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I am currently a University level point guard and have been a skills coach for the last 6 years for players of all ages. I believe if you do the work, anything is possible! View all coaching experience

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  • Simpson University (CA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Simpson University (CA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Giordi

I have been a basketball skills trainer since I was 18 years old, that is when I officially trained my first client. I am now 23 and during all these years I have been training and coaching basketball players of all ages anywhere from 5 to 20 years old. I have worked for a long time at Triple Threat Academy in the Bay Area, it is a company that offers skill training for kids of all ages as well as camps and season long classes for boys and girls. Triple Threat Academy also has its own AAU team as well. I was the head coach and trainer at the San Ramon location for Triple Threat Academy. I ran classes and trained 4-5 individual or group skill seasons after teaching classes on a daily basis.

I have played all 4 years of high school as well as was a player on one of the best Junior college teams in California, the Las Positas College Hawks. After my 2 years at Las Positas College
I earned a scholarship to play point guard at Simpson University.

As a player, I have trained with some of the BEST trainers in the nation and have had the blessing of being able to learn from their training style. The overall trend with the best trainers in the world is the focus on repetitions. The more you repeat a movement whether it is a pull up jumpshot or a crossover, the better your body is going to get over time at performing that task. I make my clients perform the movements that they are the weakest at repeatedly because it builds their motor skill and coordination. For example if a client has a hard time jumping off of their right foot when doing a left hadnded layup then we will practice that movement in different scenarios over and over until they are good at it. If they can't dribble the ball behind their back or do a spin move , then that is what they work on so eventually they can have no limitations. I tell my clients they have no limitations, because when you practice your weakness enough it doesn't become your weakness anymore. My drills involve challenging ball handling drills, change of speed, crafty dribbling, shooting, attacking the basket. Getting great at handling the ball and shooting is one thing I really focus on, my drills drastically improve the offensive game of my clients by improving their motor skill that makes them have weaknesses. Not only am I a skills trainer for kids but I also am a mentor for them as they go through the ups and downs of being a basketball player. I walk them through their struggles and show them exactly how I became successful with basketball. I inspire players to do exactly what their coaches tell them to do while they work their butt off behind the scenes, the goal is to EARN playing time and become one of the best players on their team. One thing that separates me from a lot of other trainers is that I am still an active player, so whatever I learn, my clients will learn as well. Let’s get to work!

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Client Reviews

Coach Giordi communicated and worked with us on the location and time of our first basketball session. He had great patience with Olivia and he was able to teach her skills that she could go and practice and improve upon. Coach Giordi is truly a rare gem to be available as a basketball coach in Tucson!

Coach Giordi has been a pleasure to work with! He has been flexible & gone out of his way to work with us. We have a unique situation, with a son who is a great athlete and also Deaf. Coach has adjusted his training approach to accommodate the use of a sign language interpreter so our guy can get as much out of the sessions as any other athlete - because is is just as capable! Coach has taken the time to recognize the only deficiency our guy has is his ability to hear! We appreciate the time taken to understand this & see beyond his hearing status to see the baller he is & push him to work, just as he would any other athlete! Thanks Coach! Highly recommend!!!

Coach Giordi is GREAT!!!Positive coach...

Giordi is a nice, polite guy. My son really likes how Coach Giordi pushes him to work harder because it shows my son that Giordi believes in his abilities and potential. Giordi also treats my son like a friend. And his drills are terrific!

Coach Giordi has given my son renewed confidence in his basketball playing skills.

(no details provided)

We would recommend coach giordi. Alot was learned in the 1 one session our athlete left with knowledge he had yet to learn and coach tried his hardest to be accomadating to our hectic schedule.

Great experience

Very nice young man, great influence for my son to be around.
Highly recommended! I have sent my son to many coaches and after finding Giordi we no longer have to look for any more coaches. He is truly a great influence on my kid and pushes him the right way. What a great find!
Coach Giordi helped me with my body and my flexibility a lot! After working with him I felt like I couldn't miss, and my coach has given me more playing time.
After training with Coach Giordi for a year, I got better at dribbling and shooting and became quicker and faster. I used to play the center position but after a year of consistent training with Giordi I started playing guard because my skills got better. I also went from not playing much on JV to making the Varsity team at my school.
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