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Beside my daughter, football is my life. The feel, the smell, the passion, the building your character and foundation, the hard work. Yeah, show me a sport that can give you that. View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Eric. 120 minute session length

Session Length: 2 hours

$35 1 session + one-time fee

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3 session package with Coach Eric. 120 minute session length

Session Length: 2 hours

$100 3 sessions ($33/ea) + one-time fee

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5 session package with Coach Eric. 120 minute session length

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  • DeVry University (IL)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Punter, Kicker, Defensive Back, Defensive Line, Linebacker, Offensive Line, Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Punting, Kicking, Blocking, Catching, Cutting, Footwork, Hand Placement, Jamming, Pass Defense, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Throwing


  • DeVry University (IL)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Punter, Kicker, Defensive Back, Defensive Line, Linebacker, Offensive Line, Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Punting, Kicking, Blocking, Catching, Cutting, Footwork, Hand Placement, Jamming, Pass Defense, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Throwing

More About Coach Eric

I have coached at Upper Moreland highschool, and I have been through it all. Wins, loses but my true joy was seeing how my players grew and how much hard work they were willing to put in. I will dig deep for that passion from whom I coach, and I will not stop until they reach that goal. Doing well on and off the field comes from your heart and how you you're willing to push yourself to reach that Goal that you desire

I coached at Upper Moreland for five years. I played there for four years. I worked with the Quarterbacks receivers and cornerbacks defense and offensive lineman and special teams . Formation and safety is key to bringing out the beast in you. When you perfect your skills and be confident and your own abilities are your position that's when you can be a beat at your position.

QBs : foot drills, working the pocket, presence in the pocket, reading defenses, throwing, being confident and standing tall in the pocket, run plays and pass plays, learning how to be a leader of your team on and off the field.

Receivers : working on stance and take offs, working on getting out of jams at the line, working on quick feet, working on tight sharp route running, conditioning, catching ,blocking down field, reading the cornerback, chemistry with your Qb, adjusting to the football and going up to get the ball, knowing where you are on the field, route tree

Defensive back: performing cone drills, working on drop backs , working on reading the receiver and not the Qb, working on never NEVER NEVER letting the receiver get behind you, working on safe and effective ways to tackle a receiver or running back or Qb depending the coverage, working on lining up where you should be when coverage is called, always talking to the men on the filed letting the safety know who you have on your side, working on feeling for the receiver as they run there routes.

Running back: conditioning, footwork, where to lineup depending on the play the coach calls, before the Qb says hike reading the defense and seeing what hole to go in, work on dive stretch counter tosses, play action, blocking, yards after hit and catch, keeping your feet moving while getting hit, lowering your shoulder, fighting for every yard, cuts, agility workouts, holding on to the ball, switching back to the hand closet to the side line, stiff arms

Offensive lineman: working on footwork, conditioning, keeping the defensive lineman away from the Qb, working on hand work, strength drills, stunts, pulls, double teams, picking up blitzes, talking to your fellow lineman about what men your going to block. Working with centers on getting the ball back not the Qb fast and accurately, not holding the defensive lineman

Defensive lineman: working on footwork, conditioning, rushing attacks, stunts, getting up the field, not giving up until the Qb your facing is on the Ground for a sack, knocking down the linemans hands, not holding the offensive lineman

Linebackers: working on blitzing, working on conditioning, zone drop back, man coverage , disguising the blitz, reading the QB, pursuit drills, safe and smart tackling being a leader on and off the field for your defense.

Special teams: working on setting the wall, work on catching, working on finding the ball in the air, working on fair catch, working on conditioning.

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Client Reviews

Coach Eric was awesome. My son is 8 years old and really loves the game. Eric’s attitude was infectious and he has a real passion for the game. It was a great first session and my son can’t wait for the next one.

This was our first session with Eric. He took the time to find out what I wanted to accomplish with my sons sessions. He then took the time to run my sons through drills and outlined his strengths and opportunities. I was definitely pleased with our first session. My son and I are looking forward to the next session.

Great coach and great relationship with the boys

My son had a great time with coach Eric! He really felt comfortable and he got my son to really work hard on the field. He even gave us tips to work on at home. I would recommend him to anyone and I will be booking additional sessions also.

Great experience, it wasn't just a work out but he wanted to make sure you understood the game and your position.

Good coach, wants to work with you, player friendly, but is encouraging to work hard which is what I need as the player

I great person! It shows he has the passion for the sport Football and to the kids. My son enjoyed his coaching and Eric quickly identified his strengths and weaknesses.

Great coaching techniques, very knowledgable and design training to fit individual athlete. My son looks forward to going and he is showing good progress.

Great coach and has a strong passion for helping you achieve your goals as becoming a better athlete. Also, Coach Eric and the other players you may practice with welcomes you with open arms as if you are family.

Coach Eric is professional and hard working. He has great energy on the field and seems to incorporate conditioning drills along with football fundamentals at every practice. Looking forward to more sessions.

I took my 7 year old to Coach Eric’s session. He gave my son the proper feel for the game. Emphasized endurance training, knowing your coverage and skill poisitions, and most importantly kept him motivated by building his confidence level.

Coach Eric is great! He has helped my sons to understand what it means to work hard for something they want. He is really in it for the kids. I was worried about my sons because they have never played organized sports however, coach Eric has helped to put those concerns to rest. They are on their 3rd session and look forward to continuing practice every week. I'm really excited to track their progress! Thanks coach Eric!

(no details provided)

Coach Eric is awesome!! I like the way he train and really enjoy the moment of training, definitely will keep training with him!

Awesome Coach!! I have seen a difference in my son especially his confidence with the sport! My son loves the sport but needed to learn and practice basic skills. Coach Eric has been helping him with basics as well as progressing towards my son's future goals.

My biggest regret was not signing him up sooner with Coach Eric!

(no details provided)

So far so good. Looking forward to more workouts with Coach Eric. I can see his passion for the game & willingness to TEACH! He's making sure I'm understanding the WHY of the game & not just the physical aspect of it. Excited to put more work in with this guy.

I loved the experience my boys had with coach Eric!!! He taught them the skills they wasn’t getting elsewhere. He is perfecting the skills they already have helping them to be perfection!!!! I can’t wait to the next session. Very professional if I could give him a rating of a 10 I would!!!!

Coach Eric is all business. He takes a hard line and expects the athlete to give 100%. If you are looking for results, he will get you where you need to be so long as you are willing to make the commitment. I took my son to him to improve his footwork, speed, and overall positioning and after one session, my son knows he's no nonsense and result driven. Coach Eric is extremely professional, and attentive to detail. We look forward to the direction he is taking our son.

(no details provided)

Coach Eric was great with my young son. He improved his football fundamentals with just one session. My son was challenged and enjoy learning the nuances of multiple positions. In his next practice, you could absolutely see the difference in his approach to the game. He can't wait until his next session.

Coach Eric if great! He is very encouraging and very knowledgeable. He has helped condition our son for the upcoming season. He has taught our son a lot about his position and how to cover opponents of all sizes. He has also improved our son's offensive skills too. We feel confident our son will have his best season yet thanks to Coach Eric.

My son needed reps @ QB and he got them. He also had a variety of receivers to throw to. Eric's passing tips we're spot on. The work out was high energy and confidence building. My son's coaches noticed a difference in him at his next practice!

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Coach Eric is a great coach.he makes a difference in the way you play and think about football.we only had three sessions so far and I already see a lot of improvement!

Coach Eric was great with my son. He found a way to inspire my son and boost his confidence.

Coach Eric's session was awesome!!! He showed my son how to run routes correctly and how to use his hands to catch the football. He showed me how to observe the defenders stance pre snap so that I could run a better route and how to shield the defender from getting an interception. I highly recommend Coach Eric. 5 Stars!!!!

(no details provided)

Coach Eric is great! Today was our first session and our son did great. Coach Eric kept up his confidence throughout the whole session. Gabriel was always in center playing pop warner and now he is excited to learn more from coach about tight end. He kept up with the big kids today! Looking forward to learning more in the sessions to come.

Coach eric is great. I see the difference in my son the way he plays football now. This is my sons first year. Thanks to coach eric....

Coach Fields is excellent, after 3 sessions I already see an improvement. Looking forward to working with him during my son's football season.

My son & I know that he's a good football player & we needed someone to work on him to become a better football player & that's where Coach Eric comes in... Coach Eris worked excellently with Samir (8th grader, 13 years old), not only was he just trying to coach him but he asked questions to get to know Samir aside from just football... I look forward to many more sessions beyond just this year... I highly recommend Coach Eric!!! THANKS COACH!!!

Outstanding coach and teacher of the game. He will push you to the limits and get the most out of you.

Coach Eric was a very motivational, knowledgeable and patient coach. He took his time to go over the minute details of my son's position, yet kept the session moving and my son interested. Highly recommended.

(no details provided)

Coach Fields was awesome. Being a female wanting to train with the guys, he didn't treat me any different. He was pushed me just like he would any ATHLETE! I can't wait for more sessions!

(no details provided)

Energetic coach that's not afraid to do drills with players. He is very professional and knows what he's doing to make you better at your position.

Coach Eric was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He responded to our request right away and asked all about positions our son (9 yrs old) wanted to play and what we were looking for. We could already tell on the car ride home our sons confidence was taken up a notch as well as his desire to get out on the field game day. Our son enjoyed working with Eric and cannot wait for his next session.

Never giving up and always willing to help. Never missing a day and always working towards that one or many Team goals.
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