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Former Experienced Player and Currently Director Of Basketball Academy/ Head High School Coach... Will come to your location 7 Days a week! View all coaching experience

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  • University of Tampa (FL)

  • 16 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Agility, Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim


  • University of Tampa (FL)

  • 16 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Agility, Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim

More About Coach Rod

* Currently Head Boys Basketball Coach @ Fivay High School
* Played & Worked for Hall Of Fame Coach Richard Schmidt Basketball Camps
* Former Head Coach with Florida Select an AAU U16/17 Organization(Ranked #14 in the country).
* Former 8th Grade Head Coach at Skills Center Elite White 2025(#2 US Amateur)5 Championships 2021
* Former Head JV Basketball Coach and Assistant Varisty Coach at Tampa Preparatory School with Hall Of Fame Coach Joe Fenlon with over 800 Wins.
* Currently The Director Of Basketball for Manatee Mustangs Sports Academy(Teams from 4th grade-High School)
Players I've Coached in College or Above(Some who have become Coaches: University of Alabama & Truman State)
* NABL Huntsville Force(1st Pro)
*Texas Tech * South Carolina * Delaware * BCC * Youngstown State * UCF(3) * Lipscomb * Missouri State * North Dakota State * UConn * Florida College * Bellarmine University * Lynchburg College * Flagler * Norte Dame * GreenBay Packers * USF * SpringHill College * Coastal Georgia * Trinity College * Marshall * Gateway College * Coastal Georgia * St.Leo * IMG * Huntingdon College

4 Year Varsity Lettermen in HS with over 1800pts 1000rebs
~ 1st Team All-State
~ Played in High School Final 4 & State Championship Game In Football
~ 4 Year Letterman at University of Tampa
~ 3 NCAA Tournaments Appearances
~ Freshmen of The Year in Sunshine State Conference 1990-91'
~ Sports Illustrated Player of the Week January 1991
~ Training Camp with Rockford Lightning CBA(Continental Basketball Association) 1994
~ Played for The Boston Celtics Pro Summer League Team 1994

Fundamentals of the game(Basketball IQ)...
Get into better Shape(Endurance)...
Learn how to manage the game...
Teaching on/off the ball defense...
Moving without the ball...
Form Shooting(*Free-Throw Shooting*)...

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Client Reviews

(no details provided)

I am so happy to see a coach so filled with knowledge and encouragement. I couldn’t have picked a better professional.

Coach brooks lessons are easy to follow and he will help you with your craft .

Coach Rod is an exceptional teacher, coach and mentor for the sport. What he teaches on the court goes beyond basic skills and includes the mental side of the game. Infusing what he calls basketball IQ into each session ensured our athlete started looking at the game from a deeper point of view. Even more than that Coach Rod has helped to shape a way of looking at life and the challenges that come along with it. In short, he’s excellent.

Great coach for our son. He was happy to pick up some new drives!

Coach Rod gave great advice and taught techniques that could be immediately incorporated into the game. He is very engaging and communicates very effectively with my teenage son. I would highly recommend!

One session in and my daughter has already learned more detailed and technical aspects of the game than ever before. Coach had her thinking about the 'why' of how some things work and some don't.
She cannot wait for session 2

Luca really enjoyed practice! He said “it went by too fast” which in kid terms, means he liked it a lot! Coach Rod is fantastic with him! Turns out, my husband and Coach went to college together and know a lot of the same people. We are so happy to have found this man, and look forward to continuing our son’s basketball education! :)

(no details provided)

The best coach around! Super flexible and supportive and has helped me look like a high level player in front of all my friends in just 2 years! Highly recommend

I would definitely recommend Coach Rod. My son said he is learning a lot.

Great connection with my son

Great coach! I saw a great difference on my son’s game after the first practice!!!

Great coach very understanding and wiling to fix whatever is needed!

Coach Rod is fantastic! My son has really started to move his basketball game to the next level. Rod's attention to detail, and overall knowledge of the game has my son playing his best basketball!

Coach Brooks is helping my daughter get ready for her high school tryouts. Not only is he working on her skills, but also her basketball IQ. He's dedicated to helping his players, and he's been a valuable resource to us.

(no details provided)

My 13 year old son just had his first session with Coach Rod and he already learned enough to improve his game! In one hour he learned more then any practices he’s been going to through the years! We are excited to continue on this path with Coach Rod. My son was both excited and proud of his ability to grasp some new foot moves as well as learning body positioning and dribbling techniques. He also simply enjoyed “hanging” out with Coach Rod!

Coach Rod is (as my son says) AWESOME! He is positive, encouraging and very skilled. We highly recommend Rod.

Great coach! Communicative, engaging and professional!!!

Coach rod is a great coach! After one session I feel like a better athlete. I highly recommend him!

(no details provided)

My son is currently working with Coach Rod now. His knowledge of the game and his teaching techniques are simply incredible. My son has learned so much more about basketball IQ and court vision in a short amount of time that it's very impressive. He has a great attitude as well and pushes my son but not in a heavy way. He is a results oriented guy and takes pride in his work, though I don't think he sees it as work, it's his passion. I highly recommend coach Rod and I consider it a solid investment in your child's time and YOUR MONEY!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Rod is amazing. I can't imagine a better coach for my son.

The coach jumped right in on the first session and really analyzed what my son needed to do to improve his game. Looking forward to future sessions!!

Coach Rod is top notch! He knows the game inside out. As a former athlete I did my homework to find specific traits that I wanted in a mentor for my son. He tailors the training to your athletes specific needs. He dissects their game and weaknesses,and puts a plan in place to get their game on point. He has a great court-side manner and really knows how to get the kids to respond. If you need training to get to the next level, I recommend Coach Rod ten times over! We will continue to book training with him. R = RESULTS, not just Rod!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Rod is the best!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

After completing the CoachUp serious package of 15 sessions with Coach Rod Brooks, I can clearly see that he has raised my high school daughter’s confidence level and self-esteem by providing her with the expert guidance and skills needed to help fulfill her potential in basketball. She has reclaimed her love for the sport and eagerly looks forward to challenging other varsity basketball girls in competing for all-county honors in the upcoming season. Coach Rod Brooks is an experienced coach and a man of high integrity who I absolutely trust. He has helped college players take their games to the next level so I feel fortunate that he has made the time to coach my high school daughter. His tutelage has not only positively impacted my daughter in basketball but he has been a positive influence upon her life. Coach Rod Brooks has far exceeded my expectations and has earned the most favorable rating that I could possibly provide. My daughter is now taking advantage of CoachUp’s Ongoing Training option and I would highly recommend Coach Rod Brooks to any player with a serious interest in basketball.

(no details provided)

We are pleased with our decision to book Coach Rod. Great communication about what we are looking to accomplish even before our first session by asking questions and offering feedback. Coach was able to jump in immediately in that first session with helpful instruction and drills. He clearly communicated what was expected with each skill and worked until it was done correctly. We were glad to see a couple of finishing moves that were practiced in the afternoon session being put into practice that night in a summer league game. We appreciate that Coach Rod is implementing a specific training regimen to allow our son to improve. We're looking forward to future sessions.

Coach Rod , has done a excellent job with my grandson i can see improvements after every lesson , and he learning basketball the correct way !!!!! from Man that knows his business !!
Big Pete!

7-19-18 Great Session Peter is really in to you now good job as always Rod !!!!

Coach Rod is a great coach. After just two sessions , I feel much more confident about my game. He worked on all the aspects of my game including ball handling, shooting, agility and showed me ways to improve them. I can't wait for the next sessions !

(no details provided)

Fantastic, connected right away with my son. My son has never had a formal basketball one on one training session with a coach before. Coach Rod made my son feel very comfortable right out of the gate and really worked him. At the end of the day, I'm looking for someone that isn't just looking to coach another kid but rather really invest in my sons future. Overall, couldn't be happier with our first session. Thanks Coach Rod.

Another great session

(no details provided)

Best trainer I’ve ever been to

Outstanding! Before he got into any training he spoke with my son about being confident and aggressive, then the training gave him tools to do so, he made sure he had a clear understanding of what he was teaching and what situations to use the tools, highly recommend working with Coach Brooks.

After our first session, I’m convinced we picked the right coach! He’s confident, humorous, and fun, all while pushing my son to get the most out of him. He was quick to assess and understand my son’s need and he tailored the session to those points of weakness. After one session, I already see a noticeable difference in my son’s ball handling and release on his shot, among other things. Thanks, Coach Brooks!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Booked the trial session for my 14 year old son. He learned so much in that session that I'm definitely going to book more. Would highly recommend Coach Rod.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Wow, where did the time go!!! I booked the Elite Package( 8 week Session) with Coach Rod for my 14yr old son. I booked with Coach Rod because of his 5 Star rating. I know exactly why he's rated 5 Star. Coach did an awesome job Analyzing, Teaching, Coaching, Critiquing, Talking and just being a great friend to my son during each training session. There were no gimmies for my son...it was totally hard work expected from Coach every session. I have seen a huge improvement in my son's skill set working with Coach Rod. From better understanding of the game, Footwork, Proper Technique and Form, my son is now doing things that he didn't know he could do. What a confidence builder!
The week to week honest evaluations Coach gave on my son's performances, were strong building blocks. My son looked forward to them even if they were not friendly. The honest comments made my son work harder before the next sessions. Coach Rod took a personal interest in the development of my son and pushed him until satisfaction was granted. I am already preparing to go into another training package with Coach Rod....we are not finished yet!
I strongly recommend Coach Rod to anyone for skill set development or for just having a great friend. Oh yeah, Coach Rod hasn't acquired the taste for LaCroix Sparkling Water yet...lol My bad coach, regular bottled water for you at the next session....lol Thank you again

Excellent coach! Very patient and shows he cares. My son really likes him and looks forward to his sessions every time. Recommend Coach Rod 100%!!

(no details provided)

What a tremendous coach! Coach Brooks really got my 9 year old shooting and dribbling the right way.

Coach Rod is what we are looking for to help move to next level. He plays close attention to player skill level then adjust training from that point . Good on training on game play action . Thanks coach Rod

Coach Rod used training skills we've never seen before. I'm really happy to continue having him work with my son.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Thanks Coach, for your attention to detail, and for your hard 1:1 work during the entire session.

(no details provided)

Great coach, will recommend!!

Very understanding, even with just the basics. He Gave our son some drills to help our son's game. A few drills I had never seen before, the drills are a great help!

(no details provided)

Coach Rod is excellent with the kids. Also, he is very involved in the community and works very hard at encouraging kids to give it their best !!! HE IS AWESOME

I was greatly impressed and couldn't be happier with Coach Rod! He was extremely passionate to help my son with his challenges and get the confidence back to pursue his dream in basketball. He went above and beyond and I'm forever grateful. He truly desires his clients to succeed. Highly recommend this coach. He's worth every bit you pay.

Coach Rod was great with our son in his first session. He provided him with tips to strengthen his ballhandling skills and footwork. I look forward to further progress and development.

(no details provided)

Coach Rod was willing to meet us at a convenient location and worked with my daughter teaching her one on one skills she wasn't able to get in the high school setting. Thank you!

Knowledgeable, patient , and an all around great teacher

Coach Rod by far exceeded my expectations. His attention to detail helped my child with dribbling and proper form and footing position with his shot. I have embraced his passion for learning and my child is extremely engaged during his sessions. Couldn't be more holier with his methods.

(no details provided)

My son is so excited that Coach Rod is working with him!! His first lesson went great...we can see improvement after only 1 lesson. He can not wait for his next lesson on Thursday. :) We appreciate you showing up on Saturday, it was a great confident boost for him. My husband and I are very pleased with Coach Rod.

Coach is very dedicated and patience when teaching the fundamentals of basketball. He takes his time and explains the technique and does not rush process. My son is enthused and focused about attending his sessions. I definitely can see an improvement after only 2 sessions. Thanks coach!!!!

Affer the few sessions he has had with my son, I've already began to notice changes in his game. He is a great coach and I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Excellent Coach. He is very knowledgeable about the game. I would recommend him anytime.

(no details provided)

My session with Coach Rod was exactly what I was looking for. He's got a great understanding for the game through both coaching and playing (a great combo for both how to play and the mentality of a player).

On our first session he learned more about my weaknesses and strengths in the game on where I can improve and what I need to work on next. Excited to continue working together on my game and highly recommend Coach Rod!

(no details provided)

Coach Rod is great. He is very positive and good at motivating my son. I've already seen improvement in just a few sessions! Thanks.

Coach Rod is fantastic! He is patient, knowledgeable, and encourages my son to do his best. My son feels very comfortable with his coaching and has made improvements after 3 sessions. I am truly grateful for the confidence Coach Rod is building in my son!

Coach Rod is exactly what I need to take my game to the next level. All my life I have had some great people talk to me and teach me things but no one has ever pushed me beyond my limits and made me a better player. I love Coach Rods passion for the game of basketball and appreciates the fact that he wants to help whoever has the dream to play professional. I can't wait to lace them up again with coach and can really see him as a great mentor for me going foward.

Thanks again coach I really found the right man for the job. Really really appreciate the dedication and love you put in your job. You will be hearing from us again I don't see myself dealing with anyone else, amazing job you did with my son today. No doubt in my mind that you will make him better in no time. We both love you, God bless.

He really connected with my children. He was able to quickly assess their skills and provide targeted instruction.

Coach Rob is in a word "OUTSTANDING"! He has a firm and patient coaching style that really gets the job done. My daughter's skill set is noticeably better and in a short order of time. I actively recommend him! Thanks coach.

Hey! Had his first game today and made 12 out of the teams 40 points.. We bragged about you and gave 3 other parents your contact info! You have def made a difference in his game and confidence!

(no details provided)

We had our first session with Coach Rod and he was amazing. Looking forward to many more.

Coach Rod is great! After two sessions he has identified the areas that my daughter needs to improve on. He has worked great with her in the one on one situations. She feels her confidence improving with each session.

He is very comprehensive and a great coach.

(no details provided)

Great coach with quick results and a great way with kids

We got the 4th lessons with coach Rod and my son loves him.
He is very professional and personal and reliable.
My son is learning all different skills and playing little more competitive as well.

Coach Rod has helped my daughter build confidence that she hasn't had in the past. She enjoys his sessions and is always eager for the next one. Thank you!

Coach Rod is a dynamic instructor that pays attention to detail. My son has worked with numerous coaches and Coach Rod is in a league of his own. There is no doubt in my mind that my son's game will progress under the direction of Coach Rod.

I was looking online for tips on how to Improve basketball skills and I came across the coach up website by accident. After reading reviews I found coach Rod. I decided to give it a try not knowing what to expect. I have to say I am very pleased. My son just started playing basketball and he needed someone who would take the time to really go over the game of basketball so he could gain confidence in himself so he could better his game. Coach Rod was awesome!! My son learned more in the hour he was with coach Rod than the 3 weeks he had been practicing with his team. My son was so happy with him. I recommend him.

Coach Rod is a superlative Coach! After one session my son felt much more confident after that. His drill technique is definitely one to make you work and comprehend at the same time. He's a top notch Coach and my child is ready to go back and face the challenges again. I would definitely recommend him if you want to see smiling because they actually felt accomplished!

I can't recommend Coach Rod enough. He has helped my son's skills and confidence tremendously. His feedback is constructive. He attends school games in order to better evaluate the athlete's actual game play strengths & weaknesses and modifies their training accordingly. My son looks forward to every session.

Coach Rod is a excellent coach. My son is very lucky that we found him!
After the initial evaluation Coach Rod tailored the workout to my son's skill level, and started focusing on improving my son's weaknesses. He has an encouraging coaching style, that brings out the best in my son. I highly recommend him!

Great coach. He knows what he's doing and he helped me a lot with my shot form.. Recommend him to anyone.

(no details provided)

Coach Rod is first rate. Professional and knowledgeable he made a significant difference in our son's game in the very first lesson. He was well organized, able to identify and work on weaknesses and made the session fun. He is building not only our son's ability but his love for the sport.

Coach Rod is a great teacher. My son is very happy and in 1 day has already learned a lot.

(no details provided)

Coach Rod is awesome. Connected well with my son

Coach Rod, is an excellent teacher and mentor, he's is working wonders with son. I see marked improvement with my sons skills and basketball IQ, after every session. I highly recommend him.

My son said that after just one session with Coach Rod he is much more confident in his playing ability. He said Coach Rod showed him what he was doing wrong with his jump shot, corrected his free throw shooting stance and shot, and greatly improved his move to the basket. He said he is really looking forward to their next session. He is sure that working with Coach Rod will get his game to where he wants it to be. Me too.I highly recommend Coach Rod.

(no details provided)

I'm a 32 year old foreinger and never touched a basketball until I was 30, so not your ideal student... But coach Rod was very patient and very smart on giving me tips that were easy to apply and see quick results and from which I would have so much room to grow. In 3 sessions he gave me stuff to work on for years! And just to hang out with someone with such a love and dedication to the sport helped me strenghten my respect to the game. Hope to come again to Tampa area so we can work together a little more!

Coach Rod was fantastic! My son learned so much in one session and LOVED the experience. Coach Rod is extremely knowledgeable and was great in working with my son. He showed my son the things he was doing incorrectly and gave him the correct techniques. I highly recommend Coach Rod!

My son really enjoyed his lesson with Coach Rod. They seem to be working hard together on drills and having fun too.

Great Coach. My son enjoyed the session.

Coach Brooks, I'm Zach Rohers Dad. Although, you and I have limited interactions, I have always admired how you carry yourself as a coach and more importantly as a human being(Always Smiling and Positive Demeanor). I can tell this resonates because of the way your players interact with you and each other & the PREPAREDNESS they show. I wanted to take a minute to point out and thank you for being such a great role model. Your heart felt text message to my son the other day and your responses to him when he comes off the basketball court is incredibly impactful to him(and me). You represent Tampa Prep 1st Class and Mr. Plummer should be very proud! Thank you and I wish you much continued success as a coach and in life!
With the help of having some fantastic student/athletes in my coaching tenure I was able to help assist some fine young men to a number of scholarships to the following Universities: Texas Tech, Delaware, Central Florida Univ.(2), Youngstown State, St. Francis, Lipscomb, South Carolina University, Florida College & Tennessee Martin. Was also able to get them on multiple looks and built relationships with Colgate, College Of Charleston, Darmouth, Harvard, Jacksonville, St. Leo, Univ. Of Tampa, Stetson, Tulsa to name a few...
Thank You Coach! I honestly couldn't have done it without you and you already know I'm far from where I want to be! Tubby Smith's 1st Commit at Texas Tech for the Fall of 2014
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