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Ken is passionate about helping athletes maximize their potential at any level. He has worked with first time, amateur, and even pro athletes though his 15 year career. View all coaching experience

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  • Robert Morris University (PA)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Swimming, Running, Cycling

  • Transitions, Pacing, Injury Prevention, Breathing


  • Robert Morris University (PA)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Swimming, Running, Cycling

  • Transitions, Pacing, Injury Prevention, Breathing

More About Coach Ken

Ken has worked with age group triathletes at all levels, from the first time sprinter, to the multiple time Ironman competitor. He coaches athletes locally and online. Ken is certified through ChiRunning and currently pursuing certification through Ironman University.

Ken has competed in Ironman Louisville, several Ironman 70.3 events, as well as sprint and olympic distance races. Outside of triathlon, Ken competes in marathon and half marathon races.

Ken currently trains athletes online, using industry leading software and weekly video conferences. For local athletes, Ken also meets one one one to help assess form and determine the most important areas of focus.

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Client Reviews

I enjoyed my first session with Coach Ken this week. He was friendly, easy to understand and put me at ease. We worked on my form and I felt the difference immediately. I am looking forward to our next session.

Coach Ken has been great. During COVID it’s hard to find quality distance training for athletes. He’s been working with my teen son and we are seeing some great results which will ensure my kid is ready when sports resume in our area. Highly recommend!

Ken has been excellent with my 8 yr old son. He taught him the correct form for running and reinforces it with him at every session. He set up a training schedule for him to do throughout the week through an easy to use software app. He gets results. My son went from not running at all really to completing a mile. From that accomplishment, my son now has the confidence to keep running. I’ve seen great improvements in my sons running. I would recommend coach Ken to anyone.

Coach Ken has helped me tremendously with improving my running form and being more efficient. I highly recommend Coach Ken to anyone who is a serious runner because he really goes in depth with you on your form, and analyzes video of your form and sends you the video with his critiques. Coach Ken has also checked in with me to see how I've been progressing via text or phone call and it's been great to be able to ask questions about form and get a response the same day. Overall, he is a great coach that wants to see you improve and be the best runner you can be. He is by far the best coach I've had and does anything for you to ensure you become a strong runner.

Love working with ken! Awesome coach who's there for me round the clock.

(no details provided)

Coach Ken is amazing! He takes the time to listen, work with my schedule, and provides great feedback! Since working with him, my endurance, running economy, and form have dramatically improved!

Coach Ken has been great! He is very personable, knowledgeable and effective at communicating. I will continue to use Coach Ken to help me become a better runner and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve!

I’ve been training with Ken for a half Ironman for the past few months. He’s extremely knowledgeable and helpful both when we meet for one-on-one sessions and through text/email. In just this little time he made a huge difference in my running and biking by teaching me the correct form and mental tricks to keep going. The training plan is highly personalized, and he reviews the completed workouts on a weekly basis to adjust the plan for you to still reach your end goal.

This is not my first time training with a personal coach, so I’ve experienced several different training styles and programs through the past ten years. Ken is definitely a top of the line coach and his passion for the sport is contagious!

I highly recommend him as your triathlon and running coach!

(no details provided)

My daughter who is 19 currently has had 3 running "coaches" in the past in addition to her team coaches. She really gets some good feedback from Ken. He has helped her specifically with her stride. In just 3 sessions she feels much more comfortable with her new form. She only had 6 weeks to work on her stride and cadence issues which we never dreamed would be enough time. It seems that Ken can analyze specifics quickly and offer suggestions effectively. She also enjoys his casual approachable nature and good personality. Pretty funny too. I would give Ken a try for any form issues your working on.

Professional, knowledgeable, engaged, and high level of energy. Great first training session for my son who is a D1 level soccer player. Exceeded expectations.

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My first training sessions with Ken went off pretty good. Ken took the time to describe the nuances of chi running in the a manner that was easily understood.

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Coach Ken has been great!! He is working with my son who is 13 years old and he has been a very good influence on my son, Luke really enjoys working with him!! Thanks Ken!!

Ken had an almost immediate impact on my running. My half marathon training has progressed almost twice as fast as I expected training on my own. Not only has my cardio improved with my personalized running schedule, my body is holding up much better due to the form changes we have implemented. I would call myself an average runner and would recommend Ken to anyone looking to take their training and performance to the next level.

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Ken is a very helpful coach. He gave me specific tips and things to focus on. The tips that he gave me not only helped my running but even helped my everyday walking posture. I highly recommend him!

Coach Ken has helped me work on my running form and training schedule in order and to increase my mileage while eliminating nagging recurring injuries I kept having while trying to "learn on my own". His techniques are simple to follow and he's given me great feedback to know if I'm on the right track or not.

(no details provided)

Ken is absolutely great. He is such a pleasure to work with and knows the ins and outs of the running technique. He is an expert for sure. So glad I had the opportunity to learn from him

Great care in understanding my strengths and needs., and providing me with appropriate exercises.

(no details provided)

Coach Ken was very professional and knowledgeable about running, stretching and strengthening. My daughter said he was easy to work with and took the time to make sure she was able to do what he needed her to do. We plan on using Ken to improve our daughters running skills/form and would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their overall running performance.

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Looking forward to working with him

In just one session with Ken, I gained a lot of information concerning my running form. I've been running for a few years but felt like I hit a plateau. Ken focused on my form and I am now in the process of implementing his suggestions. i am looking forward to seeing the video of my running at the beginning versus the end of the session. Overall, he is enthusiastic, personable, and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to experienced as well as novice runners.

Coach Ken is great, tailored my workouts perfectly to help me succeed I maintaining my fitness.

Ken was very personable and accommodating. He gave great feedback and taught me the right techniques to stay injury free! He is very knowledgeable about the Chi Running method and put things in terms that really made sense to me. I am looking forward to running with this new knowledge and meeting up again for another session!

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