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I believe in being professional as a trainer and coach while challenging my players/and clients to excel to the next level by mastering the basic, advanced, and elite fundamentals. View all coaching experience

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Session Length: 1 hour

$450 10 sessions ($45/ea) + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Frank. 60 minute session length

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  • Mississippi College (MS)

  • 18 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Mississippi College (MS)

  • 18 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Frank

Currently I coach with Htown Next level basketball academy,where I provide summer camps,private lessons and group sessions..I have coached basketball in different local youth basketball leagues the last 18 years here in the Houston Texas Metro area. I have coached the Ridge Point High School Varsity Fall Basketball team (preseason). I have coached in the Upward youth basketball league (Missouri City, TX), FBBA (Missouri City, TX), FBBA (Stafford, TX), BCCA (Alvin, TX Basketball League), and the YMCA (Missouri City, TX). I train youth basketball players (ages 6-17) with (LMBA) Coach Larry Micheaux. I have trained kids (ages 6-17) with my own basketball academy for the last 15 years (H-Town Next Level Basketball Academy) through summer basketball camps and personal training. I typically work with kids from 6- 17 years old (Boys and Girls). I hold several awards including Coach of the Year in BCCA and FBBA leagues. CPR Certification.

My athletic accomplishments were achieved at all levels. I was the leading scorer for my high school. I led in assists and steals my senior year. I was ALL City, District, and South State. I played basketball on a full scholarship at Copiah Lincoln Community College in Wesson, MS. I still hold the record for the leading 3 point shooter in 3 pointers made and 3 point % in both years, and leading free throw shooter % both years. I led the National Jr. College Playoff Tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas in assists in 4 games with 32 assists. I was player of game in the tournament. After Copiah Lincoln community college, I was given a full basketball scholarship to Mississippi College in Clinton, MS. I was sixth man my first year, second on team in 3 pointers made and %. I was 2nd in free throws made and %. I finished in the top 15 nationally in free throw %. My senior year I started and led team in 3 pointers made and % and free throw %. Currently in the Mississippi College record books I hold the record for #2 all time 3 point %, top ten in 3 pointers made, and top 10 in free throw %. I played professional basketball overseas in Europe where I averaged 45 ppg. I had a record high 66 points game, where I had 13 three pointers.

I train in Sienna Plantation, at my private court or at the local school basketball covered court, both located in Missouri City, Texas. I really focus on Basic, Advanced, and Elite Fundamentals. My strongest asset is shooting technique, shooting form, teaching players various ways to set opponent up and score. I also focus on instilling CONFIDENCE AND KILLER INSTINCT IN THE PLAYERS. Dribbling with the weaker hand is a point of emphasis. Being a great shooter, I focus on shooting with my clients, teaching the best techniques to improve a shot. A typical session consist of stretching, layups with both hands and both sides. Shooting form and techniques utilizing (BEEF) METHOD. Shooting drills from close range- 3 point range depending on age level. Utilizing Triple Threat Method every time you touch and everywhere on court except inside. Focus on how to attack defensive player. The session then moves into dribbling drills with focus on dribbling with head up, arm bar out. Dribbling drills utilizing cones with crossover between legs behind back and reverse and retreat dribbling. Pivoting with also be a focus during dribbling. Afterward passing drills will be the focus. Passing drills from the top of key and wing and corner. Utilizing basic, advanced and elite passing drills depending on the skill level. Defense and rebounding would be the last drills. Staying in between man and basket would be the focus along with how to identify offensive player's strengths and weaknesses and how to attack them on defense. Seeing ball and man on DEFENSE is huge component I teach my players. Some drills will be used with cones while some just techniques. Rebounding and free throws would be last. Some agility, conditioning and speed drills will be implemented into the training session to assure my players are in good physical condition.

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Client Reviews

Outstanding! The first session my son received valuable feedback which is amazing because these small things were unfortunately overlooked by others offering him guidance. This has made a huge difference in his skill level and confidence. I absolutely recommend Coach Frank. And I look forward to my son’s development.

My 13yr old daughter loves her first session with Coach Chatman. I liked the way he is starting with the basics and I can already see improvement. Looking forward to working with him weekly.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach was very helpful and gave good feedback on things our son needs to work on.

Coach Frank was exactly what I hoped he would be! Tough with a gentle delivery. I was duly impressed with everything I saw (through video) and was told by my daughter and her dad. He was able to connect with my daughter through patience and obvious experience which allowed him to disarm my 11-year-old and the results were quite positive. Do not hesitate to book with Coach Frank. I have experienced many trainers with my kids through the years and I believe we have found a real gem in Coach Frank.

Great coach

Excellent coaching. Coach Frank is a true professional and does a great job with my son and his thorough feedback. I was impressed by his accolades and experience which inspired me to start working with him. I am looking forward to continually see the progress my son is making.

(no details provided)

I am very happy about the training my son is receiving and I can see a big difference in his growth as an athlete

Very experienced coach. He was on time and organized. I recommend him for any age group or individual.

Coach Frank is a great and patient coach! Something my son needs and he is great at teaching game speed play that is important to guards at my son age!! I will continue to work with coach to help with getting my son to his full potential.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

This was our first session and it was a great experience with Coach.

My Sons 1st session with coach Frank was great. His knowledge of game he gave my son about the importance of Basics will definitely help him improve. We looking forward to booking another Session with coach Frank.

My sons first session/evaluation went very well! Looking forward to getting more dates scheduled!

My son is new to playing basketball and wanted to learn the basics (7th Grade). Coach Frank did a great job of teaching him and was so patient with him. Frank is a great coach and I highly recommend him.

Coach Frank is an excellent motivator, using enthusiasm and lots of communication to get his points across. He picks up on what an athlete's weaknesses and strengths are very quickly, and he goes to work addressing those issues right away. After 2 sessions, my 13 year old is already showing better ball handling and shooting skills. We will continue to have Frank coach him throughout the season.

Coach Frank is great! My son is new to basketball & I appreciate the patience Coach has with him. Definitely recommend.

Coach Frank found my areas to improve, helped me to implement ways to improve, strengthen my skills specific to my current level of expertise, and gave me pointers to keep up my stamina even throughout the rest of the days when I don't have practice at the court. He gives me the appropriate coaching to get competitive enough to do well in the school basketball tryouts.

He does everything you expect in a trainer can’t wait to book my son more sessions

Coach Frank does an excellent job! He provides comprehensive training including agility and speed, in addition to dribbling, shooting, passing, defensive and offensive techniques. He is also great with children. He knows how to push them without being too firm. Give Coach Frank a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Lots of knowledge of the game.

(no details provided)

I highly recommend this coach! My hope was my son would become a better competitive, player and also have fun. He has done that and more! My son love the advanced drills. I am very pleased with the communication and respect for my time. We are greatly looking forward to continuing our sessions. Thanks Coach!

My son just had his first coaching session with Coach Frank, and it was a very positive experience. He introduced my son to the basic skills of basketball while specifically working on his strengths and weaknesses. Coach Frank is nurturing and firm while motivating my son to work to his full potential. He continuously explains the “why” in what he is teaching to educate my son to understand the art of playing basketball. I wish I would have found him years ago. Keep up the great work Coach Frank!
D. Beasley

(no details provided)

It was a good experience with Coach Chatman,I’ve learned a lot of things from the lesson.Great Coach!

Great coach! Extremely knowledgeable and patient during his sessions.

Coach Frank is an awesome coach! Extremely professional and knows what he is doing. He has helped my 15 year old son tremendously with his basketball skills. Highly recommend him!

My son is 10 yrs old and wanted to start learning how to play the game of basketball. I was looking for a coach in my area and found coach Chatman, he understood that this was Erick’s first venture into the game and took the drills down a notch to allow him to be more comfortable with them. He was patient with him yet he still pushed him to do better! If you work with coach Chatman and continue to push yourself at home you can truly improve.

After Coach Chapman's first session my son was propelled to reflect on his commitment to the game and real intricacies of things he need to work on. Coach Chapman was patient and guided him step by step through the technical and mental requirements of the game. Keep up the good work Coach.

Coach Frank is an awesome Coach. After his first session my son was propelled to reflect on real intricacies of things he need to work on. Coach Frank was patient and guided him step by step through the technical requirements of the game. I already see my son enjoying and practicing. Keep up the good work Coach.

Coach Frank is an awesome coach with great professionalism. Very knowledgeable and skillful as a coach. He trains my son, makes him very comfortable, very detailed on training plans and encourage him to bring him up where the areas of weakness and sharpen the strengths, always helps to boost his confidence, set the realistic goals and help to stay in the track to reach there. Very glad to have him as his coach.

Coach Frank is absolutely awesome! He is an ultimate professional. My son is 15 years old, entering the 10th grade and looking to improve overall as a basketball player. With coach's guidance and training, he is well on his way. He is very knowledgeable about the game and very hands on. He made my son feel very comfortable during the workout while also challenging him in all areas. He thoroughly takes his time to assess and understand your child's strengths and weaknesses and then implements an action plan or skills for improvement. He is very personable and genuinely interested in helping your child be the best. We are happy and will continue with his training!! Thank you Coach!!

Coach Frank is amazing. Our son, who is entering 9th grade in the fall, has always had raw talent but was missing the drive and toughness. We also needed a coach that understood how to teach more advanced skills. Coach is very good with our son. He is tough but supportive at the same time. He get's on the court with our son and plays hard one-on-one games with him! He has an expert understanding of the intricacies of the game and the drills needed to advance his skills and gives him great "homework" in order to develop his skills during the week. Coach is doing a great job instilling a work ethic in him as our son tends to be a bit lazy. Thank you Coach!

Coach is very knowledgeable and very engaging in his training. He guides his players but set high standards. My son enjoyed the his hands on approach and immediate feedback and corrective coaching style. He definitely Player Development oriented.

Coach Frank was amazing with my 14-year-old daughter. He emphasized training on areas of need such as shooting and dribbling and gave positive feedback. I recommend Coach Frank.

(no details provided)

Coach Chatman showed great attention to detail with my son and was very patient with him during his first session. His workout routine was well planned and we never had to wait to see what was next as Coach Chatman was ready to go with each drill! He was also very hands on in demonstrating all of the drills at full speed which was impressive to Chase! I highly recommend for anyone trying to improve their game or take their child's game to the next level!

Coach Frank was excellent! Extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and related very well with my 11 year old son and his friend. Coach has a beautiful court in his backyard, so no disturbances from other players etc. He focused on the fundamentals, which is exactly what we needed. We would highly recommend him to others!

Coach Chatman was able to target my weak points and help work on them. He also helped correct my bad habits and showed me the proper way to do it. Well experienced coach and it shows. Will be booking again.

Coach Frank met with my boys for an initial training, he gave them encouraging feedback in the areas where they can make improvements and drills to do so. They look forward to working with Coach Frank to enhance their basketball skills and become more well rounded players.

Coach Frank Chatman is a great coach.
My son Tommy enjoy his session with Coach Chatman. The coach is patient with my son Tommy. The session was so informative and also fun for son.
He excited about next session.

Thank you
Maria Cisneros

They say first impressions are everything and from the jump I knew Coach Chatman was passionate about what he does. My first session was great and it shown me a lot of what I needed to work on. Coach Chatman's was able to key in on my strengths and weaknesses and give me a plan to get where I need to be. Can't wait till the next session!

My son recently started training with Coach Chatman. It didn't take long at all to realize the passion that Coach Chatman had for the game of basketball and the passion that he has for teaching. He has proven to us that he truly cares about my son's skills and development as a player. Within a short amount of time, I can already see my son's improvement on the court. I look forward to having Coach Chatman work with my child in the future.

They say you only get one time to make a first impression; great first impression! Coach was very professional and accommodating...Bryce feels better

My wife and I were very pleased to have our son to be trained and coached under Coach Chatman. Coach Chatman was very professional and a nice coach. The one thing that I came away impressed with was that Coach Chatman did not allow my son to just settle. Coach Chatman was always challenging our son to keep getting better. My son biggest weaknesses was shooting from 15 feet and further and dribbling to the left. Coach Chatman identified it right away and began to implement basketball drills to enhance my son's shooting, shooting range, and dribbling left. I must say that he improved in both areas ( shooting form and left hand dribbling). I would certainly recommend Coach Chatman to any parent that is looking to enhance his/her child's basketball skills.
It was a blessing to meet Coach Chatman. He was a tremendous blessing to my son. My son was entering the 7th grade at the time and he some basketball skills, but I felt he needed to be developed more. My son really liked Coach Chatman style of coaching and training. Coach Chatman had a court in their backyard and I would bring my son over for about 2-3 lessons a week. Coach Chatman really had a lot of patience. Sometimes my son didn't catch on to some of the drills, but Coach Chatman really did an awesome job of teaching my son. He had my son's confidence really boosted up by Coach Chatman's training. I came away really impressed by Coach Chatman over emphasis on developing and mastering the fundamentals. My son really liked the way Coach Chatman connected with him from a coaching/ player perspective.
I had the pleasure of meeting coaching Chatman a few years ago. My son has good basketball skills, but my son's biggest problem was he played soft and lazy at times. Coach Chatman really brought out the best in my son's basketball game. I had felt our son was pretty good, but Coach Chatman coached him in the FBBA Basketball league and my son's game went up a few levels. I was impressed with Coach Chatman's practice session and training. He seems to get every minute out of the players and my son. My son's mental focus seem to got better because of Coach Chatman. He really focused a lot on form technique and shooting. My son didn't have that Killer instinct that he needed, but Coach Chatman had drills in his training where my son developed a KILLER INSTINCT. I was very impressed with Coach Chatman's training and passion for coaching.
My oldest son played for Coach Chatman about two in the FBBA Basketball League in Missouri City, Texas. I don't know a lot about basketball, but after the league season was over, my husband and I went to Coach Chatman and asked him about training? My son loved Coach Chatman coaching style while in the league and my son felt he could become a better player if he got the right training. Not only did I sign my oldest son up for basketball training, but I also signed my youngest son up as well. The things my husband and I liked about Coach Chatman was that he had a professional and down to earth attitude with my boys. They are both quiet boys, but Coach Chatman actually challenged them to be more vocal. Both my sons were better players, more aggressive,and I had a much better basketball IQ after training with Coach Chatman. I would recommend Coach Chatman to any parent that is looking for a awesome trainer.
I have been knowing Coaching the last 11 or 12 YEARS. My son and Coach Chatman's son went to Elementary through middle school together. He coached and trained my son. I was very impressed with Coach Chatman because he know how to relate to players. My son has had many coaches that coached him, but he said he connected with Coach Chatman because he knew how and when to push my son's button. My son can sometimes be playful and not be serious, but Coach Chatman talked to him in the beginning about how to become a successful and productive basketball player. Coach Chatman trained my son a few days a week and my son really looked forward to training. The one thing that stood out about Coach Chatman's training was he challenged my son to become a confident player on both offense and defense. My son has played for Elkins High School basketball teams the last few years and I would recommend any parent that is looking for a good basketball trainer and coach to consider Coach Chatman.
My son was 13 years old at the time I signed him up in the FBBA Youth Basketball League in Missouri, TX a few years ago and my son played for Coach Chatman's team. I came away very impressed with Coach Chatman's passion and IQ for coaching. My son is talented, but Coach Chatman had basketball practices in which he challenged my son and his teammates to raise their level of play. He really stressed on Fundamentals. My son's weakness was dribbling left hand, but Coach Chatman had drills in practice to enhance my son's left hand dribbling. My son came away a better overall basketball player. He was very professional and passionate about coaching. We went undefeated and won the Championship that year.
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