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Training Locations
  1. 10022, New York, NY

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles


Pro - Training
In-Person Training for up to 4 athletes

1 - Training Session with Coach Nicolas

Session Length: 65 minutes

$250 1 session + applicable fees

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Pro - Training II
In-Person Training for up to 4 athletes

4 - Training Sessions with Coach Nicolas

Session Length: 65 minutes

$900 4 sessions ($225/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro - Training III
In-Person Training for up to 4 athletes

6 - Training Sessions with Coach Nicolas

Session Length: 65 minutes

$1200 6 sessions ($200/ea) + applicable fees

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Team Training
In-Person Training for up to 12 athletes

1 - Team Training Session with Coach Nicolas

Session Length: 65 minutes

$350 1 session + applicable fees

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  • SUNY College--Cortland (NY)

  • 14 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher, Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Baserunning, Pitching, Hitting, Fielding


  • SUNY College--Cortland (NY)

  • 14 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher, Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Baserunning, Pitching, Hitting, Fielding

More About Coach Nicolas

Guaranteed to enhance each players' level of play. I understand that each player is at a different stage in their baseball career and my goal is to simply get them a level ahead. I look forward to working with you!

• Kansas City Royals : 2010 - 2012
• Rockland Boulders : 2013

• NCAA Divison I / FDU Knights : 2005 - 2007
• NCAA Division III / SUNY Cortland Red Dragons : 2007 - 2009

After an initial session (Evaluation) - each player will receive an advanced understanding of their training routine and progressions in order to achieve their goals.

* Training Equipment Provided
* Indoor Training Options Available

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Client Reviews

Coach Nicolas us a great coach!!
We will be asking to work with him more in the future
My boys loved working with him!!

Coach Blanco has exceeded all expectations! Working on my teenage son's pitching and hitting, Coach Blanco exhibits a unique & impressive attention to detail and an expert eye for spotting & troubleshooting all of an athlete's significant mechanical movements and precision, leading to major strides each and every lesson. Additionally, his friendly attitude and ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable terms instills increased confidence in his students and makes Coach Blanco an absolute breath of fresh air in a city crowded with unqualified imposters. Thank you, Coach Blanco. You are the real deal!

(no details provided)

Coach Nicolas is doing a wonderful job helping our 11-year old son with his pitching. Our son is enthusiastic about his lessons and feels like he's getting a lot out of them. Thanks Coach!

Coach Nicolas was excellent with my 6 year old son. He's so patient and knows how to engage and motivate a young athlete. My son learned so much after only one session with Coach Nicolas. His training and techniques are definitely top notch. My son will definitely keep training with him for a long time to come. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!

Really enjoying working when Coach Nicolas!

Couldn't be happier with our first session with Coach Nicolas. My son had a great time and learned so much. Coach N was kind, fun, a great teacher and most of all gave an honest assessment of what my son needs to do to get better. Will definitely be using again. Highly recommend.

We Had our first session with Coach Nicolas and it went great!
My daughter really enjoyed the training and we are looking forward to our next session

Coach Nicolas is an amazing coach. He is patient and was able to make improvements after the first session. I highly recommend Coach Nicolas and would use him again.

Coach Nicholas is amazing. He really understands baseball and how to teach it. Can't recommend him enough

My son loves Coach Nicolas. Great lesson and good spirit, we signed up for more.

My son has been coached by Coach Nick since he was 8 years old. Nick is amazing with teaching fundamentals and also keeping the kids interested in baseball through ensuring that they have fun. As my son has gotten older, Nick has tailored the coaching sessions to work on specific areas for improvement. It is amazing how much better my son gets after each session. Nick works my son hard during the sessions and really has him focused on the goals of each session. You really can't find a better coach than Nick!

Coach Nicolas is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and personable. After one session, he's already pointed out a few key improvements that I can make for my pitching mechanics. The hour flew by so quickly. I'm excited about my next session with him!

Coach Nicholas gave very specific and helpful tips. He was very positive. My son said he learned a lot after only one session and he looks forward to more.

It was just wonderful working with Coach Nicholas! I didn’t have much experience playing baseball but had to learn to look like a baseball player for an acting project. I was able to learn very quickly with his guidance. He also sent me videos and notes after the sessions so I could review, which was really helpful. The sessions were very productive and fun. I would recommend him to anyone!

Coach Nicolas is AWESOME!!! We were looking for someone who could help get our 9-year-old son confident enough with the basics to join a little league eventually. What I specifically love about coach Nicolas is that he doesn't go easy on him at all, but is so effectively challenging in a way that pushes him and celebrates his achievements without coddling him (which I've found hard to find in NYC!) Can't recommend him enough!

(no details provided)

Coach Nicholas really knows his stuff. We have been very impressed with how he works with our 10 year old, who has made a lot of progress with his hitting. Highly recommend!

Coach Nicolas was fantastic- he has great energy and brings out the best in my son who is 9 years old and eager to learn how to pitch. He does a nice job of breaking down the fundamentals. Very excited for my son to continue with him.

Coach Nicholas is really the perfect coach for anyone. He shows a lot of professionalism with his work. The first training with my son was awesome. He looked at what he has and worked to improve on the things he needed to work on. He gave him tips but mostly teach him how to know his throw, his position while pitching to identify where he needs to correct. My son was very happy and engaged to practice more. We would definitely work with coach Nicholas again.

Coach Nicolas has been Great! My oldest Son (17) has seen him 2x already and his pitching has improved and he feels more confident. Each session he gets right to work. He is now coaching my younger son who has never played before and he loved the session. We are sticking with Nicolas!

Work great with my son. My son loved working with him.

Coach Nicolas is terrific! He is very knowledgeable and wonderfully honest with his feedback. He expects from his athletes and gives 100% during his training sessions. I LOVE that he does not only teach baseball skills, but also teaches discipline, perseverance and mental toughness. This is a coach that you want to have to if you are looking to help your child learn the game of baseball as well as work ethic, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Looking forward to working with Coach Nicolas again. Highly recommend!

We had our first session with coach Nicholas a few days ago and he was excellent! My son is 16 and plays both travel baseball and high school ball. Coach Nicolas worked with him on hitting and pitching. He broke down his swing and pitch, and my son did see the improvement. We are now signing up for more lessons while we are here for the summer. Well worth the money. Coach Nicolas is also very responsive on both email and text.

Outstanding. Great with my son and exactly what he needs.

Coach Nicholas was great, gave my 11-year old very specific and actionable tips to improve his approach to hitting and pitching. He also developed a great rapport with my child. Overall a very positive experience.

Techniques help so much in the game and out.

Coach Nicolas is amazing! Gave our son very helpful and useful instruction. He is extremely enthusiastic and professional. Our son enjoyed his lesson immensely and we will continue on a weekly basis.

Coach Nicolas is very knowledgeable. My son enjoyed his sessions and learned a lot from him.
Thank you.

My son enjoyed his first lesson and we saw a difference in his game. He is looking forward to his next lesson. Thanks coach!!

Our son’s first lesson with Coach N was awesome! Coach N is encouraging, positive, focused, fun, and very patient. We look forward many more lesson! Thank you!

(no details provided)

Coach N.B was great! He quickly assessed my daughter’s skills and areas she needed to work on. Engaging, great communicator, knowledgeable and professional.

(no details provided)

Good coach. Broke things down into simple steps that my son can follow. Made the session enjoyable while still serious and focusing on improving

Coach N. did a fantastic job making our son feel comfortable - I am looking forward to him reaching a new level with Coach N's help!

(no details provided)

Very happy with Coach Nick he has a lot of patience. He is outstanding with my son. Very knowledgeable of the sport. Vincent is looking forward to his sessions.

Coach N helped my son in one session. He is a pitcher and was hurting his arm, no longer, Coach N. did the trick. He will continue with him for as long as need be. Wonderful, excellent coach!!!.

Highly recommend.
Rose Amster for Daniel

Coach N is a wonderful coach. My son has been playing for 4 years now, and the hour he spent with coach N was the best hour he has spent in four years. He was having a problem at the plate, he hasnt touched the ball in the last 5 games after 1 hour with coach N he went 1 for 2 hiting the ball at both at bats and walked the third time around. I am a assistant coach on my sons 8u travel team and I never met such a knowledgeable, energetic all around great guy. My son instantly clicked with coach N and has not stoped talking about him. If you need a coach, coach N is definitely the way to go. I already signed up for more lessons.

In February I needed a pitching warmup lesson for my 15 y/o son who was trying out for several college showcase teams. Coach Nick was able to give that lesson to my son as well as a follow-up one the next week. His style and game knowledge inspired confidence in my son and he was offered a spot.

The follow up lesson was more of a wholistic assessment of my son's mechanics as well as a discuss of a training plan to get my son ready for the season. Coach Nick emailed the plan and my son incorporated those drills and exercises into his routine.

I highly recommend Coach Nick and will use him again for my son's development.

Scott M.

My 12 year old son had his first lesson with Nicolas and it was great. Nicolas quickly assessed my son's skill level and went to work on ways to improve. He is very flexible in structuring the lesson and seemed extremely knowledgeable. Most importantly, he clicked with my son. We signed up for a 10 pack immediately.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

He's fantastic with the kids. Several parents have commented on how wonderful the class is, and how happy their child is. He's committed to both teaching sports skills, and camaraderie and sportsmanship. We're thrilled with Coach Nicholas and have zero hesitation about working with him again.

Amazing best coach for any sport I have seen. My son begged me not to play baseball this year and after a session with Coach Nicholas he is super excited about baseball.

(no details provided)

Coach Nicolas was great. My teenager was able to relate to him and the experience and knowledge he offered him was worth every cent. I immediately booked another session. We also arrived a little late to our first session and he was able to accommodate the lateness. I highly recommend Coach Nicolas.

Great coach Communicates perfectly to the player. His tips are invaluable

Great coach very understanding and encouraging

My Son Tej really enjoyed working with Coach Nicolas. He couldn't stop talking about the session all the way home. He's really looking forward to continuing next week.

Nicolas is an excellent coach; I can't see myself going anywhere else for my 11yr old son. His approach and easy going personality allowed him to quickly connect with my son, which was important for me.

Review update 5/31/16: When I first came to Nicolas, my son was a strikeout machine. After a few minor adjustments suggested by Nicolas, my son began hitting everything. Now we need to get some power behind those swings. Again, Nicolas made some adjustments so we need to see how that translates come game time. I'm sure the results will be there. I'll keep you posted.

My son had an awesome first session with Coach Nicolas. He taught him pitching exercises, worked on his mechanics and explained everything step by step. I appreciated his emphasis on safety. Not only did my son learn a lot but he also had fun.

Best pitching coach my son has had, hands down.

(no details provided)

My son has been working with Nicolas since last summer and he has been extremely pleased. Nicolas has worked with him on his pitching and improved his mechanics. He showed him how to throw so he wouldn't injure himself, and has given him exercises to help him continue to develop strength and accuracy. Working with Nicolas has made my son more sure of himself. Now for the spring, my son is getting to pitch on his High School team. He is thrilled and is more confident than ever before. We look forward forward to continuing with Nicholas!

This was our first session with Coach Nicolas. I was impressed by his professionalism. He connected well withy son and made him feel at ease and complimented his skill level. My son has been playing baseball since 5 and is now 14 and expressed that he learned techniques in the first session that he hadn't leaned on his travel team. He and I are looking forward to many more sessions with Coach Nicolas.

(no details provided)

Nicolas was great at our first session, he kept my son locked in and made it enjoyable at the same time.

Coach Nicholas is brilliant. Our son, Ethan is inspired by him and learnt a lot in just one session. Will definitely be booking more sessions with Coach Nicholas.

First session was great!! He is very personable and relates to the child.

(no details provided)

My son learns a lot each training session; he's so happy!!

(no details provided)

It was our first lesson with Coach Nicolas. My son was so excited. Even after one session he had new skills to work on and had the best time. We immediately signed up for 10 more lessons!

Friendly, knowledgable, focused and fun to work with.

Coach Nicolas was just what we needed, we have a plan and Coach Nicolas is going to lead the way.

Makes the sessions fun and wants to help you get better!

Coach Nicolas is working with my 14 year old son on fundamentals. He clearly knows what he is doing and has a nice way of teaching. My son is very excited to be working with him.

So far so good - Nicolas managed to control my sons throwing yips after the first session. Nicolas is, as I am, adamant about practice makes perfect and he definitely makes my son appreciate the basics more.

Highly recommend Coach Nicholas. Focused training. He comes with a plan and executes it.

Had a very good first experience with Coach Nicolas. He was able to get my son to focus and it was a pleasure watching him learn. I highly recommend him!

Great session with Coach Nicolas!

Pleasant and professional. My son is happy to work with him.

Coach Nicholas worked with my 4.5 year old son and a small group of his friends and was able to transform them from a ragtag group of pre-schoolers into a fully functioning group of baseball players! He was professional and very communicative, providing detailed reports after each session. And he was great with the kids. Nicholas seems to have a unique ability to connect with young kids and to get them to respect the rules and to perform, all while making it fun. The kids loved him and we'll definitely be using his coaching skills as they get older, better, faster and ready for their true little league endeavors. He is highly recommended.

Coach Nick is a great coach and I will definitely have him help my kids again. He met with my son and husband and they were both very impressed. Looking forward to another lesson!!

Coach Nicolas gave my son a terrific first pitching lesson! He started with the basics and we feel confident that our son is learning to pitch correctly and in a way that will be safe for his arm. Our son is looking forward to more lessons!

Coach Nicolas was Great ! My son is already looking forward to his next session. He was really thorough in breaking down my sons throwing Mechanics. I highly recommend having coach anyone.

(no details provided)

Coach Nicolas is a really great coach, but more important he has and individual attention to different students. My son is very shy and it was his first experience playing baseball. He is not sporty at all. First lesson was tough for my son. But coach Nicolas can inspire and make all the lesson interesting and funny. Great Job. Thank you very much, Nicolas.

(no details provided)

Nick did a great job evaluating our 11year old son's batting stance and breaking it down and improving it. We are looking forward to a few more sessions to also review his fielding and throwing.

He is a great coach and my son really loves working with him. My son is only 6 but has already gotten a lot out of working with Coach Nicolas.

Coach Nicholas is a wonderful coach. My son enjoys going every week and is learning a lot. In a matter of a few sessions I can see a difference in my sons pitching. Coach Nicholas is very patient as well as very encouraging. He makes practice fun and my son looks forward to his sessions every week.

Coach Nick is awesome. Besides the fact that he is a great athlete, he's also a really great person. He works around our schedule and takes the time to know my son as an individual. He's teaching my son how to develop his talents as well as manage his weaknesses. I highly recommend this coach...

Great Coach

My 15 year old son has been training with Nicolas for just a few months but he's starting to see good results already. What used to be a random approach to throwing pitches is now very methodical under Nicolas' guidance. He knows what to think and what to do when he steps on the mound and that's raised his confidence. His velocity is on the rise and he can throw more types of pitches than he could just a short while ago. We're looking forward to a great indoor season leading up to spring baseball. Thanks Nicolas!

Nicholas was a great coach and a good guy, I see the improvements every time I meet with him!!

Coach Nicholas is great! He pays an immense amount of attention to detail and makes sure to always correct you when making a mistake. He emphasizes a ton on learning from your mistakes and turn what you're doing wrong into a gateway of learning how to do it right! The amount he gets done in just one session is insane. I would definitely recommend Coach Nicholas to anyone looking to improve their pitching skills, or baseball skills in general!

Coach Nicholas is the best!
I'm a 40 year old playing in a church baseball league as a pitcher. My frustration has always been controlling my pitches. I've spent probably hundreds of hours after work trying to correct the problem, with my bucket of balls and pitching net. Definition of insanity is doing same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Then I must have gotten my sanity back when I decided to find help. I was lucky to find Coach Nicolas through CoachUp. At the very first session, he examined my throwing mechanics and gave a few pointers that eventually led to 'fixing' my control problem that I thought was impossible!
I am going to have my fifth session with him this week, and I'm already a very different pitcher than before I met Coach Nicolas. I pitch with a lot better accuracy and more importantly I learned how to self-correct my mechanics when balls don't go where I want them. We're now focusing more on increasing my pitching velocity.
I would definitely recommend to anyone serious about improving pitching skills.

Coach Nicolas was kind enough to make the trip out to Westchester one weekend to work with our 10 year-old boys during their little league season (they ended up winning the championship!!!). Our boys adored him and so did we, as parents. Coach Nicolas was gifted at reaching the boys and teaching them a few easy steps that could change their technique. The boys were in awe of him, but Coach got right to their eye level and made them feel good about what they were doing, but even better about how to make adjustments to improve their game. As parents, we really appreciated Coach Nicolas' extremely pleasant way and genuine interest in teaching. We most definitely plan on hiring Coach Nicolas again and liked him so much that we are going to go visit him in the City next year as the boys gear up for another baseball season. We feel lucky to have found him and recommend him most highly to anyone considering using him to coach your kids!

Coach Nicolas is proactive and responsive. He is very good with kids and very patient. He works diligently to make sure he covers everything he wants to cover in a session even if the time runs over a little bit. He taught my son some good technics that should improve his performance with practice. I recommend Coach Nicolas.

Coach Nicolas is wonderful with kids and enjoys what he does. Within a hour he had accomplished what I have been trying to do for over a year. He broke down the fundamentals into easy steps that my six year old could grasp. He is more confident now and better able to keep up with his after school program.

Nicolas is a very good, attentive coach. He very quickly saw areas where my son needed improvement and worked to strengthen those. He is very clear in explaining what he sees and how the changes he suggests will help, and he is very supportive and encouraging at all times. Nicolas obviously enjoys helping kids improve their skills and he is great to work with.

Nicholas has helped develop my son's baseball skills greatly. He is patient, fun, and explains things in a clear way. He also advises my son about general exercise, healthy eating, and the importance of hard work. My son respects and responds to Nicholas because he's achieved a very high level in his own career. Nicholas is also very reliable and communicates quickly.

My son really liked Coach Nicolas and felt he had given him a straightforward instruction he had not received from previous coaches. He was very happy with his style and felt he had already learned some different techniques that he said will improve his playing.We have booked more lessons!

Our sessions with Nicolas have made a difference in how my son performs. Nicolas has been extremely helpful in taking my son's pitching and overall baseball skills to the next level. Our son playing performance shows more confidence and comprehension of the game and it's truly a pleasure to see my son enjoy the game. More importantly he is looking forward to the next session with his trainer. Nicolas is a professional that demonstrates true interest in making my son a better ball player. I highly recommend to all parents in the NYC area to hire Nicolas to help improve/fine tune their child’s baseball skills.

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