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*GOLD* standard. My golf coaching approach is based on the fact that every golfer is different. Regardless of what your reasons are for wanting to improve, I am here to help View all coaching experience

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Neil. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$85 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for up to 2 athletes

4 session package with Coach Neil. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$360 4 sessions ($90/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Neil. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$400 5 sessions ($80/ea) + applicable fees

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Group session
In-Person Training for up to 10 athletes

60 mins for groups up to 10 players

Session Length: 1 hour

$150 1 session + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Neil. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$775 10 sessions ($78/ea) + applicable fees

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  • University of Wales Cardiff, United Kingdom

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Stance, Short Game, Putting, Mechanics, Iron Play, Grip, Driving, Bunker Play, Ball Flight


  • University of Wales Cardiff, United Kingdom

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Stance, Short Game, Putting, Mechanics, Iron Play, Grip, Driving, Bunker Play, Ball Flight

More About Coach Neil

Professional coach in multiple sports (soccer, golf & tennis)
Have been playing competitive golf for 25years and coaching golf for over 10 years.
Currently studying to become a PGA coaching professional.

Have been a scratch/low single handicap for over 15 years. Played for my college in Ireland and Golf Club (N. Ireland champions 2years in a row)

My sessions will focus and swing fundamentals, while also building confidence. The main objective will be developing a more consistent contact (hitting the sweet spot), shot direction and distant control.

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Client Reviews

He is very professional and patient .

Excellent coach

My 13yo son just started to get into being a GK and Coach Neil has truly helped him tap into his potential! Besides being incredibly knowledgeable, Coach is incredibly kind and supportive. A pure delight to work with.

Coach Neil is super nice and patient. He's been great at using easy-to-understand metaphors to help me, a newbie, get the hang of the moves. He's been amazing at coaching me, really taking my tennis skill to the next level!

Neil was great - thanks!

Coach Neil is great with our 10 year old son and his first lesson. We liked his energy and vibes. Great skills. Easy to talk to an d learn from also.

Great coach!

(no details provided)

Neil is a phenomenal coach and I could not recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to learn or improve their tennis skills! My boyfriend went in with some memory of his high school tennis lessons, and I am a complete first timer. Neil was extremely patient and able to work with us both at our different levels. He was encouraging and so pleasant to be with! I'm excited to continue to learn the sport and improve under his guidance!

Coach Neil did a great job in training session with my daughter!

Coach Neil was great, he was very professional and nice! We ordered a training session for two people - my son and his friend, and they both really liked him. He gave them a lot of tips and they improved a lot.

Neil is great! Patient and experienced

Neil is very patient and he gives me constructive feedbacks to improve my pose. Enjoy all the sessions with him so far!

Coach Neil was very knowledgable, and is good with kids (I have a 6 year old daughter). The session was well structured, and we saw progress in the first session already.

(no details provided)

Great first training session. I will definitely be having more sessions in the future.

Coach Neil was very informative and made sure my son did all of his techniques correctly. He demonstrated and explain all of his drills. He informed my son why they weren’t important to the game. He was very kind to my son, but he didn’t let my son slack off. He is very well rounded and my son loves working with Coach Neil.

I had asked what I wanted to improve on and he created a really valuable lesson that got me grounded in the basics. Neil is a great guy and I look forward to future lessons with him.

The first course with Coach Neil, he reviewed my forehand and backhand techniques and provided with helpful feedback. The second course he focused on some minor gestures of my forehand and backhand as well as footwork that in fact, made noticeable improvement in my hit. Coach Neil is knowledgeable and patient, I would recommend him to you!

Had our first session with Coach Neil. Can't say enough good things about him. Very cordial, polite and attentive to my 7 year old son. Coach Neil has a great coaching technique, covering all the areas of soccer. My son was very happy and we have many sessions booked.

My boys just had their first lesson with Coach Neil. They are 8 and 6. They both had a great time and really enjoyed the drills. Overall, he was super patient, friendly and kept the kids engaged the entire time. He came prepared and no time was wasted.

8 year old’s Review: Coach Neil is super nice and I liked the drills where we learned how to work as a team.

6 year old Review: I liked how patient Coach Neil is with me. I liked all the drills and I had very fun with you.

Neil was a great coach. Able to pin point a few things right away that I could focus on improving and gave me a bunch of good techniques to hone in on and work in throughout the session. Very good communicator and good at providing feedback and coaching.

My boys, 11 and 8 year olds, just had their first lesson. Coach Neil is very encouraging and provides insightful guidance. My boys had lots of fun and are looking forward to their next lesson!

My 9 yr old son absolutely loved his first lesson with Coach Neil today. We could see an immediate improvement in his skill level and his excitement for the game. Coach Neil was really encouraging and positive and his level of expertise was amazing to watch. We can’t wait for the next lesson.

Neil is an excellent coach! Very easy going, explains things slowly and clearly and builds up your confidence. I highly recommend!

Excellent! After one session my daughter saw immediate improvements in striking.

We took one session with Coach Neil, he is very punctual and very focused for training. My daughter really enjoyed the training session with him.

I can’t express enough how pleased and impressed we are with Coach Neil. He’s extremely professional, knowledgeable and his methods are sound, and above all our daughter really liked working with him. We definitely recommend him!

I had my first session with Neil at my court. To say the least, Neil was punctual and brought enough tennis balls to play with. I am 64 and a beginner (not an easy one....), Neil was patient and attentive. Not too pushy, he advised me on areas of improvement in an encouraging way. Neil is friendly, and I feel totally comfortable working with him.

Great session! My 8 yro learned a lot in a such a short period of time and had a great time! Thanks Neil!

Coach Neil was so great with our 12 year old son. He helped him with his technique and his drills were on point. Our son learned so many things in just one session. Highly recommend Coach Neil!

I'm an average adult who's played soccer all my life in a casual setting. (with friends/colleagues/pickup games etc) I'm self-taught so I've never had a proper training session with a pro coach before. I just had my first session with Neil and he was was super knowledgable and friendly. Neil helped me a ton with a lot of the basics through different drills. I was having a lot of problem with my weak foot and after training with him I'm starting to feel more confident right away!

Highly recommend for anyone looking to do a sharp/crisp one hour session where you can get a lot of time on the ball!

My 7 year old son really enjoyed his training season with Neil. He really honed in on the much needed footwork and shooting drills that elevate him to a higher level of play. I strongly recommend Coach Niel for passionate budding soccer players.

Coach Neil is an incredibly talented, natural coach, flexible, intuitive, passionate. I highly recommend to any one.

Great coaching

Coach Neil is a terrific coach! Super supportive, professional and knowledgeable. My son (14), who plays premier level soccer, very much enjoyed his sessions with Neil and was both challenged and inspired by his instruction.

Coach Neil is very patient and professional. I do feel an improvement after the training session. Will schedule more sessions definitely.

So far I took one course with Neil. He gave good instructions and very flexible scheduling. Looking forward to next course.

My daughter and niece (15 and 16 year-olds) really enjoyed their training session with Neil. He was friendly, very organized and the girls had a lot of fun. They are looking forward to working with him again.

Coach Neil is helping my daughter rediscover her skills after an injury sidelined her for a while. She saw immediate improvements after the first session. Coach had lots of insights into the adjustments needed to unlearn the bad habits she developed while injured and kept her busy with some engaging drills. We will be booking more sessions.

Neil is absolutely the best!

My 10yo has had his first session yesterday. He was very happy with his experience. He left his session feeling good and spoke very positively about coach Neil. From my observation Neil had great energy, had great rapport with my son, and thus far kept a good pace/active practice for the whole hour. Communication before and after was spot on. I was surprised at how convenient the whole experience was. We’re looking forward to continuing weekly sessions with him.

Excellent coach! I wasn’t confident with golf even though I’ve played a bunch and he made a few slight changes and completely changed the way I feel about my swing! Will certainly continue to use him!

Coach is really nice and patient with my son.I am sure that he can make progress for Alex.

Excellent Coach. My son who is 6 , has been playing soccer for close to 2 years and he immediately gravitated to Neil’s method of coaching. I was also captivated by the drills he used to enhance/improve my son’s shooting and ball handling techniques. Will definitely be using him again.

My son got so much out of working with Coach Neil today. He had great drills, a fun, engaging style, and insightful feedback on ways to improve. Great session. Thank you!

Coach Neil was great. Looking forward to more lessons with him for my son.

Amazing coach. Wicked smart and a great motivator

Coach Neil is great! Even after just a couple sessions my son has noticeably improved. Highly recommend!

Coach Neil was great. He has a very positive attitude, good sessions, and worked very well with my daughter.

(no details provided)

My son absolutely loved Coach Neil (as did my younger son (6.5yo), who only sat and watched this first session and then immediately begged to join the next one). He kept my son (11.5yo) active and working and engaged while also keeping it fun. Most importantly, he spoke to and interacted with my son with respect and kindness—none of that stereotypical “coach” kind of gruff “pushiness” you can often encounter in the sports world. Feeling so fortunate that I stumbled on this site and even more so that Coach Neil was our first experience. He’s a gem, and we will definitely be seeing him again asap!

Coach Neil is a great coach! He worked with my son and knows how to develop skills while also making it fun. Very creative drills and knows how to mix things up to bring out a player’s potential.

Coach Neil is amazing! He was exactly what I was looking for to help my kids go to the next level. He’s professional, patient, positive and encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable. He relates to children extremely well, and my kids had a blast with him! Thanks Coach

He really understood my daughter's challenges and opportunities. Great work!

Coach Neil was great with my son. From the start of the session to the end, he kept my son engaged and interested. Coach Neil actively coaches during drills and corrects poor form/technique as he sees it so it doesn’t become a recurring problem. Highly recommended.

(no details provided)

We had our first session with Coach Neil today and it turned out well. He has a very positive attitude and used the 60 minutes pretty efficiently. The boys liked his drills and are looking forward to the next one.

My son really enjoyed his session with Coach Neil. He is kind, encouraging, knowledgeable, and my son thought he had great drills! I also appreciated his flexibility on scheduling, and his willingness to go to a location that worked for us. If we need coaching again, I will definitely request Neil!

Coach Neil was great with my daughter! A couple of minor adjustments he recommended to her, and it made a huge difference on her execution with the ball. I highly recommend him!!

Thank you coach for your encouragement.

So helpful and has great energy ! Excited to work together again

Coach Neil has been very effective for my 7 year old in a short time. My son really enjoys the sessions and Neil is patient, positive and encouraging, while at the same time providing clear instruction. I highly recommend him.

Coach Neil is awesome. His assessment was quick and tailored to our daughters needs at the same time in a fun setting for her to enjoy her workout. The knowledge expounded upon prior to each drill really unlocked a new view of the same fundamentals we been trying to have her learn. It was Coach Neil’s personal training that seemed to help her understand concepts better and by the end of the session, she was even more motivated to practice more because of this attention. We immediately booked more sessions.

we were super impressed with Coach Neil! he worked so well with our two boys! he was very patient and made sure that having fun was top priority! Thanks coach neil!!

Just had an absolutely incredible experience with Neil. Loved every second of the session. One of the best coaches I have ever worked with. Can’t wait for our next session. Knew exactly what strengths and weaknesses to work on, from the get go. Very intense session which is exactly what I had requested. Made a great effort to engage on personal level throughout the session to hit the right intensity needed. Honestly an incredible professional coach... Highly recommended coach!!!! If you’re looking for your go-to guy in LA for private coaching this is him, amazing person that thrives on development. Amazing thank you Neil.

Highly recommend! Connected great with my son. Encouraging and flexible scheduling. The sessions are in addition to his club practices. Works great with my 9 year old! We have had several sessions and my son has learned new techniques or correct techniques during many seasons. We plan to continue and wish he would have trained with him sooner. Greta complement to his team training with a focus on specific new techniques. Best if all my son really connects and likes his demeanor and encouraging style!

Excellent coach

Coach Neil is a great coach; really connected with my 14 year-old son. Has a very positive and effective style of coaching and communicating; my son was definitely able to improve his skills and agility. I would highly recommend working with Coach Neil.

Coach Neil was honestly the best coach my son has ever worked with, punctual, patient with superior coaching knowledge. My son can not wait to work with him again. A+

Booked 3 sessions. Unfortunately with Coach Neil's constantly changing schedule which really didn't work out for us.
1st session - Late. 2nd session- cancel twice. 3rd session - we were told he double booked. As a full time working mom, scheduling is very important to me. I understand once a while for urgent changes, but all the last-minute changes just seem very thoughtless. We ended up not even use our 3rd session and requested a refund. He was also not apologetic at all.

(no details provided)

Coach Neil is an excellent coach! My son’s other coach moved and my son was reluctant to try somebody new. Coach Neil is so positive and supportive that the transition was super easy. My son really looks forward to his sessions!

Neil is great. He connects well with his pupils

Good professional coach !!! I enjoyed the whole session and it kept me on my toes the whole hour and I feel I improved my technique more

(no details provided)

Rly great practice!!

Our experience with coach Neil has been an excellent in... flexible on schedule has been great, but the best part of our experience is how much our 15 year old likes his articulate explanations and teaching methods.. emily my daughter is living the experience...

Coach Neil absolutely met and exceeded each and every expectation my son and I had. He is knowledgeable, involved, flexible, encouraging and I absolutely plan on using him each time we are in Los Angeles. My son was thrilled to be receiving one on one guidance as to how he can improve his game.
Do not hesitate to book Coach Neil!

Our 9 yr old son recently had his first session with Coach Neil. It was a very good lesson. He is patient and really understands how to instruct in order to develop a specific skill. We look forward to the next session.

My 9 year old son LOVED Coach Neil. He really connected with him and insisted on training with him in the future. Coach Neil did a great job running drills and explaining things in a positive way - which, due to my son's personality, is just what he needed. We are signing up for more lessons!

(no details provided)

Coach Neil was great. My son, Cole, really connected with him & he can't wait until his next session. So glad we picked him.

Great first session & he connected well with my son!

(no details provided)

Good first session. Quickly engaged with my son and kept him involved with the drills.

Excellent coach. Knows the game and ran smart training for my son.

(no details provided)

My 9 year old daughter had a great first session with Coach Neil.

He was really good at explaining how his drills were applicable to game situations which made her understand why she was having to do them.

Liked the session so much that I immediately booked another session.

Coach Neil has been very helpful, and he is patient. He focuses on soccer fundamentals, and my children really enjoy his lessons. I can already see improvement in their ball skills.

Had a great first session with Coach Neil! He gave feedback/tips on how to do a drill/exercise better in a way that was understandable for Andrew. Andrew enjoyed working with him and look forward to more sessions.

Our 9 year old is already very skilled and captain of his club team, but we were looking for someone to help him continue to improve and bring his individual skills to the next level. It was quickly apparent from our son's first session with Coach Neil that we had found the right coach, in fact we already grabbed a full 10 session package to keep the training going. Coach Neil was able to adjust his approach right away to get everything focused in on where our son needed it, which is not always easy to do right out of the gate. He is already looking forward to the next session and putting what he is learning to work during this season!

Very patient and my daughter enjoyed her lesson, I highly recommend couch Neil! Thank you couch Neil!

Coach Neil was great. He is very patient and he’s way of teaching was very helpful with all the skill and technics he brings. I highly recommend him!

Coach Neil is highly professional and superb! His training seem to be very targeted and helps improve areas that are deficient. Also gets along well with my kid which is really great to see!

Coach Neil is fantastic! Our 9 year old daughter wanted to improve her overall goalkeeping skills. She has loved every session with him and has asked for more. She loves that he is patient, helps breakdown things and gives her clear explanations. In just a few sessions she is moving better and her goal kicks so much stronger. Thank you Coach Neil and we look forward to more!

Coach Neil was great! He gave the girls a solid work out.

(no details provided)

Our WVSL team of 8 year old boys really liked Coach Neil. He has a great energy and enthusiasm about him, so that the boys naturally listened to his instructions. It is not easy to coach a team of goofy 8 year old boys who are all friends and like to fool around. We look forward to working with him in the future and growing as a team.

(no details provided)

Coach Neil deserves more stars. Right from the start he took my 8 year old and was more then a coach. He treated him like he was his older brother helping him improve in his position. Coach Neil was like a mentor for my son. Professional doesn’t describe the experience we had. When asked if he liked the training, my son replied with the biggest yes and smile. We will definitely be requesting more sessions with Coach Neil.

Neil was fantastic with my ten year old. My son wants to improve his handling of the ball -- specifically shooting. Neil started off with basic footwork skills and worked up to actual shooting, breaking it down for my son with encouragement and corrections. I saw definite improvement in one lesson and my son commented on how he learned things about shooting his prior coaches really didn't have time to break down. We've already scheduled the next session and plan for many more.

Coach Neil was great. My daughter is looking forward to her next session with him. He is patient and great coach.

Coach Neil is fantastic! Recommend him highly. Our son is 11 years old, plays on a club team & is very determined to get to a high level. Coach Neil has a great demeanor - he quickly established a working relationship and did a wonderful job connecting with our son on areas to improve. Before the session, my husband briefed Coach Neil on our son’s needs & he came prepared with a game plan. Lots of drills that really tested our son & was not stuff he normally does on his club team. Lots of pro tips - Coach Neil really knows his stuff! Our son had a good time, learned a lot and is looking forward to his next sessions!

Coach Neil was a great coach. We liked his training style and his techniques are different than what we have seen before. Our 8year old loved it. I would recommend him to anyone.

I was looking for a personal trainer for my twelve-year-old son who's in a club playing in a competitive league in SoCal. I found Coach Neil on Coach Up, then decided to get him for three sessions after reading the positive reviews on this site. I wasn't disappointed on the first meeting, and the second meeting proved we got our money's worth. Coach Neil taught my son the tactical and technical aspects of soccer. More so, he motivated and encouraged my son to be confident with his skills, which is for me what my son needs the most--improving the psychological aspect of his game. Coach Neil improved my son's dribbling, passing/receiving, first touch, and shooting, just to name a few. My son couldn't wait to apply in the regular games the soccer-knowledge that he learned from Coach Neil. Highly recommended.

My daughter is 15 and is a goalie at the varsity level. She’s had her share of trainers so she knows right away if the training is “generic” or specialized. Within the first 2 minutes of meeting Coach Neil he got a pretty good read on her strengths and weaknesses. He asked a few questions and made sure she explained what she needed to improve upon. Although this was our first session, I’ll say there was nothing “generic’’ about his training. He brought a lot of equipment and was very prepared with some pretty challenging drills. I’m confident that the next session will be mixed with some new drills and drills they already worked on.

Coach Neil is awesome. Watched him work with my son today. My son is a club player, playing at a pretty high level. Neil immediately identified areas to work on and, within the course of the session, helped him achieve immediate results. Of course, it will take time to see those results applied on a regular basis, so looks like we'll be training with Coach Neil for quite some time. :) Highly recommend.

Neil is a great coach - I have 8 year olds and he has the right combo of relating to them in a positive way while still getting them to learn, follow directions and do some difficult soccer drills. We will continued having the kids work with him for sure.

Best training session I have ever completed. Coach Neil customized a plan according to what we discussed beforehand. He pushed me to bring out my potential and after a few minutes we were on the same wave length,in relation to my targets/goals. I will definitely continue to work with Neil. I can’t wait for the next one. A*

Couldn’t recommend Coach Neil enough. An excellent, dynamic coach, with incredible technical knowledge. My daughter learned so much and improved noticeably even after just one session.

My son has been playing golf for over a year but has never been properly coached. With about 10 minutes and some minor adjustments he was striking the ball straighter than ever. Amazing work coach Neil. Can’t wait for our next session
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