Louis-Philippe G., Bethesda, MD Tennis Coach

Louis-Philippe G.

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Professional tennis teacher who has successfully developed hundreds of players over the last 25 years. Specialist in tennis bio-mechanics corrections and improvements. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Volley, Topspin, Slice, Serve, Point Strategy, Lob, Forehand, Footwork, Drop Shot, Backhand


  • Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Volley, Topspin, Slice, Serve, Point Strategy, Lob, Forehand, Footwork, Drop Shot, Backhand

More About Coach Louis-Philippe

Over 25 years of tennis teaching experience with a lifetime playing this beautiful, passionate and wonderful sport. I teach and develop students of all ages and all skill levels from recreational to high performance tennis:

Specialist in tennis bio-mechanics corrections and improvements, game style enhancement. Beginner or advanced, I can help! I'm extremely goal oriented and my coaching style is highly focused on quality result in a relatively short time.

I am a very passionate and process-driven coach who loves the game and motivating players to reach their potential. I do require complete mental and physical engagement during all court time. I specialize on balance, footwork, strategy, aggressiveness, and attitude. I am analytical and utilize video, journaling and developmental planning to show players tennis and life...


- Weakness identification and improvement; a "fundamentals" approach
- Stroke development; technique, theory, and practice
- Strategic development; the psychological side of tennis
- Special request topics
- Advanced hitting practice

I played at all levels from Nationals to Future tennis tournament pro tennis. Training partner for WTA and ATP players. With over 25 yrs of experience at all levels, I have worked with ranked players including nation's top juniors who played college tennis and world's traveling pros.

- Weakness identification and improvement; a "fundamentals" approach
- Stroke development; technique, theory, and practice
- Strategic development; the psychological side of tennis
- Special request topics
- Advanced hitting practice

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Client Reviews

Louis-Philippe is an excellent coach and able to pinpoint areas where there is improvement quickly. Would highly recommend him for any new, intermediate, or advanced players.

Great teacher. Improved my game within 5 minutes.

Coach Louis was wonderful! He was extremely patient and supportive with my 12-year-old sone and first-time player. My son really enjoyed himself! Thanks so much.

Very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend

He is a great coach!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Coach Louis is awesome. He understands the modern game and pointed out a lot of things I have never noticed before. He also teaches clients from so many different levels. I would definitely recommend taking lessons from him!

Louis was super detailed, and in only one hour he was able to make some significant adjustments to my form that I’ll be able to use moving forward. Thank you Louis!

Coach Louis-Philippe was able to quickly fix weak parts of my game with digestible tips. He explains concepts clearly and helps me execute on the idea with great cues. Looking forward to continuing developing my game with him!

I learned so much in just an hour to improve my game. This was a great lesson!

(no details provided)

I’m an adult intermediate level player and in the past 6 years since I’ve started playing tennis I’ve worked with a lot of different coaches and teaching pros. Louis-Philippe is one of the best. He was incredible at diagnosing problematic issues, causes for types of errors, and prescribing easy and effective solutions and fixes. He’s calm and patient, efficient and effective. I very highly recommend him for anyone who wants to bring his or her game to the next level.

(no details provided)

Terrific lesson. Excellent communicator. Very professional and he makes you feel comfortable and therefore makes it easier for you to execute his suggestions.

Great coach for all ages. Very knowledgeable and patient with kids. My 8 year old loves the lessons.

Louis-Philippe is a fantastic instructor. He has a very well trained eye for spotting inefficiencies and bad habits, and really did a great job giving me corrective progressions to keep my mind focused on what I needed to adjust without overloading me with information. Louis-Philippe has a very encouraging coaching style that keeps you engaged and actively concentrating on whatever you’re working on in the moment without getting frustrated or discouraged.

I came back to tennis after a decade hiatus and had a lot of catching up to do on muscle memory. I was around a 4.0 when I stopped, but 10 years and 50 pounds later I was sitting at more of a 2.5-3.0 because my consistency was so low and my bad habits were amplified by being out of shape. We spent the full session on groundstrokes and by the end I had improved more in one hour than in the two months I spent prior attempting to self-correct my game. It’s also worth noting I got a fantastic workout from the lesson and I know he wasn’t pushing me as hard as he could have had I been in better shape.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with the instruction and have already booked future lessons to continue to build upon the first session. I’m very much looking forward to getting in better shape and becoming a more complete player with Louis-Philippe’s guidance.

Coach Louis-Philippe helped me correct my mistakes that I was making beforehand and I can already feel the improvement with my ground strokes. Louis-Philippe has a lot of great tips about technique and footwork. I have drastically improved my backhand using the tips given to me. I would strongly recommend Coach Louis-Philippe because he offers a lot of information and tactics that group lessons do not offer.

(no details provided)

Louis Philippe is an excellent instructor

Coach Louis-Philippe is an outstanding coach! He's able to clearly explain simple and complex concepts alike; concepts that crystallize rapidly when working through the various follow-up drills!

(no details provided)

very helpful tips...always encouraging and never patronizing...and obviously very knowledgeable.

Coach Louis Philippe was a great help in improving my game - he helped me with forehand, backhand and serves especially. He was able to give me very clear suggestions on form and improved my game quite a bit with only 3 lessons so far. I strongly recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Coach Louis-Philippe was a professional on every level.

I had a great first session with coach Louis-Phillippe. He helped me get ready for an important match and it made a difference!
I recommend him to all tennis players.

Amazing coach for all ages.

Coach LOUIS-PHILIPPE is very helpful to pinpoint the shortcomings that my daughter has with her stroke. The drill he provided could effectively improve her stroke as well as develop into her muscle memory providing she would remember to apply them in her daily practice.
Coach Louis is also very knowledgeable about strings and string tensions.
I highly recommend him to players of any level.

Coach Louis-Philippe is one of the best coaches I've ever had. True to other reviews, he identifies weaknesses quickly and offers pragmatic ways to address them. I had a most enjoyable session and would definitely recommend Coach Louis-Philippe to anyone who is looking for a great tennis coach.

My lesson with coach Louis-Philippe was much better than I thought a single lesson with anyone could be. In just one session he was able to improve my stroke technique significantly and gave lots of instruction I found to be very useful. It was very exciting to see immediate results and I plan on spending more time with him. Highly recommended.

Coach Louis-Philippe is an outstanding coach. Within a few minutes, he detected a number of flaws in my fundamentals and tweaked them just enough to produce some immediate improvements. I was hitting better and feeling better about my strokes within a very short time. I plan to arrange for additional lessons with him. I definitely recommend him.

(no details provided)

Coach Louis was a great coach! He doesn't just feed balls; he really watched my shots carefully and found simple things to change that drastically improved my shots. I'm a competitive player and he started to develop more of the practical skills I would need to win matches. He's friendly and extremely knowledgeable! I would highly recommend.

Louis is a great coach. He make very helpful comments no one had ever mentioned. A great first lesson.

Identifies your debilities quickly and focus on what has to be corrected until it´s almost perfect. Great coach.

Great experience, highly recommended.

(no details provided)

Great session. I highly recommend Louis to all tennis players out there. Will definitely book more sessions with him as he is very professional and only takes him a few minutes to aknowledge what needs to be improved and how to do so.

Highly recommended!!!

We have had a fantastic experience with Louis-Philippe as our coach. His technical diagnostic of the tennis skills of my two preteen boys during our first class allowed for an immediate and noticeable improvement of their game. We will definitely continue working with him. As an experienced tennis player myself, I highly recommend him as a tennis coach for any age group or level.


(no details provided)

Louis is a very patient and very personable coach. He has helped me understand my mistakes, and has not discouraged me even when I make mistakes. He will instead reinforce my esteem until I am able to complete the task successfully. He is helping me take my game to the next level, and I really am happy to have found such a wonderful coach and human being.

Within three minutes of our first meeting, Louis diagnosed what was wrong with my forehand--I was keeping my elbow too close to my body. It's something that countless other pros had missed. He is a smart teacher, who really understands, tennis, his students and how to communicate the right technique. I highly recommend him.

Louis has a sophisticated understanding of the biomechanics of tennis strokes and can effectively teach them to a wide range of skill and experience levels. He has a good eye for technical flaws and will come up with innovative approaches to help the student correct them. As a successful tournament player, he knows what it takes to win at all levels and provides good match training.
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