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Certified NFHS Interscholastic Coach & US Lacrosse Trainer. Sports Parent & former DI Player with 30+ years of boys & girls lacrosse experience from youth to HS View all coaching experience

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  • Towson University (MD)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalie, Defense, Attack

  • Fast Breaks, Offball Movement, Defense Positioning, Stick Skills, Stick Protection, Shooting, Ground Balls, Dodging, Agility


  • Towson University (MD)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalie, Defense, Attack

  • Fast Breaks, Offball Movement, Defense Positioning, Stick Skills, Stick Protection, Shooting, Ground Balls, Dodging, Agility

More About Coach Joe (CoJo)

I am the Director of Girls Lacrosse at House of Sports in Ardsley as well as the Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, NY. As a former male DI player now coaching girls lacrosse, I have the unique perspective of knowing, understanding and loving both games.

My life long love affair with lacrosse benefits from my 100+ years of cumulative coaching experiences from a diverse background of coaching at all levels- Recreational, Travel & Tournament and High School. In addition to lacrosse, I have coached baseball, basketball and softball and use those experiences to help players with similar experiences learn the game of lacrosse. My overriding goal is to make training fun, engaging and educational while at the same time, highly beneficial! Kids learn better when they're having fun!!!

My belief is that "Coach" is LESS about who you are and MORE about what you do. The greatest Coaches in the history of sports understood that in order for there to be team success, you had to have individual successes as well. So they motivated and inspired athletes to work hard and take personal accountability for their own development and performance. "You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit" ~ Aristotle

In addition to being a former DI player and the parent of former players who played at the DI level as well, I am a Certified Interscholastic Coach (CIC) through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), a US Lacrosse Certified Boys & Girls Coach and a Certified US Lacrosse Level 1 Instructor. The combination of those experiences provide me with a unique understanding of what parents hope to gain when they hire a private coach to help their child learn.

Quality training starts with the simple question "how good do YOU want to be?" My unique Coaching technique goes well beyond X&O’s to teach players the habits and behaviors that it takes to be successful; not only in today’s highly competitive world of lacrosse, but in academics and life as well. At each session, I bring a passion, energy & love of the game that encourages & motivates young athletes to make the time investment required to achieve their goals.
Over my coaching career, by continuously attending coaching clinics and seminars I have expanded my depth and breath of coaching young athletes by studying the latest trends in lacrosse across many different philosophy's, techniques & drills in order to ensure that my teachings are current and relevant.

As an athlete, I was a two sport athlete in football and lacrosse at renowned Yorktown High School helping the team to 2 State Championship appearances, including Yorktown's very first NYSPHSAA Championship earning various athletic honors along the way. I went on to play DI lacrosse at nationally ranked Towson University. I have successfully Coached my own children who have gone on to earn several athletic accomplishments including multiple All-Section Honors, Big 10 Player of the Week and Inside Lacrosse DI National Player of the Week.

By using a combination of drills and coaching techniques, our session will cover complete lacrosse development including agility, stick skills and the correct mental approach needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive athletic environment.

Each session is uniquely structured to the needs and goals of the individual athlete which allows us to maximize the time investment that you make.

The drills for each position are isolated in order to achieve maximum benefit and to create the muscle memory needed to accomplish your goals.

Session Examples:

• Point and shoot to isolate proper release point
• Swat the fly to isolate core rotation
• Ladder agility drills to isolate proper foot movement
• Break the bucket drill- ladder drills with cradling into a split dodge and/or inside role that ties the previous drills together
• Wall Ball Eye-Hand Coordination
• Agility ladder to isolate proper Goalie footwork
• 4 & 5 Hole Saves to isolate proper movement to the ball
• Hand-Ball that tie-together
• Arc Play
• Playing the ball behind
• Rope visualization drill
• Shooting

Lacrosse Skill Development:
• Wall Ball Eye-Hand Coordination
• Catching Drill
• Bust the Bucket throwing drill
• Cradling
• Scooping
• Ladder Agility with cradling, scooping and or shooting/throwing included

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Client Reviews

Coach Joe has been great. Very easy to work with and coordinate times. My son has learned a lot in a week. Stick work, foot work, all kinds of techniques that he needed to improve on. Recommend highly!

Coach Joe is excellent at what he does. After just 1 session, he was able to identify weaknesses in my daughters game and help her make the necessary adjustments. He is extremely knowledgeable about the game and it shows. Coach Joe’s easy going nature put my daughter at ease immediately. She will definitely be returning to work with him.

My son has worked with Coach Joe for sessions. Coach Joe was able to quickly identify how to best help my son transition from defense to attack and identity areas he needs to strengthen. He is extremely positive and supportive and my son loves working with him. We are committed to working with Joe all summer and can’t wait to see his progress. I highly recommend Coach Joe!

Coach Joe was great with my daughter. On her very first lesson he was able to correct some of the bad habits she had when shooting and dodging. She was able to come home and work on the drills he taught her and she is already seeing improvements. I would highly recommend Coach Joe!

Had a few sessions!

He is on time, highly professional and awesome at what he does—flawless.

Approaches the sport like a science

Stellar people skills

Defiantly book!!!

Coach Joe has done a great job with my son. He works on all aspects of the game and zeroes in on areas that need extra attention. My son Zach really looks forward to his sessions with Coach Joe and is improving each week. We are looking forward to working with him more as we approach the Spring LAX season! Coach Joe does a tremendous job!

Perfect fit for my son! Looking forward to watching my son grow with coach Joe!

My son had a great session with Coach Joe. He was able to adapt training based on my son’s interest to keep the session engaging. He was also quite motivating - great energy.

Coach Joe is great! Look forward to booking more sessions with him.

Coach Joe has been amazing! My daughter is new to the sport and he has been very patient with her and has taught her how to learn lacrosse skills and build her self confidence.

Coach Joe was incredible - provided feedback at every drill and really seemed like he cared about my sons goals. Can’t wait until the next session. My son felt so confident after one lesson

Coach Joe worked with my 13 year old son on his dodging technique and we saw significant improvement in my son’s performance and confidence. It’s evident that he’s very good with young kids, and can balance being firm while also fun at the same time. My son enjoyed the sessions. I highly recommend coach Joe and we look forward to working with him more in the future.

(no details provided)

Coach Joe was great with my daughter. He was very patient and made her feel at ease. She is looking forward to future sessions.
Thank you coach Joe!

Great coach!

The real deal! Coach Joe is exceptionally skillful at breaking down and explaining the mechanics of stick skills and strategy of play, not just drills. Keeps the sessions new and fresh week to week, and always progressing. Equally important to us, he's improved her playing confidence through positive instruction and motivation. She loves working with him. Exactly what we were looking for in a coach.

(no details provided)

Great Coach! 👍👍

Coach Joe has been great so far I didn’t know how my daughter was going to respond by being coached by Joe but after or initial session she’s looking forward to working with coach again.

(no details provided)

Coach Joe was outstanding. He cheerfully explained really important goalie strategies and worked through them with our daughter, then was kind enough to send YouTube links for her to watch. Our daughter is really looking forward to her next session with Coach Joe!

Excellent coach who really knows his stuff. An absolute asset to my sons learning the game.

My son's session with Joe was great. He was able to explain things clearly to him and correct a lot of bad habits that my son had accumulated over the years. My son felt comfortable with Joe and was almost instantly more confident in his abilities once he was shown how to do things correctly. We will be going back to Joe for more training.

Joe focuses on fundamentals. He uses a series of drills to to achieve proper technique, all of which can used at home between lessons.

My daughter loved working with Coach Joe. He focused on both the mechanics and the heart of the game — which is something she really needs to boost her confidence as a new player, and a person who is new to team sports. I saw massive improvement after our session, and she left with a huge smile on her face despite working hard.

Coach Joe has been amazing with my 10 year old. He not only teaches him lacrosse, but important life skills like making more of an effort, the importance of practice and not giving up. Very happy to have found this coach who truly cares about his students.

Joe was amazing with my 13 year old! My son is a first time player and wanted to see if he had any skills and if lacrosse would be a sport he enjoys....and it turns out that Joe helped him figure out that it’s yes to both of those!!! He can not wait to meet with Joe again and keep practicing! Thanks for everything Joe:)

Coach Joe has worked with my 11-year-old daughter for 7 sessions so far. After the first session, I saw an increase in her power and accuracy due to the modifications he made in the way she was holding her stick. Coach Joe continues to build on previous lessons and my daughter has grown tremendously in a short period of time. He is kind in his delivery of constructive feedback about her performance so she never feels criticized. Instead, she feels supported and is appreciative of the honest advice because she knows it is making a difference in her style. Coach Joe is quick to reply to messages, he is very punctual and genuinely cares about helping my daughter to improve. I highly recommend him.

What a terrific coach! It's clear that Joe has a ton of coaching experience and is just great with kids. He worked with my novice middle-schooler and within the first session, taught him lax skills to build upon, gave him a structured approach to practicing on hisown, and truly engaged and inspired him. He seems to have a nack for understanding different kids personalities - works on their level and truly develops a rapport. My son loved his first session, has a newfound confidence and excitement for the sport and we are already planning for several more sessions. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat.

My 10 year old son had a great session with Coach Joe! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach. He really knows the game and all its nuances. He made it fun for my son!.

Great attitude and keeps it fun. Highly recommended.

Joe is a fabulous coach!!! He takes time with my daughter to really help improve her skills and her confidence. He has been such a tremendous help to my daughter. Her game has improved significantly and she is much more confident on the field!!! He is also extremely patient and clearly loves lacrosse so passionate about the game!!!

Joe is a fantastic coach. My son is young (only 7 years old) and new to lacrosse. We came to Joe to because my son is joining a lacrosse team and wants to catch up to some of the other kids that started playing at age 5. Coaching a young child is not easy because their attention span can be very short. Joe has created a set of coaching techniques that keep him engaged and interested while learning the game. My son loves his sessions with Joe and is progressing quickly. Obviously as a former D1 player, Joe is a great lacrosse player but more importantly for his students he really knows how to coach skills and techniques, which is an entirely different skill-set. I highly recommend Joe to anyone that is looking to learn or improve in lacrosse.

Excellent teacher and the follow-up was sincerely appreciated.

We will train with him again for sure.

(no details provided)

My son is just starting out with Joe. We couldn’t be happier. Our son is learning so much and Joe has been able to zero in on areas for our son needs to improve upon very quickly. We are excited to continue working with Joe.

Coach Joe was great!! My son ( a teenager/never played before) was not opened to the idea of needing a training session. My son hardly spoke and gave minimal effort for the first few mins. However, Coach Joe made him feel comfortable enough to let loose and soak up everything he was learning. He told my son, "You have to learn how to crawl before you can walk". As soon as we got home, my son wanted to practice some more. He had a great experience. Coach Joe is knowledgeable, engaging, motivating, skillful, and friendly. Since our first session, my son's confidence level went up and we didn't feel rushed at all during the session. We look forward to many more practices. Thanks Joe

I would like to thank coach joe for his professionalism and knowledge. Coach joe instilled confidence and knowledge in my son. I would highly recommend him for a beginner goalie all the way through high school varsity. Thanks again Coach see you soon Patrick H.

Coach Joe is an excellent coach. He has a great knowledge base of the sport. He has helped my son improve and feel more comfortable in his skills. As a busy parent I also appreciate that he is flexible and understanding when trying to schedule a session. I highly recommend. Thanks Joe.

My 15 year old daughter has had one training session with coach joe and has already jumped to another level in both skills and confidence. Joe is engaging, personable, motivating and knowledgeable and has a great natural repor with kids. Before her session with coach joe, she was playing jv goalie. The week after her first session she was moved up to varsity. She’s really looking forward to more goalie training with joe!

Great start. Strong fundamental learning. Made my son really enjoy the experience.

Amazing! My son has never played lacrosse before but showed an interest. Joe's demeanor and expertise in his first coaching session has my son really excited to play the sport. He learned a lot and we have already signed up for more sessions with Coach Joe!

My daughter had her first training session with Coach Joe and loved it. We are booking more sessions and highly recommend Coach Joe.

Thanks to Coach Joe my daughter became a lacrosse goalie and is now playing on a top notch club team! Coach Joe continues to challenge my daughter - he is helpful for all level of play. Thanks Coach Joe!

Coach Joe is just what my son needed! After just one lesson my son was very excited to start improving his game both physically and mentally. Coach Joe exposed issues that my son did not know existed in his game and was amazed at how well his accuracy and speed increased by making a few adjustments. Coach Joe truly cares about his students as he does not look at his watch to see how much time is left.. Thank you Joe

Coming from a school that didn't have goalie coaches my son struggled with correcting bad habits during the season that only a skilled set of eyes could see. Joe was recommended to us and from day 1 my son has benefitted from his passionate and energetic approach. He has done a great job of tweaking his play without trying to "change" the style of play he has relied on to this point.

(no details provided)

Coach Joe is fun to work with, he knows girls lacrosse inside out, he is amazing at coaching for any level, and he gives good drills to practice on throughout the week to improve. He is very specific on items you need to improve on, and also knows what types of things you can get to improve. I would work with him more often. 10/10 would recommend!!

Coach Joe is a great lacrosse coach. He is in general a good guy. He shared his years of experience through great stories and anecdotes. Also, I get the sense that he cares about the players' personal development on and off the field. He gives lots of good tips that I want my son to hear but is more inclined to listen to coming from a respected coach like Joe Fitzgerald. We are planning several more individual sessions. Absolutely, I recommend Coach Joe.

Joe, filled in for us on very short notice and did a great job coaching both girls and boys. he was prompt and professional and we got great feedback from our clients.

Coach Joe is an excellent coach. He took his time to explain everything and is very knowledgeable in what he teaches. Coach Joe made my son feel very comfortable during the training. We can wait to our next lesson.

My son had a great first session with Coach Joe. After years of different coaches, he feels like Coach Joe really zeroed in on his weak points and gave him exactly the instruction he needed. He is looking forward to more sessions and focused instruction from Coach Joe to help him bring his game to the next level!

A great first meeting. We learned a lot and know a number of things to focus on until we meet again. Coach Joe seemed very focused and inspiring. We're looking forward to our next lesson!

Coach Joe is an amazing coach. He is very instructive and engaging. My son has a great experience working with him.

Fantastic and helpful very early on. Already scheduling more sessions!

Coach Joe was terrific! My son is excited to go back and get into a training schedule.
Thanks coach Joe!

Coach Joe was Amazing! In just one session my son's confidence went up dramatically, abd he was doing things that were previously difficult for him! Coach Joe's friendly and positive personality make him an absolute pleasure to work with!!

Coach Joe was amazing at our multi-age goalie clinic. He was organized, enthusiastic, and knowledgable. I highly recommend him for goalie training.

Wonderful coach who is extremely passionate about the sport. Knowledgeable and motivating and gave my daughter the confidence she needed to start a sport in her freshman year of high school. Would recommend to anyone!

Joe, I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work with Miranda. Her confidence both on and off the field has grown unbelievably since she started coming to you. Your commitment and dedication to her development is greatly appreciated.
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