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Former Collegiate & Professional Player Specializing in Fundamental Offensive Training & Defense View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Athletic Club of Bend, 61615 Athletic Club Drive, Bend, OR
  2. Bend, OR

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles


Trial Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length. Includes homework & workout plan

Session Length: 1 hour

$70 1 session + one-time fee

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length. Includes homework & workout plan.

Session Length: 1 hour

$200 3 sessions ($67/ea) + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length. Includes homework & workout plan.

Session Length: 1 hour

$335 5 sessions ($67/ea) + one-time fee

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length. Includes homework & workout plan.

Session Length: 1 hour

$650 10 sessions ($65/ea) + one-time fee

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Player Video Breakdown
Online Training for a single athlete

A parent/player can select this package for a 45-minute video breakdown and leave the session with an actionable program that they can immediately apply to their training.

Session Length: 45 minutes

$45 1 session + one-time fee

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  • Oregon Institute of Technology (OR)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Agility, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll


  • Oregon Institute of Technology (OR)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Agility, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll

More About Coach Michael

I have playing experience at the Collegiate and FIBA professional levels as well as coaching experience in AAU, High School, and College levels. The principle of my training is based on fundamental skills, developing leadership, and instructing with concepts that the student understands. This is important because I will not always be there to coach and correct, but if I teach them the mechanics of the skills, then they will be able to self-heal during the season and throughout their career.

My confidence from my game was always built on defense and knowing that I was going to guard the best offensive scorer. Also, knowing that he wasn’t going to get his average that night, would probably have 3 or 4 turnovers more than normal, and he wasn’t going to get any 50/50 balls against me. So if I was excited about anything, it was to see how he would handle it and how long it would take to break him, so I could then focus on my offense (for all of those fans that just look at statistics).
So, that’s what I base my training and philosophy from. Building confidence through defense and staying sharp with offensive fundamental skills, so that when you have the opportunity to score, you are knocking down shots. Capped with the understanding that free throws are more important than all of those things put together, I think all players can be molded to be shutdown defenders that are reliable at the free throw line. That alone, will get you playing time in the 4th quarter. Now add crisp fundamental skills on offense, and you will have the components of a complete game. Once you have an understanding of the components, you can refine them individually to elevate your level of play.

My coaching experience, which also consist of camps and clinics have taught me that our children are motivated differently, but the bottom line is when a player is taught the correct fundamental skills at a young age, they feel empowered to teach others in their peer group, which not only develops confidence in that player, but also speeds the learning curve in the sport.

I appreciate your consideration when looking for a personal basketball coach for your young basketball player. As trust is an important aspect of your decision process, I invite you to message me with any questions you may have.

As a college player, I was named Defensive Player of the Year four years in a row as well as National Champions my junior year and a return to the Final Four my senior year. Personally, I averaged more minutes per game than any other player and was always assigned the opposing team's best offensive player. There is no coincidence between this connection as coaches value shut-down defenders with fundamental offensive skills. This is the basis of my training. My main focus for my students is to increase overall playing time.

Playing professionally taught me how to play smarter by improving footwork and body control as well as controlled strength and quickness. Once again, my playing time average was top 5 in the entire league because of my steady offensive contributions and lockdown defensive capabilities. Learning the concepts of control, body leverage, and using simple mathematics to your advantage on defense are a huge part of evolving as a player and available in my advanced training curriculum.

All students will start with an assessment session that will determine the type of training they will undergo. All sessions are a balance of fundamental skill building with immediate application to the court.

Sometimes players will learn skills, but will not know how to apply or use them in game type situations. Training a player immediately followed by game type applications trains the player and their body/mind how to apply the skills they have just learned.

Once a program is designed for your student, we will begin training with a very effective product called the HoopForm. This will train a player of any position to develop both hands to be as efficient as possible. The HoopForm, as well as pulse training (dbm), will improve their ball handling, passing, shooting, and defensive ability. it has also shown to cut down on turnovers.

This training with a steady diet of fundamental drills is a great balance for the first stage of training. Advanced curriculum will follow this first segment

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Client Reviews

Michael was fantastic and even better then we expected. He quickly diagnosed a few flaws in our daughters game and addressed them.. He also came up with some drills to help work on improving these skills on her own daily. We will definitely use Michael again in the future and highly recommend him to anyone that wants some private, one on one coaching for their son or daughter.


Coach Michael was great. We were on vacation and met my son for a number of sessions. Picked up on some minor flaws on his positioning and was able to correct. Made big impact. Was easy to book and he set up the courts. Will definitely see him again on next visit.

My daughter worked with Michael a couple sessions prior to the start of her senior season of high school basketball and continued to work with him every couple of weeks throughout the season as well. His guidance was irreplaceable in helping her to achieve her goals for her final season. She went from a second team all section season in her junior year to a unanimous first team selection, runner up for both offensive and defensive player of the year and was named to the all state team. He helped her to become a very well rounded player. She improved all aspects of her game under his direction. He worked on the defensive, offensive, mental and emotional aspects of the game with her. He has a wealth of playing and coaching experience to draw upon and has a great teaching style and was able to really connect with my daughter to understand her and motivate her. We can't thank Michael enough for his help.

Coach Michael has a plan for whatever level the student athlete is at. He has very focused sessions but still motivating to the player. Highly recommend. My son looks forward to his sessions and is understanding how these sessions are already improving his game.

Had two basketball playing grandkids (10 and 13) visiting over spring break. Had a week full of fun and learning with Coach Michael. Terrific teacher and motivator. Helped shooting tremendously while emphasizing positioning, footwork, dribbling, etc. No hesitation in recommending for players who want to get to the next level.

Michael was fantastic! I was skeptical about the whole process of finding a coach online to help my son, but I am completely on board after one session and feel like we struck gold! Michael was impressive. He has a vast knowledge of basketball and you can tell he is passionate about the game and coaching. My son was excited again after our first session. Michael was great with him and provided a personalized plan for to work on between sessions. We look forward to working with Coach Michael into the future!

(no details provided)

My 11 y/o son trained with Coach Michael once and can’t stop talking about his experience. He’s convinced training with Coach Michael is going to guarantee him a spot on an NBA team one day!!!! Coach Michael was great with him and really knows how to motivate and encourage young players. I highly recommend using him.

(no details provided)

I highly, highly recommend Coach Michael. At the very first training, he quickly identified my boys’ strengths and weaknesses Every workout has made them better and more confident, and they always leave with a plan to improve physically and mentally. I really appreciate his emphasis on the mental side of the game. Michael is the real deal and players at any level would get better by working with him.

My 5th grader is part of a club team but we were looking for some personal coaching to further help his game. We have had a handful of sessions with Coach Mike and I couldn't be happier finding him. My son loves each session and we have noticed an improvement in his game. Each session is customized based on his needs and Coach introduces him to such a variety of drills. Coach Mike is patient and super encouraging - and you can tell that he has such a wide range of experience and a deep understanding of the game. Highly recommend him! Totally worth the money and you won't be disappointed.

Coach Michael brings basketball to a whole new level. He is one of the most smartest basketball player/coach I’ve ever known!

Michael worked really well with our beginner player. He pushed him hard but not too hard. He definitely learned a lot in one session and my son is excited to keep working with him. Very professional. Highly recommend.

Michael did a great Job with my son. In fact he had him do some drills that my son has never done before in the few years he has been playing. This showed my son and I that Michael obviously knows a great deal about how to help young basketball players advance to the next skill level. Thanks again Michael.

Great trainer helps a lot was very pleased

Coach Michael does a great job teaching my 13 year-old son. My son is very motivated by Coach Michael. He comes home from the sessions talking about the things he learned, then practices them on his own. Coach Michael spends a good part of the time teaching defense.

After the first session, we gave Coach Michael some game tape of my son's club team which revealed his weaknesses in game action. He had already reviewed them by the next session and had a game plan in how to help him the most! He knew best how to help him and tailored the second session accordingly which is very impressive! Coach Michael is passionate about teaching basketball and my son is already showing progress after just 2 sessions! Thanks Coach Michael! This gives us a lot of confidence about his private coaching.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Michael is a great coach! I'll be honest, I was tad bit skeptical on picking a coach for my children from a website - but no regrets! I am a fan of this site and of Coach Michael. Both my friend and I were looking for a coach/trainer that would provide our children with ball handling and basketball fundamentals training, and after only one session with coach Michael both my son and daughter and my friends son, have seen improvements in both of these categories. I would recommend Coach Michael to anyone.

Coach Michael is a great coach and a nice dude. I learned a lot from him and definitely will continue training with him!

(no details provided)

After searching on the internet for a private coach, we found Coach Michael. Even though we live 2 1/2 hours away, it was worth the drive. He was very encouraging, very professional and is knowledgeable about the sport. He makes it a priority to get to know the player and and quickly addresses weaknesses and things that need to be worked on. My son looks forward to future sessions and continued growth.

(no details provided)

We just had our first session with Coach Michael. We are very impressed right out the gate. Looking forward to more sessions.

Coach Michael is great. Just after about 3 weeks of working with Coach Michael, a college from Florida started scouting me!!!! You can't go wrong with being coached by him.

From the first couple minutes with my son, you could tell Michael can coach. He kept my 9 year old engaged while teaching fundamentals...which is a great skill. In only one session, my son came away with plenty of drills and techniques which will make him a better and stronger with his game. We will definitely schedule more sessions with coach Michael.

I like my coach. He's smart and knows what he's talking about, I hope i become a better player by working harder and changing my mindset. I feel like I can relate to coach Michael, and he really understands me. I can't wait for our sessions to happen, and to not only grow as a player but a person.

Coach Michael is amazing! My son really enjoys training with him and after 3 sessions we can already see great progress. He adapts his approach as he gets to know the athlete ensuring they are challenged and continue to grow and develop. His knowledge and understanding of the game is top notch but most impressive is his ability to break down his knowledge and explain it in a simple and applicable way that makes sense to athletes of all ages.

Good coach, help us improve the basic moves and dribbling.

After our first session, Coach Michael assessed our son's skill level and taught him best practice technique for dribbling, passing and shooting. My son instantly felt comfortable with him. We are looking forward to our next session together.

Coach Michael is very professional and he is really patient too. My boys love him, they want to book more sessions with him! And we did!

Michael is great! During his first session with our son, he did an assessment and taylored the training to our son's needs and skill level. Our son was excited to meet Michael; after his first session he is so motivated on improving his skills and cannot wait for his upcoming training sessions.

This is just a review for the first session. Michael had a rapport with my son immediately. This is the only 1st session but he already picked-up several valuable skills that he did not learn from his 6th grade basketball team. We're looking forward to more sessions with Michael.

Coach Michael, I was impressed with my son’s first session with you. You took the time to learn about my son and his goals. You acknowledged my son's prior training and complimented him on his commitment to take his training to the next Level. My son was impressed with your training style and knowledge. We are both looking forward to working with you.

Thank You, Dana

Michael did a fabulous job coaching my 15 year old son on the basics. He took time to evaluate and created a session based on what would most impact my son. Great teacher and role model. I would highly recommend Michael as a coach.

Coach Michael was very professional and friendly while training my son Jordan. He assisted Jordan with his shot and gave him the tools to improve. I will continue to book with Michael as he has helped Jordan feel more confident. I would recommend Coach Michael to anyone who is interested in improving with the proper tools.

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