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Coach Keith his training, coaching, instructions are crisp and concise. Players learn from doing. Coach works on the things that will benefit players development. Building skills! View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Keith. 60 minutes session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$45 1 session + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Keith. 60 minutes session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$135 3 sessions ($45/ea) + one-time fee

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5 session package with Coach Keith. 60 minutes session length

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  • College of San Mateo (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility, Passing, Shooting


  • College of San Mateo (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility, Passing, Shooting

More About Coach Keith

Over 30 years of coaching kids from ages 5 to 17 in the Recreation and Park Dept. in city of San Francisco one of the largest facilities. I ran the bulk of the Sports programs in Basketball, Baseball, and Tennis. Commissioned various Basketball and Baseball camps that I originate only one in the community. I implemented creative sports ideas from many great players and coaches. Subscribed to myriad of sports publications and how to videos by sport's experts, like John Wooden, Pistol Maravich, Magic Johnson, Dusty Baker, Pete Rose, Vic Braden, George Allen. The city of San Francisco Board of Supervisors awarded my services to Glen Park community, recognizing my success in Youth sports' teams.

Me shooting threes

I've won at every level from 6th grade to my Senior year in High school, won two back to back Basketball City Championships, earning All-City Honorable Mention. Played in JC at City College of San Francisco, championship in intramural Basketball and San Mateo College All-Tourney in a Canada College Tournament.

My Basketball plan for an individual to be the same for any sport and it's played by positioning the feet first, and the hands to be ready for immediate action to defend or in an attack mode being in balance. Moving the feet in sprints, running backwards, moving laterally, head keeping still, eyes focused and arms close to the body. Shooting the basketball close to the basket using the George Mikan's drill left foot stride and step right half hook and catch ball no bounce or one bounce to other side of rim with opposite foot with left hand half hook. Next near rim one handed floater follow catch repeat. Free Throw shooting. Have some fun with each one of the shooting drills, player picks his favorite (imaginary) baller to shoot against. Each shot attempt made player gets one point and the one missed the baller gets two, set amount points say 10, first to ten wins. Game is called beat the pro! Dribbles, passing and ball handling drills etc.

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Client Reviews

Coach Keith is very patient and encouraging to young players who are just starting to learn the game. He’s professional and kind. Coach Keith communicates well with my grandson. He is also very knowledgeable and my grandson making great progress.

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Coach Keith is warm and wise! He is honest and positive and inspired my 10th grader, who made the JV team this year! My son has left every lesson feeling encouraged and ready to put in the practice until the next coaching session. He's not only learning the motor skills...he's walking away with motivation to do the work it takes to improve his game!

(no details provided)

In just two sessions I know I have the right coach for my son. Coach Keith is awesome. My son is learning and having fun at the same time - thanks coach!

I was so impressed with Coach Keith. My 10 year old is very new to basketball and has some anxieties. Coach was able to gain his trust pretty quickly. I could tell there were a couple times my son was ready to give up but Coach Keith got him through and by the end of the first class I could see a huge improvement in his skill and confidence. He can't wait to practice and show Coach what he has learned at their next session.

Great first session and my son Xander felt at ease! Coach Keith definitely knows how to teach kids and he knows basketball and what it takes to make a team :)

Our son had his first practice with Coach Keith yesterday, and my husband and I had the opportunity to meet Coach Keith following the rules of social distance. The practice was just what our son needed-the basics of basketball drilling, which he had never been taught before although he had trained for more than 2 years. Coach Keith is a friendly and warm person, who motivated our son to continue to practice after months of shelter-in-place. We look forward to having Coach Keith train our son 1:1. We are confident that our son will learn a lot from Coach Keith.

He is easy to get along with, flexible, fun, and knowledgeable. My kids are more motivated to play basketball now. Thanks Coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Keith showed up right on time for our trial lesson. He was immediately friendly and personable and made my shy seven year old feel at ease. They got right to work, Coach Keith started with some really great warmup exercises and was able to quickly identify issues my son has been having with basketball and start helping him improve. He is both fun and friendly and yet a serious trainer that expects hard work in order to get results. We were really happy with the session and right away booked several more sessions with Mr. Burroughs. Thank you Coach Keith!! We look forward to watching you help transform our son’s technique and play!

Coach Keith was better than GREAT! Professional and skilled! My son is still talking about how much he learned and how much fun he had while being coached by Coach Keith! Great communication and OUTSTANDING COACH! HIGHLY RECOMMEND 10 STARS

(no details provided)

Coach Keith really knows how to target specific skills with unique and productive workouts. He has a really deep knowledge of the game and knows how to apply that knowledge to help players get better. Would definitely recommend!

(no details provided)

Coach Keith is an excellent coach who provides a wealth of great knowledge in basketball. He immediately recognizes key areas for development and enhances performance. Also, he is extremely patient and a great teacher for players. In addition, he has a great disposition, he's punctual, and extremely professional. We are glad we found this coach thanks "Coach Up."


Coach Keith is awesome with my kid. He has built his confidence in his abilities and has helped him develop as a basketball player. He takes extra time with him and helps him learn drills so he can practice the fundamentals of basketball on his own time. I would highly recommend him.

Coach Keith is great with my 8-year old. He's incredibly knowledgeable and patient.

(no details provided)

I’m 18 , and he showed me how to use my off hand more affective, and a lot of great drills to better your Handles , great guy with an enormous amount of knowledge

Coach Keith was great with my 13 y/o son. First session and he learned a lot! He is very much looking forward to more lessons. Thank you!

(no details provided)

Coach Keith was great with my teenage boys. He took an interest in them as people as well as in their individual basketball goals. My boys found him engaging, fun and very helpful from Day One! Highly recommended. I booked additional sessions right away.

My son is very shy and doubts his skills all the time. Within minutes of meeting my son, Coach Keith had him smiling and enjoying the training he was getting. Coaches approach to coaching is second to none. My son left his session excited about basketball for the first time in a year! He wants to keep learning the game from Coach Keith and that means the world to me.

Coach Keith is great! My son (age 8) has had one session so far, and he's already learned so much. My son can be difficult and a bit of a "know it all", but Coach Keith handled him so well and kept him interested the whole session. My son actually wanted to keep playing after his session was over AND he came home and immediately wanted to go outside and practice more. We will definitely be booking again!

Keith, provided a warm up assessment and evaluated my son. His knowledge of the game was comprehensive and he was very professional while working with Cameron. I feel comfortable recommending athletes to coach Keith!!!

Coach Keith was a perfect fit for my son Pedro, the 2 hours session seemed to be 20 minutes because it was so much fun and good work. Coach K can easily identify the players strength and weakness and adapt the training to improve both. His communication and motivational skills are top and he projects passion and love for the game. Basketball wisdom.

Today was our first day .. Coach Keith was on point with everything !!Adan is happy and is looking forward to his next training session... Came home and purchased 10 sessions..

Coach Keith was awesome today. I recorded the whole coaching session with him and my son Akiem, who warmed up with coach Keith’s instructions an then got right into practice. My son says it was great practicing with coach Keith today looking forward to his next session thanks Coach.

Coach Keith is an amazing and supportive coach. He has done wonders for my son and within just a few sessions, my 8 year old's confidence and abilities grew dramatically. My son had limited exposure to basketball and now he has great basic skills. Keith is calm and supportive even when my son poses challenges in training. You can't go wrong with coach Keith!

It was great to meet Coach Keith today. Based on reviews that I had read prior to hiring him, they we're on point. He took the time to get to know my daughter and her interests, which was a great ice breaker, and went about the business of coaching. My daughter really responded to the training and wants to work with him again. I'm looking forward to it, as well as the manifestation of what is being taught. As we say in the islands, mahalo Coach Keith!

(no details provided)

Keith is simply a beautiful person. We love him.

(no details provided)

My son Jaylen, 15 y/o is excelling and excited to be working with Coach Burroughs. He gets a lot out of their sessions together and comes home with new drills and ideas to improve his game. Coach has really motivated and is taking Jay to the next level. Thanks Coach Burroughs!

Coach Keith is a great Coach! He is kind, smart and dedicated to the sport of basketball! Teaching consistency with practice and repetition is the key. I would recommend Coach Keith to anyone who wants to improve their skills at any level.
Thank you Coach!

Thanks to Coach Keith for an amazing first session! My nephew really appreciated his guidance and attitude, and found him to be very inspiring. We look forward to the next sessions with him, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game!

(no details provided)

We had a great experience or first time with coach Keith! Look forward to booking more sessions.

My kids have gone to only their first session with Coach Keith and they already have learned so much. It felt like he has a lot to offer in improving their skills. Looking forward for the next session!

Coach Keith is an excellent coach, and I have studied a lot of basketball skills in one session. He is very funny and passionate.

I asked my son about his thoughts on Coach Keith and he said, "I like him; he knows basketball". This means a lot coming from a 14 year old who usually is reserved in his compliments. I also liked Coach Keith the moment I met him. He was real and knowledgeable about the game. He also spoke to the mental side of the game which, in my opinion, is not emphasized enough. Thank you, Coach!

Also, I booked another three sessions with Coach Keith for my son!

Coach Keith has been a fantastic basketball coach for our son. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, dedicated, and just understands how to motivate a young kid. Our son has never played basketball before and within 5 lessons, he has gained a tremendous amount of confidence and has absorbed many of Coach Keith's drills and lessons.

Our son looks forward to working out with Coach Keith every week now and we plan to continue to have him work with Coach Keith. As a bonus, Coach Keith provides a fun and informative report after every session that we all look forward to reading, after every practice. Thanks for everything Coach Keith!

Coach Keith was great! He kept my son motivated and quickly identified areas to work on. My son is looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Keith really took the time to observe my son and find his strengths and weaknesses to set up a plan of action for his future sessions. We are looking forward to more great things with him!

Coach Keith, provided a fun session for my 8 year old that kept him engaged. My son really enjoyed his interactive style of coaching, and learned a lot in a very short amount of time.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son enjoys his sessions and learning basketball from him! Thanks so much for teaching my son !

Coach Keith did an awesome job coaching my two boys (ages 8 and 7). I could see changes in how they play the game. Keith focused on the fundamentals of the game. He was able to keep them engaged during practice. I would highly recommend Coach Keith.

We had a great session with Coach Keith. Very knowledgeable and a great demeanor. We look forward to our next sessions!
Thank you very much

Hi is a very good coach, the kids like him & he has got the passion got basketball. We have booked 10 more sessions with him. Good job Keith!!

Coach keith knows the game and he knows how to help you improve yours. I would recommend him to anyone whos serious on becoming a amazing athlete.

I WA nervous when coach Keith was coming to coach my son I had told him my son was shy around new people an slow to worm but once he knew him he really was a fun kid song I've him time he knew haw tall my son who just turned 13 wad which was just under 6 ft 1 and he said it was natural for big kids he coached alot of big kids and he was big. It mad me feel a lot better he got here early and came out to our half court introduced himself and my son who is slow to warm seemed to warm up quickly to him he did several little drills to see what my child needed to work on and he pinpointed the same thing I see and.yell ( not mean yell cheering on parent type yelling in the game yell) so he noticed it and had my son do drills that doing the play over and over made it so he remembered them and made them a habit my son listened to coach Keith where he didn't listen to parents and his school coach or aau coach doesn't have time to just focus on my son he is couching 14 kids so he has to focus plays in a whole coach Keith. Just focuses on your child coach said to me after gabriel did about 30 layups and didn't miss any well he don't miss any once he's close to the court I told him well it was 75 percent chance he would make it 25 he would miss but since he listens to you about the place one the backboard it's more like 97 he makes it so thanks for you telling him. Coach Keith I'm just going to say has has great knowledge he started with some hook shots post ups. Proper shooting technique without a whole team my son boars easy my son was listening and working coach improved his game in one session it would be a novel to write it all he is reasonable and seems to be a good man. Try him out and I believe you will have a new personal coach. I don't just recommend people bit this man deserves it. Stacie Orani

(no details provided)

Keith has been more than a Basketball coach in my life, but also a teacher and a mentor. he instilled in me the desire I have to coach young people and also to teach the history of the game and how it translates to life as well as using baskeball as a tool for character development. I still find myself running many of the drills I did years ago playing for Keith with the teams that I coach today. This man is a legend and I hope young people continue to benefit from his passion and knowledge for basketball the same I was fortunate enough to
Keith Burroughs coached me all throughout my childhood career. I remember that I initially dreaded playing the sport, due to the intense stamina that it requires and most coaches tendencies to put pressure on athletes and be somewhat militant, but with Keith that was never the case. When I was just 10 years-old, I enrolled in his basketball camp and I had experienced. He did an impeccable job of not only instilling fundamental skills within all of the participants, but he also was able to build a community of young athletes who were passionate about the sport, and best of all, it was Fun. I know if it wasn't for his particular techniques, I would've quit playing basketball a long time ago. Keith has a talent for infusing arduous drills with games that allowed us to interact. Our favorite game was knockout! Keith also made sure that we were knowledgeable about the sport by having us study and mimic the greatest basketball players throughout history. Keith Burroughs by far has been the best coach I've had in all my sixteen years of experience, I would recommend his coaching to anyone who has love for basketball, whether beginner or advanced, young or not so young. I thank him for his patience, methods, and incomparable expertise. He taught me the values it takes to be a successful athlete and still remains one of my biggest mentors and greatest advocates to this day.
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