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Ranked #1 nationally as a private baseball coach through CoachUp; experience coaching youth, middle and high school aged athletes hitting/pitching/fielding beginner to advanced. View all coaching experience

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4 session package with Coach Justin. 60 minute session length

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1 session package with Coach Justin. 60 minute session length. Includes Facility Reservation as well as Instruction- pitching/hitting/fielding/catching

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  • University of Houston--Downtown (TX)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Infield, Outfield, Pitcher

  • Baserunning, Fielding, Hitting


  • University of Houston--Downtown (TX)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Infield, Outfield, Pitcher

  • Baserunning, Fielding, Hitting

More About Coach Justin

I have 15 years playing experience as a pitcher, catcher and outfielder. I have been a pitching instruction mechanics coach for youth to adult aged players for 2 years and for a 10 yr old select team and a 12 yr. old elite level tournament team. I have a simple balanced approach. ABC Hitting approach taught by professional baseball player Reggie Sanders, which is easy approach to teaching youth baseball players the right mechanics involved in swinging a bat. I feel with my pitching experience and knowledge of specific pitching drills I can increase velocity, control and simplify a pitching delivery. Reduce strikeouts at the plate and increase contact and hits for power.

I have successfully coached a 10 year old select baseball team and assisted in coaching an elite 12 yr old select and premier tournament team in the Cypress area. I have 15 years playing experience playing baseball in the Houston area as a pitcher, catcher and outfielder. I helped run an open infield practice every Friday for youth-high school students in which we hit ground balls and gave fielding instruction on defense. As a student of the game I have successfully helped many youth ballplayers in improving their playing skills offensively and defensively.

Each session starts with an evaluation of the players assets and skills, from there I like to focus on areas of improvement and correcting any flaws or mechanics that may be hindering success. I value giving positive reinforcement and explain why a certain thing is done a certain way. Every player is different and I feel should have their own comfortable way of doing things. Be it, fielding, hitting or pitching I let the player dictate the session and we perform repetitions and practice the optimal way to receive the best results.

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Client Reviews

Coach Justin was just what my son needed. I don't have any real experience with baseball and he was able to patiently show my son the ropes; the amount of improvement over one session was outstanding. I've already booked half a dozen more. Here's a guy that makes practice fun, is willing to take time and be patient with a new player, and keeps a 10 year old engaged and working hard for an entire hour.

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I would give out 100 stars if I could. Coach Justin is one of the best coaches out there. My son only practiced 3 times with him this week, and the improvement he got is more than last 3 month. We will keep this going.

Justin did a great job coaching. Detailed instruction on swing, fielding, and throwing mechanics that he communicated in a way that was easy for our son to understand and take away to practice.

Justin is a great coach! My son looks forward to continuing his lessons as he is rapidly enhancing his baseball skills! Would highly recommend!

Coach Justin was very knowledgeable in all aspect of the game and took the time to break down and explain all drills and their purpose. My kids had a lot of fun working with Coach Justin and learned a lot as well. I would recommend Coach Justin to teach any level of ball player from youth to high school.

Justin is very patient and works well with young athletes.

Great Coach first off. Immediately after the first lesson, asked the boy how was it from his point of view and he said outstanding. Justin took the time to go over with him how to actually throw the ball based on each pitch, physically showing him how to grip it not just telling him. Trust the process, looking forward to another great season.

My 14 year old son has finished his second baseball training session with Justin Higgs, and he is doing a phenomenal job training him! I think that we will stick with Justin for many many years to come!

Coach Higgs was great in our evaluation session. He provided batting guidance with techniques we could reference going forward, and went beyond our allotted time to cover the areas requested.

Coach Justin has an excellent analysis and provides an outstanding knowledge. His experience developed has created a deep consciousness in the game with great techniques to teach young players.

Coach Justin did fantastic with my 10 year old Noah. He connects really well with the kids and knows how to be firm while still having fun. He had so much patience with him, and I saw a dramatic improvement after just one lesson. He also gave me a lot of advice on how to help him at home and the right equipment to use. I will definitely be bringing him back for more lessons in the future!

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(no details provided)

I was blown away with Coach Justin. His instruction and his ability to communicate with my 8 year old son was impressive. I think Coach Justin will really help my son to take next steps and become overall better player in all aspects. Can't wait for next lesson!

Super knowledgeable and relatable. Kept the practice interesting but didn’t waste time.

Coach Justin is awesome. My two boys love him and are improving each sessions

2 down and 2 to go, for my 7 year old's first package with Coach Justin, and he has been great! My son has been excited about going to lessons and has really learned a lot! Justin has shown a ton of patience and I can tell he is very knowledgeable in the game!

Coach Justin was an awesome coach to our son! Definitely continuing sessions!

Coach Justin had a great approach. My son is twelve and never really had batting instruction. My son has better technique and more confidence with just a few sessions. We would recommend Coach Justin to anyone who asks.

Great coach! Very knowledgeable and a very good motivator and teacher of proper batting, throwing and fielding skills for my 13-yr old.

(no details provided)

Justin has every quality you look for when it comes to a great coach. He is knowledgeable in the sport, communicates well with his trainee and parents, always interacts with the trainee during the lesson and gives positive feedback. Coach Justin encourages my son’s strengths and targets his weaknesses. I would definitely recommend him for private lessons. Parents and trainee will not be disappointed.

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Coach Justin is very responsive and did a great job with our son at his first session. He asked for input on where we thought Zackary needed the most help to better understand his strengths and weaknesses and jumped right into explaining what the session would consist of. Coach Justin also did various one-on-one drills which pushed our son out of his comfort zone and helped him gain more self confidence by the end of the session. He was very encouraging throughout the session and Zackary was excited to learn some new techniques. The session was so prodcutive that we've already signed up for summer camps AND will be booking additional individual sessions. Thanks for all of your hard work Coach Justin!!

First session yesterday and was extremely pleased. Coach Higgs really knows what he’s doing. We will be visiting him regularly from here on in!

Coach Justin is the best coach you can find, he is really patient and give great instructions, my son is making big improvement.

Coach Justin is a really good Coach, he takes the time to break down everything and does not rush through the sessions like other trainers do. He really cares about being trained in the right fundamentals. I am happy with the results that I am seeing and have purchased more sessions with him...... Thanks
Coach Justin.

-Juan Valerio-

This was our first meeting with Justin and my son was engaged right away. Hitting session was something new for him and he caught on quickly and we saw improvement within the first few minutes of the lesson. He implemented what he was taught in a scrimmage and his first at bat was a triple. We plan on scheduling more sessions with Justin and can see his passion for the game an teaching it.

Coach Justin is an amazing coach! My son was brand new to baseball when he started working with him. He learned to be a kid who only had strike outs and walks to a kid who consistently hit singles and doubles and moved up to being third in the batting order! My son’s fielding also improved and Coach Justin taught him how to be the number one catcher on his team. Sign up for this coach! You won’t regret it!

Incredible hitter and pitcher who teaches my son how to hit, pitch, catch and therefore have confidence in his ability to be player. When I pick him up, my son asks “ Mom, why are you are on time!? Be late next time!”!

We had been using a different trainer pretty regularly but seemed to have hit a wall when I found Justin. It was the day of my sons tryouts and Justin worked with him in the morning before and ultimately my son had one of the best tryouts all day. Justin really helped with the mechanics and technics but most of all my sons confidence. Five stars for Justin will be definitely booking a multiple training package.

Coach Justin is a fantastic teacher. He is very nice to the kids and promotes interests. He is always on time and always likes to help. Kids like him very much!

Awesome coach - highly recommended!!

Justin is great with my boys. Their confidence level and love for the sport has changed dramatically. We highly recommend Coach Justin.

Coach Justin was a pro all the way. On our first session he recognised my son’s strength and weakness right away and addressed each one of them patiently. One hour went by quick, and my son enjoyed it. He is detailed and accurate. We booked more sessions straight away.

Coach Justin is amazing and really cares about his players. He is an amazing teacher/coach and leader.

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(no details provided)

Great coach! Coach Higgs worked with my 9 yr old son Joseph and improved his batting swing. He broke down each movement and really took his time to show Joseph the proper mechanics in hitting the ball.

First time user with coach Justin and was very impressed with the knowledge he showed to my 7 yr old son. Will be returning with coach Justin for more training.

Coach Justin is patient and thorough. Our son wanted to switch to baseball from soccer at the age of 11. He was behind in training. Coach Justin quickly brought him up to speed with his effective coaching methods and techniques. We are very pleased with his skills and work ethic.

Had a first lesson for my 9yo son . Justin appeared very knowledgeable about the swing. Great enthusiasm and his love of teaching was very apparent . Will definitely schedule more lessons so we can build on what he learned on the first lesson .

Coach Justin was great. He did an unbelievable job of capturing my son’s attention and working with him on the correct fundamentals. I look forward to my son working with Coach Justin again and would highly recommend him to anyone.

My son had a pitching lesson with coach Justin and he is great! After just one lesson my son showed improvement in his mechanics and consistency...definitely would recommend coach Justin !

He’s a good coach. My son is learning a lot.

Wow! What a great first lesson! Coach Justin explained everything in detail. He's friendly and very knowledgeable. He has already set up a plan to help my son get his swing working for him again. We've never experienced coaching like this before, so we're super excited to see what the future holds! We would definitely recommend Coach Justin!

My son has always been passionate about playing baseball but at times loses motivation and Coach has been really good at keeping him motivated and determined to do well. Coach Justin has helped my son grow so much within so little time, is very patient and kind when practicing with my son and an overall great coach! Thank you for all your help Coach Justin!

First session was great! Worked on fixing hitting and throwing mechanics (as requested). Now just need a few more sessions to lock in the muscle memory! Thanks, Justin!

Good job with my son and taught me and my son some good drills to do at the house.

Coach Justin is awesome! He spent the entire session really focusing on my son and helping him fix his swing and catching stances. He also included us in to show us how he should be practicing at home. We were very impressed by him going over and beyond to send us links to specific gear and drills to use at home. Very impressed and highly recommend!

Coach Justin is an awesome coach !
We have a 10 year old who’s passionate about learning the game but has not played before . He learned so much after just having one session with Justin. Coach Justin is very good with kids: he’s engaging, passionate, and definitely a great coach for any young aspiring baseball athlete!

Coach Justin was very impressive in my Grandsons first lesson with him. He's very knowledgeable in all aspects of pitching. He made Angel understand the importance of the techniques in new drills he taught him, analyzed his motion, and recommended videos and tools he could use. He is highly recommended.
Thanks Coach!

Great coach who is knowledgeable and patient with kids

Justin is very knowledgable works well with kids.

We have been to several different places and coaches and Coach Justin is the best. He is specific and focused. The lessons are also a great work out. I expect we will see continuous improvement in hitting for power as well as agility and fielding.

A great coach and has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the basics of baseball! Make sure to book him early as he has a line of kids waiting.

Coach Justin was recommended to me by my 7 year old son’s rec league coach. We’ve completed just 2 sessions so far and I’m extremely pleased. While we’ve focused on hitting so far, Coach Justin has worked to help my son create a much stronger foundation for his swing. He’s been patient in explaining the mechanics, and demonstrating the mechanics. He’s encouraged and pushed my son every session. My son immediately asked to do another session after our first visit. We immediately saw significant improvement and power in our son’s swing. Other coaches and parents noted his improvement as well, inquiring about Coach Justin. After watching the end of another lesson before ours, I was impressed by the fielding drills and throwing mechanics Justin was demonstrating. We’ll ask to incorporate that as well next session. Again, we couldn’t be more pleased and would not hesitate to recommend Justin to others.

Justin has given Jacks, our 11 year old, a whole new confidence at the plate, in the field, and on the mound. He’s both very technical and extremely clear in his coaching style. We’ve had six sessions and it’s never been a “going through the motions.” Each session has been tailored specifically to our son. Justin teaches, then he demonstrates what he wants Jacks to work on, then he observes Jacks work, then he evaluates him on where they need to go next, and he always ends with great encouragement. He’s an incredible motivator and has got Jacks working hard. Most important, our son has a ton of fun working with Coach Justin.

(no details provided)

I bought the lessons for my nephew, so I will pass along his feedback. He told me that he really enjoyed his first lesson, he thought Justin was nice, and he thinks Justin is a good coach and will teach him a lot.

Coach Justin is awesome!!

(no details provided)

Coach Justin is a great coach. My son is learning so much from him. The drills and techniques he teaches are very effective. I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

Coach Higgs provided a thorough assessment and coaching clinic for my son. As a Dad, I was pleased with his patience and knowledge of the game. It takes a special coach to be able to translate practical baseball into a terminology that an 8yr old can grasp. Thanks Coach.

Justin has been great working with my son. In 3 hours of training he has greatly increased his skill as both a fielder and a hitter. The last session also included pitching skills and strategy. They also had a short basketball clinic for grins. He has been able to challenge my son like he never has been challenged..Looking forward to the next session.

So far Justin has been great. He's working w/ my 11 yr old son and keeps it fun but challenging.
His techniques and drills are new to us and are really helping.

I love how Coach Justin pushes Dillan and raises the bar. He pushes him to the next level while making it fun and continuously being encouraging. Thanks Coach Justin for your passion and investment to our children. Keep up the good work!

Coach Justin is an excellent coach. He is always laser focused during lesson time and explains both the fundamentals and more advanced concepts in a way that is easy for young athletes to understand. He is also easy to work with and extremely responsive. We are extremely satisfied!

Coach Justin has been great with my son. After 3 sessions, it has already built up confidence in my son and also had a great tryout this past weekend. My son seems to really like him and wants to keep learning from him.

(no details provided)

Absolutely the best workout my son has ever had. When we left he was already asking when he could train with Coach Justin again. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

(no details provided)

Coach Justin is really good. Enjoyed working with him and would do it in a heart beat again. Highly recommended.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great coach ... great technique with the students

(no details provided)

Coach Justin did an amazing job with laying foundations in a short amount of time. My son has played since he was 4 but didn't have the best form. In a one hour session, Justin was able to teach him proper batting stance which showed immediate improvement. Looking forward to future sessions.

My boys (8 yrs old) recently had a pitching lesson with Justin and really enjoyed it! They took away some great pointers and used them today at practice. Can’t wait to see them pitch on Tuesday! Thanks Justin! We will be back!

Parents, Coach Justin is a great solution for you and your child for multiple opportunities. Whether looking to review your child's current level, a specific area of opportunity you feel your child needs development in, or just to reinforce the commitment to fun through competition and being a better all around player, watching Coach Justin with my son who just turned 10 recently, and others with age ranges from 7 to 15, would strongly recommend you give coach Justin a shot.

My son has had two sessions with Coach Justin and he is already feeling more confident! I would recommend him for anyone looking to improve.

(no details provided)

Coach Justin was great, he initially observed my son’s mechanics to see where he was at and then adjusted him and gave drills and advice on how to correct bad habits.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Justin really is an amazing coach. After the first session our son could not wait to go back and was showing his teammates all he learned. Justin has a consistent approach to the training, especially in regards to getting thru specific skill challenges before moving on to the next step. As a coach who looked outside for assistance in fixing some kinks in my sons swing, I honestly cannot recommend Justin enough and my son could not have been happier.

Coach Justin was fantastic! First of all my son loved the lesson and immediately wanted to go back which is most important. Coach Justin was down to earth and easy to understand and made it fun and positive. Significant changes and immediately noticeable difference in hitting. Will definitely be going back for more sessions!

I’ve heard great things. We are one session in and I totally understand the direction he is going. He is giving my son the skills necessary to move on to a new level.

Coach Justin is amazing. He knows the fundamentals. My son usually hit softly ground ball. After the first session with Justin, my son hit the ball to the fence. I already feel like a whole new athlete. He knows my son’s problems and how to fix them and improve the skills. I can see my son’s progress. His training and techniques are like none I have had before. He is also very patient since he answered all questions we kept asking. I highly recommend coach Justin and look forward to further training.

After 2 sessions with Justin, my son went from never hitting the ball to hitting the ball every game. Justin is direct in his approach, very patient and works to make sure that he is giving positive reinforcement so it’s not frustrating for the kids. If your looking for someone to help your kid with the fundamentals or improve on what he already knows then I would highly recommend giving Justin a call.

(no details provided)

Very thorough and patient!

Omg coach Justin is amazing. He teaches GREAT techniques and he’s very patient! This was our first time going and once we left my son said “mom I have to go back and learn more”! I give him 5 stars! Not only did he train my son and explained everything to me as well and I loved it!!!

Justin did a great job at our session and my son immediately benefitted.

Coach Justin is the best! My son loves coming to lessons each week and begs me to schedule more.

Coach Justin works great with youth athletes and helps them to understand the right way to swing a baseball and where power comes from in a swing. Has great patience and understanding how to relate to a young baseball player. Will definitely use again!

We were running late due to gps taking us to a different location. Justin was understanding and took us in without hesitation. He was excellent in explaining to my son how to correctly swing and why it’s done this way. He spent more than our allotted time and was very patient with him. I can’t wait for more sessions with Justin. Thanks for all you do.

Coach Justin is dedicated and thorough. He uses many techniques to pass his knowledge on to the player. Each session is packed from beginning to end.

(no details provided)

Great coach. Very Patient. Tailers the learning to the kid. I purchased as 12 pack session but likely will continue after that based off my initial impression of the first two visits. He takes a very scientific approach to hitting/fielding/throwing and teaches the absolute physics of doing each of them. The younger you start - the better you will be as the kids have not developed as many bad habits.

Thank you Justin for the excellent hitting and fielding lesson

Saw immediate improvement in first session. Great with younger kids. Will be continuing lessons!!!

Coach Justin is a really good teacher of the fundamentals. After only one session I could tell the difference in my sons abilities. Justin keeps it fun which is definitely important when working with young athletes.

Coach Justin was very patient with my moody son and kept the session moving smoothly. His techniques are different and easy enough to practice at home brtween session. My son has really improved and feels more confident moving around the field.

The lessons with Coach Justin are challenging, but very educational. My son has learned a lot from Justin.

I took my 12-year old to his first lesson with Coach Justin and he was quick to tell me he learned more about hitting in 1 hour with Coach than 12 years with me! Awesome stuff. He can't wait to go back. Coach Justin is the best and I'd recommend him to anyone.

(no details provided)

Coach Justin was able to provide my son with several drills for both pitching and hitting which will allow him to improve as a player when practicing on his own.

Justin is a great coach! He is good at teaching and motivating my 9 year old to continue to learn and improve his skills for baseball. Highly recommend!

Worked really well with my six year. Was able to relate concepts in language that he could understand.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Highly recommended after 2 lessons with my 13 year old. Coach Justin does a great job of identifying individual areas that need work and then applying specific drills to each area. His lessons are well paced, well organized and he relates well to youth.

Justin is a awesome coach! He is a true professional. He is extremely good working with my 6-year old boy. My son has only spent two sessions with Justin so far, he has already improved dramatically on batting swing, and fielding. Justin is not only on time, but also always works beyond an hour schedule on each session.

(no details provided)

Coach Justin is a great coach with a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for the lesson.

We're new to Houston and my boys will baseball tryouts for the first time this upcoming season. After one session, I know they are going to KILL!

I drive my son 45 minutes to drill with Justin. I'd drive twice that to have Justin work with him. He's a dynamic teacher that focuses on the positive. My son loves the sessions. I wish we had found Justin two years ago. I recommend him if you have a child playing anywhere in the Houston area!

Justin was very knowledgeable. Our son learned a great deal during his lesson with Coach Justin. Thank you Coach!

Coach Justin is awesome! We were hesitant at first, but realized fairly quickly we had made the right choice for our boys. It is not often you see improvement with one session. Looking forward to our outcome after many more. Thank you coach.

Proud parents of baseball players,
Steven & Jozette

Justin has the know-how and patience to work with young players.

Son really enjoyed his lesson. Justin did a good job of explaining what he was doing wrong while showing him how to correct. Will book again

Coach Justin is great! My son is 10 and has never played before. Coach Justin was motivating and helped my son feel confident. We hope to have many more great lessons with him.

Justin is very professional and thorough in his instruction. We saw an improvement in our sons performance after just one session! We booked more sessions immediately and are looking forward to continuing to work with him!!

First impression with Coach Justin was very favorable. I will be booking future sessions possibly adding my other son. My son is 10 and very under-sized for his age. So, right away he poses a challenge to any coach. My son had had other professional coaches, which were great, but couldn't quite get it right with my son. Coach Justin was quick and confident he could get the job done. He makes great use of his time management. They were able to get a lot of work in. The initial results were very positive. He made it very easy for my son to understand. And I did see immediate improvements. Most importantly, my son (who can be shy) really liked Coach and felt very comfortable. I also think it is important to mention that coach Justin was good to me as a parent as well. He involved me, gave me homework, and good feedback on my child. He also took his personal time to go over his general philosophy of training athletes the right way. He probably didn't realize it, but that resonated very well with me. I look forward to further training.

Coach Justin was very helpful. He really knows what he is talking about. My grandson had a extended lesson and is looking forward to working with him again. He was having a problem with his batting and after working with Justin he went to a tournament and hit one to bring a three runners to score. Great to see the improvement. Thanks Coach Justin

(no details provided)

Justin is an excellent coach !

I bought a group of lessons for my 11 year old grandson (Wyatt) ... he had his first meeting with Justin and the reviews I got after his first lesson were great. He really, really liked Justin. His Mom took him to the first lesson ... the family all said this is going to be a continuous endeavor ... not just the 6 lessons I paid for... Wyatt said he is so much enjoying learning to be a better player !

Coach Justin is a very good coach. He knows many techniques to teach young players to properly field, catch and bat. I would recommend him for anyone seeking baseball coaching.

(no details provided)

Justin is Extremely knowledgeable and great with my kid. He makes it fun but also pushes him at the same time.

I highly recommend Coach Justin! He was able to improve my son's baseball swing in just one session. He was very careful to make sure my 10 year old son understood what he was teaching, so that my son can make the needed changes everytime he swings. We will definitely go back for more one on one help.

After one session I can tell Coach Justin will be a great fit for my son. My son is an 8 year old that had a decent swing coming in, but with some adjustments from Justin, there was great improvement in the explosiveness of the ball off the bat. I look forward to more workouts, but most importantly my son is looking forward to working with Justin.

Justin is very informative and knows his stuff

(no details provided)

Coach Justin is an amazing Coach.! My son has enjoyed every session and learns something new everytime.

My son loves working w coach Justin. The right mix of tough paired with positive affirmation and quality reps is resulting in noticable gains. Looking forward to seeing that trend continue. Highly recommend Justin.

Justin has been working with my 8 year old son for two sessions now and the results are already noticeable. His approach works very well with my son in both instilling knowledge and self confidence. As they have gone through the sessions he is introducing drills that have both enhanced my son's mechanics and coordination, which is the overall goal. Justin has also taken the time to show me the drills so we can replicate them at home. Overall, I am very happy with the guidance Justin has given my son and look forward to our future sessions.

Justin did a great job working with my 5.5 y/o. Really patient, made the session very fun, and taught me a lot in the process. We're looking forward to future sessions.

We've used Justin's coaching services just once so far but he had an immediate impact on our little ball player. He helped my husband also with some techniques to help coach our son's team. He is great with our son and we are looking forward to more sessions and have just signed up for a dozen more.

Coach Justin is awesome! He is a great motivator and instructor. Coach Justin has helped my son take hitting to the next level!

Coach Justin provided some of the exact techniques our son needed to better his batting. He was quick to respond to emails. Will be continuing sessions with him through the summer to further help progress son's fielding and batting. Thank you Coach Justin for your patience.

I have two boys that needed help with baseball basics. Coach Justin was able to vastly improve their hitting and throwing in just a few lessons. Justin is very good at seeing what a kid needs to work on and impliment changes quickly and effectively.

Coach Justin is a great coach! This was my son's first session with Coach Justin. He worked with my son on using his body for more power when hitting. During the session, you could clearly see results from his detailed instruction which really excited my son. My son is looking forward to more sessions.

Coach Justin is a great coach and you tell he is passionate about baseball and helping kids get better. Aidan was already hitting the ball but with just one lesson and change his stands and technique, I can tell he will be driving the ball harder and further by using the power in his lower half. We look forward to more lessons with Coach Justin.

Coach Justin is working with my 14 year old son and in just two lessons so far he has improved his batting and fielding more than any team practice could ever do.

Justin is not your average coach, he is a true teacher and he will find a way for your kid to learn.

If you want your kid to learn and improve then make the time to train with coach Justin.

Coach Justin was great with my son! He showed him different techniques to limit his injuries and strengthen his arm as a pitcher. He gave him the reasons for doing particular movements and why they are important. My son said he learned alot and we will definitely be back for more!

At this point, I've been taking hitting lessons from Justin. What I really like about Justin's coaching style is that he recognizes that coaching is his job, and he treats it that way. He's not just a good player who says, "Do it like I do." He's studied the mechanics, and he knows what to do and why. Just as important, he has a good method to teach them equally well to youth and adult players. His style is pleasant, but he is also on point and direct. I never once felt like my time, or money was being wasted. He comes prepared. There's no indecision about what to do. He does a very nice job of mixing instructions with tie ins to current MLB players.

I'm very pleased!

Stan T.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Justin Higgs is a terrific baseball coach! We are willing to drive almost an hour to his facility for a lesson! Coach Justin really focuses on the physics of baseball - proper mechanics to get the most power from your swing or throw. Every session is unique and he uses a variety of tools to teach the skills. My son really enjoys working with him and looks forward to each lesson. Justin will often go over the one hour lesson time in order to see my son master the skill or just get in a hard workout.

(no details provided)

Awesome coach, highly recommend! He has worked with my son for 4 years, and think he is the best in and around Houston. Joe Stephens

(no details provided)

Coach Justin was a fantastic coach to my son Beau. Beau is just starting out and Coach Justin helped improve his fundamental skill set while still making it a lot of fun.

Coach Justin is working with both my son and daughter- different ages, different kinds of learners. He is equally effective training both of them. My son says, "he teaches me lots of different skills". My daughter says, "I could tell that I was a much better hitter after just one lesson".
My husband and I love how positive and encouraging he is with them. I can tell he really loves baseball and cares very much that the kids learn how to be their best.

Amazing coach. My son has always been the stellar athlete that even his peers' parents come to watch at the games. But this past season, he fell behind in some areas amongst his peers, and even after one session with Coach Justin, I saw his confidence come back. Coach Justin takes the time to make sure his students get the skills, and it shows. Highly recommend.

Coach Justin was patient and good with my son. Seen improvement immediately in my sons swing. Would highly recommend Coach Justin

(no details provided)

Justin is great with my daughter. She has had a few sessions with him and has already improved her power and her swing. He works really great with the mechanics of her swing as well. He is always doing an amazing job teaching her to play catcher better. She was scared of the ball a little bit and has now improved her catching and throwing ability. Her throwing has improved a ton. Easily a 10 out of 10 for Justin. I will continue to use him for my daughter and will be signing up my other daughter as well. Thanks Justin for all the hard work.

(no details provided)

Great coach !!! Very professional and great with the students - works on the complete game

Very energetic instructor. communicates well and works hard thru the entire structured session. makes baseball fun and boosts ethan's confidence thru hard work. ethan is excited to go to practice every time.

My son really enjoyed working with Justin today..He is very excited to use the kills he learned today in his game coming up.. Justin was very knowledgeable and patient with our son.. thank you Justin Jose can't wait to go back we will see you soon

Coach Higgins was highly recommended to me. I was not disappointed he lived up to his reputation. I have coached base ball and played it a lot during my life. Coach Higgins taught me things I did not know just by watching him coach my son. We need to work with my sons focus and motivation as hour secessions tend to drag for him twords the end.

Coach Justin was a huge help to my son with his pitching lesson and got some of the kinks worked out. Additionally, he showed him some new drills to work on to improve his strength and speed. I will definitely keep coming back !!! Thanks for the hard work.

(no details provided)

Coach Justin was excellent! He has taught my son much better form than we could have. My son actually asked to come back for more lessons!

Coach Justin was great! He was very informative to help correct our son's batting stance. Hopefully will be able to schedule additional sessions soon.

Ian (5 yrs) enjoyed working with coach and after 1 session was catching, throwing and hiting much better. Highly recommend Coach Justin.

Coach Justin was a Great Coach! After 1 lesson he has helped me increase my bat speed. His techniques are truly like none I've had before and I know that this will take my game to the next level. I would highly recommend Coach Justin to anyone that is serious about getting better at hitting.

(no details provided)

I have been to many Hitting coach's all over Houston, coach Justin has taught my son more in two sessions then the others in last two years, not all kids can be yelled at to get best results, coach Justin picked up on that immediately. Thank you

(no details provided)

Justin coached my son (5-yrs old) for a one-hour session recently. I was very impressed with Justin. He is matter-of-fact about things, but in an encouraging way that kept the interest of my son. My two goals were met: my son learned a lot and he enjoyed himself. Thank you, Justin.

Coach Justin was great! In the short time we were there he shared a tremendous amount of information to help stance, swing, and contact. We have already booked another session!

Coach Justin is great. He fixed my son swing in two sessions and this weekend we were successful at the plate. I have recommended him to guys on my team.

Justin is a Great coach & person. He is very firm with my 7 yr old, he has the knowledge & skills to bring out the best in your player! Thanks Coach

I can't say enough about Coach Justin. My 6 year old is transitioning from t-ball to coach pitch. Justin was great and really connected with him. His hitting has improved greatly after just 1 session. Not only has his hitting improved, his confidence has also improved. He can't wait to go back to coach Justin. I would highly recommend Justin to anyone looking to improve their game. He is knowledgeable and really connects with the players!

Coach Justin has been amazing with my 6 year old son. He works him hard, and doesn't treat him like a child, which I love. I would recommend Justin to anyone looking to get the absolute most out of their sessions.

First I should say that Justin is really a personable coach and goes about what he does in a way that is easy for people to pick up. My son is young and I was worried that maybe he was to young to start him with a coach but boy was I wrong. I initially just got 1 lesson to see if it would be helpful to my son and after we left it was a easy decision to bring him back. He has helped my son with his batting and is showing him valuable skills to use on the field.

Coach Justin is a great technical coach and he really connects with the kids of all ages. He's responsive to parents and one wants what's best for your kiddo. It's great to have a coach like this that understand the different levels of play Yet always encourages the boys to do their best.

Great coach... his training techniques are top notch. I would definitely recommend Coach Justin to any serious athlete.

Coach Justin is awesome! He is very detailed in his instruction and really works one-on-one with our boys to help them improve their hitting in mechanics, form, athleticism, and power. He also talks to them about the mental aspect of the game in general. He is very knowledgeable about baseball and has a lot of different baseball training tools to help in the process. He spends extra time with them at their lessons and wants them to be able to obtain better results in the end. He is passionate about what he does and cares about getting the most potential out of every player! He works them hard until they get it and knows how to "fix" bad habits and increase confidence at the plate...you definitely get your moneys worth! We highly recommend him!

I was really impressed with Coach Justin's hands on technique. He has so many different drills to enhance any athlete who is ready to advance to the next level. After only 2 sessions my son showed great improvement. Worth every single time.

We had our first session with Justin and I am thoroughly impressed. My son is a five year old who has played T-Ball for a few seasons. He learned more in that 75 minutes (was supposed to be an hour but Justin was generous with his time) than he had in this recent season. By the end of the session, my son was hitting the ball with more power and better mechanics. Justin was able to effectively communicate with my son ... and my son can't wait for the next lesson!

We came to Coach Justin to improve on our hitting and throwing. We've been very impressed on his attention to detail and ability to not only get the most of our session, but to push our son to get better. After our first two sessions he's putting it all together and his hitting has greatly improved.

Coach Justin was patient and gave thorough instructions on hitting and pitching. I would definitely book another session.

Coach Justin right off the back identified what my son needs to improve and is very invested into helping my son .

I can't say enough great things about coach Justin. My son is 9 and in his first year of baseball but enjoys the game and wants to get better. Justin was very patient with my son, but also pushed him to get better. Will schedule another lesson soon.

My son has been playing ball for a while now. He has developed some habits that needed to be corrected. Coach Justin patiently adjusted and coached him in a way he could relate and with great success.

Coach Justin is just the kind of coach everyone needs. Knowledgeable, relatable and effective. He will not go easy on you and his coaching style and techniques are not for the leisurely player. If you are serious about improving your overall game, Coach Justin is an essential asset to have.

Wow. My 9 year old son had his first session with Justin yesterday. It was fantastic. My son was very tired but immediately asked when he could have another session. When we got home, he asked if we could practice the new skills that Coach Justin has shown him. My son was dead tired but he wanted to practice. Run, don't walk to get some instruction from Justin.

This was my 12-year old boy's first session with Coach Justin. The emphasis was hitting and pitching. Coach Justin quickly had my son hitting the ball harder and more consistently than ever. Regarding pitching, my son never pitched before this year. Because of a lack of arms on his team he has been thrown into that position, and while he has good velocity he has control problems which leads to confidence problems. Coach Justin was able to help my son with his mechanics and his thought processes. The result has been an improvement in control and velocity. My son really enjoyed his lesson. Coach Justin relates well to youth and can explain and demonstrate things in a way that the boys can understand.
We have signed up for a package of 6 lessons and my son is looking forward to continuing his improvement. I highly recommend Coach Justin to anyone who has a desire to continue playing baseball at higher levels or who just wants to enjoy more success in youth rec leagues.

Coach Justin was very thorough with my son, and connected well with him. We liked the way he broke things down for him and explained the techniques in hitting. We have scheduled another session with him to continue the training.

Justin did a wonderful job coaching our 7 year old! We told Justin that our son didn't have any "pop" to his swing, and Justin spent the coaching session working on hitting fundamentals and drills, and even spent extra time after his lesson to help our son. Justin communicated with our son well, pushed him to work hard (which was great!), but mixed up the drills so that it was fun and our son didn't get bored. Our son wants to go back for another lesson soon! We have already booked our next session with Justin, thanks so much!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

In a short amount of time Coach Justin has made a huge difference in my son's swing. He is great at relating to kids and motivate them. He really knows how to get the best out of my son!

Coach Justin is a tremendous coach! He is so engaging with our son and really wants him to be successful. I wish we would have found him sooner! We will continue to have coach Justin train our son and highly recommend him to any one else that wants there child to succeed!

After three sessions my son and I feels like his stance and swing has really improved. This has increased his power. The coach is helping my son understand how the right body movement can make the difference between great and mediocre hitters.

Justin is an excellent coach! I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about the game of baseball. He has a thorough knowledge of the game and the skills to communicate them to any player. My son is a 2nd grader who has been working with Justin for multiple sessions and with Justin's persistence and passion to get my son to 'THAT LEVEL' we are seeing major improvement!! My son and Justin are working in all the main areas of batting and fielding. Justin's know how to keep pushing our son is finally paying off! Justin is a great resource, motivator and investment for our son! We highly recommend Coach Justin!

(no details provided)

Coach Justin came highly recommended. After reading so many positive reviews I knew he would be great for my 9 year old son. I asked Will what he thought about his lesson and Coach Justin. His words were awesome and great!!! He is already excited for his next session. We appreciate the extra time Justin took with Will to talk about the importance of a good attitude and how it affects his team. We can't wait to see him grow as a player with Justin's help. Thank you Justin.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We are so glad we found Justin! He is really working hard to make adjustments with our daughter in her hitting, throwing and catching skills. He expects the very best output from his students, and does not accept mediocrity. Because of this, we are seeing bigger and better results from our daughter by Justin tapping into her full potential. The results Justin gets will make a big difference in her college career. Thanks, Justin!

Last season, I noticed that some of the players on our team had greatly improved their batting, pitching and fielding skills from the year prior. I asked some of the other parents what they had done with their kids to improve and their response was private coaching. I asked 3 different parents for specific names of coaches in our area and Coach Justin was mentioned twice. I decided to try Justin for one session to see what it was like. He did a great job coaching my son and teaching him the proper batting stance and technique to get the most power out of his hits. We enjoyed Coach Justin so much that we purchased a package for 6 more sessions. We have completed 2 sessions and my son can’t wait for another. Thanks again Coach Justin!

We were really impressed with the improvement Dalia and Diego had with just the first session. Coach Justin does a great job at explaining and demonstrating techniques and is so patient. My daughter was struggling with hitting but after practicing with Coach Justin she has gained so much confidence and is hitting better. My son was having a hard time catching and after Coach Justin showed him the proper technique his catching skills have improved. I highly recommend him.

Session was great for my son! It was the first time he's ever had a private lesson and Justin did a great job with him. He worked him out hard and I can honestly say that my son has already made some improvements. Would definitely recommend Justin to others!

Coach Justin is awesome and saw a difference just after 1 lesson. Will be booking more lessons soon.

Coach Justin is amazing. We have been really impressed with the improvement in our son, Zacharia's, game. He is extremely patient and does a great job explaining and demonstrating techniques in a way that kids easily understand. We are so happy to have found him and Zacharia really looks forward to each session with Justin.

My son, age 6, has never played baseball and wanted to start this spring. I have a lot of baseball experience and attempted to work with him and get him ready for this upcoming season. Over course dad never knows anything, so it made teaching a 6 year old rather tough. After 4 lessons with Justin, my son has really picked up some great skills and in getting better with each lesson.

Coach Justin is a natural at bonding with the kids and my son enjoys practice! He has built confidence in the game and the skills and continues to improve. I highly recommend giving Justin a try. The reviews on here really sold me early on and we purchased a small package up front to figure things out ourselves. I'm now in the process of setting up a regular / standing weekly practice as we couldn't be happier working with Justin.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Justin was a very detailed in his training with my son. I saw some improvements with my son on the 1st lesson. He went thru plenty of training exercises. Now he will work on certain areas to help improve my son skills. My son had a great time and is looking forward to training with him.

I have never seen a coach as dedicated to the kids as Justin is. He makes himself more available than is necessary. He schedules more practices than any of our previous coaches. He truly is a baseball professional, as this is all he wants to do. Other coaches manage full-time jobs and coach. Justin is the real deal. He has tons of pointers and feedback for my son.

Coach Justin is a fantastic coach. It is obvious by the effort he puts forth that he has a passion for coaching and genuinely wants your child to reach his full potential. This was our son's first lesson with Coach and he identified areas he could see that needed improvement/adjusting and got to work. He was patient and really worked with our son to help him implement the changes. I highly recommend him, and look forward to watching my son gain confidence as he improves his skills.

Very detailed in his training, I had no idea how much detail goes into training a 9 year old. After my sons first session we saw improvement immediately. I highly recommend using coach Justin, we are very satisfied with the results we are seeing in our son.

Great coach! Coach Justin is working with my son to prepare him for upcoming baseball tryouts and my son has improved greatly in just 3 lessons so far. Takes a lot of time with him and works with him in his skill level. Highly recommended!

Coach Justin is the best coach ever. He's worked with both my boys and has helped them tremendously. He knows just what to do to bring out their full potential. Justin has motivated them to want to work harder. He's not only great at teaching skills, but having fun with them while doing it. His passion and knowledge of the game is inspiring. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting the best for them or their kids.

Coach Justin is great. My son has always struggled with hitting so I was looking around for a little help and came across all of the great reviews for Justin. I decided to give him a try. After the first lesson, my son was more confident and hitting much better. When you book him plan to arrive early since, if he can, he will get you in the cage early. He is the first coach that I have had my son do lessons with that doesn't seem to be just punching a clock. Book him and you will see what I am talking about. I highly recommend him.

Coach Justin has really made a difference with my son's game in a short time with him.

He has the skill set, the right attitude and mix of push and patience it takes to provide a positive impact.

I would definitely recommend Coach Justin to any parents looking for improvement in their child's game.

I would absolutely recommend Coach Justin to anyone looking for help to improve or fine tune their skills. By the end of our first session, my son was sweating profusely (he worked him hard!) and we already saw improvements in batting and fielding through the tips and drills provided by Coach Justin. Thank you!

Justin has been fantastic with my 6 year old son. He is patient but keeps my son focused (not an easy task). After four sessions I have seen improvement in my son's swing (dramatic), fielding and throwing. Most importantly, my son "chooses" to go and practice -- and enjoys it.

(no details provided)

We had a great first session with my son who is 6. Coach Justin has a ton of energy and relates well to kids.

(no details provided)

Saw a significant improvement in my son's swing after just one session. Son really enjoyed working with Justin. Looking forward to future sessions.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Justin is a great coach who really relates to the kids well and has great phrases that they relate well too that communicate the concepts and give them easy keys to remember his techniques. He is pushes the kids along in a very positive manner that gets results very quickly and leaves the kids super pumped up after their lessons.

(no details provided)

Great 1st session!

(no details provided)

Coach Justin is a great trainer. Has drills and exercises that make his boys work, and is able to keep them practicing with a passion and love for the game!

Coach Justin has trained my twin 14 year old boys on several occasions this past year. His lesions are always helpful, educational and are sure to go a long way to help both my sons make their high school baseball team next year. After watching how Coach has helped to dramatically improve my son's game, I would definitely recommend Coach Justin to any player who aspires to improve his game as well.

Justin works very well with my 7 year old. Very effective and professional from the scheduling through the session. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding baseball coach.

Coach Justin has been great to work with. Not only has he helped my son but he picked up on some of the mechanics that he was doing wrong. Justin made sure to explain to my son why he should be doing this vs that. I have seen major improvements in my son's execution and continue to help reinforce what coach Justin has taught him so far.

Coach Justin was a great coach I learned a lot in one session. He Gives great tips and provided information to help me improve my mechanics to become a better be playing ball player.

Justin was everything I wanted and more. He helped my son who had never been introduced to baseball feel confident and assured. We will be using him for the remainder, and my son looks forward to it.

Coach Justin did a GREAT job with my son. It was hands down the best private lesson he has ever had. Coach Justin worked him hard the entire time. He is very positive and knows how to teach the proper technique. My son can't wait for his next session!

I know we have a perfect match with Justin. He is extremely thorough with player's needs. We had our first session with him. I left excited about where we are headed.

Justin was great and made our son feel confident and comfortable right away. He pushed him hard but encouraged him all along. Our son's skills were greatly improved after just 6 sessions. In particular, his swing is profoundly better. Our son loved his time with Justin and we are considering more sessions with him in the future.

Coach Justin has done a tremendous job getting my son to the next level. He pushes Jake to another level. Making him dig deep to find the drive and determination to not give up and battle at the plate. He's an excellent coach and we would recommend him to anyone!

Coach Justin is a great coach!

We love Coach Justin!! He is very knowledgeable and works well with my young son. He has many unique drills to help build skill and confidence while being encouraging and keeping the lesson fun. I've seen my son grow by leaps and bounds as a batter and fielder as a result of our lessons! I would recommend Coach Justin to anyone!!

(no details provided)

Coach Justin was great with my son.He is patient and is a joy to work with, In just a few sessions my son feels more confident, his approach is better to the game, and he loves working with justin, would recommend him to anyone with small children 10 and under.

(no details provided)

My son is 6. I was a bit concerned that he could be too young for instruction. Now thinking it was a good decision. Coach Justin does a great job of keeping my child focused. He understands the physics of a baseball swing and conveys it well. Definitely happy to have found him.

Justin has been giving lessons to my son, Jack (10), for about 8 months. Jack has improved in all aspects of his game. Justin is patient with Jack, yet he expects him to leave each lesson better than he started it. Justin is the perfect balance of fun while expecting discipline and excellence. I highly recommend Justin to my friends and will continue to do so.

Nolan is really making strides as a hitter. Coach Justin is the coach for several players on our 8U team. It's very easy to pick out the players. They are focused and know exactly what to do when they are up to bat. We're excited to be working with him. We have and will continue to recommend him to baseball players that are serious about getting better.

Coach Justin is a vary patient coach with great skills. Keeps working the whole time and my son really enjoys his lessons.

Coach Justin is a great coach. I learned more in one session with him than any other coach I've been coached by. He has great teaching techniques. I am looking forward to my next session with Justin.

Coach Justin is a great hitting coach! My two boys enjoy taking lessons with him. I would recommend him to anyone.

Justin's focus on mechanics, both hitting and pitching, for my 14 year old son Zach, is exactly what he needed. After 4 lessons there is a big difference in his batting. Pitching will require more time to "unlearn" some bad habits and adapt effective ones. Highly recommend Justin

My son Caden (7) has been coming to Coach Justin for over 2 yrs now with exceptional results. Coach Justin tailors his workouts to get the most out of Caden on each lesson and really focuses on areas of improvement while re-enforcing stronger aspects of his game. Caden currently plays on a 7UAAA select team and we will continue to use Coach Justin on a consistent basis to allow Caden to be taught the proper mechanics while improving and learning in a positive environment.

Justin has covered batting and fielding skills with my 10 yr old and we are seeing improvement from the lessons. He has been patient and encouraging and always spends the extra time to make sure my son is learning the new skill.

I was really impressed with the feedback given to my nephew by Coach Justin. He is patient with the young man and not only instructs him on pitching mechanics but takes the time to get know his kids. If your a parent/coach I highly recommend getting the proper training for your kids. The fundamental mechanics behind pitching is crucial for young arms and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND COACH JUSTIN to give some of the best Pitching and basic baseball training.

Coach Justin was great with my son. He really took the time to explain everything to him and the best part was that my son loved him and he can't wait to go back.

We continue to be very happy with the coaching experience with Justin. My son has improved so much in the last 6 weeks and looks forward to his lessons each week. Justin is patient and truly enjoys teaching the game. We would highly recommend Justin!

I really like his style. I like how he uses things around the gym to assist my son every whichever way possible. Although other coaches we've worked with were also good, I wish we would've started with coach Justin Higgs from the get go.

My son got so much out of the first session I'm booking more! He learned allot and was very excited about learning more!

Coach Justin was great with my son. After just one lesson I could honestly see a huge difference in his swing speed and fielding. He used several drills that really helped Hayden understand what he was supposed to do. My son really enjoyed the lesson. Five minutes after we left the facility he was already asking when we could go back. His patience and ability to work with kids is unmatched in my opinion. I highly recommend Coach Justin to anyone who is serious about improving their game.

Coach Justin was fantastic! Our son was a bit nervous but after the hour long session he couldn't wait for next week. I would strongly recommend coach Justin for any player that want's to improve there game.

Coach Justin is an outstanding teacher. He is very serious about his training and really works with my son to get him where he needs to be. My son has already made an improvement after two sessions. My husband and I are extremely happy we found Coach Justin, and we look forward to future sessions. Coach Justin is highly recommended.

Solid coach. Very pleased with his attention to technique.


Justin is very patience and extremely helpful in developing my son's baseball skills. After the first lesson, my son's confidence and batting skills made a big jump forward. It is a worthwhile investment to see my son's skills improve week by week. We just played out first game of the season and everyone could see improvement since last season. I strongly recommend Justin's training sessions to anyone interested in learning the game of basketball or looking to improve and take their game to the next level.

An amazing coach. Had a coach prior to Justin, and the old coach didn't do near the job Justin did. Justin tells you what you are doing wrong and tells you how to fix it. He really knows what he's doing and notices everything you do. This was my first time using CoachUp and I was a little skeptical using this website to find a coach but it was worth it. If you live in the Houston area, no need to search further for a coach because Justin is it. Definitely will rebook for another perfect session

Justin is very knowledgeable about the game of baseball and is very patient as well. My son needs some training to improve his batting skills and I think that Justin is the person to do that. We look forward to working with him again.

I would recommend coach Justin. He was very educated in the mechanics and basic thing you need to do in order to have a good powerful swing. Explained everything very well and knew what to fix and how to fix it. I will definitely be back for more lessons.

Justin is very knowledgeable and during out first session reminded me of some basics that I had forgotten to remember. He is also very enthusiastic and provides a lot of encouragement. I will sign up for multiple sessions - I recommend Justin highly!

Coach Higgs has been awesome with Jake. He is really building his confidence. His progress in pitching and hitting the last 2 sessions has been amazing! I strongly recommend Justin for any player looking to improve their skills and understanding of the game!

The best instruction I could have found for my son! If you want someone with a true passion for the game, look no further, this is it!! Worth every penny and then some.
Fantastic instruction. Lots of mental work supported by sound fundamentals. Coach works very hard to make sure that players get the most of every minute.
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