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Playing fast and smart is the name of the game in every sport, this is where you learn to do both! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Lakewood Ranch, FL
  2. Venice, FL
  3. Sarasota, FL

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles


Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$49 1 session + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$229 5 sessions ($46/ea) + applicable fees

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  • University of Alabama (AL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers


  • University of Alabama (AL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

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More About Coach Michael

Over the past 10 years, I have been working with the top athletes around the country that are looking to turn the gauges when it comes to speed. While doing an internship at Gillette Stadium that focused on player development, we were fortunate to learn the secrets behind what makes an athlete move - both mechanically and neurologically.
With a focus on NFL Combine-style drills and learning modules, we put together workouts that keep the athlete entertained while also gaining confidence and skill attributes.

Competing at a high level usually has pre-requisites - height, weight, stamina, mental acuity, toughness, and SPEED. Players that are shorter need to be faster. Players that are heavier need to be tougher. Players that slower need to be smarter.
With that said, my career as a hybrid-player came with a TON of calibrating and learning. Playing 14 years of football and 10 years of AAU Baseball.
2006 EFL Defensive Rookie of the Year
4.65 40y Dash - AFL Combine

work on flexibility/pliability, technique, 5-10-5 test, 40 yd dash test, L- Drill, Hip Flip Curl Drill, and many other speed adequacy builders.

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Client Reviews

My 8yr old plays hockey, a bit of lacrosse and a whole lot of Minecraft. I am grateful to have found Coach Mac to help bring out some athleticism. After a quick chat he totally understood what I was looking for even though football is not in the near future. He makes the drills fun, is encouraging and knows how to get through to a kid. I couldn’t recommend working with him more.

Great Coach. My Son was super impressed and excited from the session.

Great coach.

(no details provided)

Both sons love the training with Coach Michael!

Excellent coach and makes it fun for the kids

My son really enjoyed his first session with Coach Michael. There was not a lot of standing around. The drills offered a great mix of individual drills and drills with a level of competition.

Mike has been a great addition to my son's football training. As a member of a great program at his high school, my son was already receiving excellent instruction. However, Mike's outside perspective and experience in high school and college football have been highly beneficial.

Mike's personalized approach has been instrumental in helping my son to identify and develop his strengths and weaknesses on the field. He is an exceptional teacher who is knowledgeable, patient, and genuinely invested in his athletes' success.

Overall, I highly recommend Mike as a private football coach to any high school football player who wants to take their game to the next level.

(no details provided)

Only had one session so far, My son really enjoyed working with Coach Michael. Coach Michael really worked with my son in the areas we spoke about to improve his performance. Looking forward to future sessions.

Very good session

Great 1 st session

Son has a great time

(no details provided)

Awesome my son is learning a lot!

My son really enjoyed the 1:1 session and is looking forward to the next. Highly recommend

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great first session with coach Michael. Looking forward to more coaching from him

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

He seemed to engage well with the kids via zoom and my son had a good time talking about trick plays.

(no details provided)

Michael was great and thorough, gave us a solid a plan for moving forward.

Great training!

Awesome coach

Great Coach! I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my son, even after a few sessions!

Amazing coach!

(no details provided)

Coach Mac is phenomenal. After 2 sessions, my son has already gained so much knowledge and insight and we couldn’t have asked for a better coach. Looking forward to seeing his growth as he continues working with Coach Mac. We would highly recommend him!

Coach Michael is very knowledgeable and is really helping my son with his football IQ. My son really enjoying his training

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Mac is the Man! Definitely driven, honest and an all around good guy.

Learned alot today and very excited to continue with coach mac

Great overall experience!

Coach Michael interviewed my son to establish current situation and goals setting a mutual plan to achieve targeted goals over the next month. Excellent approach in preparation for a specific engagement this summer.

Great coach for football & conditioning training!

Michael is so good with Eva. He knows how to push her and make the workout something she enjoys! When she’s done she always asks when the next workout session is. Thank you Michael!!

My son started with Mike a couple weeks ago and we are already seeing results. Mikes professionalism and quick analysis of what we need has been spot on. My son looks forward to running! It's awesome. Excellent knowledge and coaching.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My 11 year old has loved his sessions with Coach Mike. He can't wait to go back each week. He's learning a lot and has a lot of fun.

(no details provided)

Coach Mike is super dedicated to training and improving his players rain or shine! My 9 year old son has had only 2 sessions with him plus homework from Coach Up 24/7 and I have never seen him so excited to want to better himself for any sport! Thanks Coach!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Very responsive and great to deal with!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Practiced 3 step, 5 step drops. Variable routes.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great start with Mike, he is very friendly, works the kids hard. Only 2 sessions, but Hoping for real improvements.

(no details provided)

Tommy found Coach McDonough to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He can’t wait to carry on his sessions to further develop his DB skills.

Coach Mike was phenomenal after 2 sessions I feel like my son got better. He has a great knowledge of the game and and we plan on having a many more lessons, thank you

(no details provided)

Coach Mac has been patient, knowledgeable and very nice. His coaching style is perfect for my kids and they look forward to working with him every time. So glad that we are able to work with him.

My son enjoyed working with Michael, learned a lot can’t wait to go back.

First session, Sean said he enjoyed it. Signed up for 12 sessions.

If you are looking for a coach that knows how to develop a player, Coach Mike is who you need.
My son works with Coach Mike regularly. He combines hard work, attention, skill, and fun into practice. He incorporates conditioning which makes for a great player. My son enjoys the sport more than you thought possible - enough said!

(no details provided)

I set up a one time meet with Michael for my son and the next day he had a game and in just that one trial day he helped my sons game so much. He knows what he is talking about, when it comes to football. He taught my son some things that 11 years of coaches couldn’t. He is well worth the money if you are looking to move onto the next level. Very impressed with him!! Thank you Mike! 🏈

Great coach! Amazing experience! The first sessions were great and daughter improved quite a bit. Will be adding more sessions for both daughter and son.

So far my son Nick has felt the training by Coach Mike has helped him. We have booked more sessions and my son is confident that this will help him this season in football.

Coach Mac has been awesome in the first few sessions. My son finds it easy to talk with Coach and to understand the training goals. Excellent motivator as well. He's learning new techniques that youth football has not provided. Coach Mac is definitely elevating his game.

He is a very good coach I have already recommended him to many of my friends and family who want to play college ball

Great first session. Spent a lot of time on technique. Very responsive. Son looking forward to continuing.

We were visiting from the UK for a couple of weeks and i organised the sessions with Coach Michael around other activities we had planned during our trip. Coach Micheal was really flexible to accommodate us and was so helpful, responding really quickly to any question I had. The sessions were great, full of activities which focused on loads of different skills - the boys absolutely loved it all! If I could, I'd give 10 stars, an excellent set up, great communication and a fantastic experience for the boys which they'll remember for a long time to come! Thank you again!

Cam loves Coach Mike. Cam said that he’s a great coach and knows how to speak and communicate with him. He is learning a lot of Coakc Michael!

My son is excited about continuing training with Coach Mac! Great practice with excellent individual attention and training techniques! Really great guy as well as a great coach!

Great introductory lesson from Coach Michael. Good explanation of the field markings etc. Very positive.

(no details provided)

Very happy with Coach Mac. He’s done a great job working with my 9-year old son. Emphasizing fundamentals and hard work while making it fun. Son is loving it.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Mike is a joy to work with... He make me understand and implement the basic fundamental of playing QB... Love it...

Great teacher, focuses on the small things thats really do matter!

Coach M has been great! My son loves working with him and he looks forward to all of the great things he learns each lesson!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Michael has been great. My 9 year old son Is motivated and doesn't even realize how hard he is working because coach makes each training session so much fun. Very impressed with the progress my son is making under Coach Michael's tutelage. Highly recommend!

My son absolutely enjoyed his session with Coach Michael. He can’t wait for his next session.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Really great experience. Worked a lot on movement/positioning drills, building up muscle memory. Really excited to continue sessions. Highly recommend.

Coach Mac was great! My son had fun and learned so much in just one session. We will be sheduling a few more before the football season starts.

(no details provided)

Great coaching. Son was a rookie football player and had an excellent season. He got him ready for the season in short order

Coach Michael was great, after just my first session I get improvements and able to adapt and learn new ways I would never have thought of.

Coach Michael did a great job of teaching advanced techniques in a simplified manner. My 10 year old was able to learn a proper 3 step drop in a single session. If you need a QB coach, Coach Mike is your guy.

My son enjoyed working with Mike. It was his first time working with him. We will be setting up another session. Thanks!

Coach Mike was extremely attentive to my son's 1st visit. After the practice, he took some time out to let me know how my son's potential is, what he will be working on, and what he see's for him in the future. I would definitely recommend Coach Mike to anyone who is seeking an extremely talented, knowledgeable, communicative, down-to-earth, and kind football coach!!

Coach Michael was wonderful. I signed my son up for 3 private lessons. After my son's first lesson he has requested to work with Coach Michael for the next 12 months. My son was nervous heading into his first lesson. Coach Michael was able to quickly connect with my son, run several new drills and begin identifying strengths and ways for my son to improve.

(no details provided)

Coach Mac has been a tremendous help for my 10 yr old who has his sights on the QB position as he starts his first season of tackle football. My son loves his training sessions with Coach Mac and he has learned so much in only 3 sessions so far. He has taught him fundamentals like footwork and mechanics, and he has also gone over formation and play-calling (very valuable if you want your first timer to get a headstart).

Coach Mac is a very likeable guy. He also interacts well with me (while I'm there watching), letting us know what our little guy needs to work on, things to remember and he provides suggestions on what we can do at home to reinforce the things being taught.

His communication is excellent and response time (e.g. email, text, etc) is great. I am extremely impressed with Michael and I know my son loves working with him. So we'll continue to see him even after football season starts in the fall.

Coach Mike is awesome. Only after one sessions my son improved his skills and performed very well at his last football camp. His style with one on one teaching allowed my son to have a better understanding of body movement. He actually used the newly learned techniques at the last camp he attended. Not only did it work and he looked great, but also felt good about his progress in using his newly learned techniques.

(no details provided)

Great first session for my 10 year old son with Coach Mac. Did a good job of working with my son to test his skills and already gave him good tips that he can put into practice

Provided excellent advice and technique feedback as well as information on game flow and situational football. Easy to work with and made the training session interesting and enjoyable. Would definitely recommend and work with again

Coach Michael has been very responsive. My son has enjoyed his sessions with Coach Michael and feels like he has already learned a lot. He is very excited to continue his training.

Myself having a football background was very impressed with coach Mike. He ran drills that I had never seen before condsuive to the athleticism of my kids. I would highly recommend him.

Michael has a unique skill set of working with the athlete. He understands how they communicate and finds a way to work with them in a comfortable environment so they quickly absorb the information to move forward. He is a delight for young driven athletes so that they cannot wait until the next session! Thank you Coach Mac!

Coach Mike is hands down the best coach we have had. He has excellent communication skills and has proven he can teach for all positions on the field. He spends more time on my sons coaching then just on the field.... He has taken the time to review my sons game film and has given honest evaluation I feel like I spun the Coach Up wheel of fortune wheel and hit the bonus jackpot.

Coach Mike is great!! My 14 year old has only been working with him for three weeks and the progress is awesome. Not only has Coach Mike help Jacob with football skills, his confidence when he takes the field has shot up! Jacob looks forward to every session and has moved up the depth chart for his team and is making great plays on the field. I highly recommend Coach Mike for anyone trying to take their game to the next level.

Coach was excellent. He made the drills fun for my 11 year old. He worked him hard but not to the point where he quit on him. He also mixed in some college and high school kids which really boosted my son's confidence. I would highly recommend coach Mac. The first question my son had was when can we go again.

Very happy with Coach Michael. Great session with my 17 year old son.

5 stars
Very nice coach
Good techniques
Takes interest one on one
Tries to bring out the best
Very honest in evaluating the kid's present condition
But is eager and willing to work with the student
Great Coach

My son Jaylen wanted to play quarterback but has never played this position before, we have had 5 sessions with Coach Michael and can honestly say he is a great coach! Jaylen has learned so much from him and continues to learn and develop the skills and confidence he needs to succeed at the QB position. Thanks Coach! We will see you next weekend again.

Matt had a fantastic first session with Coach Michael. He has never played football before and wasn't sure about it, but after leaving the session, Matt felt much more confident in himself and his abilities to learn to play. Coach Michael helped Matt feel excited about football and he's looking forward to meeting again next week. Thanks so much!

Coach Mike has instilled a huge sense of ability and confidence into my son in just a short period of time. His QB knowledge and the training he gives to Justin is the security he needs to move past and above the competition. I can only thank Coach Mike for he has transformed my son to realize he can excel in his position. Words can’t thank you enough. Your training with my son is just beginning! Let the season begin! -- Lisa Mullaney

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