Oderick T., Hackensack, NJ Football Coach
Hall of Famer

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Oderick T.

Professional football player who has been coaching since college. Currently coach kids' football teams.

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More about me

I am a professional football player. I have been coaching since college, and currently I am doing 1 on 1 or group training. I am a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh. When training and coaching potential clients I work on agility, speed, stamina, coverage/formation recognition, eliminating unnecessary movement, footwork, endurance, crisp route running, technique, flexibility, balance, calisthenics, physical and mental toughness and prepare them for a professional sports environment.

When I feel my athlete is performing to his/her own capability, I will put him/her in game situations. I end each session with conditioning, flexibility, and stretch. I want my athlete to feel personal daily improvement and find that my training is challenging so that it strengthens him/her mentally and physically. I want my athlete to be prepared for any situation, and I want to push him/her to surpass his/her own personal expectations.

I have been training privately for about 6 years. My coaching is based on the principles I learned from my own private coach and NFL players, who have taught me "tricks of the trade" my entire life. I incorporates the drills I find most helpful as a collegiate and professional player. I work well with students of all ages and levels. In conclusion, my goal is to educate my athlete so that he/she is prepared and has the acquired knowledge to perform at a professional level.

Rivals Freshman All American (2nd) Team 2006 Division 1 Football (University of Pittsburgh)
The Sporting News Big East All Freshman Team (2006)
--led Big East in Touchdowns

2 time unanimous 1st team all NNJIL, All Bergen County, All North Jersey
Super prep All Northeast Team
Prepstar All East Region
Governor's Bowl All Star Game (NY vs NJ)

All County/ All State/ NJ Group lll High Jump champion

-I start each session with a dynamic warm up, which consists of stationary stretching and active stretching.
-After warmups we focus primarily on position specific drills, proper technique, releases, correct body positioning, audibles on the run and conditioning.
-Each session I teach a new technique and every 4 sessions i review the techniques that were taught in the previous ones.

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