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High school football coach who has spent a 20 years studying the physical and mental qualities of great receivers View all coaching experience

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  • American Public University System (WV)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defensive Back, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Blocking, Catching, Footwork, Hand Placement, Jamming, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Throwing


  • American Public University System (WV)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defensive Back, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Blocking, Catching, Footwork, Hand Placement, Jamming, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Throwing

More About Coach Freddie

I've been coach high school football for going on 20 years now. I've also had to honor of coach some pretty good football players over the years and now it's time to help other players reach their potential and goals of playing on the next level. I also help with the recruiting process also. I understand a lot of high school coach don’t understand the process or just don’t know or just don’t care about it. I understand this….if you ask a kid to do summer weight lifting, two a days, 7 on 7, summer camp, and play a whole season for you, you should be obligated to help that Student-Athlete get into school.

I specialize in coaching Wide Receivers and Slots. I help with their stance and starts, hand and eye coordination, route running, getting off jams, blocking and body control. One of the things I harp on with my players is the weight room. The most important things I believe in for WR is the weight room. Strength can help in many ways. It helps players get off the line when the defensive back tries to jam them. Strength helps when two players are fighting for position as they run down the field and work for position on the ball. Strength also helps when going up for high balls and jump balls. Plus, adding strength will help players take the pounding and rigors of a long season. Let me hit on some of the things I mention earlier:

Stance and starts-The most basic concept of the WR position is the stance that a receiver takes. The stance that a receiver takes has evolved over the years. Up until about 25-30 years ago, receivers generally lined up in a three point stance (Going back to the old Miami Hurricanes days) and exploded off of the football. With the evolution of the short passing game, receivers began utilizing a two point stance (what we all see today) to get off the ball and utilize more dynamic sets.

Hands and eye coordination- Having sure, soft hands, especially the ability to catch the ball in crowded situations, is the skill that defines the receiver position. Great focus is the ability to block out all distractions and have single-minded concentration on the football. It’s the ability to block out the crowd, the defenders, and the elements in order to keep all the focus on the football to make the play.

Route running- The first thing that the athletes need to understand when running perfect routes is how to get into and out of all cuts and breaks. Cuts and breaks are defined as the ability to start, stop and change directions rapidly and efficiently

Blocking-Blocking is a base fundamental that you must learn in order to play the game of football. Games are won and lost on blocking and tackling. You can’t truly love the game without appreciating a great block. Great wide receivers are more proud of the touchdown-springing blocks they make than the acrobatic catches.

Here is the next question of what I stated above…the recruiting process. I’ve fortunate to learn the recruiting process from my old high school Coach Robin Bacon, who is still help student-athlete earn scholarship. I have frequently been asked by parents of high school athletes about the “ins and outs” and the “do’s and don’ts” of college recruiting. While there is no substitute for outstanding talent and great grades, there are additional steps parents of high school athletes can take to help their kids get recruited. You have to be realistic about you son athletic talent. You can’t rule out D1-AA, D2, D3 and NAIA, and maybe even prep school of JUCO. Let’s look at the realistic side of this, if you are offered a partial scholarship for a D2 school, there is nothing wrong with that. In addition to athletic scholarships, many colleges offer other types of financial assistance and the pool of available money to your child will be substantially increased with strong academic results. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of your grades. I’ve seen players get those partial and along with the academic portion they didn’t have to come out of pocket to pay for school.

I have spent a 18 years studying the physical and mental qualities of great receivers. A great receiver is such a complicated combination of traits—agility, body control, strength, quickness, soft hands, physical stamina, concentration, focus, toughness, pride, eye–hand coordination, vision, intelligence, the ability to conceptualize concepts. I could go on. This list still doesn’t seem to paint the total picture of what makes a great player. Exceptional playmakers are made of something special. They have great ability to control their body, and they have an uncanny ability to make plays on the football that others can only dream of. Their pride and competitiveness are at another level than the rest. The complete receiver is one of the most incredible things to view in sports because he can do things we all wish we could do. It is a beautiful and exciting thing to watch.

2011-2013 Head Coach NUC 9th-10th Grade Performance Week (3-0)
2014-2016 Head Coach for NUC All-American Senior Game (2-1)
2017-2018 Head Coach NUC Youth Game 6th-8th (2-0)
*9 North-South All-Star Players
*5 Shrine Bowl All-Star Players in SC
*5 Shrine Bowl All-Star Players in NC
*4 All-American
*75 All-Region Players, including two that was Region Player of the Year.
*65 Columbia All-Area Players, including a 2003 3A and 20012 2A Offensive Player of the Year.

Strength and Conditining

•Helped develop and implement in-season and off-season weight conditioning program.
•42 Top Ten weightlifters in the state of South Carolina, including four State Champions.
•Judge at Region 4 (Columbia area) 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012.


•College placement coach, liaison between the players and the colleges.
•2005-Present, Recruiting Coordinator at two school. Helped placed 71 Student Athletes in college.
• 200+ student-athletes signed college scholarships at other high school in (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Wyoming,West Virginia just to name a few).


• 2001-2002 Semi-Pro Metro Stallions (2001 Super Bowl Champs)
• 1997-1999 The Marine Corps. Battalion Team
• 1991-1994 Richland Northeast High School (1993 State Championship)

Camps and Clinics

•National Underclassmen Combine (NUC).2009-Present. Promoted to Team Leader within a year of joining the company.
•Nike Football Training Camp –2002-Present. The top players in the country come to the Nike camp to be evaluated by college recruiters. Elite 11 Camp for Quarter Backs.
•N.F.L. Junior Player Development Camp – 2004 First ever camp in South Carolina
•Have worked numerous football camps and clinics over the past eight years, both at the collegiate and high school level. (Duke, Ga. Tech, South Carolina, S.P.A.R.Q Mini Camp, SCVarsity)

•Member of the South Carolina Football Coaches Association. (18 Years)
•Member of the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association. (17 Years)
•Member of Strength Coaches Association (10 Years)
•CPR Certified 2010-Present
•Concession Certified 2011-Present
•NCAA Eligibility Center Coaching Education 2012-Present

When you attend, you’ll learn first-hand the techniques of route running and pass catching that will give you the tools to reach your goals as a player.

Skills Training To Include:
◦Improve Release Eliminating Wasted Movement vs. “Press” and “Soft Coverage’s Stressing the Threat to the Defensive Back.
◦Maintaining the “Threat” and eliminating the raise up entering the break,Proper Balance Coming In and Out of Routes While Maintaining Vertical Speed.
◦Creating Separation Without the Need of “World Class Speed”
◦Down Field Blocking
◦Catching with “Soft” Hands
◦Mastery of Head and Eye Position/ Understanding “Accomodation”
◦Mental Aspects of Being a Complete Receiver

Areas of Focus for Wide Receivers

Stances & Starts : Releases : Techniques of Catching : Route Running : Blocking Technique : Recognizing Coverages : Hand-Eye Coordination : Adjusting to a Ball in Flight : Route Adjustments : Film Study of Individual Mechanics : Speed, Agility and Quickness : Leadership

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Client Reviews

The dictionary defines superlative as of the highest kind, quality, or order; supreme. I define it as Coach Freddie. He is the answer to exactly what I was looking for in my pursuits, and has already helped me elevate my game in ways no other coach could. If you are looking to elevate your game to the next level, no matter how much experience you have, Coach Freddie is the answer. For the foreseeable future, he will be my answer.

Right from the start, I knew Coach Freddie was a great fit for my son. My son is relatively knew to the sport of football but very coachable. Coach Freddie started off with the basics and is working his way up to prepare my son for the fall. My son wanted to come home and work on his new routes after is his first work-out and is looking forward to his next session. Thank you!

We highly recommend Coach Freddie. He really works and pushes our son, but is compassionate and encouraging at the same time. When my son wants to quit from exhaustion he knows exactly what to say to make him push through. Our son isn't the easiest kid to work with but Coach handles him like a pro! He's gotten my son to try his best and work on his own every single day. He's even gotten a USC receiver to talk to him on the phone to encourage him. His passion for football and kids is extremely evident and incomparable. He's easy to work with and gives feedback after every session so that we know what our son needs to work on. To sum it up, Coach Freddie rocks and you won't regret the decision to use him!

Coach Freddie is very good and knowledgeable coach and his experience shows. He worked very well with my son, he worked him hard but also motivated and encouraged him throughout

I highly recommend Coach Freddie and was impressed with his knowledge and patience while instructing my son (8yrs) in football. After three sessions I have really noticed an improvement in my sons motivation, knowledge of the game and overall fitness. Coach Fredfie has a wealth of real world experience and is a dedicated professional who's invested in the development and success of your child.

Coach Freddie really gave my son a workout. We will definitely use him again.

Coach Freddie is a great coach. My son learned a lot in just one session and he is excited for future sessions. He is very knowledgeable and he gave excellent tips and advice to help my son in achieving his goals. I would certainly recommend Coach Freddie to anyone!

Coach Freddie is phenomenal! After only a couple of sessions, we are noticing a tremendous change in how my son plays. I am positive the investment will be well worth it and we look forward to the future.

Coach Solomon, Thank you and your assistant coaches so much for providing a great experience for Skyler and our entire family! It was great to see Sky take part in such a positive experience and enjoy the game. He has been a work horse for our local high school team as a four year starter and he very much enjoyed his high school career but sometimes it wasn't a lot of fun for him. This game was really a lot all fun for him, as was meeting all the coaches and teammates.Thank you again! You rock! Christine Miller
Dear Coach, I just wanted to thank you for giving of your time to coach these young men. It was a positive experience and it allowed these young men to demonstrate what they learned over the years. Again, thank you! Sue Yuknalis (William Yuknalis' Mother)
Dear Coach Solomon, Happy New Year! My name is Judy Campbell and Myles Campbell #44 is my son. I wanted to personally reach out to you to thank you and all of the coaches for the great mentoring and practices. Myles really enjoyed the work outs and the game. It is always wonderful seeing coaches such as yourselves giving back so that other players can succeed. Your passion and love for the players and the game really shined through. To bring together players…..most of whom had never met or played together before….and have them work together as a team and win is remarkable! May God continue to bless all of you in all that you do. Thanks again! Judy Campbell
Coach Solomon has proved to be a great coach & mentor! We first met Coach Solomon when Bailey was selected to play in the N.U.C. All American event. Coach Solomon provided a great week of learning football skills in Myrtle Beach. He also displayed great leadership skills and abilities in the way he coached the players and made lasting relationships with the players. He has been very helpful on educating Bailey on the recruiting process and helping to prepare him to play college football. He is very well thought of among college coaches and has been very helpful for contacting them for Bailey. He not only focuses on the athletic ability but academics as well. He has always made himself available for any questions that may come up about the recruiting process. We would highly recommend him as a coach or mentor for any aspiring athlete! Eddie & Laura Byrum
Where can I even start with Coach Solo? Having him as a coach is a blessing. Throughout my high school career Coach Solomon has been a huge part in my recruiting process and in football as a whole. Most of the awards and anything I received were due to his efforts in putting my name out there. He knows a lot of coaches and can do one very good in the recruiting process. Coach Solomon always wants his players involved. He also has a tremendous passion for the game of football. A coach with great passion is always needed as a player. His passion had began to rub off on me after while and it allowed me to become a better player over the years. Lastly, Coach Solomon is a perfect definition of a responsible and trustworthy man. He handles things in a fair and honest way. Business is business to Coach Solo. He doesn't treat one player different from the next. Overall, Coach Solo is a great man as well as a great coach. I would recommend him to any player in the country, he's just that good!
If anybody is involved with marketing, they know the three golden words are LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Well when it comes to recruiting, the three magic words are EXPOSURE EXPOSURE EXPOSURE. I was beyond grateful to have Freddie Solomon help me get exposure when I was going through the recruiting process. If it had not been for him, I do not believe that I would have gotten the attention from as many schools as I did. And his love for the guys he coaches and love for the game would not allow him to just stop there after I graduated. Keeping in contact with me throughout my collegiate career, he served as a paramount factor in my personal development. Then as I graduated college and began life in the "real" world, he was still there to give me sound advice for my career, my hobbies, and my life. I was extremely excited to get a chance to work with Coach Solomon and the staff at National Underclassmen Combine and I owe all my thanks to Coach Solomon for that great opportunity. If any athlete or person gets a chance to work close with Coach Solomon, they are already ahead of the curve, he's just that great of a guy!
My name is Tony McWhite. I graduated from W.J Keenan High School in 2013. I'm a current upcoming junior Division 1 AA football player at Campbell University. But, with the recruiting process it was a stressful and a tough process. Firstly, I always loved football and it was a passion. But, I didn't have the ideal size or the outstanding raw talents like some others athletes. So, I had to work a lot harder. My junior year of high school was when schools started showing interest in me. My man Coach Solomon had universities and colleges coming through talking to me . I had a solid year on the field, and was a 2 year starter on Varsity at defensive back. I went to a few colleges one day camps and got some more exposure. In addition, the next year was my senior year. I had UNCC, Liberty, Campbell, Wingate, Brevard Gardner-Webb and a few others showing a lot of interest by then. I took visits to some of there games and enjoyed it. But, at the same time none of them had offered me. I was having a great senior year in the classroom and on the field too. It wasn't as great as a team effort as my junior year. But I finished my senior year off strong in the classroom (3.7 GPA) and field, we loss in second round of the playoffs. By then it was when the recruiting was getting stressful for me. I still didn't have any guaranteed offers. But, my head coach and my other coach which is Coach Solomon was helping me. The only issue with me is my test scores wasn't the highest. My grades and GPA in school was exemplary. It was just I didn't reach the right test score until after signing day. In addition , I was blessed and God made a way for me. The only school that stuck with me in the process was Campbell University. Coach Solomon had me talk to the head coach (Mike Minter) which was just hired there in 2013 before signing day. I was truly blessed to receive another opportunity to play the game I love, and to get an exemplary education at a prestigious institution. I kept the faith and took care of the classroom first and handle my business on the field. So, my message to all the high school athletes is to control what you can control. Also, to have patience and always keep the faith and trust God in this recruiting process. Thank you God bless, Tony McWhite
We met Coach Solomon in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, he coached our son in the National Underclassmen Combine All-Star North vs. South Event where our son won best defensive player. Coach Solomon has helped with the recruiting process and contacted a lot of colleges on my son behalf. Coach Solomon has kept in touch with us since December 2013. He is a very helpful coach who takes his time to prepare the kids for the next level. We would like to thank Coach Solomon for all he has done. God Bless!
When I think of the people who have helped me achieve my life long dream of playing, there are very few. Besides my parents and great teammates I really was relaying on myself and myself only. Entered Coach Solomon. I first met coach at the National Underclassmen Combine where he helped me become the NUC WR MVP. Coach guided me through drills and gave me tips throughout the combine. However, Coach Solomon did not stop there. After the camp we exchanged contact information and he became one of the best mentors in my life. He kept up with me during my last year of football and helped me contact all the coaches I needed to in order to achieve my dream. More importantly he helped me find a school where I could fit in best and find a great education. He has kept in contact with me ever since we first met at the National Underclassmen Combine. Coach Solomon has been more than a recruiting asset to me and his other student athletes he has been a friend and mentor. I can honestly and open heartily admit I would have never had the chance to play college football with out coach.
We met Coach Solomon a few years ago at an National Underclassmen Combine event. He has done a great job of keeping an eye on Noah and keeping in touch. It is apparent that he has a tremendous passion for coaching kids into great athletes. When he sees potential in an athlete, he continually contacts college coaches to get that player known and on as many radars as possible. That is huge in the college recruiting process. We love his enthusiasm when he works and talks about Noah to coaches. Coach Solomon definitely tries his best to help every one of his players.
Coach Freddie Solomon is an excellent coach and athletic resource to the Greater Columbia Metropolitan area. He is very well known throughout GA, SC, and NC as one of the most trusted and respected Football skills and strength/conditioning coaches. He is very dedicated to the overall achievement and growth of his players. Coach Solomon is good at what he does because he loves the sport and seeing his kids succeed. He also takes a personal interest in the academic and recruitment side of the student athlete process. I have personally witnessed him help and guide several high school students and families over the last 9 years, which resulted in Div 1 and Div 2 scholarships. One of his strengths is Football Combine preparation, which is now an essential part of the Football journey. I highly recommend him as an individual coach for students and athletes of all ages who seek to get better in the sport of football in all positions.
I met Coach Solomon at a National Underclassmen Combine, and I was my grades QB MVP and after the event me and my dad talked to Coach Solomon and me and him just kind of connected. We have stayed in contact since the event and Coach Solomon has had a big part in my recruiting with sending schools video of me and also telling other coaches about me. He has had a big impact in my recruitment and I really appreciate what he has done for me.
Coach Freddie Solomon is not only a great coach but a great mentor and not only a great mentor but a great husband and man. He and his wife was and still are always going to be a phone call away for advice motivation and words of encouragement. Nothing was ever handed to me and all was earned thank you again coach for the life lessons that I will one day teach my child.
I cannot express how much coach Solomon has helped me, from preparing for exposure camps to how to go about the recruiting process. Once I started working with coach Solomon I seen my recruiting take off to another level. Craziest thing is that the entire time he was doing all this for me I was playing against him and his team. That's just the kind of man he is. He has stayed in touch with me since day one and now that I am playing for NC State he still text me regularly seeing how I am doing in the classroom and on the field.
My son was elevated to varsity after starting with the J.V team. He feels the instruction that Coach Solomon gave him the confidence and know-how to compete with anyone!
Coach Freddie Solomon devoted so much time and effort into me so I could become the player I am today. He has also helped me gain a scholarship to Towson University. He instilled a passion for the game inside me, which was the driving factor to my success. I am really grateful and fortunate to have Coach Solomon in my life.
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