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Over 25 years experience in developing skillful athletes through focus on Improvement in volleyball skills and movements needed for competitiveness! View all coaching experience

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  • University of Massachusetts--Boston (MA)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite, Middle Blocker, Libero

  • Spiking, Setting, Serving, Serve Receive, Jumping, Hitting, Digging, Blocking


  • University of Massachusetts--Boston (MA)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite, Middle Blocker, Libero

  • Spiking, Setting, Serving, Serve Receive, Jumping, Hitting, Digging, Blocking

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More About Coach Nasser

I have been coaching volleyball for over 20 years. I have a wealth of experience as a highly competitive Athlete and Coach. I have coached and developed players in volleyball at all levels from beginners who need to learn the basic fundamentals of volleyball to highly competitive athletes that have been successful at college and National levels.

I am a trained International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) level 2 Coach and have been coaching high school volleyball in Massachusetts for 6 years. I value technical development of athletes and strongly emphasize appreciation, understanding and execution of volleyball fundamentals and skills. Basic skills training include fundamentals of Hitting, Setting, Blocking, Serving and Defense. General and Specific volleyball conditioning are of high priority in my coaching.

I am a very competitive coach and I value motivation of athletes highly. I want to see my trainees improving and enjoying the volleyball experience. I design drills for every player according to a personal evaluation of their technical abilities so that i keep focus on adding value.

If you are a person who would like to appreciate volleyball and are ready to learn, improve or play competitively then, no doubt, I am the kind of coach you seek

> YANKEE RANKING ---- B-----
> Wayland High School ,Wayland MA Boys Junior Varsity, Dual County League Coaching Record
~ 2013 (14 : 6)
~ 2014 (15 : 4)
> African University games 2006, Tswane SOUTHAFRICA
> 4 National club championships winner - Uganda
> Best performer - Advanced level Coaching - Tanzania,2000


* 8 time National Championship team Winner - Uganda
* 3 time National League Winner - Uganda
* Uganda Sports Press Association Volleyball Player of the
year 1997
* 5 International Championships Winner

Part 1:
- General warmup (5mins). This includes jogging around court area including exercises involving different parts of the body. The goal of this part is to raise the body temperature with minimal physical effort.
- Specific warmup (5mins). This comes after the general warm and includes exercises that prepare the body for the volleyball skills we have planned to work on.

Part 2: Main session (40mins)
This includes the goals of the session for example if we plan to work on passing then we do drills that are targeted to improve passing skills.

Part 3: Cool down and evaluation ( 5mins)

**** Check out these Specially designed packages ****

1) Fundamental skills package (FS).Dig, set and Basic volleyball movements.

2) Introduction to basic volleyball skills and techniques.(BVS)

3) Basic Blocking Skills ( BS).

4) Basic Hitting Skills (HS).

5) Basic Serving skills (SS).

6) Basic Defensive skills (DS).

7) Advanced setter training ( AST).

8) Advanced Defense Training ( ADT).

9) Volleyball Strength and Conditioning (VSC).

10) Advanced Hitting Skills (AHS).

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Client Reviews

My daughter needed help with her serve and Coach Nasser was both patient and an amazing instructor. By the end of one session she was serving with confidence and consistently getting the ball over the net. I have a lot of experience working with private coaches for my children's sports over the years and Coach Nasser is one of the best teachers of his game that I have seen. Highly recommended.

My daughter and her two friends wanted to learn how to play volleyball. What a great introduction to the sport byby Coach Nassar. He did so much with them in the 1 hour session! He taught them the basics of the sport and the girls had so much fun. We will be back for another lesson.

My son had his first volleyball lesson with Coach Nasser today. They worked on the basics and Coach Nasser was very clear with his instructions and feedback. My son was so excited when he got in the car and asked if he could have another lesson. Coach Nasser left him a detailed message right after the lesson on what he did well and what he needs to work on. The immediate feedback is so helpful. Coach is very encouraging and easy to work with. I just booked another lesson! I highly recommend Coach Nasser!

Coach Nasser did a great job helping my daughter understand the proper techniques both technically and strategically. He made the sessions demanding but fun. We are definitely going to book more sessions to help her improve throughout the season.

Coach Nasser is very good at what he does. He is able to pinpoint your weaknesses (and strengths) and help you zone in on how to improve yourself. He is patient and explains things very well. I would highly recommend him. He is a very nice person with a very good demeanor.

My 15 year old daughter met with Coach Nasser twice this past week. She felt like the one-on-one instruction really helped to improve her game. Coach Nasser gave her specific tips/techniques to incorporate which she hadn't been told during volleyball camp. Coach Nasser was on time, very friendly and used our sessions to provide a great workout and excellent coaching. I highly recommend him :-)

We are very happy to have found Coach Nasser. After just two sessions my daughter has learned so much. She has more direction on what skills she needs to work on and which position is best for her. Coach Nasser is a great communicator and does a wonderful job explaining not only what she should be doing in her position, but also why. He is great at incorporating how to anticipate and not just react and how to keep a positive attitude. He is kind and encouraging but also pushes her to work hard. She can't wait for her next session.

Coach Nasser has been a terrific coach for my son. In his junior year of high school my son is vying for a libero position on the varsity team. He needed some focused technique training to get him to the next level. Coach Nasser has pushed my son to focus, learn and meet his true potential. Coach Nasser is responsive, professional and trustworthy. He definitely knows Volleyball and how to motivate my son. I would highly recommend Coach Nasser to anyone looking to take their skills to the next level.

Coach Nasser has an amazing way of visually and verbally connect with students. My daughter improved her setting skills in one session. She loves the fact that he takes the time to fix errors while building up her strengths. Overall, I am very pleased with Coach Nasser and looking forward to more sessions.

Coach Nasser was awesome! His knowledge of the game and ability to motivate and work with my daughter was outstanding. I would recommend him for beginner players all the way to advanced. He adapts his training to the needs of the athlete and relates to them extremely well. He always had his net set up before we arrived and provided lots of volleyballs for productive sessions. Thank you Coach Nasser!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Nasser did a great job improving my 14 year old daughter's volleyball skills. He is professional and positive. We will work with him again in the future.

We highly recommend coach Nasser, he is very knowledgeable and patient. My daughter already has had 2 sessions and couldn’t be happier on how everything is going.

Nasser immediately tuned into small habits that my daughter needs to break in order to improve her game and went to work on helping her to correct them. She felt relaxed and comfortable with him right away. From my perspective, Nasser remained focused and engaged for the entire duration of both sessions we have had with him so far. His personality and his knowledge of the game make him a tremendously talented coach. We plan on scheduling more sessions with Nasser in the near future.

Coach Nasser was great with my daughter. Provided really useful instruction for on and off court training. Very nice guy too!

Coach Nasser has taken the time to understand my daughter's current skill level and her short term goals. Her training sessions are then developed based on those details. Coach is knowledgeable, he knows how to break the elements down to make them understandable, and most importantly he has made training fun. Each session continues to build on the previous session. My daughter will definitely continue to participate in one on one training sessions with Coach Nasser!!

Coach Nasser is a great coach. We did 2 private sessions for my 12 year old to improve her serving technique. He is very professional and focused on the things that my daughter needed most help on. He is very good at teaching the correct technique and provides many tips and suggestions/alternatives to improve this. I would highly recommend him for any athlete and would love to do few more classes with him.

Coach Nasser was a great coach. Even with just one session he was able to help improve my daughters skills. He is very patient and gives very good feedback so that she can continue to improve. I would highly recommend him

Nasser was super useful. I've been playing volleyball for a little while, but I know some of my fundamentals were off, and I wanted to correct that. He had a great approach, listen to what I was specifically looking for, and can propose relevant exercise ! He's also really cool and fun !

Wow. What a great upbeat fun guy that works on fundamentals, correcting bad habits and really works to get to know clients and their goals and needs. Only had one session so far, but my daughter and I really liked him and can't wait to move forward with him!

Coach Nasser has been a great coach. He reviewed the goals with my daughter and worked on specific areas to improve her skills. I would highly recommend him to other athletes.

I would highly recommend Coach Nasser to anyone seeking to improve their volleyball skills. He focuses on improving the athlete skills.. He sees were they are at and how to improve their technique to improve their skills. He gives a lot of positive reinforcement. He knows that some habits are hard to break but is patient and breaks it down to the basics, to lay a better foundation to build on. I had to drive about an hour for each session but it was well worth it and my daughter received so much personalized coaching to improve her skills!

Coach Naz was perfect. The work was challenging and rewarding. I know he can take me to where my game should be.

Coach Nasser is a great coach! He is very patient and motivating. He is definitely helping with my skill development. I am looking forward to my upcoming sessions!

Coach Nasser has been working with my 12 year old and he's been a great coach. He's got a great 'can-do' attitude -- very upbeat and positive. My daughter is working on fundamentals and her serve. She's working hard and enjoying every moment.

My daughter has had a great experience so far with Coach Nasser. She has been playing volleyball for two years now and really wanted to improver her hitting. Coach Nasser is a wonderful coach--he really knows volleyball and is able to break the motions down so that she has specific things to work on for improvement. Plus, he is fun, upbeat, enthusiastic, and makes her feel very comfortable. She has had three sessions with Cosch Nasser and we plan to book more!

Awesome coach! As a beginner he was really patient and explained everything really well. Definitely booking him again!

Coach Nasser is a great coach. I have had one training session with him and he was very informative, knew a lot about the sport and was super nice. He helped me with my setting techniques and form. He showed me some ways to improve my backset. Coach Nassar also is very quick to respond and very accommodating. I am looking forward to my next session and would recommend Coach to any volleyball player who wants to improve their skills!

Coach Nasser is great! He has helped our daughter so much in just a few lessons. He is very good at quickly assessing exactly what areas need to be improved and coming up with the right instruction and exercises to improve the areas. Great coach - and a very nice person too!

(no details provided)

Coach Nasser was easy to work with in setting up sessions. My daughter is a sophomore in HS, Coach spent the first session analyzing her game. My daughter was very excited for the next session and we are very happy with the progress, only wish we started sooner. thanks coach

Coach Nasser is great! He had drills that were very specific to the parts of my playing that needed work. He came each day with a plan in mind and made sure we got the most training possible out of each session. After meeting with him a few times I now have a consistent serve and am a better middle blocker, plus I made varsity for the first time! He was also very accommodating to my already tight schedule. Overall, he is very knowledgeable and helpful and I would definitely recommend him to any volleyball player.

Coach Nasser is a great coach! He responds to messages very quickly, shows up on time, and comes prepared with excellent equipment along with excellent drills to develop your skills. He tailors the lesson based on what you need and how you are performing that day. After only 2 lesson I really feel that I have changed as a player. I would definitely recommend Coach Nasser.

Coach Nasser was a great coach! He helped prepare me for high school volleyball tryouts when I had never played volleyball before in my life! I learned so much in only a few sessions!

PLAYER: Coach Nasser is an amazing coach who helped me make my high school varsity team after a year off from volleyball due to a severe injury. He was very accommodating with my pain and helped me exceed my parents', coaches' and even own expectations. No matter how early we met, or how hot it was, he always had a contagious energy and brought the best out of me every session. Coach Nasser was very willing to travel for our sessions and made scheduling easy and stress free. I honestly believe that after just a few meetings with Coach Nasser, I have become a stronger player. His high intensity sessions prepared me physically and mentally for tryouts and his supportive attitude helped me through all of my mistakes. I highly recommend this coach to any player who is looking for an enjoyable and beneficial volleyball experience.
PARENT: I was really impressed with the knowledge Coach Nasser showed regarding my daughter's injury and how interested he was in pushing her in the correct way. Every practice was different but focused on the core skills of the game. We will definitely be getting back in touch with Coach Nasser after this season to work more with her in the off season. He is a very smart Coach who shows lots of wisdom and passion for the game.

Coach Nasser was a really exellent coach who is patient and passionate about volleybal. I have learned a lot in a limited period. I've enjoyed his sessions very much and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in playing volleyball.

Coach Nasser is fantastic. My 11 year old daughter is just learning volley ball and he is extremely patient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic in teaching her the basic skills needed to play. Learning a new sport can be difficult and Coach Nasser is excellent at breaking down the movements into specific drills to help learn proper setting, passing and serving techniques, as well as movement around the court. I would recommend Coach Nasser to anyone!

Coach Nasser is a responsible coach. After those lessons, I learned what I want. He is so nice.

Coach Nasser is a great coach! He is kind and experienced. I recommend him

Coach Nasser is awesome! He is great at combining drills and live game scenarios to improve specific skills and overall game. Not to mention he is an extremely nice and supportive guy. I definitely recommend signing up for a lesson with him!

Coach Nasser was very professional and encouraging! All of the sessions were well planned, challenging, and fun. After every session, he designed and adjusted the drills so that they would be most effective in helping me improve. He helped me pass, set, and serve with much more accuracy, and provided conditioning to prepare me for tryouts. I had a great experience and I look forward to booking more sessions in the future!

It was the first time that Have tried coach up and I wanted to thank the whole staff.
Coach Nasser is an excellent coach,Very knowledgeable and very nice.
He has been amazing to me and my friend.
After one session,I feel like we're ready for tryouts .

I was coached by Mr. Nasser Balinda for 3 year at HITS program in Waltham.MA. He is an excellent coach capable of running both intermediate and high performance clinics. He has a wonderful sense of humor
Nasser !We have always witnessed your, warm and very encouraging spirit infecting the boys positively?It has been a pleasure to have met you, and seeing you build excitement for the sport. You should know that you are a credit to the coaching staff at Wayland, and our program is lucky to have you. We know that you will continue to have success with the volleyball program and no matter where you go in the future
Coach Balinda has demonstrated a full knowledge of Playing the upper level game, developing Practice Plans for the upper level game, and the abilities to organize and manage the Practices. The Practice Drills tend to be diverse, intense, and oriented to game conditions. His prior Coaching experience is well demonstrated. His communication skills for building and refining technique include both verbal instruction and personal demonstration, and he can work with the full group or one-on-one. He is respected by the Players
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