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I love the game and I enjoy teaching on and off the court. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  1. Washington Park, Sunnyvale, CA

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1 Lesson (Private 1:1/Evaluation)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Mickey. 60 minute session length. Please message Coach Mickey for more details.

Session Length: 1 minute

$115 1 session + applicable fees

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1 Lesson (Group)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Mickey. 60 minute session length for 1 student within a group 4-5 participants max . Please message Coach Mickey for more details.

Session Length: 1 hour

$65 1 session + applicable fees

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  • University of California--Davis (CA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Defense, Attacking the Rim, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Agility


  • University of California--Davis (CA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Defense, Attacking the Rim, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Agility

More About Coach Mickey

Since 2009...
University of California, Davis Athletics | Division 1 Women's Basketball Assistant ('09-'12)
MVLA (Mountain View Los Altos) School District | Boys Basketball ('12 - '15)
MVLA (Mountain View Los Altos) School District | Girls Basketball ('15 - '16)
El Camino YMCA Sports | Specialty Sports Coordinator and Coach (2007 - Current)

I participated for four years of high school basketball in Cupertino, CA. Afterwards, I attended UC Davis where I assisted their women's program from 2009-2012 (Big West Conference Champions 2010-2011 season. Lost to Stanford in first round of NCAA tournament)

My session plans are always based around the clients goals. I will always begin with the fundamentals of ball handling, passing, shooting, footwork and how to move with and without the ball. Intensity of the sessions will depend on the clients cardio level and/or competition level (recreational, high school, collegiate, and professional).

Updated 4/24/17
I am starting to specialize in small group training's. Groups of 2-5 players has been going very well this past year. I think having at least one partner during a lesson is crucial to development because it allows the players to use the skills we work on IMMEDIATELY. Many private lessons clients do not have the opportunity to practice the skills they learn for days to weeks at a time.

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Client Reviews

Coach Mickey is very professional, friendly, and helpful.

He can always organize efficient training sessions and point out the parts that need to be improved. His classes are always interesting, he can teach basketball concepts and skills in an understandable way, and provide practical suggestions on how to train after the class, which can help students to improve their basketball level. I would always recommend having class with Coach Mickey!

Coach Mickey provided personalized training that improved my skills dramatically in just one session. He pinpointed and corrected my shooting form, strengthened my fundamentals, and motivated me to excel. I can't wait to continue working with him and see how much more I can improve.

great session

(no details provided)

Good training for my kid

I've learned a lot in my first session. Looking forward to more learnings and really level up my bb skills

(no details provided)

Mickey was awesome coach for my son he helped him a lot my son wants to Jeep on going back to Mickey for coaching

(no details provided)

Mickey’s really nice and I like training with him.

We are new to CoachUp and were uncertain about the service, but after one group training session and one private with Coach Mickey, my 9th grade son has already greatly improved his shooting technique, on-court play sense, physical strength, and confidence. Coach Mickey immediately identified where my son needed to grow and how to do it, and he communicated it with a positive, encouraging, but also no-nonsense approach. My son says that Coach Mickey gives clear, concise verbal instructions and also physically demonstrates drills, skills, and corrections, and he is learning a lot from him. We are grateful to have found a professional, punctual, and organized coach who knows basketball and is kind and great with kids. My son is definitely going to continue through the summer.

Coach Mickey was awesome. We had our first lesson and coach asked me three areas that I wanted to focus on improving. He taught me new drills to practice that I’ve never done in my life. He took everything at my pace as it was my first time back on the court since COVID. He recognized when I needed to takes breaks, but still pushed me throughout practice. His instructions were clear and the lesson was catered to what I wanted to work on. I felt it was a great workout session and I gained a lot of value.

Coach Mickey is also great with communication. He worked around my schedule, but also notified me when his schedule opened up and giving the flexibility to reschedule.

Great coach. Taught so much in one session!

My daughter had a great day !! Thank you for your superb coaching.

The kids learned a lot from Coach Mickey. They told me they had fun and would love to come again.

Unbelievable after one lesson all the things my son learned! Thanks coach Mickey!

Mickey is awesome! My son did one class with him and already he is a better shooter. Highly recommend!

Coach Mickey is great. He took my input, indentified my son’s areas of improvement precisively, and discussed the approach flexibly. My son enjoys and appreciates the training sessions and wants to continue.

Mickey is a great coach with good skills and patience. I really enjoy training with him

Coach Mickey is awesome!

Nice and helpful. Glad to continue learning with Mickey.

(no details provided)

Had a session with Mickey. He is pretty good and knowledgeable!

(no details provided)

Mickey is a nice person! Not only a instructor, but also a good friend.

Mickey is definitely a great coach. I enjoyed my training session with him a lot. Not only did I learn the moves and drills that I need, but also he sharply pointed out my old bad habits so that I can correct them. He also has a dedicated coach for the agility and strength side of the training. Last but not the least, the communication has been very easy and smooth.

Coach Mickey is awesome. My son is 11 years old and had never played basket ball before taking up 10 sessions with coach Mickey. Mickey is super responsive & has helped Sid with individual as well as group coaching. Sid has not only learnt the basics but is super interested in the game, speaks highly of the coach & is very excited to go back for more.

Great style of coaching. Patient, encouraging, and taught skills which built on each other nicely. It was very easy for my son to pick it up that way. I would highly recommend coach Mickey.

Coach Mickey was great! I booked a session to improve my shooting technique and Mickey gave me some tips, watched me shoot and provided some very specific ways for me to improve along with some drills designed to make me more accurate. I really appreciate his attention to detail and being able to cater to my specific goals.

Coach Mickey was a great coach. I was looking for a session in which I could do some exercise while having fun doing basketball drills; we accomplished that.

Coach Mickey makes you feel comfortable around him while also pushing you to work harder and improve.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

It was a fun session. We did some conditioning exercises and mostly footwork and shooting drills.

Coach Mickey is an excellent coach. He pushes you hard and encourage you to improve and hone your skills. I currently train with coach Mickey and recommend him to anyone kids and adults who love playing basketball.

My son Drew has had 2 sessions with coach Mickey so far. One for 1:1 evaluation and the other was group session with 3 other players.
The 1:1 session was good and gave a lot for Drew to think about and practice as he never had official coaching.
The group session was also good as basketball is a team sport at the end of the day and this gave him an opportunity to learn in a game-like situation. Coach Mickey also jumps in and out as someone is catching a breath or what not. His drills are pretty cool and professional.
Overall I would definitely recommend him if you want to learn how to play basketball in the Bay Area.

Coach Mickey is excellent! He gives his 100% when working with the kids. He's patient, extremely attentive, knowledgeable, and really knows how to connect with kids. We can't wait till the next session. Thank you!

(no details provided)

Coach Mickey is an excellent coach for my son Colin he learned new techniques.

(no details provided)

Coach Mickey was a fantastic coach. My son loved learning with him. He was very flexible in scheduling sessions for my son, because we were trying to juggle many different things during the summer.

My son believes there has been a serious improvement in his skills due to Mickey's coaching. I would highly recommend Coach Mickey to anyone wanting to improve their basketball skills.

Coach Mickey is friendly, helpful, and patient. He taught me some useful exercises to do to be more comfortable with the ball and encouraged me to keep trying. Look forward to learning more from you!

Excellent coach, wonderful attitude, knowledgeable and a great motivator

Coach Mickey is so great with the kids. Very patient, provides just the right amount of feedback and creates a very positive environment for kids to build skills and confidence. Highly recommended!

(no details provided)

Great first session. Looking forward to more.

Great coach!

Great coach! His drills are challenging yet fun for kids. He pays attention to details so he can provide useful feedback to help athletes improve.

Mickey is a great Basketball Coach. He had numerous techniques and understands ones weaknesses and works on those for betterment. He is great!! I would strongly recommend Coach Mickey to anyone.

Coach Mickey is a great coach. We have had 2 sessions with him - and my kids have enjoyed both. I was initially just interested in lessons for my 9 year old, but by 7 year old also wanted to go the lessons - he loves to play with his brother - Coach Mickey was very understanding and gave us a great lesson package so the boys could learn and improve together. Apart from his flexibility and responsiveness, my kids really love going to the lessons - they have already asked me a few times when their next lesson with Coach Mickey will be. We are looking forward to the next session!

Mickey is very courteous, easy going, and focused on taking his student's skills to the next level. He makes each session an enjoyable learning time. Prompt in responding, and scheduling time. Despite being fully booked, he accommodated us as and when possible . My son enjoyed all his sessions with Mickey. I highly recommend him as a coach.

Coach Mickey is a great coach. He helped my son improve his skills. He is very organized. My son likes coach and is looking forward to going to a training a next session.

He is very good basketball coach .my son improve a lot after taking lesson s from him

Was a great coach for my son. His skill seemed to have improved in one day! We are looking forward to the next session with him

We've had one session so far and I can say that Coach Mickey is a great coach! My 7 year old son loves basketball, but is not a "natural" athlete. He really wanted to improve his game after scoring his first basket in a game and feeling some confidence. So we decided to try some one on one coaching. He was a bit shy at first, but Mickey put him right at ease. Mickey is great with kids and my son had such a fun session! Mickey really gave him a lot of great tips and pointers to improve his playing, and they practiced all these skills right away. I can see that Mickey is going to teach my son the basketball skills he needs to improve his confidence and become a more active player on his team. Thank you Mickey!

Mickey was great with my two kids (ages 4 and 6). Definitely a good option if you are interested in private basketball coaching.

(no details provided)

Coach Mickey is a terrific coach for our 12 yr. old boy! He quickly ascertained the areas worth focusing on and has showed my son the proper technique and worked with him on agility exercises. My son has improved his game quite a bit since working with Coach Mickey. Coach Mickey also has a great attitude and is great at inspiring young boys to do their best and love the game. He's also very responsive and easy to communicate with via email and text. I highly recommend Coach Mickey!

Coach Mickey was great! He really knows how to improve the skills of your athlete.

(no details provided)

Coach Mickey did a great job helping Jacqueline with ball handling, shooting and other skills. He is a good coach and we recommend him.

My ten years old son started to play in a league for the first time this summer. He needs someone to help him to play better. I found Coach Mickey on CoachUp and he replied my messages immediately. My son had improved a lot after the first lesson with Coach Mickey. I couldn't wait and booked more lessons. Coach Mickey was a great coach! I would recommend Coach Mickey to anyone.

Coach Mickey was awesome. He combines a perceptive eye for judging an athlete's skill level, with the right set of drills to make them better. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed his training and is looking forward to future ones.

Coach Mickey is a great coach! He adjusts his lessons based on your skill level and can help you improve certain aspects of the game if that's your preference (e.g. driving, ball handling, etc.) He is very punctual and allows players to develop while having a fun time.

Coach Mickey is an outstanding coach. In addition to identifying my son's weak points and helping improve his game, he has been a fantastic motivator. My son is always excited for his sessions. The fact that he is even willing to wake up early to see Coach Mickey says it all!

Coach Mickey was impressive. You need more than one session with him so that he can accurately gauge your child's talent and then you'll notice that he really starts to address the specific needs. As a parent of a child that struggles socially, but has a lot of basketball potential, I was very happy with Mickey's gentle but firm personality that seemed to know how to navigate with a nervous and withdrawn child. My child wants to go back. As a parent, I'm thrilled that he feels comfortable with the coach and that the coach is knowledgable about skills improvement.

Coach Mickey is a great coach who is patient and hard working. I recommend him to anyone.

Coach Mickey is very very sincere on teaching. My 10yr boy and his friend are always waiting for the next session. No hesitate on recommending him.

(no details provided)

Coach Mickey is a good coach. He will teach us new techniques and skills everyday. He is really fun but works hard to make us better at our sport.

Coach Mickey was great! He was very patient with my son, and teaches techniques as well as physical conditioning. I would highly recommend any parent looking for a coach who can connect with kids and passionate about teaching basketball skills.

This coach helped me a lot with repetition and not giving up until you perfect something. This was a very helpful training, and I am looking for doing it regularly in the future.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Mickey is a great coach and wonderful to work with on all levels. He is working well with my 10 year old daughter, and has already taught her important basketball skills and techniques, and most importantly, increased her confidence and enjoyment of basketball! After one coaching session with Mickey, she scored her first basket in a game! Mickey also has a great personality, and is a pleasure to work with! From a busy parent perspective, Mickey is very conscientious, communicative, efficient, flexible on scheduling and location issues, and very professional--he is an impressive young man! We will absolutely continue our coaching sessions with Mickey!

We really enjoy Coach Mickey's approach to basketball. He dribbles the discipline of follow through with respect of other players adeptly. Most importantly the kids listen to him! As much as my son loves me, he wouldn't listen to Mom's sports direction as well as he does to Mickey. Mickey makes it fun, challenging but he does not give into to their disinterest or misbehavior easily. I appreciate his thorough, comprehensive approach to coaching. Mickey please continue to share your talent!
[Mike] is having a lot of fun playing on this team, and you are a big part of it. Thanks. I did not think he would do this when we started as getting up at 5:30[am] is a big commitment. It has been great, and his attitude throughout the season has been great too. Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work.
Mickey's discipline, dedication, positive attitude and consideration for others made him one of the most valued team members we had. We are richer for having him involved with our team this season. He was a daily example, through word and deed, for team members and coaches alike.
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