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A player orientated trainer coming from a player background myself. Work to get your game to the next level. I will waive the one-time fee just to prove my clients comes first. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. 101 S Hicks St, Clinton, TN
  2. 3304 Pilgrim Ln, Mascot, TN

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles


Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session with coach Lester. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$75 1 session + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 session package with Coach Lester. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$280 4 sessions ($70/ea) + one-time fee

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  • East Tennessee State University (TN)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Center, Forward

  • Reading the Floor, Attacking the Rim, Footwork, Rebounding, Post Moves, Ball Handling, Shooting, Moving Without the Ball, Pick and Roll


  • East Tennessee State University (TN)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Center, Forward

  • Reading the Floor, Attacking the Rim, Footwork, Rebounding, Post Moves, Ball Handling, Shooting, Moving Without the Ball, Pick and Roll

More About Coach Lester

I played basketball in college at ETSU and during offseason in the summer time I trained kids. I’ve now been training for about 5 years I’ve coached AAU Teams, been asked to run practices for teams done group work outs for schools, etc. I have worked basketball camps at UT, ETSU, Carson Newman, Carter highschool, Seymour high school Boyd’s creek elementary, Kings academy. I work with ages 7 years of age and up.

High School:
All time leading scorer and rebounder at Carter high school with 2872 points and 1452 rebounds.
Three time all-state selection
Four time all district 3-AA, and All KIL
2010 Class AA Mr. Basketball Runner up
Led Carter to their first State tournament apprearance in school history 2009, 2010
Player of the week National for ESPN
Ranked Number 3 in state of Tennessee
I also was Top 150 freshmen and sophomore in the nation
High School player of the year for Knox county.
I played basketball at ETSU. Where I also finished my degree in Engineering and a minor and management.
I'm not a newbie to hard work and smashing goals that people say are to hard.
I was ranked by ESPN my freshman year as one of the top 25 freshman in the nation.
I am 8th all time scorer at ETSU.
I am Second ALL Time three pointers made at ETSU, I finished 4 makes behind number 1.

Working on their weakness and also building on their strengths. I specialize in working with kids. The main things that will get improvement after one session is understanding what hard work is and what their weakness are and how to fix them. I Start with ball handling to get warmed up then, working on move with the ball, off the dribble shooting, and moving with the ball for downhill situations. I build my players game so they can understand it. With building comes time they have to put in on their own I’m not a magical genie just because you train with me does not promise you will get better you have to put the work in!

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Client Reviews

Our first session with Coach Lester was awesome! My husband and I were so impressed with how he was able to pick up on our 8 year old’s weaknesses so quickly. He is very knowledgeable and has a special way of sharing that with children! My son is extremely shy and by the end of the session, Coach Lester had him opening up and talking to him. I was impressed with how personable he was and will highly recommend him to anyone! I also love how he explained to my son the “why” of what they were working on and “how” those specific things would make him better! He definitely has a good rapport with children and we are looking forward to many more sessions with him!

Our first session with Coach Wilson was awesome. He is structured and focused and patient and kind..He ran her through drills I have never seen another coach do. Each drill designed to teach body and ball control. He would watch every move and correct her as needed until she got it right. Looking forward to seeing her grow in her abilities. I highly recommend Coach Wilson, you won't be disappointed. The Mascot facility is a little remote, but awesome.

Coach Lester is an excellent trainer. He is patient and calm but requires the kids to do everything the right way. He has tremendous knowledge and knows how to get the most out of the kids.

Coach Lester was great. Very good at teaching the mechanics of basketball. Look forward to more lessons.

We just had our second session with Coach Lester today. Our 12-year old son is just starting out and is very shy, but Coach Lester has been wonderful with him. While they're starting with fundamentals, Coach Lester has already taught him so much. We already feel the cost of training with Coach Lester is worth every penny!

Done really great with my 7yr old son just in the first session he had him dribbling with his left hand he gets to their level and explains to them what they’re doing wrong I would recommend Coach Lester to anybody who has a weakness in ball that they wanna fix!

My son needed some work with getting his shot off quicker. After only one session of shooting practice, you could see a noticeable difference in his next game. I mentioned to my son after the game, that his shot already looked better. My son said, "I was thinking about what Coach Lester told me and I was trying to do it." Coach Lester has the player continue working on the skill until they get it. He encourages them to identify their own mistakes. He said, when they can identify their own mistake then they can take steps to fix it. I liked one of the things I heard him say, "Don't hide what you can't do from me. We can't work on it if you don't show me what it is."

A+ coach!!!

Our session with Coach Lester was phenomenal! He performed some drills that were specific to my 11yr old son as well as others that were beneficial for strengthening, speed and agility. Worth the long drive for us and hoping we will be able to work another session in with him!

Coach Lester is a awesome teacher. After one session my son was taught the needed fundamentals to be successful. He’s looking forward to more sessions in the weeks to come. I recommend Coach Lester for teaching anyone who wants to elevate there basketball level.
Brett C.

Excellent Coach and great with kids!

Really impressed with Coach Lester! He’s knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. After the first session, he gave us a detailed plan of things to work on outside the gym. My son left motivated and excited for the next session. Highly recommended!

Coach Lester was exactly what we were looking for our son! I feel confident his skills will improve and we are thrilled to be a part of the individual sessions! Very patient and very talented Coach!

Coach Lester is a great coach! He motivates my son to do well and teaches him to push himself. He is very knowledgeable, a great communicator, and overall great role model and mentor. My son is already looking forward to his next session! I highly recommend Coach Lester!

Coach Lester was a great coach. He really helped my son in a variety of ways and exceeded my expectations by far. He helped identify the areas and things my son needed to work on. Things that I had never noticed that will really help my son get better in his skills. Also in confidence. My son is extremely shy and quiet. Coach Lester was great with working on that with him. He seems like he is a positive roll model and mentor. He puts his all in his sessions on every level. I look forward to continue our sessions with him!!!

(no details provided)

Coach Lester is great! My son is 13 and he put him at ease right away. Clearly very knowledgeable and a good communicator. My son is already excited for his next session.

Coach Lester pushed my son to a whole new level of basketball. My son said he learned so much more than just basketball. It reminded him of his Karate Master-life lessons like respect, honesty, and hard work. Thank you Coach Lester and my son can’t wait for a week of practice to go bye so he can bring it!!

Coach Lester was terrific. Good communicator, instant credibility, kept my son engaged the entire time.

love this coach ! so flexible with schedules and a very amazing trainer !

After two sessions with Coach Lester, already seeing improvement with my son’s basketball skills. Coach Lester is very patient and relates to the kids well. My son is really enjoying his training with Coach Lester. Would recommend him to other kids looking to up their skill level.

Coach Lester does an amazing job with these kiddos! Within just minutes (literally!), I could see improvement in my young athlete and Coach Lester connected with him almost instantaneously! This first session alone has boosted my 14 year old's confidence to a whole new level! Keep up the amazing work you're doing in the lives of these youngsters! We are excited to watch our young guy become not only an amazing athlete with the help of Coach Lester, but the friendship they will develop along the journey! Here is to the best reviews out there!

Patient, explained things well. Go see this guy!

Coach Lester was a great coach. He was able to push my son without making him upset or frustrated. He can't wait to have another session with him. In the mean time, my son is practicing his new skills that he learned from Coach Lester and can't wait to show him his progress.

Coach Lester is a great coach! His patient yet persistent demeanor brought out the best in my son. He was able effectively communicate and teach important basketball skills. I would recommend Coach Lester to anyone.

After just one lesson my daughter did play the best game of her young career! Would suggest him to anyone

Coach Lester did an outstanding job with my son. He was punctual, patient, and very knowledgeable. Coach Lester's drills have already made a difference and my son will be going back.

Our first session went very well, he picked up on his weakness right away and adjusted to meet that need. He has excellent skills in working with children. By the end of the lesson my son was much improved and had skills to practice during the week. I highly recommend! Very polite and professional! Best money I've spent in a while.

Coach Lester is an amazing one on one coach. Miss Hannah was shooting more fluidly just after one session. His personality is one that encourages and builds confidence. This is the experience we were looking for!

Coach Lester has been great thus far. Our son who is 7 is just learning the game and Lester has been able to teach him proper technique from dribbling to shooting. Our son is learning the right way to play the game and having fun at the same time. Coach Lester exhibits a great amount of patience and knowledge of the game and shows a passion for passing those things down to developing players.

Coach Lester is a great coach!! Already see a difference in my son with the first session..

Coach Lester is awesome! He really knows the game. Coming in I wanted to increase my skills going into my senior year and for up coming show cases. With his help I can be a more solid and polished player. He breaks it down for you great and makes sure you understand what he is trying to teach you. I give him a 5 starts everytime and want to continue training with him for the rest of my high school career! I recommend him highly yo anyone who wants to increase their game!

Coach Lester is an excellent teacher and is able to break down the game into small consumable pieces. My son greatly benefited from coach's patience and knowledge.

Coach Lester is a great coach!! First session with my 9 yr. old was very beneficial. Coach has plenty of patience with kids and a good positive attitude. My son is excited and ready to do it again. We will be referring other kids on our team to Coach Lester.

Coach Lester is really good working with my daughter, he pushes her to the next level. He has stayed late if they are in the middle of something and never lets her give up... I would recommend him to any of my friends and family...Wonderful Coach!!!!

Worked my son in for a last minute session and did a fantastic job with him! He definitely benefited from just one session!

I didn't start playing ball until I was in 5th grade and at the time I was raw talent. So yes I was good for a fifth grader and never worked on my game and just played the games. Well going into Carter middle school I tried out for my middle school basketball team and did not make it. I realized I had just stayed good for whatever grade I was in. I knew I needed to start working on my game to make the team. My seventh grade year I made the team and was a starter for the next two years there and was the leading scorer for both years. A summer can change your year come train with me and change your year.
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