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I am a USATF certified coach of newbie - experienced runners. I believe in a combination of working hard and having fun in order to help you achieve your goals! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Cross Country, Long Distance, Marathon, Middle Distance

  • Drive Phase, Gait, Pacing, Stride, Form


  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Cross Country, Long Distance, Marathon, Middle Distance

  • Drive Phase, Gait, Pacing, Stride, Form

More About Coach Joseph

I am a USATF certified coach who teaches individuals and small groups how to run properly using correct form adapted to the individual's natural running gait. I will evaluate your form and biomechanics and suggest corrections as needed. I especially enjoy working with recreational runners, and have successfully coached clients to their first 5k, 10K, 1/2 marathon and marathon. I am here to help you achieve your running goals! I enjoy working with beginners who just want to exercise and/or lose weight as well as runners who want to advance to the next level, e.g. 5K to marathon.

Running is my passion and has helped me both in my personal and professional life. That is why I enjoy helping people achieve a level of physical - and mental - fitness they never thought possible. To quote the great sage, Yogi Berra, running (especially distance running) "is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical." Most importantly, I want every client to enjoy his or her experience to the fullest. That means having fun even as I (gently) push you to be the best that YOU can be. Just bring your determination!

I did not start running until I was in my thirties. I was a recently reformed smoker and 30 pounds overweight when I decided to take up running. After a 5 mile run I realized that Forest Gump was living inside me and decided to run a marathon. I have run over 135 marathons and continue to run 4-6 marathons a year, as well as shorter distances. I have placed in my age division numerous times and have also won my age division on occasion, however I have also come to realize that running can be just as enjoyable when you "stop to smell the roses." OK, I don't literally stop, I just take as much pride in finishing my distance as I do in my time.

I can make form and biomechanic suggestions to help the way you run in just a few sessions.
For those looking for a more comprehensive coaching plan, one might include all or some of the following components, depending on your goals:
- Evaluate running form, gait, biomechanics and correct as needed
- Agree on a coaching plan that will fit the client's needs
- If training for a specific race, create a schedule to have you ready in time
- Track workouts
- Road workouts (with coach)
- Discuss the psychology of distance running in order to develop the necessary mental toughness. The goal here is to break through
the "wall" regardless of the distance (5Ks have walls too!), and cross the finish line feeling strong.
- Help you choose a race that is right for you
- What to do leading up to your race & what to expect during the race
- Nutrition for runners
- Tricks of the trade for long distance runners
- Advice on shoes, orthotics, proper clothing, running watches and other accessories

Along the way to my 100+ marathons I have made every conceivable mistake in training (and even during races!), however I have learned from each and every one of them. I can teach the beginner and recreational runner of any age how to avoid mistakes and optimize his or her potential - while having fun and staying healthy.
I don't believe in pushing trainees to grueling limits, however I do believe in encouraging individuals to maximize their potential given their fitness level. It it up to YOU to push yourself! If you want something bad enough, I will help you get there, however your commitment needs to extend beyond our sessions. Running can be more than completing a 5K or marathon. It is a way to feel younger, healthier and happier. The race is a tangible milestone marking your accomplishment, however the real reward is how you feel physically and mentally every day!

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Client Reviews

Coach Joe was amazing. Very knowledgeable!

Coach Joe is great! Super helpful and knowledgeable with form and mechanics, as well as charting the right course to meet your goals! He guided to a PR that I would not have thought was within reach before I started working with him.

Patient and encouraging. I made a lot of progress with this coach and I am hoping to continue.

With more marathons under his belt than I can count, coach Joe works from a place of real, practical experience. He knows running shoes and nutrition inside and out. He gave me some great feedback to troubleshoot my current challenges that i can utilize immediately. I am feeling much more prepared for my upcoming marathons and have a clear plan of action. So glad I invested some time with him.

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(no details provided)

Coach Joseph is an excellent coach. His knowledge of running and his ability to calmly communicate with my young daughter was worth the session.

Joe taught me so much about proper running form and technique. He was able to identify my bad techniques and habits almost instantly and we worked to correct them. Great coach and great guy all around! Thanks Coach!

Coach Joe was patient and understanding. In one session I learned what was keeping me from progressing further.

(no details provided)

Coach Joe was GREAT and my session far exceeded my expectations. I learned some new and incredibly helpful techniques - Joe is wonderfully experienced, knowledgeable and insightful. He's an exceptional coach. You won't be disappointed!

Saw coach Joe for a check-up on running form, as I switch to a more mid-foot gait. I am trying to eradicate a recurring calf strain problem. Very helpful feedback and practical tips as I contemplate a Fall marathon. For an older runner like me (60 years old), how’s experience of completing 135+ marathons is invaluable.

Coach Joe was patient and listened to my needs and concerns. He then gave me a lot of great pointers in order to help me improve. He even sent me more references after the session to help me improve my knowledge and as a great reminder of what was discussed during the session. Would highly recommend.

I had a great experience. Felt super comfortable and learned a lot to make me a better athlete.

(no details provided)

Terrific coach. Joe helped me transition from heel-strike running to midfoot, and really worked on my mechanics to keep me running for life. He was useful in sharing expert running tips regarding products, diet, supplements, etc. Highly recommend.

Joe had my first private running class for me. I had been running for one year and did several half and full marathon races. But I didn't realize I have been a heel striker until Joe pointed out to me and make me understand. He is a pretty patient coach and help me to understand concepts vividly. I will definitely go back to him for further training classes.

As a new runner starting out I was having some issues with shin splints and wanted to learn the right way and not develop bad habits. Coach Joe really helped me a lot and spent a lot of time evaluating my motion and recommending changes and equipment. I'm very pleased with the results

I had been running for about 5 months for fun when I decided to run a marathon. I was very fortunate to find Joe. He has been an incredible coach. He spent a lot of time on my technique and form. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot to share from his own experiences, after running 102 marathons and is planning many more. Joe is patient, calm and devotes a lot of extra time to explain how good running form can prevent any injuries. He is very flexible and always tries to work around your schedule. Even when we are unable to meet, Joe is always available via emails and text messages. He is a great motivator and pushes you to run the extra mile, but reminds you not to overdo it to avoid injuries.
This is my first marathon but Joe's coaching has inspired me to run many more. Not only is he a good running coach but he also has a great philosophy on life.

If you are interested in running a marathon, 5k, 10k or just running for exercise, I would strongly recommend Joe. He will make it fun and a part of your life.

Coach Joe is an excellent coach! Assesses your needs and level and works accordingly. He helped me with a training plan and instilled a great deal of confidence in me. Patient and kind yet knows when to push! I have three more sessions and am looking forward to them!

Joseph has been extremely helpful in my development as a beginning runner. In the first session he gave me some key areas to focus on for my form to achieve the best results. I recommend Joe's training sessions to anyone interested in starting/continuing to run.

I've been working with coach Joe for about a month now. He has been great in terms of showing me I have more potential than I thought and helping me reach it. I look forward to our weekly sessions and can't wait for the results of our sessions to pay off in my next race. We have been working on form and stamina and I already am seeing results. I can't recommend him enough

I'm so glad I decided to work with Joe! I'm a tough person to coach-- I struggle a lot mentally-- but I've learned a lot from him in only a matter of weeks. I can feel my form getting better (and runs getting faster) as a result of his expertise. He also pushes me to do my best, including sending me inspirational quotes before my triathlon this past weekend! It's really refreshing to have a coach that invests in his athletes, both educationally and emotionally. I'm looking forward to working with Joe in the future, because if anyone can help me achieve my goals, it's him! :)

Coach Huber is an extremely accomplished marathon runner. Those accomplishments are clearly evident in his passion to teach new runners.
As I prepared to meet him for our first session I was pleasantly surprised that he chose to run with me. This gave me a lot of confidence. He worked on my pre-run and post run routine and gives weekly schedule. Our sessions did not stop at an hour and went much beyond that.
Coach Huber really cares about his students and he cares more to see his students achieve their goals. He keeps in constant communication and is extremely responsive to email queries. I am very encouraged to have him as my coach and would give him the highest recommendation!!!!

I joined CoachUp in search of a running coach to help me to train to run a 5K in June. I am overweight and definitely NOT a runner.
Joe has been, in a word, AWESOME! He is passionate about running and helping, which is evident in his coaching style. In our 1st official session, Joe pushed me beyond the boundaries I imposed on myself. When I needed that extra push he was there for me, but he was also forgiving in the moments I needed him to be. What I especially love about Joe's coaching style is how generous he gives of his time. He checks in daily with me on how I'm doing...from my food intake, workout as well as my recovery. He never fails to celebrate my accomplishments, no matter how small. His encouraging words inspire and motivate me to push myself to be better than my last workout.

In the short timee I've worked with Joe, I've gained the confidence that the goals I have set for myself are not out of reach. I feel very fortunate to have found Coach Joe, and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a passionate and caring coach.

Folks, this man has run 120 marathons! He is doing something right, listen to him. He knows what he's doing, and obviously he loves to run! - Upon meeting up again with the Great One at Bill's book signing at Fleet Feet, Montclair. June 2017
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