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Former accomplished junior player-discovered coaching as an adult. My advanced training in psychology allows me to tailor instruction to my student's individual learning style... View all coaching experience

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  • California State Polytechnic University--Pomona (CA)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Volley, Topspin, Slice, Serve, Point Strategy, Lob, Forehand, Footwork, Drop Shot, Backhand


  • California State Polytechnic University--Pomona (CA)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Volley, Topspin, Slice, Serve, Point Strategy, Lob, Forehand, Footwork, Drop Shot, Backhand

More About Coach Michael

Learning proper technique is my number one goal and I’m a stickler about it. I’ve been a private one-on-one coach for decades and within the last few years, I’ve noticed the vast majority of new students coming to me from other coaches and facilities having FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS or what we call “hitches” in their technique. As the student continues to practice, these hitches become more and more instilled in muscle memory and will ultimately prevent students from improving and getting to the next level.

In these cases, my first priority is to get right to work to 1) identify any flaws and 2) to help prevent the student from honing and continuing to practice those same flaws over and over again. With extensive use of video and ball machine repetition, my goal is to in essence, replace “old” flawed muscle memory with new, correct muscle memory. I go from ball-drops, to 5 foot throws, to 10 foot throws, to throws from across the court with the goal of being able to hit with me, correctly, 100% of the time.. Anytime I see the “old” incorrect memory creeping back in, I immediately go back to ball-drops, etc. I continue in this fashion until the “bad” technique is completely exterminated and replaced with good technique. Unfortunately, in some extreme cases, the damage is already done and it never happens.

I have been a coach and instructor of tennis for over 25 years. I have an advanced degree in psychology --so from the get-go, whether you're an advanced tournament level player, or a beginner, I tailor my communication specifically to your learning style. In terms of playing style, my ultimate goal is for students to formulate an attack mentality, and the game to complement it. Therefore, in addition to fundamentals, I concentrate on creating variety in shot-making, finesse, net play, the transition game, serve and volley and the chip 'n' charge technique--which all help to develop a versatile and stylish all-court player.

I dedicate myself to your progress and work with NO MORE THAN FOUR STUDENTS TOTAL during any given time period, Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer.

I enjoy working with players of all ages and levels, but I especially enjoy the challenge of coaching newcomers and intermediates because I can have a greater impact on their overall game without having to deal with improper muscle memory. In addition, my unique junior tennis experience allows me great insight and something more to offer the parents of junior players.

Michael began playing at the age of eight and was considered a “natural” by coaches and peers. As a young junior, he won several championships and had a suggested top-ten ranking in the USTA. Having a very demanding father, who also acted as one of his coaches, Michael became a junior tennis “burnout” due to heavy pressure by his father to always win, as losing was not an option. Although he became disinterested and lackadaisical about the game during adolescence, he was persuaded by his high-school athletic staff to play for the tennis team. There, he played at the #1 Varsity position as a freshman. As a senior, he co-captained the tennis team while coaching and helping and motivating his teammates to improve. That year they made history. For the first time ever, all the major well-heeled “tennis high-schools” in the San Gabriel Valley (San Marino, La Canada and South Pasadena) fell prey to Michael’s team.

Michael suffered a life changing skiing injury in college and was sidelined for three years. He rediscovered the splendor of the game after graduating from college and competed as an "A" player winning several tournaments in both singles and doubles becoming known for his shot variety and finesse. He was granted several sportsmanship awards for his on-court etiquette and diplomacy, both here and in the Netherlands where he coached and competed regionally.

Injuries sustained as a passenger in a high-speed car crash ended his ability to compete. Since then, he has devoted his life to teaching and coaching this wonderful game. With a great emphasis on technique and the formation of good habits (as opposed to bad habits), Michael’s players develop and move forward without the typical “hitches” that other students typically develop.

Currently at the NTRP 5.5 level.
Michael hits and teaches all the shots: topspin, slice, flat off both wings--Flat (cannonball), slice, topspin and American Twist Serves. Forehand & backhand volley, drop-shot & lob. I train in the semi-western forehand grip, but I want my students to also get comfortable with the Continental grip; the all purpose grip that allows one to hit every shot in the book... I teach both one-handed and two-handed backhands.

I have three session types: 1) Advanced/Tournament level, 2) Beginner/ Intermediate, and 3) The Aerobic Tennis Workout.

Most importantly, my session plans are individualized and take into account my student's goals, playing level, strengths and weaknesses.

I also incorporate video to closely assess my student's stroke mechanics. In addition, it allows my students to view their own strengths, weaknesses and overall progress.

My training court is equipped with all the amenities:

1) Ball throwing machines that can deliver various speeds and spins. I like to use these for repetition until a shot or technique is mastered. In addition, they allow me to be in close proximity to my student where I can examine, comment and critique every minute detail.

2) An Ipad video recorder with slow-motion video analysis and comparison capability.

3) A Gamma Brute ball cart holding 350-400 tennis balls.

I want my students to hit as many balls (correctly) as possible during their sessions. As much as I enjoy hitting a tennis ball, I don't like to waste time "practicing." I teach the shot concisely and will give a student video he/she can reference during their practice sessions. Practice should be done in the student's own time.

I also own equipment, balls and on-court training aids for '10 and Under Tennis.' -- The tools designed to make a child's experience with tennis fun, exciting and rewarding.

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Client Reviews

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Great first session! I learned a lot from Michael. In particular some of the technical details of my forehand, backhand, volley and serve. Look forward to the next session.

Michael is methodical and thorough in his approach to teaching the game. He placed great emphasis on specifics of my form for both forehand and backhand in our first lesson. As also made sure I was able to hit as many balls as possible during the lesson. I would highly recommend him.

My brother and I have played several years without formal instructions. In the class, Michael gave us practical advice in details on how we would be able to improve our forehand and backhand, with all things conveyed in an easily understood way. Most importantly, we were encouraged and challenged to perform our every shot perfectly while having great fun in one hour!

my son choose Michael by himself, they get very well, Michael is very kind to him and also give me a lot good advices. he is really a good coach.

Michael's experience and proficiency in Tennis shines are definitively exemplified in his coaching; though my time with him was some what limited, training with him had been a pleasure that helped me both step up my game and have a fun time while at it.


Michael has the expertise, patience and experience to be defined as an excellent coach. His commitment to teaching is evident by his sensitivity, attention and enthusiasm to his players.

DO NOT seek an instructor based on price. You’ll regret it. Originally from Miami, I have taken lessons from many teaching pros all across the country. What's most important is the experience, dedication, and patience your teacher has to motivate you to become a better tennis player. Do you remember the teachers you had back in school? There were those who motivated and pushed you to learn and become better at what you were doing and those who simply did it to make a living. Tennis teachers are no different. Michael is one of these “natural-born” teachers with the God-given talents to help you succeed.
I‘ve worked with quite a few coaches and Michael is the most skilled and passionate tennis coach I have ever worked with. I have had such a great experience with him that I introduced my friend to learn tennis from him...Michael's ability to recognize areas of my game that need improvement, and then give clear direction have noticeably raise my level of play in a very short time. Michael is able to analyze my strokes and identify what is the most important thing to do to improve the stroke. His enthusiasm and his vitality show in every lesson he gives. He finds ways to give me information through as many different methods as it takes until I “get it.” For example, by e-mailing me video clips of my strokes and shots and by video recording me in practice, and sending me the recordings with this comments. Michael has been a superb coach I would highly recommend him to anyone at any time...
I have been playing for over 20 years without formal instruction and would rate myself a 3.5. When I was having serious problems due to a chronic case of tennis elbow, I ran into Michael on the tennis court. Not expecting anything, he kindly spent 30 minutes with me, showing me what was causing my problem: improper technique. A few weeks later, I called him and began taking lessons. I no longer have arm problems and am now competing in 4.5 level tournaments...
Firstly and most importantly for me, Michael is extremely patient and kind. He is also very generous and passionate about the game of tennis and it shows. It's hard to find instructors who are capable of providing the type of honest service he provides. I trust him emphatically and highly encourage anybody out there who wants to learn the game or become a better player to call on Michael…
Michael’s technical skills and work ethic make him a great tennis instructor, and his ability to inspire the same passion he has for tennis in others makes him a great ambassador for the sport. As a person, Michael is kind, dedicated, reliable, patient, and generally great to be around. That means he is punctual, never misses a lesson (I remember several occasions where he would skip lunch to accommodate my schedule, or finish the lesson even when his shoulder was not 100%), and takes his time to explain an idea or repeat a drill until the new concept is really internalized...Michael is an asset to the tennis community. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for the perfect tennis instructor…
It’s difficult for me to describe in words how much Michael has a true passion and is genuinely sincere about helping you. He is gifted in conveying things in a way that’s easy to understand. He is extremely patient and skilled in the art of teaching and he also makes it lots of fun…
Michael is a natural born teacher and I've had a chance to witness this with his tennis clientele. His patience and dedication is outstanding. He always goes that extra mile for all of his students helping them to keep moving forward...
Michael has provided me with a high level of instruction and my game has improved significantly. Michael is experienced, informed, engaging and has strong communication skills. Though I have had tennis instruction from several other teachers over the past five years, Michael is by far the best…
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