a beginner at a lacrosse, so Coach Rodrigo tailored the level and intensity of the training session to develop him to go to the next level in the sport. What I liked most was that he challenged my son to be better and work harder than simply going through routine drills. I highly recommend Coach Rodrigo for anyone - beginner or advanced, who wants to learn, be challenged and is willing to give 110% to be a better lacrosse player.

(no details provided)

Coach Rodrigo made a great first impression! Not only is our son new to the sport, we as a family are new to the game. Coach Rodrigo is enthusiastic about lacrosse and very personable, our son enjoyed working with him. Coach Rodrigo is working with him on fundamental skills as well as goalie drills. He is very knowledgeable about the game and is educating us about the sport as well. We look forward to many more sessions.

Update... Our son has completed 10 sessions with Coach Rodrigo and we are extremely happy with his progress. He completed not only his first season of field lacrosse but also his first season as goalie. We saw him use the tips that coach recommended and his skills improved. Rodrigo is not only a great lacrosse coach, he is a great encourager. He sends feedback about each practice as well as a quick message after a lacrosse event or game that our son has mentioned the week prior. We are so glad we found CoachUp and Coach Rodrigo and look forward to many more sessions.

Coach Rodrigo is a Legit Lax Skill Builder. Scheduled our first session last week. Went well, kids responded, definite enthusiasm for future sessions and a positive feedback experience. We will continue with training with Coach Rodrigo. Let's Go Coach!!! Pumped and ready for More!!

Coach Rodrigo has really motivated our son to take it to the next level in lacrosse. He is very hands on and you can tell he takes a genuine interest in his students. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their son or daughter advance in this sport.

I'm the player's dad. My daughter has never played lacrosse. Coach Rodrigo quickly assessed her experience level and transitioned into skill-appropriate, structured but fun drills. I don't know anything about lacrosse, but I could tell Rodrigo had skills and he used really good analogies from other sports (tennis, baseball/softball, soccer) to give her cues and build muscle memory for lacrosse-specific skills. I do know a little about coaching and I can tell you he is first rate. He managed his training time well, kept an enthusiastic and upbeat mood to the session, and easily adjusted the drills to push the skill demands up or down to help my daughter progress. Great stuff!

Coach Rodrigo is the perfect coach for my son. He has a positive and enthusiastic personality and really focused on building solid fundamental skills. I am very happy we found such a great coach.

Coach Rodrigo is a great instructor. My daughter's stick and goalie skills have improved greatly in preparation for High School try-outs.

We have known coach Rod for 9 months and have been working one on one with him for a little over 4 weeks. We have had an excellent experience and highly recommend Rod. As a recent collegiate Lacrosse player, Rods knowledge and experience in Lacrosse makes him a qualified instructor with the latest teaching methods. Rod's energy and enthusiasm for the game is very motivating and energizing. Rod covers all aspects of the game and handles himself in a professional manner.
I began lessons with zero lacrosse experience. I was taught the fundamentals and proper way to grow as a player. The drills mixed in technique work with proper form. In a short time, I went from someone who could barley control the ball to someone working on more advanced skills. Rodrigo seamlessly streams drills and can teach you new things at any level. He has a fun loving attitude and a real love for the game. My experience with him has been excellent.
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