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Our remote and in person training programs are the foundation of player development for 1000’s of Baseball & Softball Athletes: 500+ MLB Prospects, NCAA Teams, International Pros. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations


Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach James. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$270 3 sessions ($90/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach James. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$425 5 sessions ($85/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach James. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$800 10 sessions ($80/ea) + applicable fees

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Initial Assessment
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 hour session to collect data for a first time athlete.

Session Length: 1 hour

$105 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Niagara University (NY)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher, Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning


  • Niagara University (NY)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher, Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning

More About Coach James

Owner/Operator of WNY Strike Zone - A.T.L. Analytics

Remote Training Programs for 100’s of Athletes

Los Angeles Angels MiLB Pitching Coach (2020): Pitching Development Coordinator for 150+ Professional Pitchers across the US, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela.

Hitting Development Training Center for 4 Collegiate Teams and numerous MLB Prospects across all levels

Mental Skills Programming for 500+ athletes from all walks of life: Establishing individual development plans to conquer YOUR GOALS!

Rapsodo Hitting and Rapsodo Pitching Certified: 2022

NCAA Pitching Coach: 2014

Baseball Training for 100+ Teams, 1000’s of Individuals in the Northeast looking to shine at the next level! (Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Base Running, Mental Toughness, Strength & Conditioning)

Our training programs have served as the frame work for thousands of athletes including hundreds of College Players (NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA) and MLB Prospects.

Individual, Team, Group Pitching Hitting & Fielding Lessons, plus Strength & Agility Training for ages 8 and up!

Mental Toughness Training for ALL AGES!

Redefining success one pitch at a time with confidence and FUN because baseball is a GAME!

Baseball can be the most self esteem destroying sport a young athlete can participate in. Together we work to create a mindset that allows us to compete with confidence and enjoy playing the world’s greatest game!

Collegiate Highlights:
NCAA Division I Baseball - Niagara University Purple Eagles 2008-2013 (Team Captain: 2011-2013)
Niagara University Sportsmanship Award - Presidential Ambassador of Niagara University Athletic Program

High School Highlights:
NYS Section III Baseball - Cooperstown Central School: Team Captain

Our hitting environment is powered by HitTrax which gives instant feedback on every swing recording:
- Exit Velocity
- Launch Angle
- Ball Distance
- Result of Ball Hit (Single, Double, Triple, HR or Out)
- On Field Defense Based on Skill Level

We challenge our hitters in many ways:

Our hitting athletes will compete against hard velocity fastballs, pitching machines that throw different off-speed pitches, and live at bats against comparable competition.

We embrace failure in our practice setting in order to take this advanced training approach into real game situations and have success!

If you succeed 80% of the time in practice and 30% of the time at the plate in a game, we are not practicing the right way!

We challenge you to compete harder in practice!

Individual pitching lessons consist of a dynamic arm warm-up and strengthening portion, followed by a throwing progression which optimally warms up the player to throw pitches off the mound.

HitTrax pitching metrics record:
- Velocity/Spin
- Vertical & Horizontal Break of All Pitches Thrown
- An MLB Strike Zone to Improve Control of All Pitches

We challenge our pitchers in bullpen sessions by placing them in undesirable situations. If you come into pitch for someone there are often runners in scoring position, and we must pitch from the stretch.

We will WIN or LOSE the game from the stretch!

We practice under this kind of pressure to send our athletes to games feeling like they’ve rehearsed and are more prepared for battle!

After pitching there is a recovery portion which includes: arm care, single leg exercises, short explosive sprints, and a hip mobility routine.

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Client Reviews

We were so impressed with Coach James! My son thought his first session was amazing and beneficial! He was able to finish his season with confidence as well as hitting the ball harder, thanks to only one session with Coach James. As a parent, coach took the time to explain what he worked on with Thomas and the end of his session. Coach James seems very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about helping young athletes achieve greatness!

Coach James is extremely knowledgeable in training techniques. He is personable, enthusiastic, and encouraging you to work hard.

Coach James is working on a thorwing program that suites me best as I am working to come back post Tommy John surgery.Looking foward to coming back in the future.

Recently had my soon-to-be 11 year old work with James. He had tremendous energy and was able to convey his messages to my son clearly. Keeps things simple but definitely should translate to better performance. Will be coming back.

Words can’t even explain the positive influence Coach James has on my son Andrew!! It’s not just in baseball either. The things Coach James teaches will follow my son through many aspects of his life in a very healthy positive way. Very thankful for this!!!

Our son just started with Coach Fort but he’s excited to keep moving forward.

Coach James has done a great job with my son giving him easy helpful tools so he understands what he needs to take with him to practice and why he's doing them.

My son was out of the game for a few years and Coach James got him right back on track after a few private sessions. He’s professional in every sense of the word, seeks the best in his athletes, and equips them with everything they need to become better at what they love. Many thanks, Coach! You’ll be seeing us again soon.

Coach James was great for my son, gave him the confidence he needed. Will definitely be back again!

Coach James is awesome. Full of energy and knowledge. Been to a few different training facilities for my son and WNY Strikezone is the first to actually have a plan for my son's development. I feel Coach James actually cares about making my son a better baseball player. He allows my son to play his style of game and improve it rather than changing his style to one he isn't comfortable in. Very happy with Coach James.

(no details provided)

Coach James did a great helping my son out. He came in with a ton of energy and my son fed off it. He can’t wait for his next session.

Coach James was outstanding! I was traveling to Niagara Falls for vacation and my son was going to miss several travel ball team practices leading up to a big tournament in WV. I found Coach James and Strike Zone online and though it be a good option to keep my son sharp. I was able to get an appointment during a down day of our vacation and my son loved it. Coach James treated us as if we lived in the area and catered the lesson to what my son needed some work on. When it was over Coach James spoke to me about the lesson and what they worked on. My son enjoyed it so much. We scheduled another lesson the next day before we left NY. Great facility and instruction. Wish he moved his business to Delaware!

(no details provided)

We are thrilled with Coach James! He does a terrific job of mixing up the sessions to keep Max focused and engaged.
Coach is always high energy and encourgages Max week in week and out.

Coach James addressed Colin’s need to do live hitting. He had two pitchers at Colin’s session for him to do batting practice. Best of all the pitchers were throwing 70 and 80 miles per hour.
Thank you Coach James

Excellent time with coach James my son learned a lot during his hitting sessions and he can’t wait to go back and start the catching sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Fort is hands-down the absolute best! My son is a 10-year-old, first-year pitcher, currently playing house, but looking to try out for travel soon. He’s had just 2 sessions with Coach Fort and we’ve already seen an improvement! I could tell from the my first impression of Coach that he is exactly what we need to take it to the next level. Session 1 worked on my son’s pitching. During his very next game, he closed in the final inning with no hits. His team fed off the energy and then rallied for the win. Session 2 worked more on his batting. My son went 1-for-2 at his next game with great contact during both at bats. INCREDIBLE! His confidence and mental focus/toughness has already shown improvement. We still have another session to go, but I can tell you that WE WILL BE BACK FOR MORE!

Thank you Coach Fort!

Our training at Strike Zone with Coach James was the best of anyone we have ever had! Of several facilities in the area we could not recommend Strike Zone and their staff any higher! Our son learned a ton, feels more confident at the plate and on the mound, and we cannot wait to get back to WNY Strike Zone to work with them again. Thank you for all of your help, the WNY area is lucky to have a facility with such dedication to baseball and softball!

Coach James was great and my 13 year old had his first session and was tested on core strength , hitting power, and flexibility.
My son has been doing the foot exercise to strengthen his feet and improve his balance.

My son also got to put his name on the white board for highest exit velocity for his age.

(no details provided)

My 10 year old son had 2 great sessions with Coach James when we were in the area visiting family. James really took the time to connect with my son and I appreciated the explanations of why he emphasized and focused on the things that he did. We will definitely be back at WNY Strike Zone the next time we are in the area!

(no details provided)

Coach James did a excellent job with all of the athletes. He was very knowledgeable and taught them some very good drills and techniques when it comes to pitching. Great Job!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

James is highly motivated - my son loves training with him. He makes his training fun!

He really knows how to get through to the athlete with new techniques and new strategy.

(no details provided)

Coach James is an excellent coach . Very high energy!! puts 110% into each minute of the training session. We made over an hour road trip to get to him and it was well worth it!! We were there about 15 minutes or so before our session, so I was able to see him work with a high school player. When is was our time he switched gears and was able to relate to my 9 year old son. To have the ability to transition from a HS student to a 9 year old in a matter of seconds was amazing!!! coach james is truly a professional!! Very positive and gave my son some mental aspects of the game that no one has every addressed with him before!!

My son loves working with Coach James. I love that not only does he work on the mechanics and physical side of baseball but also how his mental strength and attitude effect his game. Highly recommended!!

Awsesome! My son loved it. Can't wait to return for more training. Thanks

(no details provided)

Great coach! He worked with my 11 year old son and gave him great direction and confidence he needed.

Coach James has a very positive approach and he always keeps my spirits up. He gives very helpful tips with good ways to remember the techniques and does a lot of repetition to commit the techniques to muscle memory. He gives 110% to the session and packs a ton of work into 60 minutes!

Coach James was great. Energetic, positve, and knowledgeable. My son relates to Coach very well. Looking forward to many more sessions.

Coach James is on the cutting edge for training baseball players. He has an excellent demeanor. The 2 players he has worked with are retaining everything he is teaching. I took my son out a couple days after his session and he used all the techniques and mental approach provided by Coach James. I'm recommending James to all the players I coach.

Coach James is very knowledgeable at teaching the skills and breaking down the mechanics all while promoting a "can-do" attitude. He trains with a positive approach and I already see an improvement and confidence in my 11 year old. I would recommend him to anyone serious about the game.

Coach James is not only a professional ball player teaching the proper techniques to my son but is also a mentor. He has begun to reinforce the fundamentals of baseball which has improved my son's confidence, skills and problem solving abilities. I highly recommend Coach James to any parent who is looking to sharpen their child's skills.

Coach James continues to help my grandson reach his potential with each session. His positive attitude and love for the game shine through every aspect of his instruction. My grandsons confidence has improved tremendously, and he really looks up to James as a positive figure/role model in his life. I highly recommend this young man if you are looking to improve your both your skill, as well as your approach to the game of baseball.

Coach James has an amazingly positive approach to his training sessions and I couldn’t be happier. My son is bound to be a better ball player (both mentally and physically) after training with Coach James. After one session, my son’s mechanics in both hitting and pitching have already improved, and more importantly; he more confident. I can’t wait for my little guy to continue his session with Coach James. Highly recommended!

Coach James is fantastic! He has worked with my 8 year old son twice and both times my son left those sessions with confidence and skills that he could easily use in his next practice. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious and his focus is completely on my son for the entire time. We can't wait to work with him again!

Positive experiance with Coach Fort, respectful with a great work ethic. Charlie enjoyed coach Forts approach to the game, drills and confidence building. I know the first lesson is like a evaluation of students needs, mentality and work ethic but Jim offers help in all areas mentioned. Hope in the future we can continue to build Charlies character as well as ability.

Coach James used a great mental approach, stretching, and conditioning to start our session. This mental approach will help my son focus on the game one pitch at a time. I would recommend Coach James as he is a specialist in technique and mental toughness for athletes of all levels and ages.

Coach James has been better than I could've asked for. This coach really cares about you getting better, learning the game & pushing your limits. I'm very pleased after just two workouts. From a coach with personal experience about the ups & downs on this game, we can relate to several topics. I will continue my journey and passion through Coach and highly recommend him. But only for athletes who work hard and have the right attitude. Thanks Coach.

Coach James has been a great coach and mentor for my son. He not only works on the physical aspect of the game but also focuses on the mental part which is equally important for all around great performance. I would recommend Coach James for any player interested in improving their skills. We look forward to many more sessions with James!!

Coach James has been a wonderful, positive influence on my 10yr old son. The confidence that he is showing is a joy to watch. James is really able to relate to my son and shows that he understands the difficulties of the game without losing the fun and positive attitude. I also really appreciate the fact that James takes the time to go through warm ups and reiterates the importance of strength, form, and taking care of your body.

Coach James did a great job working with my 12 year old son. He covered swing mechanics and introduced some drills that will improve his mental approach of each at bat.

Coach James Fort had a pivotal role in my progression while I was at Niagara University. With his help and knowledge I flourished into a better ball player
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