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Former Semi-Pro basketball player w/ over 10 yrs of experience training and coaching athletes from grade school through professional level (i.e, AAU, Middle School, Semi-Pro, etc). View all coaching experience

This coach is unavailable to take clients at this time.

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  • North Carolina State University--Raleigh (NC)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • North Carolina State University--Raleigh (NC)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Mario

Over 10 years of experience training and coaching athletes from grade school through professional level (i.e, AAU, Middle School, Semi-Pro, etc.), developing basketball fundamentals and IQ.

October 2004 –March 2006
NCSU Women’s Basketball Scout Team under Coach Kay Yow, Raleigh, NC
Developed and improved basketball fundamentals and skills
Trained individual NCSU players
Enhanced players via drills and exercises
Reviewed film/plays of upcoming opponents and helped to strategize.

March-June 2011
Cary Invasion Semi-Professional Basketball Team Practice Player, Continental Basketball League, Cary, NC
Practiced, developed, and improved basketball fundamentals and skills
Recruited players for the team
Supported games and players during the premier year

October 2012- June 2013
Johnston County Nighthawks Player/ Head of Basketball Operations Coach, Tobacco Road Basketball League, Smithfield, NC
Practiced, developed, and improved basketball fundamentals and skills
Coached; Head of Operations and Gym Facility
Taught, facilitated, and encouraged team in fundamentals, skills, plays, etc.
Recruited majority of players for the team
Scheduled the gym for practices, scrimmages, workouts, etc., as needed
Maintained Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and operations of the gymnasium

November 2013 - June 2014
Neuse River Basketball (Prior Johnston County Nighthawks) Assistant Coach, Tobacco Road Basketball League, Smithfield, NC
Taught, facilitated, and encouraged team in fundamentals, skills, plays, etc.
Recruited players for the team
Lead team to a winning season for the first time in three years

May 2015 - Present
Skills and IQ (SIQ) Basketball Club and AAU Assistant Coach, SIQ Basketball Club, Raleigh NC
Help develop, improve, and increase basketball IQ and skills for grade school players
Coach fifth, sixth, and ninth grade level players for AAU tournaments
Individually train all ages to increase basketball IQ, skills, etc.

A typical session includes conditioning, ball handling, shooting, defense, agility drills, and passing. We'll focus primarily on developing and enhancing basketball fundamentals and IQ, pushing them to the next level while building character to prepare them for society.

Each session is specific to the needs of each individual based on their skill and level. Initial sessions are standard to determine which areas require more attention/development.

I have a non refundable 24 hour policy meaning if you cancel a session within a 24 hour period, just like a doctor or dentist appointment, you are still responsible for the payment of that session.

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Client Reviews

Great coach very enthusiastic and will correct you to better yourself

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Mario hit the ground running right away once the session started. I was really happy that my son was kept moving the entire session working on skills development, but also building on that endurance. It was good to get homework to work on in between sessions. I definitely think my son will learn a great deal from the Coach. We look forward to the next session.

My son enjoyed working with Coach Mario. He let my son know what to work on and he is looking forward to his next lesson.

Had a great 1st session. Look forward working with Mario on my son development.

Mario is very professional and was great with my son. He provided guidance and challenged him to take it to the next level. He was positive and offered positive feedback and affirmation.

(no details provided)

Coach Mario was great for the first training session. Looking forward to working with him again. Highly recommended.

He is a very good coach. I know it was only the first session but I know he will enhance my game and me better. I will be booking again very soon.

Jax had a fantastic first session with Mario today. He loved every minute of it. When I asked him to rate his coach for me from one to ten, he said twenty! It speaks for itself. Thank you coach Mario! Jax can’t wait to train with you again next week.

Coach Mario was a really great coach, the workouts that we did really taught me a lot about parts of my game I need to improve on. He was patient, understanding, and I could tell he really has a grip on the game as a whole. Plus, even though we only had one session, he taught me a lot about IQ on the court and how much easier it makes things. I plan on booking more sessions in the near future.

We had our first session this week with Coach Mario and my son was immediately relaxed and comfortable with with his style of coaching. He is very knowledgeable and was able to start assessing areas of focus and put together a plan for moving forward within the first session. He's very respectful, well spoken, and a professional. He's a millennium so he connected well with my son. My son is looking forward to continuing to work with Coach Mario. Thanks so much Coach Mario for taking us on as clients!

I would recommend coach Mario to anyone who would like to have a private training in order to improve basketball skills. He was prompt in reply to any questions and very professional.My son really enjoyed his first training and we have already signed up for another 5 sessions.

Coach Mario is amazing! My 11 year old son loved his first lesson and looks forward to coming back! He came away from his first lesson so motivated and has been practicing the drills provided by Coach Mario in our driveway everyday. He even used some of the moves he learned form Coach Mario, during his YMCA game on Saturday. We definitely plan to continue training with Coach Mario and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for lessons and/or training.

Both my boys enjoyed their first session! Looking for to many more.

Coach Mario was great! Very knowledgeable and patient. He was able to analyze my son’s skill level and focus on what he needed to work on. Looking forward to next session.

(no details provided)

Mario is excellent. He clicked with my daughter right away and made a world of difference in her technique in only one hour. My husband and I were throughly impressed with the drills he taught her, proper form for shooting, both arm placement and foot placement, and how much she progressed in just one hour. He was very easy for her to work with. She is a shy 11 year old girl, from a small private school, who has just started middle school basketball and we didn't know how she would do, but she was very comfortable with Mario, and my husband and I were comfortable with him working with our daughter. He is extremely knowledgable, professional and has a lot of experience teaching children her age and also female college athletes. He constantly offered her positive affirmation throughout the session and corrected her form in a respectful manner. She told me when she left, that she learned more in that one hour than she has learned at all of her practices combined this season. We highly recommend Mario!

Coach Mario is great! Our son always looks forward to his coaching lessons, and is exhausted, happy and inspired afterwards.

Mario was great!

I feel that he really helped me and i want to continue to train with mario

(no details provided)

Coach Mario is very knowledgeable about the game of basketball. I have definitely seen improvements in my son's game. I am definitely looking forward to more sessions so Coach Mario can continue to help my son improve in his game.

First session with Coach Mario was a thorough review of all basketball skills. Received detailed guidance for practice at home and plan to schedule multiple sessions to work on specific areas and get better conditioned for this fall.

(no details provided)

Mario is an excellent coach who is dedicated to his craft and has helped my 11 year old son get real results. He clearly has a deep knowledge of the game and is the perfect blend of stern and encouraging, which can be a challenging balance for many coaches. His shooting and dribbling, and footwork drills have helped my son immensely in a very short period of time. He now plays with much more aggressiveness and confidence and competes at a high level for his age.
I can’t recommend Mario enough!

(no details provided)

Coach Pharr does a great job at training. He takes the time to explain the drills and how to correct motions. Great personality too. Highly recommend Coach Pharr!

(no details provided)

Coach Mario is a great coach. He took the time to learn my son's strengths and weaknesses. He had great tips for him to follow and practice. My son really enjoyed his lesson.

(no details provided)

Great Coach - my daughter took first session, he quickly assessed and reviewed and pointed out what needs to be improved. His teaching method is simple and to the point. Two more sessions left and we are looking to them.

Just one session in but my 11 year old son loved it. I am so glad we found Coach Mario!

Coach Mario was very attentive and thorough with Chris. With our first session, he had taken the time to show my son advanced dribbling fundamentals and constantly quizzed him to test his basketball IQ. Chris really enjoyed the push and looks forward to more trainings with Coach Mario.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son has only had 1 session and thinks coach Mario is exactly what he's looking for in a trainer. He says he's cool, so we've booked more sessions. Great work coach!

(no details provided)

Mario was patient with my son and taught him several new skills!

Coach Mario does a very nice job. He is calm and knowledgeable and his demeanor worked really well with my son. We are signing up for more sessions. I definitely recommend him.

I can't imagine anyone better to help my son learn about basketball. Coach Mario was fun and patient and kept my son engaged the entire session. My son is looking forward to the next session! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Mario is great with younger kids! My 8 year old says he wants to practice with Mario “every day”!

Coach is a nice person, he taught me not only basketball itself (drills), but also the knowledge of basketball, how to see the court clearly, how to protect the ball and all to finish the ball. He fixed some of my bad habits when I shoot the ball; I always shot the ball with some of the help of my right hand, so some times my shot should be off the target( Lefty). That’s it!

(no details provided)

Awesome coach. Very knowledgeable.

Coach Mario is a very effective coach. He doesn't just make you go through the motions, he makes sure that you do the drills right to get the most out of them. Coach Mario also throws in tips to help with your IQ and he motivates you to push yourself throughout the workout. It's great practicing with Coach Mario.

The first communications using Coachup texts were difficult but I decided to book one session with Mario because his reviews were so good. We were not disappointed. He ran drills we'd never seen before. In person, he was communicative and personable. Our 14-year old son really enjoyed working with him and is excited to continue.

Mario was a big help to Luke. Luke enjoyed his session with Mario and appreciated the feedback he received.

Coach Mario was great. He is really knowledgeable about basketball and training even at my son's age 11. He had all the equipment and was ready to begin. He spoke to my son briefly before and then both of us afterwards about what to continue to work on. He was positive and straight forward letting us know what to work on to meet our goals. We didn't have to tell him what we needed to work on, he ran drills and assessed my son and knew what to do from there. We were very impressed with him and my son really enjoyed the session.

My son liked it. Looking forward to more lessons!

Amazing coach

Excellent. Very patient with my two nephews and they enjoyed him. They are more determined to become better with basketball thanks to coach.

Coach Mario was an excellent coach. He took into account all of our issues and concerns and designed the training program to improve on my sons skills. Coach worked on shooting, dribbling, and agility drills. I would highly recommend Coach Mario and you will definitely see the changes. I did 3 sessions and have already seen great improvements in my son's abilities. I am definitely planning on doing more sessions with coach Mario.

Very great trainer first time training with him was a success looking forward to working with him again

(no details provided)

Mario really motivated my son to work hard and focus on areas he needed to improve. I haven't seen him this motivated in a long time!!

Great coach easy to understand and really motivated me to wanna pursue basketball. Improves your game at every single attribute there is.Also a very fun guy to be around. I really look forward to working with him!!

Coach Mario was awesome to have as a trainer. He worked with me on scheduling and and made sure we were very clear about when our session would. During our session he tested all my skills in basketball and was extremely knowledgeable in his teaching. He would even use real world analogies to the nba. He pushed me very hard and gave me vision of how i want to matriculate into my basketball prowess. I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to reach the next level. Cant wait for my next session

Contacting Coach Mario was one of the best basketball decisions I've made for my son. Coach Mario worked really well with my son. He was very professional but relatable as he challenged my son to raise his skill level even higher.

The session with Coach Mario was great. He broke down my abilities and showed me how to become even better. Overall great session!!

(no details provided)

Coach Mario was great! My son is starting with the basic ball handling skill-sets and only a couple of years of basketball experience. Coach Mario was so patient and informative with him during our session. My son has even more enthusiasm to become a better player because of this session. I would recommend Mario to anyone who wants to give their child a solid foundation in the game of basketball! My son is already prepping for his next session!

I have never had a coach before. Coach Mario really laid down the foundation of good textbook basketball. Drill after drill, Coach Mario pushed me to my limit. Very exceptional and even after one session, I would recommend him to anybody in the pursuit of excellent basketball skills

Mario is wonderful and my son is excited for every session. Additionally, Mario is quick to answer calls and texts if something needs to be reorganized.

Coach Mario was amazing with my 10yo son, Harrison. He was professional and took his time through the drills. He had a great teaching spirit and would absolutely recommend Coach Mario in a heartbeat.

Coach Mario did a great job beginning with the first session with my child. He provided encouragement throughout the session, displayed patience, provided exceptional drills, and homework. I have already noticed significant progress with my child's form and jump shot.

Coach Mario was awesome to work with. I fell out of shape after not working out regularly for the last 6,7 months and his first session kicked me out of that laziness and got me moving and excited again, max possible heart-rate in the first time in awhile. He was knowledgeable and courteous as well as disciplined and methodical in his training methods. I feel that these sessions will definitely help me improve my basketball level and conditioning. I loved the workouts and am looking forward to the rest of the sessions.

Coach Mario is fantastic. His preparation and ability to assess my daughter in just the first session was exactly what she needed. Mario provides the right amount of demonstration and instruction for each skill, then lets the athlete do the rest. In our first hour, we were able to touch on ball handling, shooting, and fitness. I know we are starting down a path that will yield great results for her game and her work ethic.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

What a great lesson for my boy. He's brand new to basketball, coming from another sport that he excels at. Coach Mario was able to guide and direct him and give him confidence at the same time. He really enjoyed his lesson and he's looking forward to more.

Coach Mario did a phenomenal job with training my son. Mario was very attentive to Camron's strengths as well as what he needed to work on. Also, Mario worked on ball handling to strengthen Camrons coordination. Overall, training was great! We will definitely train again with Coach Mario.

(no details provided)

I like How he did more of the drills and switch the exercise up so i can learn about what to do in the future. He is a great coach

(no details provided)

11 year old son had his 1st training session and loved it. He is already more confident and can't wait until his next sesssion.

One of the best coaches I no my son Julius love working with him.

Today's session with Coach Mario was intense and well-worth the investment! He gave great instruction, was patient and pushed the boys. His feedback was right on point and he provided homework for the boys to work on. I have already booked subsequent sessions with Coach Mario.

Very impressed with Coach Mario. Knowledgeable and a great personality. My daughter enjoyed the workout.
Highly recommended!

My son had his first training session with Mario today. Mario did an excellent job of seeing where my son is as far as his current skill level. Mario mixed the activities up so my son was constantly moving and never got bored. My son is already asking me when his next session is.

Coach Mario has been helping my 11 year old son Ryan with his basketball skills. We've had 4 sessions so far and I've been impressed with the way he's interacted with my son. Encouraging and friendly but ready to push Ryan when needed. Mario has also been responsive to my questions and has tailored the workouts to areas where I think Ryan needs more help. I'd recommend Mario as a great coach.

Coach Mario is really good with my son who is only 8 years old. He has taught him to be a better ball-handler and shooter and a short period of time.

Mario was great! Very flexible with times and locations to meet, and was extremely personable and relatable. My son thoroughly enjoyed his session with Mario and is very much looking forward to his next one! Will definitely recommend Mario to our friends and families interested in similar instruction.

Coach Mario is great. My son loves working with him. He says, he has learned a lot in 2 sessions and coach Mario makes him feel very confident in his game. We look forward to working with coach Mario for a long time. Mario keep the great job! Michele W.

Great coaching for my son

Coach Mario is very skilled in teaching the fundamentals and making it fun. He is very encouraging and my son has benefited from working with him.

Coach Mario is just great working with players. My son is very pleased with his knowledge and instruction techniques. We will definitely use him again.

Coach Mario it's a t really great! As a beginner with no previous experience, he did a great job on help me with building all the necessary foundations. And really got me much more interested in basketball. Looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Mario was incredible!!! My nephew couldnt stop talking about his coaching session with him!! He said he learned so much & that he was so nice & easy to relate to. I will definitely be scheduling another session with him. Thank you coach Mario for helping Lucas refine his skills 👍

Excellent coach with unparalleled knowledge and a unique perspective of the game. If your trying to play at a high level like myself, Coach Mario is your guy.

Coach Mario really knows the game of basketball. He works great with my son. My son enjoys his training thus far and looks forward to his next session. He is helping him improve his jump shots, free throws, dribbling, and more.

Coach Mario is a great coach, he makes sure you do your best and he makes sure you keep pushing!

Coach Mario is a knowledgeable and motivational coach. Highly recommend!

My son and I enjoyed our session with Mario; he's a great coach. Mario worked with my son on several different techinques. I can't wait until our next session. I would high recommend him if you are looking for a great coach with patients and varies techinques. He was awesome!!!!!

Coach Mario pushed me to work harder and taught me a lot drills that I can practice by myself. Really good coach !

My son showed progress after just one session with Coach Mario!! He's patient and really concerned with the players' progress and improvement. As for communication, Coach Mario responded quickly to our very first message and has been in direct contact ever since!! My son enjoyed his first session and is looking forward to continuing sessions with Coach Mario. Extremely pleased! A++++

(no details provided)

My son really enjoyed his 1st session with Coach Mario. Coach Mario was very professional and explained everything to my son. My son couldn't stop talking about it that he wants to continue! Highly recommend!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Clear testimonial from the first action photo," 1st day of camp and he's (Carl) trying to show off I see the sessions are paying off...
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