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In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Gabrielle. 55 minute session length

Session Length: 55 minutes

$55 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Gabrielle. 55 minute session length

Session Length: 55 minutes

$156 3 sessions ($52/ea) + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Gabrielle. 55 minute session length

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$250 5 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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10 session package with Coach Gabrielle. 55 minute session length

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$470 10 sessions ($47/ea) + applicable fees

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  • DePaul University (IL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward

  • passing, Try, Touch, Tackling, Sidesteps, Running without the ball, Running with the ball, Receiving a pass, Picking up the ball, Kicking, Handling the ball, Handling, Catching


  • DePaul University (IL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward

  • passing, Try, Touch, Tackling, Sidesteps, Running without the ball, Running with the ball, Receiving a pass, Picking up the ball, Kicking, Handling the ball, Handling, Catching

More About Coach Gabrielle

I have been coaching rugby for two years now. I have worked with private sessions as well as helping out at a few local high schools. The age group I have worked most with is 13-18 year olds

I am currently a WPL (Women's Premiere League) player. This is the highest level or rugby played on the women's side in the U.S. aside from the national team. I have won game of the match multiple times and MVP for two seasons of the last three. As a team we made it to D1 nationals and ended up getting 2nd place. I still compete in the WPL.

Dependent upon the areas of improvement there will be different drills to go through between passing, catching, tackling, tracking, kicking, and more. It is dependent on the athlete and what they are looking to improve on as well as what I feel the athlete can benefit from.

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Client Reviews

Coach has been great with Naya. She's been working on all types of skills and it's been paying off. Ty for everything coach and we look forward continuing her sessions with you.

Coach Gabrielle is wonderful! She was very accomodating of our crazy schedule. Our daughter got a ton of great feedback and instruction in just the first session. She is very knowledgeable with lots of playing and coaching experience. We look forward to building our daughter's skills with more sessions with Coach Gabrielle!

Coach Gabrielle was great and very patient with my kid

Great first session with my 9yo. He’s still learning the game and her calm and thoughtful demeanor (as well as knowledge of the game) was very helpful for my guy. Looking forward to working with Gabrielle this year!

Coach Gabby is very detail oriented and offers my daughter great technical and ball control training in a private gym. My daughter genuinely enjoys her training time.

(no details provided)

Asked what we wanted out of the training and created a plan based on that. Very personable and related well to my teen.

My daughter really enjoyed Gabby

Great coach! Gabby is very personable, knowledgeable, flexible, and carefully tailored the session for my 8 year old. I highly recommend her!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

She was great. Communicated clearly.

Coach Gabrielle has been fantastic! My daughter’s skills are improving and most importantly her confidence is growing. She looks forward to her time with Coach Gabrielle every week!

Gabby is awesome and my daughter loved her first session!

(no details provided)

My daughter learned a lot just in the first session!!

Coach Gabrielle is terrific! She quickly established a rapport with my 9-year old daughter, then spent time working on drills to get her more comfortable with dribbling, passing, shooting, etc. with both feet. She also gave her some great initial tips to quickly implement, then followed up with some skills that we can practice at home. Best of all, she has a fun, uplifting personality that kept my daughter fully engaged throughout their session. My daughter adored working with her and is already looking forward to their next session!

Our son's session with Coach Gabrielle was very helpful! She gave him some great tips on shooting and passing accuracy. Our son, who is trying out for his high school team, would highly recommend her as a coach and we're certain to follow up with an additional session.

Coach Gabby has been great for our 11-year-old son. She was quick to identify his growth areas, devise a plan to help him achieve his goals and make the whole thing fun. He is much more confident and wants to try out everything he learns right away. She is great!

My daughter throughly enjoyed her session. Even after one session, I could see my daughter understood what to work on and, even more importantly, how to work on improving. Looking forward to more sessions.

Gabrielle was very patient, kind, supportive and funny…all of which put my daughter Abby at ease. Can’t wait for our next lesson!

Great coach and gave me lots of ways to go about how to do a specific move. Very friendly and had great insight.

(no details provided)

Coach Gabrielle is an excellent coach. She explains everything so well and is so patient. She knows the game in and out and her skill level is like none I have ever seen from any other coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Gabrielle was great. Very knowledgeable, patient, a great motivator. She taught my son, and also helped make sure I was able to learn some key points to improve on our practice sessions at home.

Excellent with kids, technically skilled.

(no details provided)

Coach Gabrielle was terrific with my 7yo son. Worked with him on his skill development, but made the experience enjoyable and fun. Also appreciate her timeliness with communication and flexibility with setting up the coaching session.

(no details provided)

Gabby was great with my daughter! She gave a positive and constructive feedback. It was exactly what we were looking for in coach. We will definitely be using her again!

We had our first session with Gabrielle today, my daughter was so excited and enjoyed the time during practice. Gabrielle was very thoughtful and very patient with my 7 years old. She is looking forward to more sessions with her.

Coach Gabrielle is helping me come back from ankle surgery at 40 and after just a few session I can tell it is going to be a huge help to both my soccer and my overall recovery. She has been thoughtful about putting me through drills that help my touch and work on the agility that I lost while "on IR".

My 11 year old son is always excited to work with Gabrielle. We've had 4 sessions so far and her instruction is top tier quality. Team play/coaching has been our method for many years but we are seeing rapid improvement after these few private sessions with Gabby. She is encouraging and positive which makes her immediate, constant feedback easy to receive. Gabby inspires my son to work hard and her experience and skill energize the practice.
She's also responsive, a good communicator, and easy to schedule with. A+

My high school rising freshman son really enjoyed his session with Gabby. She has great insights from her time as a player and as a high school coach. Positive attitude and provides considerate criticism. The session was really helpful. As a parent, I appreciate that she's also very professional and responsive. Definitely recommend.

Coach Gabrielle worked with my 15 year old daughter to help her prepare for soccer try outs. My daughter loved working with her. She has a very laid back, easy going manner coupled with lots of knowledge that my daughter really liked. She definitely felt like she learned a lot and felt much more confident about tryouts. Coach Gabrielle was also very responsive and flexible which made it easy to schedule sessions. I would highly recommend her.

My daughter had taken a break from soccer and wanted an evaluation and some intensive one-on-one training. She loved the session with Coach Gabrielle. She loved the very specific feedback and the drills. She can't wait for the next session.

Coach Gabrielle (Gaby) is a very effective coach. She is also a good teacher of soccer. Coach Gaby is very kind and understanding of her student's needs and listens to their concerns. She also uses positive reinforcement in her coaching skills. My son has already improved his soccer goalie skills after one session. His team won the following game after the lesson! Looking forward to the next session! Thank you Coach Gabrielle.

Loved our 1st session !! Coach Gaby got to work right away wasting little time. She requested my input and worked on these areas of concern. I cant wait to continue to have her work with my daughter. My daughter immediately requested another session.

Great session today!

Coach Gabrielle is great! My daughter had an awesome first session with her and is looking forward to continuing to work with her. She is responsive and super accommodating to location and schedule. Highly recommend!

My daughter had a great first session with Coach Gabby. She said she learned things she’s never learned before and was excited to schedule more sessions. Gabby is also very responsive and accommodating to schedule. Looking forward to continuing to work with her.

My daughter is 10 and had the pleasure to train with Coach Gabby and she is looking forward to having another session.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I highly recommend Coach Gabrielle. She is professional, intuitive and thorough in her lessons. My son is a typical, know it all pre-teen that would rather be playing "Fortnite" however, even he looks forward to her sessions and bugs me to set them up. She has isolated his weaknesses and pinpointed on ways for him to work on them. He has become more confident in his abilities and his skills have improved. She is firm and commands the respect of the student but yet has a pleasant demeanor. I appreciate also that she is an athlete and can demonstrate and participate with him during lessons instead of just being able to call drills for him to run.

Coach Gabby’s expertise as player and coach are obvious, and she is thoughtful, helpful, and motivational! My son loved the practice and learned more in an hour with Gabby than he did all of last season. Highly recommend!!

Natalie really liked coach Gabby. She was glad that she was able to learn a couple things she needs to improve on.

Gabrielle is a wonderful coach. I’m an adult player that was just getting back into the sport. She was very responsive and flexible in communicating with me.
She would push my capabilities , but not uncomfortably .
I’ll be ( hopefully ) asking her to train my boys in the future.

Terrific coach, she was well prepared and delivered a worthwhile introductory session

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Gabrielle is one of the best coaches My son ever had.From day one she saw the skill's issues my son had and started working on them right the way.I knew about the little issues my son had about his kicking skills ,but without mentioning her she figured it out right the way.Me and my son definitely feel happy have her train him.I will def continue have her train my son.

Coach Gabrielle did awesome with my son, and this was their first session of course to many more. She is patient with my son as he is trying to better his skills. Not only did I love it but my son loved it as well!! Definitely would recommend anyone who wants a great coach to book Gabrielle.

My twin daughters met coach Gabrielle for a private coaching session and both thought she was very approachable and easy to talk to. She asked them what they wanted to focus on during the session & worked with them on technical skills - mostly shooting, touches/blocking, trapping the ball with your body. High recommend coach Gabrielle!

(no details provided)

Coach Gabrielle is great! My 10 yo daughter has had 6 sessions with her now and the improvement in her technique and skills is evident. All the sessions are very well planned out and address all the areas we told her we'd like to focus on. My daughter looks forward to every session with Coach Gabrielle, she really works well with her. We will continue to work with Coach Gabrielle to get that 1:1 training needed specific to my daughters needs and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great coach for some additional focused training.

Excellent coach! My daughter was completely satisfied.

So far GREAT! Have only had one session & more to come. Thanks!!

My 13 year old son hit it off immediately with coach Gabrielle. We discussed what he needed/wanted to work on and they got after it. Looking forward to working with her again.

Sophia very happy with her first coaching session with Gabrielle.

(no details provided)

Gabrielle was great! She really took her time with me and made me feel comfortable regaining skills. After being away from the sport for so long I was a little nervous coming into our session but couldn't have been more relieved once we got going. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to regain skills or just wanting to strengthen their skills in soccer!

Coach Gabrielle was great! After one session my daughter loved her workout and is looking forward to many more.

(no details provided)

Coach Gabby was great! Did a great job switching things up so my 8 year old son will not get bored. She worked on shooting and a couple other soccer techniques with my son and I can already see Improvement.

(no details provided)

My name is Sydney and my first session with Gabrielle went very well. We worked on passing, dribbling ,shooting and juggling all while alternating to each foot. I Look foward to booking more sessions with her in the near future.

Coach Gabriella , worked with my daughter on a few different skills, she's practiced them a few times. This was just the first session .

(no details provided)

Gabrielle was great with my son. He connected with her right away and loved the practice. We saw improvement in skills and confidence right away.

GREAT with my child, technically brilliant and outstanding communicator/teacher. I was very impressed!

Coach Gabrielle was great! She worked on my sons shooting, dribbling, and ball control. I would definitely recommend Coach Gabrielle!

(no details provided)

My nine year old daughter had a training session with Gabrielle, she had a good time and focused on areas that she needed to strengthen. Overall it was a great expererience and look forward to future training sessions.

(no details provided)

That was a very helpful session. In just one session, I learned how to use my left foot, curve the ball, pass more accurately, and put controlled soft touches on the ball. We also worked a lot on dribbling.

Update based on four sessions with Coach Gabrielle:
Coach Gabrielle continues to help my daughter improve her soccer skills.

Members of our family have seen an increase in the power of my daughter's kicks. We have also noticed a marked refinement in her form. Both of these gains have resulted in increased confidence in her play.

Coach Gabrielle's communication skills and positive approach, couple with her strong soccer knowledge, make her a very effective coach. My daughter looks forward to her continued work with Coach Gabrielle.

First session for my high school daughter with Coach Gabrielle was a success. We found her to be easy to work with and responsive.

After an assessment of my daughter's skills, Coach Gabrielle listened to what my daughter was looking to accomplish with the coaching (adding power to her kicks and avoiding injuries). My daughter started using information from Coach Gabrielle's coaching right away and felt that she had made improvements during that first session. My daughter was eager is to work on those skills before her next session with Coach Gabrielle.

(no details provided)

Coach Garielle was a great coach. She covered the basics with our 7 year old son. She was prompt, organized, professional, patient and steady the whole time. We would definitely use her again

Gabby was great with her response to setup a coaching session ( unlike other coaches on Coachup). She was very friendly and my 7 yr old was very comfortable with her during the session. She knows how to work with younger kids and get the best out of them. I will definitely recommend her.

My 8-year old enjoys working with Coach Gabby on his soccer skills -- after one session, he improved on the basics (shooting, passing, dribbling) and learned a few new skills. He can't wait for his next session!

The best!! Wouldn't want anyone else!!

Gabrielle is a great coach, well maintained the lessons and built effective relationships with the students.

After meeting her for the first time, we were extremely pleased on her skills as not only a coach but a person. It was cold and raining and there was a big event at the location we were at but she adjusted and lead us to another place to practice. My daughter loved her coaching techniques and her positive feedback to her.

Coach Gabrielle is a great coach. I love the foot work she is teaching my daughter as well as other skills. I highly recommend her.

Gabby is very approachable and has quickly established a rapport. Her coaching skills are great, and my daughter has already gained more confidence in her game. She is excited about having Gabby as a coach and looks forward to more sessions.

This was a one off coaching for our 7 yr old to help with her confidence level at the end of a dreadful soccer season. Gabby worked on fundamentals and was very well liked by our daughter. I was tremendously impressed by her work ethic as we were rained in one day; I was out of town but Gabby kept the communication lines open. I would recommend her highly! I wish she lived closer...

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