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Nathan H.

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Former college thrower and currently a USATF Level I Certified high school coach View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Cary, NC
  2. Wake Forest, NC
  3. Raleigh, NC

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles

  • University of North Carolina--Asheville (NC)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Middle Distance, Throws

  • Sprinting, Discus, Shot Put, Baton Handoffs, Form


  • University of North Carolina--Asheville (NC)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Middle Distance, Throws

  • Sprinting, Discus, Shot Put, Baton Handoffs, Form

More About Coach Nathan

In 2004 I received my USATF Level I Coaching Certification and in 2005 I began coaching at Leesville Road High School as an assistant coach. In 2007 I became the womens head coach. During my 5 years of coaching for Leesville I developed a throwing program that produced several competitive discus throwers and shot putters, 3 of which were 4A state qualifiers, and established Leesville as a competetive throwing group.

I coach the glide and the rotation in the shot put and the full throw with reverse/nonreverse for the discus. Which technique is taught based on the athletes ability, coordination, strengths, and weaknesses which are determined between me and the athlete.

I am also a certified personal trainer with certifications in Speed, Agility, and Quickness, as well as Core conditioning.

From the first day that I ever picked up a discus and shot I have been excited and driven to be the best that I can be. I began throwing my Junior year of High School with coaching from other football players turned throwers. I had no idea that I would develop into a 4A state champion in the discus that year, throwing 149’. In my second year, I improved to 154’ and took 3rd in the 4A state meet and improving my shot put distance to 45’ with the 12lb shot. My senior year I was recruited by Appalachian State, ECU, UNC-Wilmington, and UNC-Asheville all Division 1 competitive schools.

While at UNC-Asheville, I developed not only into a discus thrower but a shot putter as well. I switched from a glide technique to a rotational for the shot and really took off. In 2003 I qualified for the East Regional Meet with a mark of 16.29 meters in the shot put. After injuring my back the next year and losing 4 months of training I was able to once again make it to the East Regional Meet in 2005 with qualifying throws in the Discus of 53.86m (176ft 8.5in) and the Shot of 17.00m (55ft 9in). Placing 13th in the discus overall.

I currently hold UNC-Ashevilles shot put and discus records since 2005, and was the first athlete from UNCA to qualify and compete in an East Regional Meet.

Sessions will include general technique instruction, Warm ups, Plyometrics, Speed, Agility, Quickness, Conditioning, and drills. I am a very creative coach and very rarely stumped when it comes to fixing a technique issue.

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Client Reviews

Coach Nathan was incredibly helpful in breaking down the technical pieces of the shot put, and finding ways to make reaching the right technique as easy as possible. I noticed changes right away and know what to keep working on.

My son had a great first session with coach Nathan! We wondered how virtual would work, but it ended up going very well

We had our first virtual session with Coach Nathan and it was great. We didn't know what to expect as we've never done virtual coaching, but the video aspect worked great both for him to see our son and for our son to watch his movements to learn from. Coach Nathan is extremely knowledgeable and patient in his style. He focused on repetition of learning the fine details of the movements and gave our son things to work on between sessions.

Coach Nathan is truly a coach for all seasons. He truly cares for the people he coaches and is focused on their success which is critical. A coach has to be able to see beyond the current situation. They have to see the end of that goal at all times even when the person they are coaching can't see it. Nathan does this innately and truly takes each person seriously.

Just had our first session with Coach Nathan and were very pleased. He's very personable and friendly, and keeps it fun but still very focused and instructive. He obviously knows his stuff. He's also able to break it all down into manageable steps that build on each other and works with the athlete until he/she is able to put it all together. We gained a wealth of knowledge after just an hour with him. He even gave us written notes of things my son can work on without him. Both my son and I look forward to working with him again, and I am confident that even this one session will lead to better shotput throws for my son.

Coach Nathan did an awesome job with my two sons. They have never touched or seen a shock put. He was able to get both of them to understand the mechanics and helped them understand the sport. He was very patient with my youngest son who is left handed which is a challenge in it self. He had a good sense of humor which made my kids feel at ease. We will be using coach services for this season. Thanks!! JB

Coach Nathan is an excellent coach and teacher. I can see and feel a difference in my son in just this short time. I can’t wait until next track season.

My son and I met with Nathan today. Nathan worked on Shit Put form and Throwing techniques. He went through the basics and covered all of the foundational work need to perfect my son’s form.

This being our first meet up I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge we left the field with. Nathan has lots of experience and it shows!! I am looking forward to future sessions.

I also like how he involves the parents with the practice sessions this allows me to work with my son during the week to help retain all that he learned. Thanks Nathan! Can’t wait to meet up again soon!

Coach Nathan was great. On time, we’ll prepared, he took time to make a thorough assessment and to understand what my daughter hoped to game from the coaching. He came equipped with teaching aides to help her learn the mechanics of what he was explaining. Definitely recommend him.

Coach Nathan is just an amazing coach and his style of imparting lessons is top notch. He teaches with great care and passion, and his knowledge on Shot Put throwing technique is top class. I look forward to more sessions with him for my 14 year old daughter.

Coach Nathan, was very knowledgeable in discus throwing technique, which helped my son move to the next level.

Coach Nathan is very knowledgeable in training me to throw the discuss.
He is reliable and offers a flexible schedule for us to meet.
I will continue working with him to improve my skills.

Coach Nathan was great! My son really enjoyed working with him and is looking forward to going back for more. Coach Nathan obviously knows his stuff and went to great lengths to create the most appropriate workout for my son.

He is an awesome coach!! My son loves working with him.

I thought Coach Nathan got a lot into the one session I had with him. He was careful to slowly explain each technique he wanted me to understand and was encouraging each time I threw.I got a lot out of our first session and would recommend him to anyone . I am an 80 year old and don't know how many seniors he coaches, but he did a good job with me.


After just a few practice discus throws in our first session Coach Nathan immediately identified several things that I can work on to improve my throws. He showed me what drills to do and clearly explained them. I can't wait for our next session!

Coach Nathan was well prepared for our session, asked my son questions and listened to his answers about his goals, and did a good job working with my son. He is professional in his approach but also easy to get along with and my son enjoys working with him.

Nathan is a great coach and personal trainer. He knows how to make you laugh when you want to cry and keeps you motivated no matter what. after our fist set he told me we had two more to do. I told him he was crazy. 45 minutes later we got through three rounds of an amazing work out. I think I am actually looking forward to next week!!!!

My daughter just completed her first session with Coach Nathan this weekend, and I couldn't be more pleased. I can say that in my first couple of message exchanged with Coach Nathan, I got the sense to me that he really loves coaching and enjoys helping athletes improve - and watching him work with my daughter confirmed it.

My daughter is a cross country runner (which reading Coach Nathan's profile isn't something he specializes in), and I was blown away with Coach Nathan's preparation and knowledge of running. He showed up to the session with a notebook and about 4 pages of questions and notes. He started with about 10-15 minutes of discussions to understand her experience level and goals, and then led her through many exercises and drills that will help her improve her form and become a better runner/athlete. I was amazed at how thorough he was in explaining the drills and ensuring my daughter understood them, and also how he was able to show her how everything "fit together" (ie tying later exercises back to the earlier ones that helped build the form and how they all will work together to improve her running) to make her a better runner and overall athlete. He is training her to be a better runner, which would benefit her not only in cross country, but would also help her in the future if she decides to try soccer, field hockey, track or any other sport that requires running.

I can say I noticed differences in my daughter's form between her warmup and her run to end the session. Personally, I can say I feel like I got an advanced running degree in one hour just observing the training session, and learned many things I never knew or learned even though I played organized sports all the way through high school.

I honestly can say that no matter what your sport or goals are, Coach Nathan can definitely help you improve your skills and achieve your goals. My daughter is already asking when she gets to work out with him again. Thanks Coach Nathan!

1st session with Coach Nathan was a success. He is extremely orgainzed and knowledgeable, breaking down the throws into component parts and then bringing them together as a whole. He was very patient and supportive. Look forward to additional sessions.

(no details provided)

Nathan was personable,knowledgable,and ready to go as soon as we hit the field.He broke technique down to the ninth degree,while explaining the ''why's ''and ''how's''.I would recommend Nathan to anyone.

Coach Nathan has coached several of the best discus throwers in the CAP-8 conference over the past 7 or 8 years with some throwing well over 140ft and placing high in the state championship. His knowledge in throws is second to none. A combination of his college throwing experience, USATF coaching certification, and dedication to perfecting technique has helped him become one of the best high school throw coaches in the area. I highly recommend Coach Nathan to anyone who is looking to advance their skills in throws.
When I met Nathan I was 175 pounds and threw 106 feet in the discus and 28 feet in shot. When I graduated 3 years later I weighed 205 pounds and threw 140 feet in discus and 43 feet in shot, and was a three time regional qualifier. With his fundamental understanding of the throws and keen eye he creates a challenging workout schedule which combines running, plyometrics, and weight training to create well rounded athletes, not just throwers.
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