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Julian Vaughn

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I am a professional basketball player with a NASM CPT & PES certification for Strength Training. My classes combine bball & athletic development to build complete players! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Georgetown University (DC)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Georgetown University (DC)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

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More About Coach Julian

I am the owner of Pro-Fit Basketball Training, an elite training facility located in downtown Rockville, MD. I designed my facility to be a one-stop shop in creating elite basketball players...incorporating NCAA D1/ NBA level attacks, drills, and concepts into our workouts! My entire staff at Pro-Fit also all played professionally, and we bring years of basketball experience on the highest level down to our clients.

I also am a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which I use to help athletes achieve their peak athletic potential. My facility includes a full weight room area complete with strength training equipment.

Because of my experience in college and professionally, I know what the college coaches are looking for when evaluating talent, and what drills the players will do once they get to campus. My goal is to give all my clients a leg up on the competition physically, as well as build supreme confidence in their abilities to prepare them for the college level.

I played at Georgetown University on full scholarship from 2008-2011. I was the starting center while there, and went to the NCAA tournament during my junior and senior years. After graduation and a few NBA workouts with the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics, I have been playing in Europe ever since. My career has taken me to Russia, Greece, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, where my team, CEZ Nymburk, were crowned champions of the 2016 season.

My goal in a 1h session is to improve the entire player. Along with skill development on the court and basketball IQ, I will also help with developing them as athletes. All clients will be helped with their:
1. Strength and Power
2. Explosion and Vertical Jump
3. Lateral quickness
4. Speed and Agility
5. Injury Prevention
All lifts are documented, and tracked to show progress. Dietary suggestions are also given to increase performance and results for the high school athletes.
On the court, my goal is to give clients the tools to succeed consistently in every game. Along with building on dribbling, shooting, and attacking moves, I instill confidence in each players skill set. To know which weapons to use at which time, to not over think, and be effective on the court at all times.

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Client Reviews

Coach Julian and his team are excellent! Took first lesson and my son throughly enjoyed the session, the techniques and tips. Would Highly recommend !!!

It was a pleasure to see how much interest coach Julian and his team had for helping my son improve his skills in basketball. The welcome, we got from coach J was very impressive and warm.
I wish I had discovered this facility earlier, but I am very excited to see my son grow into a professional, working with the coaches at pro-fit basketball.

Thank you coach Julian and the team for the great impact you are making in our kids lives.

I brought half of my team to a group workout with Julian! Julian did a great job of working with them and teaching them some of the drills that will help them get ready for the upcoming basketball season. I will definitely be bringing the other half of team for a future group session with Julian! Thanks, Julian!
Jon Retzlaff

This business is truly a hidden gem. The owner Julian himself is so involved in the process of building the children’s confidence and there are not many people who are this dedicated to helping kids bring out their inner athletes! Julian didnt ask me to write this review, but seeing my 9 year old son walking into his first session with little to no confidence in his skills, and coming out glowing with confidence made me feel like this is the least I could do to express how grateful I am with the effort and dedication Julian put into coaching my son. Julian takes pride in what he does, and he selflessly takes those kids under his wings- setting a great example for them. Coaches like Julian are rare nowadays, and we very much appreciate his work ethics and sportsmanship towards a good cause- building our children up to the the great athletes they know they can be. Thank you!!

(no details provided)

My son told me he had a good time and that the coach taught him some useful skills to use in the future of playing.

There's one word describes Coach Vaughn and that is greatness, but with that word comes others like passion, patience, understanding, and determination. With this being said after one session and many more to come I have notice a big change in my sons game and confidence. His training is effective and intense but that's how you build greatness. With this being said I would definitely be recommending Coach Vaughn to everyone.

The coaches are very experienced and helpful. Definitely a good place to come if you’re trying to improve your game and increase your athleticism.

(no details provided)

Best coaches to work with if you plan on improving your game they’ll teach you everything you need to know to get better

(no details provided)

Coach Vaughn was gracious enough to stay after closing on Saturday and accommodated my son’s first lesson. I was concerned because my son is very shy. However, Coach made him feel very comfortable right away... made me laugh a couple times too. You can tell that he loves teaching. He is very patient but yet demands your best and strict attention to detail.

If you are at all hesitant hiring a youth coach, look no further than Coach Vaughn. In 1 lesson, you can already see a difference in my son’s approach. We will definitely continue to work with Coach Vaughn.

Thanks again Coach!

(no details provided)

The basketball training is good for me, all moves are usable, and fixed my few problems like shooting and footsteps, I love it!!!

Amazing experience. Julian was very encouraging and passionate about coaching kids to be better basketball players but also teaching them life skills.

(no details provided)

Coach Julian was very involved with each athlete in the training session. Highly recommended and definitely impressed with the amount of skills he was able to incorporate into a session.

Solid coaches in his gym to support his training. Nice gym and training structure challenges up to the best guy on the court

Today we had our first session with Coach Julian and let me tell you both my son and I were COMPLETELY impressed.
When we first walked in we were greeting with a smile, introduction and expectation from Coach Julian himself. I was allowed to stay in the session so that made me comfortable.
The professionalism is top notch.
My son left with more confidence and smiling because a professional said he liked him! :-)
It was worth the drive.
Thank you for your help and we will DEFINITELY see you again soon.

The coach there is awesome! My boy enjoyed the session and asked for more. He wanted to sharpen the shooting skill and the coach is very skillful. Will come back definitely! Thank you both!

He is an excellent coach

Thank you! What a great start of our day today with Coach Julian. Our son learned so much in just one hour. He left super motivated and right away wanted to go play basketball in the rain:) We will be back !

(no details provided)

Coach Julian and staff were very friendly, ultimate professionals and knowledgeable. My 16 yr old son had his first hour of training and left with a great impression. Best facility and coaches in town and looking forward to being a long time members!

Had a good a session with good commentary on what I was doing wrong. Coaches clearly have lots of experience

(no details provided)

Coach Julian was very responsive and helpful throughout the booking process. He was flexible and made me feel assured in my decision.

Coach Julian and his staff was a great. For today being my first day I could sense that they were focused and ready to make me better as an athlete. Also I felt that I could relate with everyone! I appreciate y’all believing in my goals and pushing me.

My 9 year old son had an Awesome workout today! He hasn’t stopped talking about what he learned on the court today! He rated his experience as a double A+ and he immediately wanted to know what day he was coming back! Thanks for a great experience we will definitely be back soon!!!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great work.

(no details provided)

Coach Julian incorporates ALL that he knows about basketball and about the art of coaching into each of his sessions, making for a highly enjoyable, interactive, and growthful experience. He makes it a point of gathering as much information as possible about each one of his kids - and that enables him to really make an impact. We have had many other coaches and there is really no comparison -- Julian wins hands-down. I give him my very highest recommendation, bar none.

(no details provided)

Excellent first session with coach Julian through focused, detail oriented, and efficient drills. Definitely coming back.

Julian was an excellent coach. My son is looking forward to training with him for 2019

We found Coach Julian to be extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. He quickly assessed my son's skill level, and in very short order tailored a workout to challenge him both physically and mentally. Coach didn't just run through drills, but explained the reason and best application for them, along with options branching off the drills depending on the situation my son may find himself in during games. Coach was able to do all of this while relating and communicating beautifully with my son, and maintaining and up tempo challenging workout. If you're serious about being good...this is where you should be. We highly recommend Coach Julian.

My son had a great first session with Coach Julian. In one hour, Coach Julian improved his game and challenged him mentally. We'll definitely be back.

(no details provided)

This was my son's first session, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually, it was my son who found Coach Julian, and I'm pleased with the outcome of the session. Coach Julian has seen what my son needs to work on, and I'm looking forward to watching my son continue to grow and develop as a basketball player.

Coach Julian
Worked me out using some drills that required concentration on my part and lot's of focus. He was able to correct issues with footwork and driving to the basket. It was only one session, so I am sure if we work together more I would definitely have more input. He was easy to work with, soft spoken but clear in his delivery, patient and, encouraging which is very important when working with folks over the age of 40.

(no details provided)

So excited for my son to be working with Julian! I believe that the skills he will acquire will help aid in his overall growth. Julian is very professional and displays a great level of patience when applying his teachings. Our family is very pleased with our decision to work with Julian thus far.

(no details provided)

My son had a great first session with Julian. He has a very good approach to teaching and he is very detail oriented. I'm sure my son will benefit substantially from his training program and experience.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Son had a blast during first session today. I think it is good if the opportunity presents for young athletes to work out with a coach like Julian, who has high level credentials and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

My daughter really enjoyed working with coach V. He evaluated where she is at and made recommendations as to what would help her moving forward. We look forward to working with him again.

All it took was one session for me to realize Coach Julian is the right fit for my 13 year old son. He was professional and fun, but firm. He didn't let me son off the hook on the little things that make a difference. I can't wait until our next session, and to see what he and my son are able to accomplish together!!

Coach Julian was great with my son. He does a great job of introducing drills that require a combination of related skills and keeps his sessions fast paced and interesting.

My friend Ben and I just had a group session with Julian. We play in “old man” pickup leagues and were looking for some advice to help us get better. Julian was amazing. He coached us at just the right level and I learned more in an hour than I have practicing on my own for years. He was personable and gave crystal clear and easy to follow advice. We would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for personalized coaching.

Coach Julian was a great Coach! Can't wait for the next session,

Coach Julian is an excellent coach! He's patient and pays close attention to the mechanics needed to play the game. I woild recommend his services to anyone who is serious about their child learning the game. -- Tom

My daughter is learning a lot. Coach Julian is a terrific teacher.

Julian was great with my boys who are 6 and 8 years old. He did fun drills with them and taught them a lot about the game. They left there loving basketball!

(no details provided)

I was planning to enroll my son to basketball training program and came across CoachUp. Although, did not know a coach to choose from. I first took a trial session to see how Julian is, and all I can say is, words cannot describe. Many people may think 1 hour isn’t enough, but Julian includes the best content and material for my son to become a better player in a limited time. Looking back, I’m overall grateful to find such an awesome coach!

Working with Coach Julian is the best decision we could have ever made. My son clicked with him instantly and learned an abundance of skills from just the first session. Coach Julian is patient and encouraging at all times all while holding the learner at a high standard of excellence. My son absolutely loves working with Coach Julian.

Regina Morales

Today was my son's first training with Coach Julian and it FAR EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS!! He was very patient and encouraging and provided skills and pointers my son can use immediately. My son was having so much fun that he was disappointed the hour was up. We are both looking forward to his next training and plan on coming back regularly.

I highly recommend Coach Julian for your son and/or daughter. He is a full package and is incredible! My 15 year old son has been going to him for just two sessions (one next level basketball and one strength training). Coach Julian immediately connected with my son and created a relaxed learning environment. He motivates the kids through drills and always provides positive feedback to encourage them. We have seen great improvements in his shooting. The workouts are fun but he taught a lot of things during these sessions. It was very easy to communicate with Coach Julian to schedule a session time. His facility has just opened and the location is very convenient. It has everything for basketball skills and strength training in a nut shell. Looking forward to more workouts with Coach Julian.

Great Coach!!! Knowledge, Patients, Dedicated to improve your game!!! Highly recommended, can’t wait to have him train my son again!!
Thanks Coach

Julian was awesome. I was so impressed in the difference just one training session made. My son had a great time but also made huge strides in his fundamental skills. He’s great with kids and an awesome basketball coach

A legit coach.

(no details provided)

Just left a training session with Coach Vaughn. He was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. His workouts were difficult but impactful. He is relatable and holds conversations to help you fell very comfortable. I would definitely want to go again, as I fell I will improve tremendously!

Our 3 boys had their first session with Coach Julian yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed with the amount of instruction he was able to give in a 1 hour session while not overwhelming them. They definitely were challenged by his coaching. His evaluation and goals for them at the end of the session were great. They are looking forward to their next session. Thanks Coach!

My son Chase had his first session this month and he loved the training. He connected with Julian immediately. He learned new drills and improved his shot with one session. As soon as we left he asked me if Julian had two hour training session’s and cannot wait until he returns for his next workout session. We drove 45 minutes to the workout and I have no problem doing that again.

Julian really puts in the time and effort by working with you individually to make sure that you become the best player you can possibly become.
He was able to recognize what improvements my game needed to make me better as a player. After working with me on my ball handling my game has really improved.

Coach Julian did a great job teaching and encouraging my son. He did drills that helped him with ball handling and driving to the hoop. He also improved his shot in one session. He was a very knowledgeable coach who taught skills to enhance game play. We would recommend a session. Well worth the time and money spent!

(no details provided)

Coach Julian is awesome! He taught my son so many ball handling strategies and techniques that will be very helpful during basketball tryouts season. I highly recommend Coach Julian. We will continue to utilize his services. Thank you so much!

I saw great improvement from 8pm to 9pm from confidence, ball control, and shooting accuracy. My son is a beginner in basketball and I reached out to Julian because he had amazing reviews. I believe after seeing their first session together that he can provide him the foundation that he needs to become a skilled basketball player. I am very excited about our next session the following week.

(no details provided)

My son really enjoyed his 1st session with Coach Julian. We plan to book more sessions with him and would highly recommend his services to anyone that is looking to excel in their athletic ability. Julian is a great coach!

My 10 year old daughter enjoyed her first lesson with Coach Julian. He worked on her fundamentals and made it fun for her. Looking forward to many more sessions!

Coach is outstanding, I was extremely impressed on how he worked with my son and help build his confidence. I would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a one on one coach who truly cares about kids and the sport!!

Coach Julian is awesome! His techniques and skills are helpful. I would recommend him to others.

Coach Julian was awesome! My daughter is working on her strength, agility and ump height and she came home after her 1st session anxious to do more! I was thrilled and cannot wait to have Julian continue with her throughout her volleyball season!

Coach Julian is awesome! My son absolutely enjoyed working with him. We just completed the first session and is he's looking forward to the next. The drills were helpful and by the end of the session, we could already start to see some improvements.

Coach Julian has been a great resource for my son. He has really helped him with his mechanics and has made him more confident in his ability. He is awesome!

Coach Julian was very nice and a really cool guy helped my friend and I with a lot of skills to help better develop our game. We will definitely be going back to coach Julian soon

Coach Julian is a great teacher. After a couple of sessions, my son approaches his workouts with a better attitude and enthusiasm than before. Julian makes him feel comfortable and pushes him to get better. He is a great coach and person.

(no details provided)

Coach Julian is an incredible coach! He comes with a vast wealth of knowledge having played at the highest level for so many years. He teaches great fundamentals as well as high level moves and he makes it fun. I felt very impressed with how he structured the coaching session and made an emphasis on proper mechanics. Coach Julian really went the extra mile to go through areas where he thought you would need extra attention. He points out bad habits but has a very cool demeanor and gets his point across in the best way. Overall, very impressed with coach Julian and looking forward to our next session.

Coach Julian was very positive, encouraging and helpful during the lesson. As a parent, I felt confident that Coach Julian will help improve our son's basketball skills to prepare him to tryout for his high school team this winter. Thanks Coach J!

Coach Julian is great! I was looking for someone who could help my 13 year old son bring his game to the next level. In just one session, Coach Julian identified some issues with technique that could have eventually resulted in serious injury. He started training immediately to teach my son how to jump and land properly to increase his athleticism and effectiveness on the court and to prevent unneeded stress to his ACL. If you have a serious athlete and are looking to develop skills needed for high school and possibly college ball, this is the way to go! Additionally, Coach Julian is very good about communication regarding scheduling and providing feedback on training sessions.

Julian is great at what he does, he is patient and always very encouraging to my 15 years old daughter. He is knowledgeable about exercise physiology, mechanics of movement. I highly recommend him!

Coach Julian is a true gem. His basketball knowledge is immediately apparent but perhaps his best asset is his commitment to each child's personal development. Coach quickly assessed the skill levels of both my daughter and godson (ages 12 & 13) and quickly devised tailor made regimens that improve their individual deficiencies, maintained their current levels of competence, all while making the workouts fun and exciting for the kids. They are eager to improve and encouraged by seeing their skills improve as well as coach Julian's always encouraging and motivating temperament. I can't say enough good things about coach Julian and the impact he's had on both kids in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend him if he's available to you or your young basketball player.

Great session! Coach Julian quickly sized up my son's abilities and gave him a challenging and fun workout. My son loved it and commented that unlike other trainers he has tried, Coach Julian taught him skills/techniques to take onto the court during games in this first session.

Coach Julian is an excellent coach who communicates basketball techniques using practical drills that are easily understood.

Coach Julian asked lots of questions to understand my son's challenges before his coaching sessions started. He then designed a training plan where my son saw incredible improvement in his skill level every single session! This had a visible, positive impact on my son's confidence that he could hold his own on the court. Coach Julian is very encouraging -- my son really responds to him and I couldn't be more pleased!!

My daughter, a rising high junior, just had her first session with Coach Julian. She is so excited about what she learned and can't wait for the next time. He is so easy to talk to, and so knowledgeable. Very impressed!

Coach Julian was great! I highly recommend him. He was able to communicate effectively and immediately provided help with the fundamental skills that we were looking for. My daughter had a great time with him and we look forward to more sessions!

Coach Julian was great! He was very engaging with my son. First session was really to find out where my son was at. Coach was able to read my son immediately and recognize where he needs to improve. I am very excited and very confident in Coach Julian.

Coach Julian is an excellent trainer! Both of my children (girl and boy) train with him for different reasons. I find him to be knowledgeable in his skills and an effective communicator with both the kids and I. My son's confidence on the court has significantly improved. My daughter, who has started training after many months off the court due to a sports injury, always feels great at the end of a session. They both have specific goals to achieve and Julian is helping them individually accomplish them. I am so glad we found him!

My daughter just completed her first session with Julian. She will be playing field hockey in college this fall, and is looking to enter preseason in peak condition. Julian was great. He had a plan laid out specifically for her and her goals. He also understands the mental part of goal achievement and he addressed that with her as well. My daughter was very happy after this first session, and she plans on training with Julian the rest of the summer until she goes to school.

Julian is a real professional and was very good with my son. He gave him very helpful instruction and drills to improve. We will definitely be continuing with him.

Julian is a unique trainer, as he blends both personal experience and the ability to communicate with young athletes. His skills and strength training have definitely been a big part of my son's growth as a ball player. I'm seeing his body change in a short period of time and I know Julian's workouts are a big part of that.

Coach Julian has quickly provided practical training for our daughter and we are already seeing improvements with her game. She looks forward to learning more! I would recommend Coach Julian to anyone with an eager player!

We had a great first session with Coach Julian. After just an hour of working with my daughter doing drills he predicted her strengths and weaknesses in games, and his analysis was spot on. We look forward to continuing to work together to shore up her strengths and work on her weaknesses.

Coach Julian has been a great coach for both my kids. The kids are learning a lot and Coach Julian is very patient with them. I'm glad that I found Coach Julian for working with my kids on their game. Would definitely recommend him!

Julian is amazing! Just after one session my son already has more confidence. Julian is down to earth and shows great interest in the student. I would recommend Julian to anyone.

My son and I had a session with Coach Julian and it was awesome. He pushed us to get down the core fundamentals that most tend to overlook. My son is already asking when can he get more sessions. We're looking forward to continually improve our game with the training from Coach Julian.

Excellent Coach. Very knowledgeable and pudhed my boys from start to finish.

My daughter has been playing basketball for for almost ten years and is approaching her final year of high school. I needed a coach who could help her take her game to the next level. Coach Julian is one of the best coaches we have encountered! His passion for basketball and customized sessions is exactly what I was looking for. He is extremely responsive and very engaged. I wish I could give him a 10 star rating. I could see her confidence growing after each drill! Amazing. I have a younger daughter who is in the developmental stage of basketball and I will be scheduling sessions with Coach Julian for her. I highly recommend Coach Julian, we are extremely satisfied. My only regret is not connecting with him sooner.

My son really enjoyed the two sessions he has had with Coach Julian so far. The one on one attention with ball handling and other drills helped to fill in the gaps of a team practice. It is certain that continued workouts under Coach Julian will give him the edge needed to take his game to the next level.
We highly recommend Julian and look forward to more!

Coach Julian has great coaching techniques. He not only teaches you the game and how to improve on what's needed to succeed but also improves on your basketball IQ. He uses workout techniques and drills that are used at the professional level. I have seen improvements in all aspects of my son's game. My son achieved Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Maryland and with your training it's on to the next level. Thanks Coach.

Coach Julian is a great coach/trainer. After one session, I feel like he identified the strengths and weaknesses in my son's game. Coach Julian demonstrated patience and guidance when interacting with my son. I would definitely recommend Coach Julian.

Coach Julian is a fantastic coach. After only 1 session I've seen a huge difference in my son's level of play but also a huge difference in his confidence level. My son really enjoyed his first session and is looking forward to meeting with Coach Julian again this week. It is so awesome to finally find a coach that actually recognizes an athletes strengths but also has the ability to build on those strengths and make them into even better players. Thank you, Coach Julian!

I would recommend coach Julian to anyone that is either starting to play basketball, or trying to become better at it. My son said he had a great time with coach Julian, he was nice, and quickly helped him to improve his shot. I would recommend coach Julian to anyone who is looking for a good coach that can quickly help them improve their skills!

Coach Julian truly is a remarkable coach/trainer and effective mentor. I had my first session with him for my son Bryson and my son absolutely loves him. He cares about the client and their needs. We expect to continue training with Coach Julian. He is extremely knowledgeable as well as professional and pleasant. He provides instruction with positive reinforcement which is AMAZING and truly beautiful to watch.

Coach Julian was great I really learned a lot, and I loved working with him. I know if I keep working with him I would be so much better then where I am now with his help.

Coach Julian hit the ground running with my 8th grade son at their first coaching session. He came in with a game plan in mind, and that game plan was designed to quickly assess what my son needed to work on. They worked on ball handling skills, defense, and shooting skills and my son was so happy with everything he learned. Coach Julian has a very upbeat and encouraging attitude that my son really responded to. We definitely recommend Coach Julian to others.

Professionalism is not a big enough word for him, and the way he made my son feel at ease was amazing. It was truly a pleasure to have Coach Julian work with my son, and I don't know who is smiling more, my son or me. The things he showed my son and got him to do were awesome! We are so eager to continue with another session. Thank you so much!

(no details provided)

Coach Julian showed me a few pointers I could use in a game and really helped me improve my shooting in just two sessions. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Where do we begin with Coach Julian? He is the total package coach, all wrapped up in one. He was able to access my sons level of playing and create a plan that will excel him to an elite level. I appreciated him explaining the details of the workout regiment he had for my son, answering my many questions. He is very knowledgeable in strength/conditioning, basketball, and nutrition. On top of that, he is professional, friendly, and fun, making the entire work out experience perfect! My son is excited about his workouts with Coach Julian and that makes me extremely happy. He exceeds 5 stars!

I got to the gym early to warm up. I noticed a man who was 6'10. He was coaching and seemed to be enjoying coaching the 4 basketball players at the time when I walked in the gym. The players seemed like they were enjoying themselves also. I was really hoping that would be Julian, and to my pleasant surprise it was. Julian has a great attitude, and has a warm approach towards his players (something that I always look for not just in a coach, but in people in general). We worked on my jump shot, that was awful until he showed me the right way to shoot the ball, correctly. The very following game, my shot was dead on target. This couldn't have happened without his coaching. This was all done in only one session. I would definitely recommend Julian as a coach for anyone who wants to improve their game. It's clear just from spending time with him that he's very knowledgeable. I am always concerned about coaches who are just in the field just to make money; and don't really pay attention to their players. This is not the case with Julian. Julian was very never critical, and was very supportive. I had his attention throughout the whole session. I look forward to working with him in the future.

If I could describe Coach Julian in one word it would be PHENOMENAL👍👍👍👍👍. Today was my 12 year old son first session and I must say I was very impressed with Coach Julian. His coaching techniques are amazing!!!! My son learned some valuable basketball skills that will improve his game tremendously thanks to Coach J. He is the real deal. 🏀. Anyone lookin for a professional, knowledgable, skillful and friendly BB coach for their child;should book with Coach Julian. I promise you won't be disappointed☺️----Happy Mom

Coach Julian is so fun and active-makes practicing a breeze🏀👍👍👍👍. Can't wait til the next session----Jaylen

(no details provided)

Coach Julian is an excellent coach, over the past 4 weeks I've greatly improve due to he's help coaching. Coach Julian is patient and efficient allowing for the best workouts possible. Coach Julian is not only a good coach, he's some one you can joke around with and have fun training ; I highly recommend coach Julian to anyone who wants to improve there game.

Today was my son Jahdel first session with coach Julian, and yes it was all that my son expected and more. Coach Julian gave him feedback on how best to improve his game, proper ball handling and so much more, coach Julian will also be working with him on his body posture and how to stay injury free. My son is very happy I just wish we knew about him sooner.

(no details provided)

My son is a beginner and so far had just 2 sessions with Coach Julian. Coach Julian is very professional and does not mind starting with the basics. He teaches something new each session and keeps it interesting and fun. I am glad I picked Coach Julian to be my son's coach.

Coach Julian is an awesome coach! My son trained yesterday with him for the first time and we are continuing sessions with Coach Julian for sure! Julian is a "big picture guy"! In addition to working on overall conditioning, agility and ball handling skills etc., what makes Julian an amazing coach is that he really focuses on understanding the game and knowing what to do at any point in the game. He is personal, attentive and motivated to make your child succeed with confidence. What more could you ask for!!!

Coach Julian is the Mannn! He knows how to teach according to my son's talent. He's not teaching my son unreal moves that a hard working baller will not do. Coach Julian knows how to engage my son into whatever he's teaching him. My son was doing the new moves at his next practice, and it was great. I moved it to twice a week, even I'm learning new moves. I definitely recommend him for anyone who really wants their game to grow.

So far coach Julian has been wonderful. I really appreciate that he focuses on the entire athlete. After each session my son has learned something new, too.

My daughter Natalie plays basketball for the UCONN Huskies. Ever since joining up with Julian, her explosiveness and lateral quickness has improved tremendously. She is now able to dunk small balls in the 10ft goal as well! I also like Julian's attentivness to Injury Prevention, and making sure her flexibility and stability are all addressed. Thanks Julian!
Last summer, Julian helped my son Langston tremendously. The summer going into his Junior year he had no scholarship offers. After working with Julian, he went on to recieve two offers, with interest from other programs like George Mason, James Madison and VMI. Along with the new collegiate opportunities, Langston also averaged 18 ppg as a Junior at Hayfield HS, and gained 15 lbs of muscle. Thanks so much for everything Julian!
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