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Jesse G.

27 years as a player and high school coach in the Houston (TX) and Denver (TX) area. Contact me if you are interested in working weekly with other college/high school QB/WR.


Denver, CO





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Texas State University--San Marcos (TX)

Coaching Experience

11 years

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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Wide receiver, Strong safety, Snapper, Slot receiver, Running back, Offensive guard, Inside linebacker, Full back, Free safety, Corner back, Center, Tight end, Quarterback


Tackling form, Tackling, Route running, Punting, Pump fakes, Pass blocking, Jamming, Dropping back, Catching, Blocking, Play action, Footwork, Throwing mechanics

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Group Sessions

Yes; up to 4 athletes


Up to 25 miles

Session Duration

60 minutes

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More About Me

I have been a part of football for over 27 years as a player and coach. I currently coach 5A high school football. My coaching experience includes Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator and I have coached every position during my career.

I have been involved with several state playoff wins and championships while coaching in Texas and Colorado. I have taught at several quarterback camps and clinics. I have offered one one one personal quarterback and skill training for several years helping many future college players.

Quarterbacks will work on 1, 3, 5 step drops, proper throwing mechanics, pocket mobility, proper throwing on the run, and proper footwork. As the student progresses new objectives will be stressed such as reading defenses, play action passes, and drills specific to the student's offense. Players will also receive character and leadership skills during sessions.

With hard work and dedication I was blessed as an athlete. I played with some great teams and was coached by some great coaches and men. At Friendswood High School I was was voted Unanimous 1st Team All District and Galveston County 1st team offense twice. I lead the district in receptions and receiving yards twice as well. In addition, my senior year I lead the district in receptions, yards, and receiving TDs. I also led the Greater Houston Area in all three categories and was top 3 in the State. This led me to be named 1st team All Greater Houston Offense (all classes) and All State 2nd team.

I accepted a scholarship to Shippensburg University in PA. I then transferred to Texas State and graduated with a Health and Fitness Management Degree. When I was 27 I decided to tryout for the AFL Texas Copperheads. Again I was blessed to make the cut out of 300 players. During this time I realized that my passion and calling was coaching and teaching athletes.

Warm up
Fundamentals - ball placement, foot placement, receiving snaps
Throwing mechanics - footwork, hip, shoulder, elbow placement; follow though
Drops - Drills, 1 step, 3 step, 5 step, rollout, play action
Pocket Drill - escapes, mobility, target recognition

The quarterback position is one that is learned at an individualized pace. If a player is not ready to progress to step 2 we will stay on step 1. As with every sport and position, repetitions are the key factor.

My first session is an assessment to gauge where the player currently is skill wise, where he wants to be, and the best way to reach their goal.

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Client Review Football

Coach Jesse is fantastic. He showed up prepared and ready to go. He taught in a way that was easy to learn from and all of our players were able to take something away from the training session. You could see the players improving and having a good time as the session went along. I would highly recommend Coach Jesse, and in fact we have already decided to add another coaching session to our schedule.

Client Review Football

My son had a very good first session with coach German last Sunday. Coach German was very professional, knowledgeable and had a great plan to begin working with my son. We feel Coach German is exactly what we are looking for.

Client Review Football

Jesse is an awesome QB coach. During our session he helped me learn correct throwing motion, stance and technique. He had really good input for me to improve, was extremely knowledgeable, very flexible with times and is very fun, friendly and fun to work with!


I give Jesse G. my highest recommendation to your organization. I have known Jesse for more than 5 years and he has instrumental to the success of two different organizations that I am involved in. Jesse started as an assistant coach with me in the Houston Select Football League, working with the middle school boys in the Texans organization. He has always been hungry to learn and eager to serve. The passion and expertise that he brought to his role led me to promote him to be head coach of one of the teams in the organization and then to turn over the entire Texans organization to him.


Prior to Coach G. relocating to Colorado, I had the pleasure of observing him for the previous three years in several capacities. I personally have been blessed as a former Division 1 student-athlete to learn philosophies and techniques from some of the best football minds at the collegiate and professional levels. My football I.Q. increased dramatically under his leadership, and he has helped me to be a much better coach today.

Terrance M.*

Jesse, I want to thank you for coaching Matthew. During his two years with you in select football, Matthew accelerated his football knowledge at quarterback. This has allowed him to have a great foundation both on and off the field as he competes for QB at 5A Houston Memorial. Your attention to detail and training methods made playing for you fun and rewarding. -- Tom

Tom *

Coach German! It's Monty. I just want to say thanks for all you have taught me on and off the field. Between being a gentleman off the field and a beast between the white lines. I got invited to the Vype photo shoot with some your former athletes and that wouldn't be possible without your tremendous coaching. Also I'm not sure if I mentioned but I'm being closely recruited by the University of Michigan! Thanks again, Monty

Monty, High School Student Athlete*
* This testimonial provided by Jesse.

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