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Justin H.

15 years playing experience as a pitcher, catcher and outfielder. Pitching instruction mechanics coach for youth to adult aged players for 2 years.


Houston, TX





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University of Houston--Downtown (TX)

Coaching Experience

4 years

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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Shortstop, Third base, Second base, Right field, Relief pitcher, Left field, First base, Center field, Outfield, Infield, Pitcher, Catcher


Throwing, Stealing, Running the bases, Pitcher cover first, Pickoffs, Leading off, Hook slide, Holding base runners, Head first slide, Double steal, Bunting, Batting, Fielding, Hitting, Pitching

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Group Sessions

Yes; up to 4 athletes


Up to 25 miles

Session Duration

60 minutes

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More About Me

I have 15 years playing experience as a pitcher, catcher and outfielder. I have been a pitching instruction mechanics coach for youth to adult aged players for 2 years and for a 10 yr old select team and a 12 yr. old elite level tournament team. I have a simple balanced approach. ABC Hitting approach taught by professional baseball player Reggie Sanders, which is easy approach to teaching youth baseball players the right mechanics involved in swinging a bat. I feel with my pitching experience and knowledge of specific pitching drills I can increase velocity, control and simplify a pitching delivery. Reduce strikeouts at the plate and increase contact and hits for power.

I have successfully coached a 10 year old select baseball team and assisted in coaching an elite 12 yr old select and premier tournament team in the Cypress area. I have 15 years playing experience playing baseball in the Houston area as a pitcher, catcher and outfielder. I helped run an open infield practice every Friday for youth-high school students in which we hit ground balls and gave fielding instruction on defense. As a student of the game I have successfully helped many youth ballplayers in improving their playing skills offensively and defensively.

Each session starts with an evaluation of the players assets and skills, from there I like to focus on areas of improvement and correcting any flaws or mechanics that may be hindering success. I value giving positive reinforcement and explain why a certain thing is done a certain way. Every player is different and I feel should have their own comfortable way of doing things. Be it, fielding, hitting or pitching I let the player dictate the session and we perform repetitions and practice the optimal way to receive the best results.

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Client Review Baseball

Coach Higgs has been awesome with Jake. He is really building his confidence. His progress in pitching and hitting the last 2 sessions has been amazing! I strongly recommend Justin for any player looking to improve their skills and understanding of the game!

Client Review Baseball

Solid coach. Very pleased with his attention to technique.

Client Review Baseball

Justin is very patience and extremely helpful in developing my son's baseball skills. After the first lesson, my son's confidence and batting skills made a big jump forward. It is a worthwhile investment to see my son's skills improve week by week. We just played out first game of the season and everyone could see improvement since last season. I strongly recommend Justin's training sessions to anyone interested in learning the game of basketball or looking to improve and take their game to the next level.

Client Review Baseball

An amazing coach. Had a coach prior to Justin, and the old coach didn't do near the job Justin did. Justin tells you what you are doing wrong and tells you how to fix it. He really knows what he's doing and notices everything you do. This was my first time using CoachUp and I was a little skeptical using this website to find a coach but it was worth it. If you live in the Houston area, no need to search further for a coach because Justin is it. Definitely will rebook for another perfect session

Client Review Baseball

Justin is very knowledgeable about the game of baseball and is very patient as well. My son needs some training to improve his batting skills and I think that Justin is the person to do that. We look forward to working with him again.

Client Review Baseball

I would recommend coach Justin. He was very educated in the mechanics and basic thing you need to do in order to have a good powerful swing. Explained everything very well and knew what to fix and how to fix it. I will definitely be back for more lessons.

Client Review Baseball

Justin is very knowledgeable and during out first session reminded me of some basics that I had forgotten to remember. He is also very enthusiastic and provides a lot of encouragement. I will sign up for multiple sessions - I recommend Justin highly!

Client Review Baseball



Fantastic instruction. Lots of mental work supported by sound fundamentals. Coach works very hard to make sure that players get the most of every minute.

Sean Holton*

The best instruction I could have found for my son! If you want someone with a true passion for the game, look no further, this is it!! Worth every penny and then some.

Michelle T.*
* This testimonial provided by Justin.

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