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After Last Minor Leaguer World Classic, I Signed A Yearly Athlete Contract. On The Watch For Astros Houston As Free Agent, Playing In The Italian PRO-League 2024-2025 Season!! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. La Jolla, San Diego, CA
  2. Santee, CA
  3. San Diego, CA

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles


PRO-Package "In Person"
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach H! 60 minute session length!

Session Length: 1 hour

$75 1 session + applicable fees

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3 Sessions Package "Online"
Online Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach H! 45 minute session length! “Online”

Session Length: 1 hour

$175 3 sessions ($58/ea) + applicable fees

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5 Sessions Package "Online"
Online Training for a single athlete

5 sessions package with Coach H! 45 minute session length! “Online”

Session Length: 1 hour

$250 5 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro-Package 1 Free Session "In Person"
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 sessions package with Coach H! 60 minute session length!

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 5 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Universidad Nacional Abierta Caracas

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher, Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning


  • Universidad Nacional Abierta Caracas

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher, Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning

More About Coach H

European Style To Workout Resolutely Applied By A Self-Made “GVT” German Volume Training Program, Mixed With TRX & Intensive Cardio Blocks “If Required”. MMA Warm-Ups & Workouts Are Provided. Accompanied By A Personal Weekly Diet In Addition To Constant Follow-Ups All Through The Process. Training People Based On Success. As A Self-Defense Trainer, I Will Teach You How To Protect Yourself From Lethal & Non-Lethal Weapons If Targeted By Crime Or Violence. Along With Personalized Classes Of Kick Boxing & Martial Arts, TRX Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss, High-Level Athlete's Transformation & Nutrition Advice. All Classes Combined Work As A Perfect & Healthy Confidence Athlete Performance Booster!!

After Coming Back Home From My Last World Classic As A Minor Leaguer After Representing My State 8 Times & 3 Times My Country (Venezuela) In World Classic Appearances, Winning MVP Award Of My Country For 3 Years In A Row!! Got Me To Get A Check Of $5,000.00 Monthly As An International Sponsored Venezuelan Athlete. I Was Throwing 94MPH At The Age Of 15 Years Old. Trained By One Of Venezuela's Main Scouts From Chicago White SOX (USA) & Magallanes (Venezuela) Organizations!!

Per Athlete: 1-2.5 Hours Daily "Negotiable"

*Baseball Bat & Helmet.
*Baseball Batting & On-Field Gloves.
*Baseball Outfit Only "Shorts Or Pants".
*Baseball Hat Is Not Required But Recommended.
*Modeling & Explaining Each Skill Prior To Beginning.
*Performing A Basic Throw Of The Baseball.
*Performing A Basic Catch Of The Baseball.
*Performing A Basic & PRO Grounding Of The Baseball.
*Performing A Basic & PRO Knowledge Of Base Running.
*Performing A Basic & PRO Swing Of The Baseball Bat.

Throwing program takes between 10 & 15 minutes depending on athlete’s age. Throw by position, meaning have catchers throw with catchers, pitchers with pitchers, infielders with infielders, and so on. If you do not have time for all 5 steps, Do choose 3.

1) Grip, Release, Rotation:
Players partner up and stand just 10 feet apart. Teaching them 4-seem & 2-seem grip. Have them work on correcting & accuracy of baseball grip before getting to “release point”, and getting proper rotation on the ball.

2) Chest to Chest:
Players stand 15 feet apart, chest to chest, feet spread out, knees bent. Without having them move their lower half, have them turn, or coil, their shoulder, then throw. Teaches players to have good “hip to shoulder” separation and torque.

3) Power position:
Players stand 20 or 25 feet apart, turned sideways, feet spread out, knees bent. Making sure their feet and shoulders are in line with their target, and throw. There are variations of this drill. Teaches players good direction, separation, and arm slot.

4) Quick catch:
Players stay 20 feet apart and play catch getting rid of the ball as quickly as they can. Teaching footwork, rhythm, how to properly transfer from glove to throwing hand.

5) Long toss:
Players spread out and throw the ball as far as they can, For tempo & arm strength.

*(In-Field & Out-Field ) DEFENSE DRILLS:

1) Short hops: Players get in proper ground ball position, and throw “short hops” to them. Start with short hops right at them, then forehands, and backhands. Teaches players to have soft hands, focus, and to go from “down to up” when fielding ground balls. Players can throw each other short hops in pairs. "In-Fields".
2) 2-Ball drill: Having 2 baseballs. Roll the balls from one side to the other having players use only their glove hand (no glove) to field the ball and shovel it back to you. Sets of 10. Players can work in pairs as well. Teaches players footwork and hand positioning. "In-Fields".
3) Knees: Players take ground balls on their knees. Either hit or roll the ball. Teaches players to stay low, and how to use hands properly. "In-Fields".
4) 4-ball drill: Putting 4 baseballs in a crooked row. Have players approach all 4 balls as if they were going to field them. Teaches players footwork and angles. "In-Fields"

1.2) L patterns: Players stand next to you and run “L patterns” like a wide receiver. Teaches players good angles and to pursue the ball. "Out-Fields".
2.2) Crow hop: Rolling outfielders ground balls. Have them close ground on the ball, field it on the run, crow hop, and make a good throw. "Out-Fields".

* Catching Program:

1) Bare hand receiving: Underhand the ball to catchers and have them receiving the ball with their bare hands. Teaches soft hands, focus, and hand positioning.

2) Blocking: Throw short hops to catchers and have them work on blocking the ball.

3) Receive, transfer and footwork, throw: Break throwing into 3 stages so catchers can make sure they’re doing the right thing at each stage.

4) Fielding bunts and pop-ups.

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Client Reviews

My son has really enjoyed working w/Hugo because he helped him learn the different techniques for pitching, catching and outfield. He also helped w/which equipment was best for him.

(no details provided)

Coach H is by so far if not the best, one of the best baseball coaches out here in San Diego. The job which he has done with my kids is unexplainable. I feel now like I have a mini PRO-Baseball player as a kid now, the helped provided also outside of the trainings sessions to get into baseball tournaments, try outs, external weight and gym trainings with also monthly diet and much more ! MY Family & I are so thankful for having you as our kid's Coach & Future Agent!!
My name is Vanessa, my son is 11 years old. He got a later start to baseball than most kids. He started out trying different sports like basketball, soccer, football, but nothing really stuck. He would get bored or burnt out pretty easily. We gave baseball a shot and he wasn't the best player. He was starting to feel that burn out when I suggested maybe trying a private coaching training, a more one on one approach. I know obviously that baseball is a team sport, but he wasn't getting enough attention and I felt like he wasn't progressing as quickly as the other kids. I went in search for a private Baseball coach. I originally just wanted him to train extra maybe an additional 1-2 hours a week. After he started training with Coach H, I couldn't get him to stop asking me for more sessions. We are now training with Coach H 4 days a week. I've seen more improvement in the past couple months than I have his entire time playing with a team. He has definitely made my kid want to play professional now. He's helping us to register him in the MLB.
My son is 14 years old. I saw that he has had a gift and love for Baseball since he was 5 years old. I signed him up for Baseball to get him active and he loved it. However, I never felt that the training that he was getting was going to help him achieve his dreams and goals of being a Professional Baseball Player. I am not an athlete by any means and I decided to go searching for someone who would be a great role model and someone who would push him to be the best version of himself. I have lived in Palm Springs for a long time and there are no Baseball training opportunities here on that level. I was looking for a Baseball coach on Coachup, but there were none. I started going to the baseball fields in the area and I saw Coach H training. I decided to go and talk to him and tell him about my son. He was very open to talking with me. My son happened to be with me that day and I introduced them. I could tell that my son was hesitant at first, but after Coach H started talking to him about the type of training he could provide, I saw my sons face light up; no one has ever spoken to him that way, especially about Baseball.
Why I Prefer Coach H... Because He's Not Like Other Coaches Which They Just Tell You What To Do & Correct You From Distance. All These Coaches Which All They Do Is Run Their Mouth About How Many Kids, Schools Or Colleges They Have Trained Before And Blah-Blah. Coach H Trains With You He's A Pro-Baseball Player From Venezuela Who Will Be Playing In The California Winter League January 2023. He's Actually On The Path On Getting A Pro-MLB-Contract. Coach H Trains With Me At The Field & At The Gym As A High-Level-Athlete So I Can Just Follow Him & Guide Myself With Illustration On How's Done. All These 28+ Years Old Coaches All They Want To Do Is Talk About Their Experience, How Fast They Used To Run & Throw But Now They Are Out Of Shape. NOOO, I Prefer Coach H Who Can Actually Fly While He Runs And It's Also Throwing 94MPH IN PRESENT TIME...
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