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30+ yrs experience coaching tennis. I teach modern strokes using advanced video analysis (OnForm) for proper technique and bio-mechanics - Because a tennis stroke lasts forever! View all coaching experience

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Session Length: 1 hour

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  • California State Polytechnic University--Pomona (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Volley, Topspin, Slice, Serve, Point Strategy, Lob, Forehand, Footwork, Drop Shot, Backhand


  • California State Polytechnic University--Pomona (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Volley, Topspin, Slice, Serve, Point Strategy, Lob, Forehand, Footwork, Drop Shot, Backhand

More About Coach Michael

I am a former USPTA certified tennis professional who has been playing and competing for over 40 years. I have been teaching the game since 1988 and hold an advanced degree and formal training in Psychology. Furthermore, I have spent over ten years in secondary and post-secondary (academic) education. This unique combination of training and experience has allowed me great insight into how humans learn and develop new skills at varying stages in life.

My goal is to develop students into stylish and versatile players who have no fear at the net. Therefore, an attacking mentality is highly emphasized along with the skill set to accompany it. However, just as important is the idea that having fun and staying fit is the overall objective in living the tennis lifestyle.

Indeed, playing tennis is fun and becomes even more fun the better you get. What’s more, you’ll hardly even notice that you’ve given yourself a total and complete body workout everytime you walk off the tennis court!

My recovery from a life altering car crash, and a host of sports injuries has given me a new perspective on life and the game of tennis and coaching. To me, each and every waking day is an opportunity to introduce the wonder of tennis to everybody I meet and to help those who have already been enlightened to be the best that they can be!

Hoping to see you on the court soon!

Michael began playing at the age of eight and was considered a “natural” by coaches and peers. As a young junior, he won several championships and had a suggested top-ten ranking becoming known for his shot variety and finesse. Having a very demanding father, who also acted as one of his coaches, Michael became a junior tennis “burnout” due to heavy pressure by his father to always win, as losing was not an option. Although he became disinterested and lackadaisical about the game, he was persuaded by his high-school athletic staff to play for the tennis team. There, he played at the #1 Varsity position as a freshman. As a senior, he co-captained the tennis team while coaching and helping motivate his teammates to improve. That year they made history. For the first time ever, all the major well-heeled “tennis high-schools” fell prey to Michael’s team. The record still stands to this day over 40 years later.

Michael suffered a terrible skiing injury in college and was sidelined from tennis for three years. He rediscovered the splendor of the game after graduating from college, competed as an "A" player and discovered coaching.

Injuries sustained as a passenger in a high-speed car crash ended his ability to compete. Since then, he has devoted his life to teaching and coaching the sport. With a strict emphasis on technique and the formation of good habits (as opposed to bad habits), Michael’s players develop and move forward without the typical “hitches” that other students typically develop.

My session plans are individualized and take into account my student's goals, experience, playing level, strengths and weaknesses.

For beginners, or players who have flaws in rotation and/or stroke mechanics, we begin with hip & shoulder rotation exercises, while subsequently incorporating the TOPSPIN TRAINER, which IMO is the best tennis-stroke training tool ever. For beginners, or in re-training a player’s flawed stroke, we progress from a ball dropped in the students strike zone and we work through the following progression in a matter of weeks or months, depending on student's competence:

The ball-velocity progression (BVP) that I have found to be successful is as follows:
1) ball drop, 2) 6’-8’ hand feed, 3) 12’ hand feed, 4) 18’-20’ hand feed,
5) 18-20’ racket feed, 6) 40’ racket feed.

A student must achieve relative consistency in his/her proper stroke mechanics to progress to the next “feed level.” If the stroke becomes altered (breaks down) at a particular feed progression, the student goes back to the prior level until he/she can demonstrate relative consistency in form.

I utilize OnForm, a professional video coaching app to critically assess stroke mechanics when necessary and to assess new students who have prior experience. Aside from helping me closely examine technical details, it greatly helps students improve because they can actually see both the "good" the “bad" and the “ugly” in their strokes.

I’m able to produce varying speeds of slow motion, repeat motions, and "scrub" motions. I can make side by side comparisons. These videos may be viewed on-court and/or sent directly to a student’s text message or email for unlimited viewing.

My first order of business is always to fix/alter/repair any strokes that are flawed or faulty. Incorrect muscle memory is often the culprit here and I immediately incorporate biomechanical drills to help make the required corrections. I WILL NOT FEED BALLS TO FURTHER INGRAIN ANY FLAWED MUSCLE MEMORY. I see this all the time and I made this vow over 20 years ago.

I often incorporate ball throwing machines that can deliver various speeds and spins. I like to use these for repetition until a shot or technique is mastered. Moreover, they allow me to be in close proximity to my student where I can examine, comment and critique.

I also own equipment: ball machines, ball mowers, and on-court training aids for '10 and Under Tennis.' -- The tools designed to make a child's experience with tennis fun, exciting and rewarding. My methods with children are based both on USTA standards AND my own formal education, training and experience in the secondary academic education sector.

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Client Reviews

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Michael is a fantastic coach. Not only he is well prepared for my lesson, he is well equipped with today’s technology in helping the beginners to have a better
understanding of how they play and how they can improve playing.

(no details provided)

Great first session! I learned a lot from Michael. In particular some of the technical details of my forehand, backhand, volley and serve. Look forward to the next session.

Michael is methodical and thorough in his approach to teaching the game. He placed great emphasis on specifics of my form for both forehand and backhand in our first lesson. As also made sure I was able to hit as many balls as possible during the lesson. I would highly recommend him.

My brother and I have played several years without formal instructions. In the class, Michael gave us practical advice in details on how we would be able to improve our forehand and backhand, with all things conveyed in an easily understood way. Most importantly, we were encouraged and challenged to perform our every shot perfectly while having great fun in one hour!

my son choose Michael by himself, they get very well, Michael is very kind to him and also give me a lot good advices. he is really a good coach.

Michael's experience and proficiency in Tennis shines are definitively exemplified in his coaching; though my time with him was some what limited, training with him had been a pleasure that helped me both step up my game and have a fun time while at it.


Michael has the expertise, patience and experience to be defined as an excellent coach. His commitment to teaching is evident by his sensitivity, attention and enthusiasm to his players.

I’ve had several coaches in different countries, and Michael is by far the best I’ve had. He is able to explain the ‘Why’ behind Tennis and make it feel more intuitive and natural. He knows what to focus on, and makes the learning experience your journey instead of prescribing what to do. Also, he is fun and very knowledgeable, so a great coach to be around.
Michael is simply an amazing and passionate coach who communicates well. He also has a good sense of humor. He explains things in an easy to understand way and praises you for your performance. He often uses video and he was able to point out bad habits I didn’t even know I had. He also showed me my strokes in comparison videos with my idol, Venus Williams. One thing I have to say, unlike prior coaches I had, Michael didn’t keep feeding balls to further solidify my bad habits. He addressed the problems right way and finally got me on the path to progress. I’m planning to make the Varsity team next season…
5 Stars The most amazing coach! Michael’s dedication, passion and commitment to your success is unsurpassed…
5-Stars In addition to his commitment, passion for the game and decades of experience, Michael uses all the tennis training tools like the Topspin Trainer, Eye Coach, etc to help you understand what you’re actually doing out there. He uses remote controlled ball machines while standing right next to you, behind you or in front of you, observing and verbally helping you hit with correct form. He uses a full-sized ball mower so you spend much less time shagging balls. If you’re an involved parent or an additional player in the session, he’ll ask you if you'd like to shag balls while he spends 100% of the session instructing his students...
亲爱的 先生/女士 我是刘雨培,我谨作为Michael 于2014年春季的学员,向您推荐这名,认真负责,极具工作热情的网球教练。 在春节的三个月训练里我能感到我的正反手,发球,以及网前技术,得到了极大的提高。 首先,超过20年的网球教学经验,使Michael 可以向您教授最标准,最科学的技术动作。尤其在纠正和调整许多动作细节上,Michael 都极具心得。例如,Michael 会使用摄像机记录每个技术动作。在课下,Michael 会对每段录像进行分析,以便于在下次课时对不良动作进行调整。 同时,Michael 的技术非常全面,无论你是单反或是双反选手,上网型或是底线型选手,Michael 都能向您提供相应的技术指导。 其次,Michael 极具耐心,并且诙谐幽默。我在学期期间不但没有因为训练丧失网球热情,反而对这项运动越发喜爱。 值得一提的是,在其他网球相关方面,Michael 同样十分在行。如,Michael 对于我对网球拍及网球线的选购, 提供了建设性的意见。同时, Michael注重网球开始前的热身运动,以及结束后的一系列注意事项,如,饮食调理,疲劳缓解,伤病康复,以及课下训练。 相信您在这位良师益友的指导下,网球水平能得到飞速的提升。 此致 刘雨培 English translation of the above: My name is Yupei Liu. As a student of Michael in the spring of 2014, I would like to recommend this serious, responsible and passionate tennis coach to you. In the three months of training during the Spring Festival, I can feel that my forehand and backhand, serve, and net skills have been greatly improved. Firstly, with more than 20 years of tennis teaching experience, Michael can teach you the most standard and scientific technical moves. Especially in correcting and adjusting many movement details, Michael is very knowledgeable. For example, Michael would use a video camera to record every technical action in detail. After class, Michael will analyze each video so that he can adjust the incorrect actions during the next class. At the same time, Michael's technology is very comprehensive, whether you are a SLR or double reverse player, online or bottom line player, Michael can provide you with the corresponding technical guidance. Secondly, Michael is very patient and humorous. Not only did I not lose my passion for tennis due to training during the semester, I became more and more fond of the sport. It is worth mentioning that in other tennis-related aspects, Michael is also very good at it. For example, Michael provided constructive opinions on my purchase of tennis rackets and tennis lines. At the same time, Michael pays attention to the warm-up exercise before the tennis start, as well as a series of precautions after the end, such as dietary conditioning, fatigue relief, injury recovery, and training after class. I believe that under the guidance of this mentor and helpful friend, the level of tennis can be rapidly improved.
I’m a single mom and Michael is the perfect coach and male role model for my sons. He’s physically fit, speaks intelligently and maintains a disciplined environment that gains respect. He’s also easy-going and funny. It’s easy to see why the boys want to impress him by excelling at the sport…
Michael is extremely gifted and gets right to the issues that matter. He totally transformed my volleys and overall net play which has also transformed the way I think on the tennis court. I’m no longer afraid to attack the net and end points there quickly…
I’d been playing for over a year and discovered I wasn’t improving. I contacted Michael and in our very first session, he pointed out the reasons why in detailed slow motion videos of my shots - flaws in my technique. He explained in detail what needs to change and outlined a practice strategy that I could do on my own time. I’m now beating players who once beat me easily… *****
As a non-tennis playing parent who is actively involved, I can say that Michael is exactly what I needed. He thoroughly explains things to me so that I’m able to understand what needs to happen during practice. He’s been there anytime of the day to answer any questions and will analyze videos I send him of my son practicing. Most importantly, Michael makes certain that my son is practicing the right way so that he doesn’t build incorrect habits. And yes, Michael assigns homework and expects progress every session…
You will not find a more dedicated coach than Michael, period...
Simply the best, most dedicated coach I’ve worked with and I’ve had a bunch. Michael has such passion about the game and seeing you improve is what gives him joy...
I see Michael once a week, but he’s there as my coach 24/7. He will text me videos of myself and things I need to work on, often accompanied by videos comparing me and my stroke to a top 10 pro. He is funny and explains things so I can easily understand what’s going on…
My son began lessons at age 8 and has been playing for 3 years. In our first session, Michael pointed out and video-recorded technical flaws in every single stroke. We are currently in the process of fixing several years of bad muscle memory and it’s not easy. Do yourself a favor and get Michael from the start…
Aside from being a very patient teacher, Michael is also a technician and uses video to analyze every detail of your tennis. From the way you hold your racket in between points to the way you tie your shoes, Michael instills in you a “manner” about the tennis court…
I developed a very bad habit in one of my strokes before meeting Michael and we worked on it for a very long time. The day we finally fixed it for good, Michael videotaped it and said, “Now, I’ll be able to sleep at night.” I honestly believe him...
After only one session, my son’s strokes became more powerful and precise. He had been playing for about 2 years and since meeting Michael, he has become much more serious about tennis. I can now see how a coaches affect their students…
Michael spends every minute wisely and you’re always moving forward. However, when there is an issue with your stroke, he will spend the time necessary to make certain you fully understand the problem and how to correct it…
Michael’s academic background with children shows in his ability to effectively communicate with them. He is firm and fun, but also and keeps an appropriate level of discipline with our 10 and 11 year olds. His advanced degree in psychology is evident in the way he teaches and presents various drills in a progressive and sequential way that makes sense…
DO NOT seek an instructor based on price. You’ll regret it. Originally from Miami, I have taken lessons from many teaching pros all across the country. What's most important is the experience, dedication, and patience your teacher has to motivate you to become a better tennis player. Do you remember the teachers you had back in school? There were those who motivated and pushed you to learn and become better at what you were doing and those who simply did it to make a living. Tennis teachers are no different. Michael is one of these “natural-born” teachers with the God-given talents to help you succeed.
I‘ve worked with quite a few coaches and Michael is the most skilled and passionate tennis coach I have ever worked with. I have had such a great experience with him that I introduced my friend to learn tennis from him...Michael's ability to recognize areas of my game that need improvement, and then give clear direction have noticeably raise my level of play in a very short time. Michael is able to analyze my strokes and identify what is the most important thing to do to improve the stroke. His enthusiasm and his vitality show in every lesson he gives. He finds ways to give me information through as many different methods as it takes until I “get it.” For example, by e-mailing me video clips of my strokes and shots and by video recording me in practice, and sending me the recordings with this comments. Michael has been a superb coach I would highly recommend him to anyone at any time...
I have been playing for over 20 years without formal instruction and would rate myself a 3.5. When I was having serious problems due to a chronic case of tennis elbow, I ran into Michael on the tennis court. Not expecting anything, he kindly spent 30 minutes with me, showing me what was causing my problem: improper technique. A few weeks later, I called him and began taking lessons. I no longer have arm problems and am now competing in 4.5 level tournaments...
Firstly and most importantly for me, Michael is extremely patient and kind. He is also very generous and passionate about the game of tennis and it shows. It's hard to find instructors who are capable of providing the type of honest service he provides. I trust him emphatically and highly encourage anybody out there who wants to learn the game or become a better player to call on Michael…
Michael’s technical skills and work ethic make him a great tennis instructor, and his ability to inspire the same passion he has for tennis in others makes him a great ambassador for the sport. As a person, Michael is kind, dedicated, reliable, patient, and generally great to be around. That means he is punctual, never misses a lesson (I remember several occasions where he would skip lunch to accommodate my schedule, or finish the lesson even when his shoulder was not 100%), and takes his time to explain an idea or repeat a drill until the new concept is really internalized...Michael is an asset to the tennis community. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for the perfect tennis instructor…
It’s difficult for me to describe in words how much Michael has a true passion and is genuinely sincere about helping you. He is gifted in conveying things in a way that’s easy to understand. He is extremely patient and skilled in the art of teaching and he also makes it lots of fun…
Michael is a natural born teacher and I've had a chance to witness this with his tennis clientele. His patience and dedication is outstanding. He always goes that extra mile for all of his students helping them to keep moving forward...
Michael has provided me with a high level of instruction and my game has improved significantly. Michael is experienced, informed, engaging and has strong communication skills. Though I have had tennis instruction from several other teachers over the past five years, Michael is by far the best…
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