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#1 ranked CoachUp coach in California. 7+ year pro player. 10+ year pro coach. I teach my players how to pitch, hit, field, run, and THINK like Champions. View all coaching experience

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Beginner’s Baseball Class(Sat & Sun at 1pm)
In-Person Training for up to 10 athletes

Classes are at 1pm: Saturdays in Santa Monica, Sundays in Sherman Oaks. This class is for beginning baseball players ages 10 and under. Learn the proper fundamentals and build confidence. Classes are a lot of fun and we... See More

Session Length: 90 minutes

$40 1 session + one-time fee

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Intermediate/Advanced Baseball Class(Sat & Sun at 3pm)
In-Person Training for up to 10 athletes

Classes are at 3pm: Saturdays in Santa Monica, Sundays in Sherman Oaks. This class is for intermediate to advanced players ages 10-12. Younger advanced players may be considered. Learn the proper fundamentals and build c... See More

Session Length: 105 minutes

$40 1 session + one-time fee

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1 Hour Private Lesson
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Choice of Two - Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Baserunning and/or Baseball Fitness Training.

Session Length: 1 hour

$120 1 session + one-time fee

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1 Hour Lesson, 2 players
In-Person Training for up to 2 athletes

2 players - Perfect for brothers or teammates of similar age and desire to play/improve. Choice of Two - Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Baserunning and/or Baseball Fitness Training

Session Length: 1 hour

$150 1 session + one-time fee

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Group Lesson, 3-5 players
In-Person Training for up to 5 athletes

3-5 players - Perfect for teammates or friends of similar age and desire to play/improve. Same price for 3, 4, or 5 players. Get a solid group and create camaraderie and accountability. This often makes for the best experi... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$200 1 session + one-time fee

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5 Lessons - Gettin' MADE Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Choice of Two - Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Baserunning and/or Baseball Fitness Training. Receive $50 discount when you purchase a package of 5 lessons. *Must be used within 18 months from the time of purchase

Session Length: 1 hour

$550 5 sessions ($110/ea) + one-time fee

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10 Lessons - MADE COMMITTED Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Choice of Two - Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Baserunning and/or Baseball Fitness Training. Receive 10 lessons for the price of nine when you make the decision to be committed. (Save $120) *Must be used within 18 months f... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$1080 10 sessions ($108/ea) + one-time fee

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20 Lessons - MADE CHAMPION Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Choice of Two - Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Baserunning and/or Baseball Fitness Training. Receive 20 lessons for the price of 16 when you make the decision to be a MADE Champion. (Save $480) *Must be used within 18 mont... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$1920 20 sessions ($96/ea) + one-time fee

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Swing Analysis(On-Line)
Online Training for a single athlete

Send me a video of you in live game and/or during your hitting training and I will analyze your swing mechanics to identify what you need to work on in order to improve. I will give you the necessary drills and practice pl... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + one-time fee

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Pitching Mechanics Analysis(On-Line)
Online Training for a single athlete

Send me a video of your player in action and I will analyze their pitching mechanics and identify what they need to work on in order to improve. I will give them drills and a practice plan to implement the necessary correc... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + one-time fee

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  • University of Arizona (AZ)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Infield, Outfield, Pitcher

  • Pitching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning


  • University of Arizona (AZ)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Infield, Outfield, Pitcher

  • Pitching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning

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More About Coach Isaac

#1 Ranked CoachUp Baseball Coach in California

#2 Ranked CoachUp Baseball Coach in the Nation


*Send me a message and tell me about yourself and/or your player and what you are looking to accomplish

*I do corporate events, special events, birthday parties, and any other baseball event you need a professional coach for. Just send me a message and ask!


Over 5000 private sessions, group sessions, team practices, clinics, classes, and camps completed in the last 10 years. I’ve worked with 5 year olds up to professionals and everywhere in between. If you want to get better, I want to help you achieve your goals.

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED. BEST TO SCHEDULE WEEKS IN ADVANCE - I have about 28 possible hours of lesson slots each week for in person lessons, ~24 hours on weekdays and ~8 hours on weekends. (these sell out most weeks with a wait list. If you have flexibility in your school schedule please let me know, often times I can start earlier - Ex. early release days, homeschool, Charter school, flex program, etc.)

Teaching this game is about building relationships and guiding players to find their inner drive and motivation as a person and as a player...it is not about obtaining fast results. 90% of the game is mental, especially at the youth level.


It’s not a sprint, it’s a MADE marathon.

*** I teach baseball and character development to baseball players and softballs players, and I have been doing so full time for over 10 years. I love what I do and I take great pride in my purpose and profession. You can be assured that you will receive not only professional and tailored instruction for your player, but also professional, prompt, effective, and reliable communication regarding scheduling as well as feedback for each session in your player’s development along the way.


(daytime/other hours possible by request, summertime hours/spring break/holiday hours may vary)

Mon-Thurs: 2pm-8pm
Fri: OFF
Saturdays: 9am-1pm
Sundays: 9am-5pm (dependent on the Sunday)

I OFFER GROUP CLASSES AS WELL. Message me for details or check out the packages I offer here on my profile.



MADE Baseball - Full-time Private Instructor since 2008 with over 5000 combined private lessons, tournaments and games coached for youth, camps, events, and more.

High School Varsity Pitching Coach Experience:

•Notre Dame Preparatory High School, Scottsdale, AZ; 2011-12'
•Cortez High School, Phoenix, AZ; 2013-14'
•Moon Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ; 2014-15'

Middle School Baseball Coaching Experience:
•Cheyenne Middle School(11-13 yrs old)

Youth Club Baseball Coaching Experience:
•MADE Baseball, Founder and Manager, 2013-14'(13u and 14u teams)

Sherman Oaks Little League
•Head Coach, SOBA Club Team, 2017-18'(9u and 10u teams)


The MADE baseball curriculum includes all of the following:

-Mentality Programming and Practices
-Self-Discipline and Championship Habit Forming
-Sports Psychology and MADE Motivation
-Setting and Achieving Goals
-Baseball Acumen and Awareness
-Self Reliance, Accountability, and Focus
-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Increased Social Skills
-The Power and Practice of Positive Language

-Pitching/Throwing Mechanics
-Catching Mechanics and Strengthening
-Fielding Mechanics and Approach
-Baserunning Approach and Fundamentals
-Hand-eye Coordination
-Timing, Drive, Balance, Rhythm and Direction

-Calistenics Routines
-Speed and Agility Routines
-Strength and Baseball Fitness Routines
-Mobility, Flexibility, and Stability Routines
-Nutrition Habits and Mindfulness
-Sportmanship Practices
-Understanding of Teamwork


I separate myself from other instructors by focusing on attitude and approach to the game. Succeeding in anything starts with your attitude. If you choose to train with me you can expect to work hard, have fun, and get the most out of every single training session we have together. My main requirement from my players is that they show up with a great attitude and maintain a strong desire to improve, as a player and a person, every single session, every single day. LET’S GOOOO!!!

Professional Left Handed starting pitcher for over seven years and 700 innings pitched. Pitched in five countries, 3 continents, 12 teams, and six leagues through out the world. I was fortunate to be on a championship team in 4 out of the 7 seasons that I pitched. I know how to win and I know how to teach what it means to have a winning work ethic and mindset.

Baseball has afforded me amazing opportunities to travel the world and play in a variety of places. The experience of going through adversity throughout my career, along with having so many different managers from so many different levels of the game has taught me a great deal and given me a very well-rounded perspective and knowledge for the game.

I was fortunate to play for and learn from the following ex-big league managers:

•2007-08; Andy Haines, current big league hitting instructor with the Milwaukee Brewers (Windy City Thunderbolts, Frontier League)
•2009; Daryl Evans, 20 year MLB veteran, 414 career homeruns (Victoria Seals, Golden League)
•2009; Tim Raines, 23 year MLB veteran and Hall of Famer (Newark Bears, Atlantic League)
•2010; Mako Oliveras, Mexican League Manager w/over 20 years managing experience all around the world (Mexico City Diablos Rojos, Liga Mexicana - LMB)
•2010; Kip Gross, 5 years in MLB and 5 years in Japan Professional League (Victoria Seals, Golden League)
•2011; Rick Forney, 13 year veteran manager of the Winnipeg Goldeyes, the longest independent ball manager in history (Winnipeg Goldeyes, American Association)
•2012; Willie Upshaw; 10 year MLB veteran (Bridgeport Bluefish, Atlantic League)

-7 years professional pitching experience, over 700 career innings
-Only player other than Bo Jackson to play professionally with a Total Hip Replacement (received at age 19)
-Top 10 Independent Ball Prospect, 08', 09'
-4 championships in 7 seasons, 4 playoff appearances
-League leader in strikeouts, Golden League, 09'
-2 time all-star(Frontier League, 2007, Golden League, 2009)
-Championship Series MVP, 2007, Windy City Thunderbolts, Frontier League(rookie season)
-Threw No-Hitter, August 5, 2008, Windy City Thunderbolts, Frontier League


Played in the following leagues(team; years)
-Frontier League (Windy City Thunderbolts; 07'-08')
-Golden Baseball League (Victoria Seals; 09', Calgary Vipers; 09')
-Atlantic League(Newark Bears, 09')
-Australia Winter Ball(Northern Districts Reds; 09')
-Mexican Professional Baseball League(Mexico City Diablos Rojos; 10', Oaxaca Guerreros; 10')
-Mexican Winterball League(Aguilas de Mexicali, 10')
-American Association(Winnipeg Goldeyes, 11')
-Atlantic League(Bridgeport Bluefish, 12')
-Czech Republic(Technika BRNO, 12')
-Freedom Professional Baseball League(Phoenix Prospectors, 13')


"Champions are not born...they're MADE."

I have a dynamic approach to teaching my players, and it is slightly different with each player I train depending on the age, skill level, and goals the player establishes with me upon the first training session. I prefer to work with players that are passionate and serious about the game, and invest their own time outside of our training sessions to do what it takes.

Although, I do also truly love the opportunity to work with those that are younger and/or still at a point where baseball is new and thought of more as just an extra-curricular activity. There are many things to learn in the game of baseball that help young men learn how to be better people, so anyone that has any interest in baseball at all with greatly benefit from training with me.

The first session is an assessment and it goes as follows:

First, we will identify why you are training with me in the first place. We will then establish the goals you set forth with our training, and what you are willing to do in order to achieve those goals.

**We will continue to check in to those goals throughout the sessions that we train, and you will be held accountable to do what it asked of you outside of our sessions.

Next, I will assess your overall athleticism and body/throwing mechanics..

I will create a custom plan of action to get the player where they want to go. Again, this plan will be customized to fit the expressed desires of the player, and it will include all of or some of the following:

-agility program
-workout program
-throwing program
-nutrition program
-mental strengthening program

If applicable and/or when the time comes, I love helping my players/families get in contact with the right people and advise them of a good path in order to get to the next level. i.e; youth club team, high school, college, pro, independent ball

I take my profession as a mentor to young players seriously and I expect any and all of my clients to come to be on time(10 min early), approach every training session with a positive attitude, and be ready to work hard, have fun, and make the most of our time so that each session we continue to improve.

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Client Reviews

I took my 9 year old for his first lesson, Coach Isaac was fantastic, from the first greeting all the way through, thoughtful professional and my son learnt more in an hour than an entire prior years coaching l, an outstanding session thanks

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(no details provided)

Coach Isaac goes above and beyond for his clients every session. He will push you physically and mentally. No phoning it in here. You can always tell if someone is driven by profit or by passion. This man is passionate about his craft.

(no details provided)

I am a true believer that attitude is just as important, if not more important than skills. I love that Isaac not only works on mechanics, but also on attitude.

My son Jonah loves working with Isaac! He is really encouraging and gives fantastic instruction and strategies. Isaac is very professional and always provides us with good feedback. Thank you!

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Coach Isaac has a unique approach that captured my son's attention from the first moment he walked on the field to meet him. Coach is very thoughtful and customized in his workouts. He expects complete attention and hard work. My son really loves the time he gets to work out with Coach and I see the impact of the work. We're so glad we signed up!

Excellent guidance and coaching for performance and shaping a young athlete mentally and emotionally and physically.

Coach Isaac is a great coach. My son enjoyed the positive energy that coach brought to the training session. Aside from the actual baseball training, coach Isaac also incorporated different terminology and life values that will build my sons character. Thank you coach and I would recommend Coach Isaac to anyone.

My son absolutely loves Isaac and improves every time he works with him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Several months ago after my 6yo son's Fall baseball season ended, I wanted somebody who could work with him 1-on-1 who innately understood his body mechanics. As a former high school and college baseball player, instructor at camps like Mark Cresse, and Little League coach since my early 20's, I have a pretty good sense of how to teach kids. But as my son was struggling to grasp throwing motion and how to apply his very left-handed body toward some of baseball's fundamentals, I knew this righty needed help. I found Coach Isaac and MADE Baseball on CoachUp and all the stars seemed to align. A lefty (like my son) with pro baseball experience, he looked like a great quantitative fit. But it was the qualitative stuff that really sold me. His philosophy on mindset and preparation was inspiring and refreshing. He taught the game of baseball, but also taught the game of life. After the very first session it was clear Isaac would be a game changer for my son. The way he challenged my son to focus and be accountable for his effort stuck, and has carried over into his Spring baseball season, and at home. He's a leader among his much older teammates, challenging them to be better as he was taught. His throwing, catching, hitting, and fielding have all improved so dramatically, it's been almost surreal to watch him practice now vs when he started. He begs me daily to go outside and play with him. He shakes hands firmly with everyone he meets now and makes a dramatic effort to look you right in the eye when doing so. A father's dream, right? Coach Isaac has been a wonderful communicator, a collaborative partner, flexible scheduler, and a truly transformational piece of the puzzle for my son as we prepped him for the move from 5-Pitch to Farm. Hire Coach Isaac ASAP...you won't regret it!

Coach Issac is the BEST! My son has been training with Issac for a year now. I have noticed major improvement with my son. Not only does he teach him how to play baseball.He has thought him respect, dedication, hard work, and how to be coachable. My son looks forward to seeing coach and never wants to miss a session. Issac makes everything so he can learn the sport but always makes sure he enjoys it! If you want to see results Issac is the MAN! Like I always tell you Issac we appreciate everything you do for us. I am so glad your my son’s trainer.

Also Issac is always on time and never cancels a session.

Isaac is truly talented as a coach. He has an arsenal of drills, equipment and knowledge that can build a swing from scratch, fine tune an established swing or take a swing to the next level. He's incredibly patient and positive, never frustrated or unkind. A great coach for kids and adults alike. Strongly recommended!!

First session with Isaac was amazing! He helped me define my goals and get a plan in place to achieve them. I’m so excited about getting after it and crushing the rest of this week! Thank you Coach!

One session and we are hooked! My son loved him and got so much out of the lesson. Warming up, playing, and....respect! :)

Awesome coach!

Isaac is a great coach. He helped my son develop his game and gain confidence. My son is eight and really looks up to Coach Issac as a player and person. Highly recommend.

(no details provided)

Coach Isaac is a great coach. He has innovative ways of teaching that I haven’t seen before, but really work well. Not only does he teach the mechanics, but also goes over the mental aspect as well. My boys have improved in just a few sessions.

My son really enjoys working with Coach Issac. He has great training methods & drills, a great attitude, and does a great of encouraging his players to embrace the mental component of the game and to “visualize success." Supports his sessions with helpful pictures and videos and homework assignments. Challenges my boy to get better, and my boy responds to his challenge. Great work.

Coach Isaac is great. The key for us is that the more we practice with him, and the more he gets to know us, the better his instruction gets. Coach has a sense of how my son will respond and adjusts accordingly and keeps it fun. Coach instills discipline in addition to skills. We're focusing on pitching/throwing.

Coach Isaac communicated very well with my son. They talked about my son’s goals and what he will need to do to achieve them. We’re definitely going to continue training sessions with him.

So friendly, encouraging, and specific with feedback!

(no details provided)

What an impact a couple sessions have made! My daughter has only had a few sessions with Isaac and her throwing, base running, and fielding techniques have improved a lot. However, her CONFIDENCE by far has improved the most. She’s more positive, optimistic, and can demonstrate good sportsmanship along with great leadership for her team. Isaac’s skills are priceless!

Coach Isaac has been amazing. My son’s pitching has improved beyond expectations. His hitting has improved dramatically. I highly recommend Coach Isaac and will continue to have him coach my son as long as he plays baseball!

(no details provided)

Coach Isaac was super helpful. I asked for help with something a bit unusual - knife throwing rather than baseballs - and he took that in stride. He helped me learn good warm up and strengthening exercises for my arm and with just one session I learned a lot of ways I could improve how I take care of my arms for throwing.

He also indicated willingness to work on figuring out good exercises and activities in future sessions. I thought this was really a good sign - having somebody be open minded and then also really great at teaching is a great combo and I recommend working with him if you can.

My son had a great experience with Coach Isaac. Coach Isaac gave him some technics on his swing and warmup/workout exercises that are very beneficial as a basketball players. My son and his high school team had a great season. They made it to the finals and won LA City CIF championship game. Thanks coach Isaac!

Our first session was great. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. My son Jacob really liked Isaac and his method.

Coach Isaac is great, i highly recommend him.

My friends and I joined a co-ed softball team and after a few weeks of playing, it was becoming increasingly evident that our enthusiasm for the game was far outweighing our skill. That's when we decided to enlist outside help in the form of Isaac and what a fantastic decision that was.
Isaac was patient, knowledgeable and the session was genuinely really good fun and on top of that, he stayed on a little longer after the session to make sure we really had our swing down.
My friends and I left the session with a new found confidence and haven't stopped talking about how fantastic the session was since.
So if you would like a coach who will go above and beyond for you, Isaac is your man. I highly recommend him!! Can't wait for the next session.

I am playing softball on a coed team and I wanted to find a coach to help accelerate my skills. I found Coach Isaac and I’m so happy I did! He is patient and professional in his communication and he gives me drills to do at home. And he makes it a lot of fun to train as well! Thanks for your help coach!

Isaac is an amazing coach. I have learnt so much in only a few lessons. The sessions are packed with various skill and technique training as well as improving overall fitness and mindset. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he is also a great person. I look forward to more sessions with him.

Isaac was awesome and went the extra mile to make my husband feel great for his birthday private training session. There were a lot of takeaways and he felt inspired and challenged!

Coach Isaac has been amazing - we have done numerous sessions with him and have been really impressed. He connects well with our son and has provided excellent guidance/training and practice in each session. We have definitely seen an impact on our son's performance and he really enjoys his sessions with Coach Isaac. He really makes him work hard in sessions and our son loves it - he says he feels like he is challenged and is getting better as a result. We would highly recommend Coach Isaac!

Excellent! He showed me some good ways I can practice to improve my skills. He was very nice and I felt comfortable working with him. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to become a better ball player

Wonderful coach. Very professional. My son really likes his lesson.

Coach Issac has a very unique style of coaching that kept our son’s attention! It’s obvious that he takes coaching seriously! Our son has been playing baseball since he was three years old and he is now twelve but he needs help fine tuning his skills! After the first session I’m confident that we found the right person to take our lefty to the next level of baseball!

I was really impressed with Coach Isaac. I saw him working with the athlete before it was my turn and he tailors his sessions to the appropriate level for the athlete. He pushed me to work harder and I'm looking forward to our future sessions. He's an amazing coach; very personable and enthusiastic. I highly recommend Coach Isaac.

Coach Isaac was amazing. My daughter left super satisfied and more eager to learn. He taught my daughter some valuable life lessons that she felt good about. She definitely tried super hard today and I was impressed myself. Thanks coach we will definitely be coming back to train with you!

(no details provided)

Training with Coach Isaac was everything I had hoped for and more! The combination of his calm demeanor, mastery of the subject matter, regimented training method and strength based teaching style produce an opportunity for growth that inspires you to work your hardest! He teaches skills from the bottom up- so you can understand and refine the body mechanics required to be the best ball player you can. I can't wait for my next training session!

Coach Isaac fit alot in to the one hour session with my son! He clearly knows what he is doing and communicated well with my 11 year old. He even brought props to help teach some concepts! They did fielding, batting, pitching- my boy learned a bunch of great tips to carry with him and we are hoping to book more sessions soon!

Coach Isaac stepped right in and immediately made a strong impression on my 8 year-old son. I had been thinking about a private pitching lesson or two for my little left-hander. Once I saw that Isaac was a pitcher, was left-handed I decided to take the plunge. In 1 hour Coach Isaac accomplished more than our entire season of little league had. My son had such a great experience, he's already asking if he's seeing Coach Isaac this Sunday. We would, but it's Memorial Day weekend! FIVE STARS!

(no details provided)

I came to Isaac as a 41 year old guy interested in working on my defensive skills for slow-pitch softball. Not his typical student. But he eagerly tailored our session to my needs, and armed me with some essential tools. Great guy, great spirit, great coach. Excited for another session.

Coach Isaac is great with my son. He's patient and encouraging but also very focused on getting through to him, getting him to understand the skills he's being taught, and helping him improve at them. I also like that he stresses respect, discipline and especially developing good habits and a good work ethic. The difference between a coach who has to manage a whole team full of players versus getting one on one attention from a coach is night and day. He has the skills to work with beginners (like my son) or experienced players, and can adapt his training regimen to the player's needs and skill set. I'd highly recommend him!

Coach Isaac is incredibly knowledgeable on skills, technique, and attitude. My 7 year old improved a lot after just one session. We plan on keeping the training up. he's very patient and creative with ways to get kids engaged. I'd highly recommend.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Isaac was great! We came with an unorthodox request to improve our throwing and Coach Isaac didn't miss a beat in helping us with our request.

Kids had a great time and learned a lot.

Our 7 year old son has been working out with Isaac for the past 3 months. We have seen a great improvement in Max’s throwing and fielding skills, which we initially asked Isaac to work on with our son. Isaac is also helping out with getting Max ready for his first season in kid pitch. We are really happy with Isaac and have gotten great results and our son is having a lot of fun!!! We would highly recommend Isaac!

Coach Issac has been working with my 6 year old son in prep for upcoming 5-pitch season. He thoroughly enjoys the sessions and is making progress every time, especially with confidence. Highly recommend Coach Isaac!

My sons who is only 5 years old worked with Coach Isaac. The first intro lesson was great. My son really enjoyed the drills Coach Isaac taught him. The hardest thing thing is to be patient with young kids, Coach Isaac was very patient. My son is a lefty just like Coach, they both clicked right away, It must be a lefty thing. My sons throwing, catching and balance improved. We can’t wait to keep training with Isaac. Thank you for your knowledge, Coach. See you soon!

AMAZING! We are huge fans of Coach Isaac. Not only are his baseball credentials impeccable, but he teaches the intangibles like attitude and outlook. We are super psyched to continue learning from him!

Isaac did a great job working with my son not only on his skills, but also the mental aspects of the game. He focused on practice, process, and preparation. This was important to me.

(no details provided)

Really appreciate Coach Isaac's approach. He is teaching my 7 year old how to approach baseball with a winning attitude- an approach that transcends the game of baseball-and provides a solid foundation as my little guy begins to navigate the various adversities that life may present.

We asked Coach Isaac for three things for our son. A core workout to prevent injury he can learn and do at home on days he is not working out with Coach Isaac, model and teach a positive attitude, and work on pitching and hitting. Coach Isaac delivered all three today....1st session. He also accommodated us with this crazy fire weather. We feel very comfortable that Coach Isaac will continue to teach Aidan to bring his A game everyday he is on the field....and prepare him to be successful in high school and beyond. Great coach, great person. An excellent role model for young kids and a teen going through his awkward growing phase. Thank you Coach Isaac.

I can’t say enough about Isaac. It takes more than just a ball player to teach. It requires patience and knowledge, but most of all trust. Issac is teaching our son the game of baseball but also instilling a love for the game that only comes when you “trust” the process. We trust Isaac and we look forward to working work with him for years to come!

Coach Issac is terrific! Not only working with my son to make him a better ball player but also a better person.

My son desperately wants to play High School Ball. Isaac is the right coach to get him there. He teaches both the Physical and mental approach to the game. After the first practice, My son had a completely different attitude about playing and practicing.

Coach Isaac is terrific. He easily connected with my 8 year old son, has fun catch phrases and exercises, and his knowledge of the game and the fundamentals is superb. Most importantly, his insistence on consistent work ethics paired with respect for yourself and your instructor serve up valuable life skills that transcend the sport training. Get MADE is the way to go.

Working with Coach Isaac and his MADE philosophy have been incredibly helpful with our son. Isaac's love of baseball, attention to detail and his ability to connect with our son have shown immediate impact on and off the baseball field. We could not recommend him higher!

(no details provided)

Coach Isaac was awesome! He coached my 2 boys ages 11 and 8. The session was not rushed. He took the time to coach the kids and explain why it's important to have the appropriate mechanics, how to stretch to build strength and more that I couldn't explain here. The kids took to him instantly and were focused on Coach Isaac the entire session. The field we trained on was located in Sherman Oaks and we had ample space - no interruptions. Coach Isaac had all the appropriate equipment. We highly recommend Coach Isaac! We will definitely continue training with Coach Isaac.

Our Tg, an 8 year old lefty, is in love w/ baseball and since working with him in just a short time, Coach Isaac has helped him tremendously. I have seen him develop his hitting, pitching, hand eye coordination, and more, with all of the drills he does with Tg. Coach also gives him homework and expresses the importance of taking the initiative to work on his own if he wants to succeed. This in turn has created some noticeable habits that I’ve seen Tg take up, and I’ve noticed a big increase in his confidence as well. Thanks Coach Isaac, we are glad we found you on CoachUp!!

Thomas had 10 strikeouts and gave up 1 hit over four innings pitched! Great outing, thanks Coach!
If you are looking for your son to leisurely pursue baseball this is not the team for you. The coaching staff is hardworking and dedicated and they expect the same from the boys. The discipline and philosophy will elevate your son to the next level. The boys really respond to them while maintaining a healthy respect. They are not just creating excellent ball players they are helping to create excellent young men both on and off the field. Thank you MADE!
Isaac! Kobe is still Gettin’ MADE! Thank you for everything you have done for my son.
The life lessons you are teaching are priceless. You’re teaching life through baseball and it’s fantastic. I know it’s only been 3 weeks but you have to know that my kids are better people because they attended your camp. They learned many things that they will never forget.The baseball skills and training were outstanding as well.
The MADE philosophy has really changed my son into a young man that see the value of dedication, hard work, commitment and teamwork. My son has been working on his grades more diligently then he ever has before. I no longer have to ride him about doing his homework or studying. MADE’s message has gotten through to him, thankfully, because I am tired of preaching. My son wants to get good grades, because he wants to stay on the team and develop not only his baseball skills, but life skills.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Isaac with #MADEBaseball deserves a shout out. Finding Isaac was a blessing because Gabe was on the brink of quitting the game he loved. He was broken and discouraged and had no desire to pick up a glove or a ball. Isaac changed all of that. Helped mend those broken pieces, brought back the love of the game and boosted his confidence. 5 lessons and we got our old Gabe back Gabe will tell you himself and said let’s write about #CoachesInspire with #projectCI. Isaac has the love for the game and to see each kid #GetMADE. Now, Gabe is loving the game more than ever. His plate is full with Little League and Club Ball, but he is happy and has been able to find the Motivation, Appreciation, Dedication, EVEryday. Isaac, my entire family THANKS YOU. #LiveLikeaChampion #GetBetterEVEryday
I cannot express how grateful we are to have found Isaac and his MADE Baseball program. It has been such a great experience for our son Miguel. He is learning a ton of new techniques and is pushing himself more every day. Working with Isaac and his coaches has greatly improved his skills and his confidence both on and off the field. This is a great program with a great group of coaches and players and I would recommend them to any player that’s serious about the game and wants to get better!
Jake was on it again tonight. He pitched two more shut out innings! Six innings over three games so far...0.0 ERA. You da man! May have another one of my pitchers dad calling you. He's impressed w Jakes progress and might want some one on one if you have time. We would still like to get some more sessions with you and Jake scheduled! Let me know when you are free! Thanks!
​"Since my son, G, has been pitching with Isaac, his confidence level has increased substantially. Isaac is able to relate to him in a way that G can transfer the coaching into actionable tasks. He also has acquired a third pitch. Isaac teaches not only the mechanics, but the mental aspects of the game. The whys, not just the hows. He also talks about the importance of nutrition and shows G how to prepare his body to minimize injury and increase balance and agility.
I had the pleasure of having Isaac work with our son's pitching. This was after having seen many pitching coaches over the years looking for that "right one. Isaac is THE right one. He has a strong knowledge of pitching based on his years of experience at many levels and in many leagues. Equally important, he made my son feel comfortable at all lessons. Finally, he did not come across as my son just being a dollar sign for lessons. His buy in to my child's success was genuine. Another thing about Isaac. While I know many have dreams and hopes of their kids playing professional sports, Isaac focused on the whole child. Yes, there is a clear baseball lesson, but health, fitness, nutrition, and personal goals (baseball related or not) are also topics he hits on in his lessons. Speaking as a parent whose kids has been in club ball for the past 6 years, I would not hesitate to recommend Isaac for pitching lessons or to coach my child on one of his teams.
My son Alejandro was fortunate to be placed on Isaac’s team in a rec. league we were participating in last winter. When we joined the team my son had been playing baseball for years however he was really in an overall slump, both hitting and pitching. As the season progressed Alejandro began to form a unique bond with Isaac and his pitching really improved. After the season he started working with Isaac one on one and the results were immediate. Not only did Isaac work with him on pitching mechanics, but also the mental approach to the game. His game has steadily improved and his confidence has returned. I see not only an improvement in his pitching but also all other aspects of his game. As long as my son is enjoying the game and progressing we will continue to work with Isaac. I feel confident that if my son puts in action the coaching that he has received from Isaac he will have a long, successful career in baseball.
My son Calvin, age 13, has been taking pitching lessons with Isaac for the past several months. In that time, Calvin's pitching has improved tremendously. It's not just pitching that Isaac teaches, he is very thorough in his approach as he begins with stretching exercises, which Isaac insists he does every day at home while watching TV, then goes to developing his strength not only in his arm, but his entire body. No other instructor has done this. The pitching segment of the lesson is all game situations to see how Calvin handles the pressures of pitching. Each lesson is consistent, so as to not miss anything in his development. For the price we pay Isaac for the hour, which is comparable to the others, is well worth the investment to my son's future in baseball. We intend to continue our lessons, hopefully throughout our high school years.
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