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Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Youth Exercise Specialist through NASM, who has assisted in developing fitness and programs for many individuals. View all coaching experience

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  • Stanford University (CA)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Cross Training, Conditioning, Aerobic, Boot Camp, HIIT, Nutrition, Tabata Training

  • Rehabilitation, Trx, Thera-Band, Speed/ Agility, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Explosiveness, Bench Press, Core Conditioning, Balance, Flexibility


  • Stanford University (CA)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Cross Training, Conditioning, Aerobic, Boot Camp, HIIT, Nutrition, Tabata Training

  • Rehabilitation, Trx, Thera-Band, Speed/ Agility, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Explosiveness, Bench Press, Core Conditioning, Balance, Flexibility

More About Coach Neil

• Assisted numerous clients in developing fitness programs
• CPT certification through NASM
• Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) through NASM
• Certified Sports Nutrition Coach (CSNC) through NASM
• Youth Fitness Specialist through NASM
• Senior Fitness Specialist through NASM
• Human Movement Specialist (HMS) through Brookbush Institute

My work stands out from others because I take the time to find out what your goals are and design a plan specifically for you. You can't get that kind of attention In large groups or boot camps.

I love being able to help people get the most out of their workouts. So many times people think they are doing the right thing but are in fact doing more harm than good. My strength is customizing workouts for clients that fit their goals and lifestyle.

I realize that people have specific issues that they want help with (e.g. back, shoulder, knee pain) and I provide corrective exercises that will help alleviate them.

I was All-State in high school (winning back to back state championships), and decided to "walk on" at Stanford University. After 2 years of hard work and dedication, I was awarded an athletic scholarship for my final 2 years, so I know what it takes to compete and succeed at a high level, and I have used this knowledge to design effective programs for athletes.

A typical hour long session would begin with a dynamic warm up (jump rope, light jog, footwork drills, etc). I would then work in a combination of strength training, plyometric drills and drills to work on speed and agility. The last part of the session would address working on sport specific skills.

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Client Reviews

Coach Neil was fantastic and gave my son several things to work on in both the short term and the long term. He kept the teaching in the context of his age and competition level. Highly recommend!

Coach Neill is amazing. We can see the difference in just 2 sessions. Looking forward to working with him some more and tapping his expertise.

Coach Neil worked great with my son. I appreciate the time he soent with them, was very effective my son looks forward to the next lesson.

Coach Neil knows his stuff and instantly related to my kid! I was really impressed by his professionalism and how he coached my kid! We're planning on doing regular lessons with Coach Neil because he's really good!

Coach Neil is an excellent coach. He’s very knowledgeable and teaches real scenarios that will happen in games.

My 13 year old daughter really enjoyed her first 1 hour private lesson with Coach Neil. Looking forward to lesson number 2.

Coach Neil is knowledgeable, flexible and has been truly great to work with for our son.

(no details provided)

My kid felt like the session was very productive and looking forward to the next one.

Coach Neil helped my son out with everything. He was very kind, polite and always available. Recommend him to everyone!!

(no details provided)

One of the best coaches I have worked with! He has the passion, resilience and patience to get your kid succeed.

Coach Neil did a great job with my son. He gave us some really good drills and tips. We look forward to continuing with Coach Neil and building up my sons confidence heading into the next CYO basketball season.

Coach Neil has been amazing working with my son and some of his friends on a weekly basis. He has really helped them become more confident in their abilities and their understanding of the game. My son always looks forward to his weekly session.

Coach Neil did a great job of looking at what I needed to improve on, showing me new moves and was clear and great with explanation.

2 sessions in and we feel comfortable and are learning. We would recommend! Ty coach.

Coach Neil is the best!!

Coach Neil evaluated and created a practice session on the spot that was perfect for my 12 year olds needs. Looking forward to the sessions to come .

Very good experience with coach Neil! My 12 years old son enjoyed his lesson with coach Neil! He said he learned a lot! Hopefully we will see improvement at his session basketball game!

Excellent. Knows what he's doing.

Coach Neil is a great coach, he taught many good techniques to my son with in an hour and I see immediate effect on my son's play.

Coach Neil has been a great coach for our daughter, Marianthe.

Marianthe appreciates the way Coach Neil explains the “why” with regards to basketball moves or how he takes the time to describe what a move should look like from a defensive and offensive perspective. We appreciate Coach Neills time and his follow up after each lesson is detailed and the homework/videos are extremely valuable.

We look forward to more sessions with Coach Neil.

(no details provided)

Coach Neil was great! My son has been improving and learned a few new tricks from him.

Attention to details and helped my son with areas that he needed help with

Great experience with Coach Neil on his approach, techniques and working with my daughter. Definite improvement after a couple of sessions and would recommend Coach Neil

(no details provided)

My son enjoys working with coach Neil! Great coach ! High recommend him! Will have more classes with him !

Neil was very detailed oriented in his coaching Arman liked his style and coaching a lot

Coach Neil, obviously is a good basketball player, he knows a lot of tricks. And he showed me several moves and tips that really helped my games.

Thank you!

Coach Neil is great at clearly explaining and demonstrating the drills he wants you to do as well as also telling you why you are doing it. You never have to be afraid to ask questions or take your time during a drill. He's a great coach

Coach Neil did an amazing job evaluating my son and developing a great training plan. He was very attentive and professional. My son was very engaged and learned so much. We will definitely be maintaining a strong relationship with Coach Neil and plan to have him train my son whenever we are in the Bay Area again. I give Coach Neil my highest recommendation.

Thanks for working with our boys and even my husband to tailor their coaching session a bit.

(no details provided)

Coach Neil knows his craft and does a great job in coaching my son. Gave him follow up homework to do until the next lesson. We have been happy with our first session. We look forward to working with him a bit longer.

Coach Neil is great! He explained things clearly to my 8 year old son and had a very pleasant demeanor. He was patient and gave my son skills to work on between sessions. He was punctual, had good communication and was responsive. Very happy to have found him.

(no details provided)

Great coaching! Learned a lot within an hour and taught me things I can directly apply to my teams offense. Very happy with my first session 👍

Terrific coach with patience and skill set to teach your child the fundamentals and build confidence!

My 3 boys really enjoyed their sessions with coach Neil. They range from active to less active and more to less interested in fitness and the coach adopted to each kids ability. All 3 came out wanting more! So we are signing up for more sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Neil is great! He is helping my son to improve in skills in which my son is lacking in. My son is also gaining more and more confidence in his ability to play basketball. My son loves training with Coach Neil!

On-time, helpful, friendly. Had a great time and inspired to learn more. Sometimes talks for a while though and would suggest more training than talking.

I had a great session with Coach Neil. I told him how I play and what I wanted to work on and we started right away. We ran through some pick and roll drills and he showed me some post moves. I got a good amount of reps in before time ran out. Highly recommend.

Coach Neil was thorough and thoughtful and provided some great pointers and “homework” for my 9 year old son on his shot, footwork and ball handling. Had a great session and definitely looking to do more. Thanks!

(no details provided)

Coach Neil was great coach. It was really great time and makes me more fun to play basketball.

Coach Neil was great for our daughter. Personable, great lesson, gave homework.

Coach Neil does a great job working with HS players. Coach Neil provided my son some excellent shooting and offensive tips to add to his game. My son really enjoyed the 1-hour session with Coach Neil.

Coach Neil was great! Our daughter had her first lesson and it immediately had an impact on her play. Coach Neil showed her a few moves to implement and it made a big difference in her play and confidence on the court. We will be booking more sessions with Coach Neil.

(no details provided)

We had an excellent lesson with Coach Neil working on fundamentals of dribbling, footwork, layups, and rebounds. We will definitely book some more sessions.

Coach Neil was great with my daughter for her first session. He came very prepared not only in what she needs to improve but with a knowledge of the local high school teams and their players. He gave her a lot of great information to be competitive for both the upcoming tryouts for the JV team but in her game knowledge. He gave us a very thorough and detailed recap of what they worked on and homework to help her continue to improve. We are excited to continue working with Coach Neil.

(no details provided)

Our sessions with Neil were great. Our 13yr old son came away from each with specific details on new options for attacking the basket, creating space and the proper technique for his feet, body and hand movements to accomplish the moves. Coach provided detailed follow up practice instructions to work on and skills drills for dribbling and footwork. Our son enjoyed it all. Neil’s communication with both us and our son was clear and valuable. We are booking a second set of sessions to continue the work.

Coach Neil was able to explain many different skills to my son in a way he could understand. He showed him some things he can work on at home. My son enjoyed the lesson and wants to attend more sessions.

Neil did a great job coaching my 3rd grade son who is just getting ready for his second season of basketball. Neil's calm, mature demeanor and positive attitude were especially appreciated.

My son is being coached by Neil. He is an extremely thorough and knowledgeable coach. In very few sessions so far, I have seen an improvement in my son's game. I look forward to working with Neil in future.

Great coaching advice and homework

(no details provided)

We have only had one session but my skeptical daughter was really positive after and excited to go back. Neil was responsive and easy to schedule with!

My kids’ first lesson with Coach Neil was great. We have an 8 and 10 year old that barely knows how to play basketball. They really need help. 😊 We needed a coach that was patient enough to teach 2 kids from scratch. In one hour, coach Neil went over ball handling, dribbling, and shooting forms in a fun and effective manner. The best part was both my kids enjoyed it. It was fun to them and that is what counts.

Coach Neil was great with my son! We are looking forward to upcoming sessions.

My seven year old plays in a league and was having trouble shooting. Prior to a session with Neil, my son didn’t seem to have the strength to get the ball all the way up to a ten foot hoop. After one session with Neil, I could see an immediate improvement. The change in technique was so dramatic, that the coach from his league came up to me after his next practice to ask what I had done, because my son was so improved from the previous week. Neil was able to break down the technique needed into something very simple that a seven year old could understand and apply on his own. Thank you coach Neil. My son is so much happier being able to keep up with his friends on his team.

Coach Neil, was very knowledgeable to all aspects of basketball.We hope to continue training sessions with him.

Not knowing what to expect.....I was pleasantly surprise when I met Coach Neil and he trained my son. Immediately my son felt comfortable and at ease. He asked my son questions geared towards the position he plays so he could focus on giving him some helpful information and feedback to improve his game. Afterwards he gave my son homework and drills that he can utilize to help strengthen him. All of this was in the 1 hour we trained. I was amazed as a parent. It was so valuable and I am so grateful for that time. As my son is a multi athlete, the wisdom that Coach Neil provided crosses across all sports. Thank you Coach Neil for your time.

Coach Neil was great

(no details provided)

Neil seems to be a very smart guy, with an impressive knowledge of basketball rules, strategy and coaching ideas. My son plays youth leagues and wanted help in ball handling. Neil was able to share his coaching ideas and my son was able to quickly pick up his training. He now uses his practice time to implement Neil many suggestions.

I recommend Neil to anyone who needs in improving their basketball skills.

(no details provided)

Great coach.

My daughter had her first lesson with Coach Neil last week and in just one lesson she’s learned a lot. She’s looking forward to improving her game and is determined to become a better player. I believe we can achieve that with the help of Coach Neil. We have had a bad experience with a team basketball coach in the past, so we truly appreciate Coach Neil’s demeanor; focused, friendly and experienced. Thanks, Coach!

We are very happy with Coach Neil’s first training. He was very attentive to what skills our son needed to improve on and focused on strengthening those skills. He also took the time to discuss with us our concerns of our son’s overall physical well-being and gave us some good pointers on preventative measures. We would highly recommend Coach Neil to anyone!

Coach Neil is great! Our son had a smile on his face during the entire session and learned more in one hour with Coach Neil than he had in two years of playing on teams and in camps. Neil is very patient and takes the time to explain how each drill relates to in-game use. Coach Neil gives the student things to work on and sets small goals for the next session. I highly recommend Coach Neil!

Coach Neil is great! He is coaching my freshman daughter and although she has only had two sessions of the 10 we booked - she says she’s learned so much already and looks forward to her next one!

As a first time user of CoachUP I was happily surprised to come across Coach Neil. Despite Coach Neil having extensive experience as a player and coach he handled my 6 year old son who is a total beginner with the was the perfect combination of firmness but gentleness. Typical of a 6 year old, my son imagined after a session of coaching he would be ready to throw down shots with ease. However Coach Neil was able to engage him in an hour of practice but also make him realize what it will take to truly learn the game and excel. My son came home that evening and turned our family room into the court as Coach Neil had - he used paper cups instead of orange cones and started practicing dribbling through them. I highly recommend Coach Neil.

Neil is fantastic! He provides detail feedback post each session with my young kiddo and the drills they worked on during the session. Neil is great with the fundamentals and, most importantly, makes things fun. Highly recommended.

Coach Neil was patient with my easily distractible son. He had helpful pointers, drills, and encouragement that motivated and helped break through.

Coach Neil was a great coach! I would recommend Coach Neil to anyone.

Neil was great

Coach Neil is fantastic! He has taught my son many techniques and strategies for him to use in his games. I see Ryan using them while he is playing. His shots have improved, his ball handling has improved. We will definitely continue our lessons with Coach Neil.

He is a great coach.

(no details provided)

Very friendly and knowledgeable

Coach Neil is a wonderful, well-rounded coach. He is incredibly patient and supportive, while making sure the player remains focused and understands the areas they need to work on. He's been a great coach to work with and I would definitely recommend him to others!

Coach Neil is very knowledgeable. For me it was learning how to shoot the basketball more traditionally, as opposed to shooting it from the chest "Incorrectly." All those years of shooting incorrectly, made learning the "Correct" method more difficult/strenuous. But Coach Neil is very patient gives you a few assignments at the end of your session for you to work on at home or anywhere there is a court. From the Fundamentals, Coach Neil slowly adds more to your workout. Every time I've had a session with Coach N, my jump shot and shooting mechanics have all gotten better. Every session, he is able to find that one (Or in my case several!) things that I am constantly doing wrong and gives me feedback and guidance on how to correct them. And afterwards, I'm doing tremendously better.

Coach N, also helps you understand on "Why" you missed a particular shot. If you can understand and self-diagnose why 1 shot did not go in, then you can easily correct it and make the next shot. I've only had 3x sessions with Coach Neil, and all 3x have been a tremendous help! I just booked another 10x sessions with Coach Neil and looking forward to each and every one of them and getting better each and every day!

Definitely recommend Coach Neil 10/10! Thank you for all your help!!

Coach Neil provided great suggestions and really helped me with my basics especially footwork. As a coach, he seems to really know what is important for a solid, fundamental basketball player. He is very nice and takes the time to explain and make sure you get the concepts down. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Neil is great at teaching fundamentals! After just one session yesterday, I saw my daughter play differently in pickup games this afternoon; she was more active, more confident in shooting, actively looking for teammates inside, and made a couple of very nice passes inside for open shots. She can't wait for more sessions with Coach Neil!

(no details provided)

Neil is very good coach, he understands the needs of the student and accordingly coach

(no details provided)

Patient, kind, and knowledgable.

(no details provided)

Fantastic coach

Coach Neil has been very helpful in motivating my son who has had no prior training in basketball. He comes very prepared for all the sessions and makes sure that my son is comfortable with each skill before he progresses to the next. He gives feedback with suggestions on areas of improvement after each session, and this helps a lot with practice. Overall, we are pleased with Coach Neil.

Coach Neil provided excellent skills,direction, and drills for our son that is new to basketball. Coach provided a strong foundation, follow-up with a plan for our son and quickly analyzed and corrected our son's techniques. We left encouraged hopeful and looking forward to continuing additional sessions with Coach Neil. About the environment: I was 1:1, specific to our son, the coach came prepared and on-time. He began with a pleasant introduction and shifted to our son to fully understand his goals and what he would like to achieve. The outcome, thank you Coach Neil, for making the time to help our son and encouraging, guiding him, teaching him to develop his athletic abilities and being specific about what he will need to invest to see the reward of practice, effort and consistent hard work.

Coach Neil is great. Very knowledgeable and understands basketball to the T. He explains his thoughts thoroughly and my son enjoys each session with him.

Coach Neil is evry experienced and explains technicals in details and makes them easy to learn. My son does like it and is motivated to practice at home following Coach Neil's after session feedback.

(no details provided)

Good coach very technical and has patience to explain the basketball drills. Very happy with his training program

We just had the first session with Coach Neil on last Saturday for our son. He showed a lot of coaching experience throughout the whole session. He came with a coaching plan and explained each move in detail. We are definitely going to schedule more sessions with him.

Coach Neil really helped my son review the basics, plus gave him a lot of "homework" to keep working on his game. He was excellent and didn't treat my son with kid gloves due to his youth. Unfortunately, my son is far more interested in video games than he is in basketball at the moment, so I'll check back with Coach Neil in a couple of years when he's done with video games.

My son entered San Ramon, CA high school. We moved from another state and due to the move my son had not been very active practicing basketball so he had catch up to do. Coach Neil has been instrumental to this process and continues to be improving my sons game. Coach Neil shows up to a training session with a plan and gives the trainee feedback and exercises to work on his own. He has very good people skills. I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

Great coach!

My son had 5 basketball sessions with Coach Neil, and really enjoyed them. Most of the time they spent on honing offensive skills, and Coach Neil indeed knows a ton of moves! I noticed some of them in my son's basketball games already. Coach Neil pays a lot of attention to details, and what we really liked, he does a great deal of explaining every move, its advantages and disadvantages. I think my son's basketball game really benefited from these sessions, and I would definitely recommend Coach Neil!

After my son's first session with Coach Neil, we knew right away that it was a great fit! His basketball knowledge and techniques were on point to what my son needed to be confident in his game. We've had two more sessions, and each time my son comes back stronger in his struggled areas. Coach Neil's feedback provided after sessions are extremely helpful with key points for my son to remember. We look forward to booking more sessions!

Coach Neil is very professional and a great mentor. My confidence has increased a lot. I am going for more lessons with him.

Had a great session with Coach Neil. Tried coach up for first time and had a rewarding experience. See you again Coach Neil!

My son had his first session with Coach Neil yesterday and he really liked it. He is looking forward to more sessions to learn and improve his skills. Thanks Coach, Neil

Coach Neil has great knowledge about basketball and also great teaching skill. With only a couple of sessions , I can see both my son's confidence and skill rises. We will book more sessions with him.

Coach Neil has been fantastic with my son and has taught him a lot. I highly recommend him.

My son has had two sessions with Neil and they've been great. He's learning a lot and the plans that he's put in place for him in between sessions continue to help him improve. Thanks Neil.

Great coaching session today. Showed my son some great ways to improve his left hand. Also showed him how to create space of screens and by using different pivots. Will definitely book more session.

Coach Neil is great! We had one session with him. Scheduled a second but my son was sick so we rescheduled. No problem. He's a good coach and I would highly recommend him. He is very patient and knowledgeable.

Coach Neil was very experienced and taught my son new moves that he has never known before. I am happy to book more lessons with Coach Neil

Coach Neil is extremely knowledgable and has great patience while teaching. My son Michael feels Coach Neil after only two sessions has given him great pointers on ball handling, the importance of good foot work and not to mentioned some good pointers on where his shooting release should be. We look forward to working with him more.

Coach Neil was a great coach, I definitely learned more than from playing basketball freshman year. Would recommend him to anyone who wants to get better at basketball.

Coach Neil is not only a great coach but very positive in his approach. He explains things in detail and takes time to strengthen your weakness and overall gave. He always has a plan after each workout as to how my son can become better on his own time. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a coach who will genuinely will take the time to make your child a better player.

Coach Neil really helped my learning curve basketball extend more and faster. For example, in shooting I was not so good, and in about like a couple of sessions, I got really good at it. My footwork also improved a lot and form, in playing basketball. I would definitely recommend Coach Neil, to other athletes.

We love Coach Neil! I couldn't have asked for a better person to train my son. He was clear in his instruction, patient, always on time and prepared for anything! Solid trainer and mentor! Thank you very much Coach Neil for your time. We look forward to booking more sessions with you!!

(no details provided)

I am currently being coached by Neil and I am really enjoying the process of getting better, and having fun. The three main things I like about this coach are that he really knows what he is doing,and easily gets his points and instructions across to me. He is very encouraging with honest feedback on how I am doing the drills.

We just had our first lesson with Coach Neil, and my son likes his program. Coach Neil is very professional. He contacted us right after we signed up the lesson and gave out lots time slots and locations for us to choose. He arrived on time and went straight to different training sections - footwork, dribble, shooting, you name it. After one hour, my son was tired but very excited from all the tricks and techniques he learned. Best of all, coach Neil also assigned instructions for self practice at home. We will return next week for more sessions.
Thank you, Coach Neil!


Coach Neil was brilliant in guiding my son Sidharth in his first session to key essentials of ball-handling, layup forms, and movement on the court. Sidharth is truly excited for his next training session with Coach Neil.

(no details provided)

Guess we got some luck to be able to find Coach Neil just from the internet. Great coach who can teach based on different skill levels with fair price. Very impressed on the first session. My kid just loves him, like what he taught, and is looking for next session.

Neil has been great with our daughter...at her last game she used one of the techniques learned and made a fantastic basket ...He is very patient and methodical with her training and it has been a big help

Neil really takes a practical approach to Fitness. He mainly uses the resources you have to design a work out that fits your needs and limitations. He also varies the workout to make it more interesting and fun. Neil makes fitness something to look forward to.
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