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USSF national "D" licensed coach, 20+ years experience training both boys & girls, First Aid CPR/AED certified. main training focus on basic fundamentals of soccer. View all coaching experience

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Bravos Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Jose. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$75 1 session + applicable fees

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River plate Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Jose. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$375 5 sessions ($75/ea) + applicable fees

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Juventus Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Jose. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$750 10 sessions ($75/ea) + applicable fees

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Liverpool Package
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20 session package with Coach Jose. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$1500 20 sessions ($75/ea) + applicable fees

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Italia package
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group session for team, friends or siblings.

Session Length: 1 hour

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  • El Paso Community College (TX)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Defense, Forward

  • Free Kicks, Heading, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Passing, One-Touch, Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks, Crossing, First Touch, Dribbling, Throw-Ins, One-on-Ones, Agility


  • El Paso Community College (TX)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Defense, Forward

  • Free Kicks, Heading, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Passing, One-Touch, Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks, Crossing, First Touch, Dribbling, Throw-Ins, One-on-Ones, Agility

More About Coach Jose

former Head coach for the semiprofessional women's team FC Hornets, currently Head coach for the U15 boys select team at Lake Travis Elite. USSF national "D" license holder with 20+ years of experience, on Mexico & U.S. Trained youth clubs on Mexico (cd.juarez chih),El Paso, TX and Austin, TX, worked with clubs such as Austin capitals, HAYS fusion soccer club, East Austin soccer club & liverpool FC. also assisted in the past with the varsity boys/girls teams @ Akins HS on a volunteer personal summer training program. former coach for the Texas State university men & women soccer teams, St. Edward's Universiry men & women club soccer team, Liverpool FC America academy program in south austin, which finished 2015 spring season undefeated 10-0!. former head coach at Westlake FC select program and also former head coach for semiprofessional squad Central Texas Lobos FC. Currently head coach for the St. Edwards girls club soccer team for the 2019-2020 season. My groups of focus for training are players from 10 & up yrs old (not limited). I believe this age group is where you have better chance on developing their skills, and help identified and recognize their full potential on the field whether girls or boys, understanding that their training is different for both genders. currently also a soccer skills trainer at Hill country indoor soccer program.

One year of semi professional div III level player in Mexico. 4 lettered years of HS varsity soccer, and 2 years as amateur player for the US navy san Diego naval base team (USS tarawa), and currently playing on men's league @ austin adult soccer league and adult co-ed indoor league. various seminars, clinics & official training programs during my long carrier as a trainer.

"HARD WORK BEATS TALENT WHEN TALENT DOES NOT WORK HARD" .Teaching fundamentals on soccer To appreciate and understand the game before the player even starts dribbling the ball. To recognize the strengths, weaknesses & bad habits of a player and develop a training program based on the player not the team, parents or friends. Focus on understanding the role of a player on the team and the field. Help understand the modern game of soccer. Players have to be able to multitask, not just be a defender, forward or wing. Play smart soccer, recognize and learn how to play without the ball and against numbers. All that is possible by teaching the fundamentals of the game. Walk before you run.

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Client Reviews

Coach Jose was great! He has an excellent grasp of the skills needed to develop young players, how to help identify their strengths and weaknesses, and how to get the most out of the kids he coaches.

We have only had one session with Coach Ramos for our 7 year old son but are SUPER impressed already. You can tell he's serious about soccer and his experience shows immediately. If you're looking for a coach that's going to coddle, you should probably look elsewhere. If you're looking for a coach who will undoubtedly improve your kids skills and discipline, he's your guy. We are very excited for our next session!

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Coach Jose was awesome. My son was with me for spring break and I set him up with Coach Jose for 5 1-hour sessions. Jose taught my son very basic drills and placed an emphasis on ball control. His feedback was always honest and encouraging. Since returning home, my son has been practicing those same drills everyday. Jose's love for soccer is obvious when you meet him. He was flexible on scheduling and his communication was awesome.

Coach Jose has done a great job w my 10 yr old in just two sessions. Working on fundamental foot work, touch, and ball control. A positive side effect is increased confidence that has shown up in my kid’s last 3 games. Coach Ramos is organized, honest w feedback, and sometimes demanding with his training objectives. All good qualities for a coach to be effective. Definitely recommend him.

Coach Jose is a fantastic coach, very professional, and obviously a talented athlete. He is tough but fair and encouraging. My daughter has already gained valuable skills, after only two sessions!

Good coach

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Coach Jose was thorough and honest in his assessment. We look forward to scheduling more sessions with him.

We loved working with Jose. He is a true pro. Shows up ahead of time every time. Prepares. Motivates, challenges, pushes but respects the student. He’s a great teacher and we have seen improvements. Could Not recommend more.

Jose was excellent and very thorough. We appreciated all the feedback he had. We look forward to working with him.

He is an amazing coach and gives you honest feedback. I’ve only got to know him for a short while and I feel comfortable training with him.

Coach Jose is very encouraging about strengths - and honest about weaknesses / areas for improvement. Has definitely inspired my son to pursue learning more.

Mr. Ramos is very good and honest coach

Coach Jose R is great! I'm an adult woman who's played a few years and could really use some help improving my soccer skills. Coach Jose is just perfect for what I need. He's clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable coach, easy to be with, and has been incredibly accommodating when it comes to my schedule. He never makes me feel bad for screwing up and he even pretends not to notice when I'm embarrassingly out of breath! I highly, highly recommend.

My son had a great experience. Coach Jose was very knowledgeable, and my son made lots of progress. A great coach!

Jose is a great Coach, very knowledgeable, and great with our 9 year old soon. I highly recommend his services.

Great coach

Jose is very accommodating and works well with my son. He is not the “get a medal for participation” but is real and fair. He has the best interest in getting better.

(no details provided)

Coach Jose was and is a great coach I will relly chose coach jose again good person with kids he gets the kids attention my daughter likes working with coach Jose

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Great first session!

A few months ago, at the ripe old age of 14, my son decided to take up soccer. Coach Jose was very helpful in evaluating him and teaching him skills to improve his game. He also gave him pointers on what he needed to do moving forward so that he could catch up to his peers. When we are back in Austin, we will do it again.

Coach Ramos is awesome!! My daughter is learning so much working with him.

Coach Jose was great. As someone completely new to the sport and nervous about my first coaching session he was fantastic. He automatically made me feel comfortable and took time to ththoroughly explain everything. He made my decision to sign up for more sessions easy!

After only two sessions with my daughter, it was clear that Coach Jose was the right fit. He knows what he's doing, and has the ability to tell the truth about what she needs to improve and how he is going to help her get there, while at the same time keeping it fun and giving her more confidence in her abilities. A rare combination in a coach. We highly recommend him.

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Great experience so far. Jose is a great coach and we're looking forward to working with him.

My son has been going to Coach Jose since early December. He's gone at least once a week and sometimes twice a week. In the short amount of time that my son has spent with Coach Jose, I can tell a remarkable improvement. My son has more confidence, is more relaxed, understands more of the game and has better ball control. Coach Jose takes time to explain every aspect of the game and encourages his students to play smarter. He thoroughly analyzes his students to concentrate on what they need to work on and then targets lessons for improvement in those areas. He's a five-star coach and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others. I look forward to my continuing lessons with Coach Jose. My son gets better and better after every lesson!

Coach Jose is great. The first session was used to assess my son's skills to see where he's at, what he needs to work on and assess his goals. He sent us a video with ball control skills to work on during the week and the next session had lots of great drills and exercises. Coach Jose is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and clearly loves what he does!

First of all we couldn't find anyone in our immediate area and had to drive 45 min. It was well worth it! This man boosted my kiddos confidence and was perfect, just what we needed. His knowledge is vast and he is very professional but he is also very kind. I hope we can set up more sessions. Coach Jose would benefit any age kid. I would not hesitate to recommend him!! Thank you coach for exceeding my expectations, the drive and expense was well worth it, it always is when you're getting the best! Hope to see you soon.

Very organized, thorough and direct. Great stuff.

Coach Jose really helped my son get ready for soccer season!

Our daughter has really enjoyed her sessions with Coach Jose. He explains everything clearly and challenges our daughter to work hard. We will be enrolling her in additional sessions.

Coach Jose is working with my 11 year old who has never played on a soccer team but had an interest in the game. It's been a great way to learn good habits from the start... I don't think he'd get this much instruction any other way!
- E.G., Kyle, TX

Coach Jose was thorough in pointing out weaknesses and ways to improve. He is frank with his feedback, rather than someone who just tells you what you want to hear. We look forward to following through with his training plan.

Coach Jose is fantastic! A true soccer guru! He is very honest, fair and patient. After just one session with my son, I'm already noticing a difference. I highly recommend him for all skill levels!

Jose is a great coach with excellent skills. My daughter has picked up new skills that no others have done. No more crying after the games, she is confident on each play. I would highly recommend and looking forward to many more sessions. Thanks Jose!

Coach Jose did two sessions with my son and he was great, patient, he pointed out the problems..that my son need to work on encourage me n him alot .more ! My son really enjoys it. Can't wait to do more sessions with coach jose..I recommend him
to any one!!

Great first session, very patient, pointed out the problems that I need to work on, and encouraged me a lot.

(no details provided)

My son was evaluated by Coach Jose yesterday. He has not played on a team in two years and is rusty. He wants to improve his soccer skills so he can feel confident about trying out for the JV team at his high school. Coach Jose came up with a plan so that my son can become a better soccer player. My son and I are pleased with this first session with Coach Jose.

Coach Jose did a few sessions with my two daughters 10 and 11. He was great, in just a few sessions they learned a lot and had fun.Thanks!!

My sons really enjoyed and benefitted from working with Coach Jose. We booked about six sessions with him to coincide with the practices of their soccer leagues. So, we would work with Coach Jose for 90 minutes prior to the weekly league practice. Coach Jose worked equally well with both sons, even though they played different positions. They were prepared for their league practices and games! The improvements from the beginning of the sessions to the end were remarkable. We plan to work with Coach Jose next season and happily recommend him to anyone looking to improve their soccer skills! A satisfied father, Charles

Coach Jose has been amazing. He's gone above and beyond by really figuring out where my sons need improvement. He enjoys getting to know the kids he works with and always coaches with a positive attitude. I've been very impressed and thankful for his coaching techniques!

very glad that not only i've had found a personal trainer that can accommodate with my work schedule and within walking distance from home, but also have an opportunity to play indoor soccer, in coach's team.!
Thanks to you and ASA he really has improved his game. I can't wait to watch him play.
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