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Ex world-class level decathlete, elite level coach (sprints, jumps, hurdles, throws), success coach, and extremely outgoing personality. If you aren't having fun, why do it? View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Western State Colorado University (CO)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Throws, Sprints, Jumps, Hurdles

  • Hammer Throw, Passing, Pacing, Triple Jump, Sprinting, Shot Put, Running the Curve, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Javelin, High Jump, Form, Discus, Decathlon, Baton Handoffs


  • Western State Colorado University (CO)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Throws, Sprints, Jumps, Hurdles

  • Hammer Throw, Passing, Pacing, Triple Jump, Sprinting, Shot Put, Running the Curve, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Javelin, High Jump, Form, Discus, Decathlon, Baton Handoffs

More About Coach Jeremy


Jeremy has experience coaching athletes from Olympians to first-timers in diverse sports. His background in kinesiology, technology, and customer experience management brings about a unique and informed approach to athletics.

Jeremy is fueled by his passion for understanding how things work and how to make them work better. He considers himself a ‘life-long student’, eager to build a robust foundation in sport science and psychology to best cultivate talent and develop the highest caliber athlete one can become. Continued education, testing, and staying at the forefront of new research help him design better programs for athletes to utilize.

His hunger for knowledge and innovation has contributed to his success at four different universities and as a private coach. Here he has coached numerous All-Americans, a national champion, the sixth-furthest high school discus girl in history (later became the Olympic Champion and American Record-holder), collegiate conference team champions, third and sixth place national team finishes, six state champions most recently, and more. He’s worked with soccer, lacrosse, football, and basketball players, gymnasts, and boxers.

In addition, he helped most of these athletes get to this level with little to no prior experience in their respective sports. Jeremy believes finding the mental strength and confidence to achieve and get started is pivotal to success, a tenet he lives out through his interests in entrepreneurship, photography, woodwork, cryptocurrencies, and other creative interests.

Jeremy holds coaching certifications from USATF and is a 4x USTFCCCA Coaching Specialist in Throws, Speed, Weight Lifting, and Jumps. He also holds degrees in Exercise Sports Science and Anthropology.

He is an ardent believer in making mistakes as often as possible, with minimal repeats.

As a collegiate and post-collegiate decathlete, Jeremy is familiar with the ins and outs of competition at all levels and understands what it takes to perform at high level. He was a National and USA level competitor flying under the Rudy Project flag. He has competed with many Olympians and very talented athletes from all over the world, including world record holders and World and Olympic Champions.

We always jump right in! There's no better way to process information, get to know each other, analyze points of interest, and have fun, than by simply doing. You can expect a highly technical session if need be, or a very basic one where we get to feel out the sport rather than think too hard on it. We begin with an introduction to get to know one another and go over any specific goals each athlete has. This will become our main focus but I ask you to remain flexible in case there is something I see that we feel would benefit you. Then a warm-up, in which I will join you to help demonstrate visually and keep myself mobile :) This will also include a heavy movement screening to assess biomechanical inefficiencies and potential sites of injury. Depending on the discipline, the meat of the session will be in learning technique, proper drilling to help facilitate new motor patterns, or working out to build a base on which to sit. Each session will include active questions and answers (or feedback if needed) throughout, with no need to wait until the end.

Session and package discounts available for all athletes after the third session!.
Video analysis and final review, standard with each package.

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Client Reviews

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Had a great first session with Jeremy. We discussed my goals and reviewed drills that i should learn. He shared some excellent insight based on movement assessment. I'm looking forward to working with him. I'm a masters athlete who is new to track and field.

Our daughter is very happy with the sessions!

Coach Jeremy did a great job. He was engaging and explained all aspects of coaching well.

Coach Jeremy was super helpful to my daughter and she loved training with him. I highly recommend him for any of your track and field needs.

Jeremy was great with our 11 yr old son. Perfect balance of being on his level but not talking down to him. It was the first session of our package and we are very excited to see how our son grows and develops with Jeremy's instruction!

(no details provided)

My son (16 yrs) has had 2 lessons with Jeremy and he really feels that the guidance and instruction has been great. We plan on continuing for the additional support and training on technique (triple and long jumps).

Huge shout out to Jeremy for taking the time to work with my daughter on developing those skills to make her a better athlete. He quickly noticed some items to work on and didn’t hesitate to call an audible on what he had planned for the day. Can’t wait to have my daughter work with Kayden this summer and make her a better all around track athlete

I think Coach Jeremy will be a perfect match for our son. He met with our son for the intro session and it went really well. Our son said he learned quite a bit from the 2 hour training and definitely wants to continue through the summer.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

It was a great first session working with Jeremy! I feel like it was a really good starting point, learning several drills and beginning some early javelin drills as well. Very easy to work with and supportive coaching style which is great. Definitely looking forward to continuing on and building on what we started on the first session!

Great coach. Helped my kid to a number one ranking in Colorado in multiple events. Highly recommended!!!!

Jeremy was awesome! Immediately personable and engaging! We will continue with him for as long as he’ll have us!

Jeremy is awesome! He’s a really good listener, with a lot of helpful insight and experience to help create an individualized plan for the multi-events. I got to work with him as an online coach, and the process was very streamlined making it easy to ask questions and get the help I needed. He’s very nice, approachable, knowledgeable, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great online coach.

Coach Jeremy goes above and beyond what one expects from a coach. It's obvious that he puts in a ton of time for his athletes. I was impressed with all the information he took from me, and the effort in thinking, analyzing video, communicating, and planning with me. What I appreciate most is how flexible and organic the coaching has been. In just four virtual sessions we've been able to touch on many aspects of my health and performance (injury rehab, asthma, sport-specific questions, schedule, sleep, nutrition, ...), and I feel good about the plan to make progress in each.

He is in the process of incorporating new technology to make virtual sessions smoother, but even with the basics I've learned a lot from each session. He is excellent at helping me visualize movements despite technological hiccups.

We had Jeremy work with our 15 y/o sophomore who had zero experience with track. After a few sessions, our son is looking the part and is confident heading into his first season. We would highly recommend Jeremy for anyone looking to improve - regardless of skill level. Thanks for everything, Jeremy!

Jeremy was great! He quickly made a connection with my son and identified strengths and opportunities. The first workout was fun and well worth it. My son is looking forward to working with Jeremy more.

Very easy to talk to. My son is really looking forward to more sessions!

(no details provided)

Coach Jeremy is an great coach and communicator. My son is a soccer player and Jeremy tailors the trainings and workouts in a way that will him grow as a soccer player (e.g. short bursts of speed and changes of direction). What Jeremy does is much more than just a workout - he teaches and trains improvements in technique. The technique improvements are much more valuable than just a workout.

Jeremy keeps the training sessions interesting and they aren't repetitive. If you are able to go for multiple sessions, Jeremy builds on earlier sessions with new drills each time you go.

Jeremy is very personable and easy to talk to. After each session Jeremy provides a really nice writeup of what was done at the session and discusses areas of improvement. We are really happy to have found Jeremy and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve running, jumping, and sprinting in whatever sport you do.

Jeremy is a reliable coach and always tries to meet where it’s convenient for us. He works well with my daughter and really knows what he is doing.

My son (high school senior) is loving working with Coach Jeremy. He’s fun, nice, knowledgeable of biomechanics, and creates engaging workouts. Excellent communication both in messaging and in person.

First session went well. Jeremy was knowledgeable and we liked his approach. He related well with my teenager.

We have so far only done one session with Jeremy. However, my two girls enjoyed it so much and felt improvement in their running already so we have booked more. Jeremy doesn't typically do kids under 11, but he agreed to give it a try with my 10 and 8 year olds. Kudos to Jeremy for keeping it fun so they stayed focused and also started to teach them valuable running form and drills. I look forward to seeing them progress.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son’s first session with Jeremy was amazing. I appreciated how he connected with my 16 year old before he began instruction. The 2 hours were well planned and he did a great job of identifying irregularities and habits from my son’s injury. We look forward to more training with Jeremy!

Awesome first session!

My kiddo loves Jeremy! He has learned so much in just a couple of sessions already. He doesn’t even mind getting up early to go get a great workout in with him. My only tiny complaint is that it’s been challenging to find a consistent day of the week and time that works for both of us. But still very pleased with his coaching!

Coach Jeremy was great! He had a great rapport with our daughter and was able to motivate, encourage, and teach her in their very first session. Looking forward to continuing to work with Coach Jeremy!

(no details provided)

Excellent session for my freshman!

Coach Jeremy is awesome! We booked sessions for our teenage son to learn more about the specifics of track & field events. Jeremy was always well organized and creative with the drills and training. Jeremy has been inspirational to our son by sharing about his athletic experiences and helped instill confidence in our son with his own goals. We found Jeremy to be very easy going and flexible. We will definitely book more sessions in the future!

(no details provided)

While training with Jeremy I am not only progressing as a better runner and sprinter but am getting more fitness and coordination as well. It's translated so well into the combat sports I do too. If you want a fun, knowledgeable coach that will help you see progression and push yourself as an athlete, this is your guy.

Ryan was very impressed with the variety of training activities and really enjoyed the session. It is quite challenging to hold a student athlete's attention especially when they are a senior and about to graduate and you nailed it. I was also impressed with the detailed write up on the session. I cannot believe you fit in all those activities into one session.

Coach Jeremy - He gave great examples and explained the drills very well. He great energy with my daughter.

(no details provided)

From the start, coach Jeremy has been very responsive. Jeremy listened to what we were wanting to accomplish and started a very realistic game plan. Coach Jeremy's teaching style is perfect for my son (12yrs old). My son enjoys when they meet up to train. I love watching from the sidelines as coach Jeremy teaches and encourages my son in accomplishing his goals. The best part is seeing my son wanting to do his best and having a good time too! Coach Jeremy is reliable, flexible and very personable. I'm so glad we found him!

Jeremy did a great job helping my daughter find ways to improve her form. His easy going nature allowed him to quickly form a healthy rapport with her. She is excited to use the suggestions from Jeremy as she works to improve as an athlete. Thank you Jeremy!

(no details provided)

On time , professional , focused on working around my injury , and challenged me . Will be more sessions!

Great first experience with Coach Jeremy! We will be booking more sessions.

Jeremy is a great coach and Dimitri really likes him. They are still very early but Dimitri is getting better and better each time and his confidence is increasing. You can really tell that Jeremy has a great understanding for the fundamental and technical side of track and field. He then adds a great connection and relationship to the athlete and it’s a terrific combo.

(no details provided)

After our initial session with Coach Jeremy, I immediately booked 3 more sessions for my 15-year-old son. He is an energetic, motivational and thorough coach. He clearly puts a lot of thought and preparation into each session and provides helpful cues/tips while working with my son to help him improve his form and technique with the hurdles. I have been impressed by how quickly he has helped my son correct some issues with his form and he provides meaningful feedback after each session. I have really appreciated his flexibility when booking session dates and location as well. He is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend him!

Jeremy is an excellent coach. He is very patient and uses drills that are effective and easy to understand. In the few weeks he has worked with our daughter he has been able to make some adjustments to her form and approach to her events that I'm sure will pay off when the season starts again

My 17yrd old son has been working with Jeremey for a couple of months now. I know little about Track and Field so I have to put trust in the coach he is working with. Jeremy has impressed me first and foremost with this dedication. It is obvious he puts a lot of preparation into the training sessions. He has a plan and a reason behind the plan for every session. I usually don't attend the sessions but when I have Jeremey is full of energy and encouragement. He gets my son to think about what he is doing before, during, and after his training. Great Coach who goes the extra mile.

He impressed me with his dedication, passion and commitment to the student-athletes... His knowledge showed so well that he was given full control of the athletes within weeks of arriving on campus...
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