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Former Division 1 college basketball player and Coach Trainer for Speed Hoops & Fitness View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • University of Maryland--Eastern Shore (MD)

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • University of Maryland--Eastern Shore (MD)

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Jasmine

I played basketball all through high school, and then received a full ride scholarship to play Division I basketball at the Univ. of MD Eastern Shore. After I graduated I coached as an assistant at Washington High School in Princess Anne, MD.

I have coached AAU for over 7 years for 6th/7th/8th/9th grade teams but I have trained athletes of various ages and skill levels. I have a great ability to motivate players and help them develop their skills in order for them to play to their potential, and reach the next level. I have been very successful in developing, strengthening and advancing players of various ages.

I first like to focus on fundamentals. Also I feel it is important to identify which position that player is most likely to be in, but I also work on developing an all around game for all players. I identify the players weaknesses and strengths and I work with the player on ways to make those better. I focus on the players weaknesses in order to make them better, while focusing on perfecting their strengths.

Full athletic scholarship to play Division I basketball
One of the top 5 rebounders in the MEAC Conference team
Awarded team captain for 2 years
Most improved athlete during my freshman year

I work with any position. I start my sessions with warm-ups, leading to ball handling drills, and then shooting techniques. Then I move on to position specific skills. The sessions will vary depending on the player.

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Client Reviews

Coach Jasmine is a great, all-around basketball coach. She knows what to look at to improve your skills and tailors her training for turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Personal training for 14 year old with no experience.
Jasmine was encouraging, thorough and supportive.
We look forward to continuing.

(no details provided)

Coach Jasmine was great. My daughter enjoyed learning from her and is looking forward for the next session.

Jasmine was awesome! My son learned a ton, especially with ball handling and shooting technique.

Jasmine is doing an amazing job with my son!

Jasmine was amazing! My son really enjoyed her coaching style, professionalism and was most impressed by her keen insight into improving his game.

Five stars; highly recommended!

My daughters Marlee and Mckenzy had their first dual session with Coach Jasmine today and I was impressed.Coach Jasmine was on time, well prepared and very professional. Her ability to manage the dual session with the girls being at different skill level was excellent. We are very happy and looking forward to the next session.

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(no details provided)

Coach Speed displayed an impressive approach to fundamental skills training. She is very clear and articulate with her instructions toward drill success.

Coach Jasmine is great coach with excellent details in her drills.

(no details provided)

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(no details provided)

My niece has just started playing basketball. Coach Jasmine was very patient with her and the results in 1 session were amazing. I look forward to more sessions.

She is incredible! The sweetest soul ever! Taught my child so much within the hour I was shocked! And she is the sweetest soul! My daughter absolutely loved her! She is worth every penny! I’m so glad we found her!!!

Coach Jasmine was amazing! She was so patient with our 8 year old son - who is still new to the game - but was able to cover a lot of core skills in just a short period of time. We can't wait for our next lesson with Coach Jasmine and will definitely recommend her to all of our friends.

She is great, patient and very knowledgeable. My son loves it

(no details provided)

Coach Jasmine was extremely helpful during our first lesson. She quickly could tell what my issues were and helped me improve with just one lesson. I highly recommend her!

She’s thorough and great guiding my daughter

Coach Jasmine uses her past experience as a player to guide, help, and teach others. She has sets of drills to help with various components of the game (e.g. shooting, dribbling, passing, etc). During the session, she was very patient and attentive looking for ways to help improve and motivate. Her ability to give constructive criticism helped correct the foundational skills each competitive player needs to keep improving. I would highly recommend her for all ages.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Jasmine was such an amazing coach to work with! Every session i got better as a basketball player and she gave me good advice that i could apply to my game. I recommend Coach Jasmine to anyone!

Jasmine is awesome! She focuses on the needs of the player. She has a lot of drills for every aspect of the game. After one lesson we saw improvement in our son with ball handling and shooting.

(no details provided)

Coach Jasmine made a great impression on our kids. She came prepared and had a structured plan. She really connected well with both our 5 year old and 7 year old. Our kids had a lot of fun and are excited for their next training session!

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(no details provided)

I am really enjoying training with Coach Jasmine. She addresses all my concerns and I have seen improvement already in such a short time. I look forward to booking more sessions with Coach Jasmine.

Jelecia Ma'Gee-Hodges

Coach Jasmine rocked! She was able to connect with my 10 yr old daughter immediately, and after 1 session could already see the difference!

Wonderful coach we will continue to see her!

Jasmine was a great coach, my son really put in some hard work with her. From the beginning of the session to the end, she was very focused. You can tell she is serious about her training, which I love!

(no details provided)

Jasmine was great. My son was very nervous and she made him feel at ease right away. As soon as we were done with the first session he was asking when the next one was.

Jasmine was nice and originally very good for my 11 yr old daughter but in the end she was extremely hard to book sessions with. She has very VERY limited time to train. She just cancelled our last training session yesterday 2 hours before we were supposed to meet up and has not replied to my last email to try to rebook again. It’s been 3 weeks of cancellations and we still can’t get in to see her. I think she just has too much on her plate to have new clients who want the time for serious basketball training. We will now have to try to get our money back and find a new trainer. I am super disappointed.

Coach Jasmine was great! Not only was she flexible with scheduling she was also patient and knowledgeable at coaching. My daughter took a lot from our session. We will book with her again!

My daughter had an amazing session with Coach Jasmine! She was mentioning to me that after one session, she already feels like she was getting better at her shooting. As a parent, I liked the way Coach Jasmine ran the session and worked with my daughter. I was very impressed with her professionalism and would recommend Coach Jasmine to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

Coach Jasmine is our son’s secret weapon. Because she’s played the game for years, she knows what skills to build up and how to add to a player’s repertoire. Because she has coaching experience, she knows how to motivate young people and get right to business. Our son looks forward to what he’ll learn next! Coach Jasmine is the extra that every player will benefit from. She’s the real deal. -V. Moore

Excellent teaching skills. Very punctual and my daughter has already vastly improved in areas after only 2 sessions. Great choice for a trainer

Over an awesome person. Not only gave helpful advise, but she also works you hard and if you have a great work ethic you will be a great fit for her. Multiple times she had me slow down and work on a specific move I was having trouble with. She also helped by pointing at the small things that go easily over looked.

My son seems really pleased with training. He is working on his skills and becoming a better player.

Good to catch up some basic training with Jasmine. Good training that focuses on my weakness and she provide great feedback.

Coach jasmine is a great coach. Our son ace was nervous at first but coach jasmine made him feel comfortable. He looks forward to and is excited for his next lesson. She was very positive and made sure all the drills were done correctly and were understood. She took the time to explain and correct any mistakes during the drills. Thank you so much coach!

Jasmine is wonderful. Responsive and has a great toolbox to help improve skills. You can tell she knows how to help any player no matter what level. My 9 year old has already learned drills and techniques in only one session.

Coach Jasmine was absolutely great! She customized a workout for my son and after an hour, they were able to work on ball handling and shooting. Tons of reps!

(no details provided)

I booked one session with her to test the water for my son & nephew, she touched basis with offense, dribbling, defense, shooting& ball handling to see where their weaknesses are & was able to give feed back/correct their shooting& dribbling. I would highly recommend her if you're looking into bettering your skills. The boys were satisfied with her & would like to work with her again, they are booked for a few more sessions.

Hope this review helps to anyone looking for a good trainer!!

(no details provided)

I knew that Coach Jasmine would be the encouragement that my daughter needed.She came to the court on time and ready to work! She's very positive and pin pointed the areas that my daughter needed improvement.We will book her again soon!! My daughter loved working with her!

Coach Jasmine is a great trainer with plenty of basketball knowledge and after a few sessions she has helped me improve my game in all areas (shot, dribbling, and defense). If your looking for a great trainer I recommend coach Jasmine because my experience was good and I know anyone else's will be to.

I booked one training session for my daughter with Coach Jasmine as a trial. After the initial session we are most definitely going back for more training sessions with Coach Jasmine. She is very professional and quick with responses. very knowledgeable about basketball and relates well to kids. Coach Jasmine challenged my daughter mentally and physically and was able to identify her strengths and weakness and gave her some specific things to practice on her own. I personally recommend her to anyone looking to improve their skills and grow to the next level.

Quick response! Great experience for my son. Definitely will schedule sessions with her again. Thanks Coach! 😊

(no details provided)

Fantastic trainer! Flexible schedule! Great age appropriate drills, we love her!

This was my first time using this service and my daughter loved the session. Very professional and quick responses. I will be booking Coach Jasmine to work with my daughter all summer.

Great coach! Coach immeadately pointed out things I did wrong and was paitent with me while working on drills. Will be booking another session soon.

Great first session! I will have another session with her.

Jasmine is very patient and finds the right level to relate to her athletes. My daughter loves training with her and looks forward to their session each week.

Coach Jasmine is an awesome coach. My son loves her he gets excited knowing he has a training session with her. His basketball skills are improving, his junior high school basketball coach notice his techniques and ball handling skills change a whole lot. I would recommend her to anyone.

Excellent coach! We are so blessed to have found coach Jasmine! Our daughter learned so much after just one session. Her ability to connect with our 10 year old appeared effortless. Coach made it easy for our daughter to understand the skills that were being taught so she could effectively apply them to her training activities. We highly recommend coach Jasmine to everyone!!!

Coach Jasmine exceeded our expectations. My son is stubborn and doesn't want to log off the video games. After one session he is already feeling more confident and wanting to go back. My 9 yr old daughter has done both, but talk about when she gets to have another session. Very impressed.

Great coach! She pointed out what I was doing wrong and help me work on my weaknesses. She had me work hard but was extremely encouraging and motivational! Great coach I would defiantly recommend this coach to you!

Wow, my daughter has only had one session so far but already we have seen marked improvement in ball handling skills and court focus. Clearly my daughter's coach saw this as well, because she had a lot more court time after the first session. Looking forward to more!

My son is in 9th Grade and he just finished his first session with Coach Jasmine. He said the following..."It was a great session, she pushed me hard, and I loved it." He can't wait for his next session. She is very friendly and seems very serious about basketball. I am glad we chose her.

First session but coach was able to pin point, form and technique issues, and compile training drills to practice during my daughters hour long session. Coaches ability to communicate with and instruct my teen daughter during drills was impressive. My teen respected coaches work ethic and views the 1st time lesson as constructive.

My daughter just had her first session with Coach Jasmine . She found her well organized , and liked that Jasmine set goals for the session and worked on them with her . Jasmine has good teaching skills ,and knows her sport . I found her to be polite ,
on time, and a very good communicator ,and very knowledgeable about basketball .

Coach Jasmine is absolutely perfect for my daughter Sarah. After only one session, she has learned new skills! Jasmine's positive and kind demeanor, patience, and knowledge of the game is just what we've been looking for. I am so excited to see what the future brings!

(no details provided)

I can feel myself improving since I have working with Coach Jasmine. I enjoy working with her to improve my game!

Coach Jasmine was an excellent coach. She work with my son to learn new skills and tailored the sessions based on his specific needs. I would rate 4 and half stars if I could.

It has become common place to get ehat you pay for. With Coach Jasmine I got more than I paid for. I searched for someone who would challlenge my daughter (D1 PG) mentally and physically and she delivered. My daughter had also gave new confidence after working with Coach Jasmine. I personally recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their game to the next level.

Great trainer. I think that my daughter had a great workout. Hope that we continue with her throughout the next 3 years. Can't wait to see what Jasmine has on her next session.

Great teacher — Jasmine is very knowledgeable and relates well with kids. She has taught our son many techniques and really improved his game. He can't wait until his next lesson with her. - Lisa H.
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