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Former SMU & LAU varsity & pro club athlete with extensive soccer experience - passionate about soccer & helping transform good athletes, regardless of gender\age, into great ones! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • Lebanese American University

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Goalkeeper, Midfield, Defense

  • Agility, Corner Kicks, Crossing, First Touch, Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Heading, Dribbling, Passing, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Throw-Ins, One-Touch, One-on-Ones


  • Lebanese American University

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Goalkeeper, Midfield, Defense

  • Agility, Corner Kicks, Crossing, First Touch, Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Heading, Dribbling, Passing, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Throw-Ins, One-Touch, One-on-Ones

More About Coach Eli

I am very passionate about soccer and I love the game. I have been a soccer player my entire life and have given soccer practice sessions for a long time and over a decade to young as well as older athletes. My coaching skills are built on the soccer training I received when playing in school, varsity, and divisional club, and incorporate the many different and various practices/drills/exercises I found most helpful as a player. I played soccer for the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and the Lebanese American University while I also played club soccer with Nejmeh Club.

Regardless of the age and skill level of the athletes I work with, I find it very enjoyable working with each of my players and feel a great deal of gratification when I see each one of them improve. Seeing the level of enthusiasm in young adults and teenagers drives me even more and that re-assures that although it may be a little tough for younger players, when they practice, commit and improve, I can see that make a huge change in their game and confidence.

I am really good with teaching several soccer drills, some of which encompass: control and speed dribbling, turning and breakaways, scrimmage, chest control, ball stealing, shoulder tackle with-standing and aggressive play as well as developing self confidence. My teaching techniques revolve around agility, breathing exercises and speed.

My sessions begin with active/dynamic warm up exercises including jogging and sprinting, followed by dual footwork development (passing, dribbling, turning, positioning, conditioning) and shooting with a lots and lots of repetition. When my athlete is ready, I will challenge him or her and play a live 1-on-1 challenge with a defensive (defense) and offensive (offense) context. I strive to make my athlete players feel more confident about their game, feel like they are improving every-time and promote the sport's passion I have for the game to them.

Captain and Best Player of the Year, Best Scorer of the Year, Most Valuable Player of the Year, Best Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year, Invaluable Contribution to Sports (specifically for Soccer), Third Place Marathon Winner in the Scouting Federation Competition etc.. - (Sports' Resume Available per Request).

My soccer sessions begin with active/dynamic warm up exercises including jogging and sprinting, followed by dual footwork development (dribbling, passing, turning, positioning, conditioning, footwork exercises, etc) then heading/shooting with a lots and lots of repetition. When my athlete is ready, I will challenge him or her and play a live 1-on-1 challenge with a defensive (defense) and offensive (offense) context. I strive to make my athlete players feel more confident about their game, feel like they are improving every-time and promote the sport's passion I have for the game to them.

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Client Reviews

Great first session. Coach Eli seems to know what he is doing when it comes to playing the game of soccer. We will definitely be back for more!

Coach Eli is very knowledgeable in the field of soccer. The practices were challenging and fun at the same time. Thank you for taking the time to train me!

My daughter really enjoyed working with coach Eli. He makes it fun for her while still teaching her the game.

(no details provided)

Update 04/06/19
Unfortunately I feel the need to update my review due to the fact that Coach Eli has abruptly decided to stop communicating with us. I guess my son wasn't worth his time. It was a hard conversation to have with a 9 year old that his coach no longer wants to practice with him. Beware that Coach Eli doesn't have a set schedule and you never know when your practice will be until the day before - if he remembers to text you. I left 2 stars because when we did have practice my son seemed to get a lot out of it and Coach Eli definitely worked him.

We just had our first training session with Coach Eli and it certainly will not be our last. My son is needing some help with his soccer game and with in the first ten minutes it became clear that Coach Eli was the man for the job. He did a great job of pushing my son but at the same time keeping him engaged in the particular drill they were working on. Coach Eli kept the practice fun but make no mistake he will work you, which is exactly what my son is needing.

Eli was great and trainee had a lot of fun while doing drills.

Coach Eli was a fantastic coach who really understood the needs of the trainee. His sessions are challenging, insightful, and fun for his students. I would easily recommend him to anyone.

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(no details provided)

Coach Eli really helped my 10 year old son feel more confident about making the jump from YMCA to club soccer. Eli pushes his students just the right amount to get the best from them, and you'll always walk away from your lesson with a number of drills to work on at home. Eli is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with -- highly recommended.

My son is 5, Eli was very patient. 3 hours after practice my son scored his first goal in 1 year of playing!

Coach Eli took the time to ask what my daughters goals are and where she feels she needs the most work for improvement. He took that information and developed a great training session to work toward her goals. Great Session! Thank you!

Todays session could not have gone any better. Coach Eli was well prepared and organized. The drills that were performed kept my son focused and learning. Coach Eli was very attentive to how my son was performing the drills and offered positive feedback. His patience and ability to break down the drills to their core steps helped my son get a better grasp of what was being taught. My son said after his training that he had fun and is looking forward to working with Coach Eli again.

(no details provided)

My 10 year old son has been training with Coach Eli over the course of a year now and Coach is very patient even through the challenges that coaching a kid brings.

Although Coach Eli is an AMAZING player, he relates well with the growing athlete and doesn't overpower him with his skill level. He knows when to take it down a notch so he doesn't discourage the player, but at the same time, doesn't take it down too low, allowing his skills to motivate and inspire.

I can sense Coach Eli's passion for the game and for teaching others. He is a natural.

He has made this an enjoyable experience and we look forward to more sessions with him!

Coach Eli did a great job with my son, he was very prepared for the training session with the work being exactly what we wanted. The session was ran very well, with coach interacting during all the drills in very positive manner. We certainly will book Coach Eli again and look forward to seeing how my son improves his soccer skills.

Looking for a coach to help with soccer skills, look no further! Coach Eli is a great coach. He's kind, attentive and reliable. My 17yr old son, was very pleased with his session and can't wait to continue with more. Thank you Coach Eli! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking on improving their skills.

Even though we have not had many lessons with Coach Eli, I can already see that he has helped my kiddos learn some new ball handling techniques that they are using now. His lesson is challenging and fun at the same time. You can tell that he has lots of teaching experience. We like that he has great drills and teaches them new moves in which they have to use when they play a scrimmage or the goal does not count! We would recommend him to others for sure.

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(no details provided)

Coach Eli is a great coach. He is patient and encouraging with my young children, but doesn't let them get away with slacking. I have been impressed with his preparation as he tailors each practice for each child's particular needs. He also follows up every practice with what was covered at that that session and things to continue working on. My children have improved their skills and I would highly recommend Eli to anyone looking for a private coach.

Eli was awesome! Great skills, great patience, he showed me a variety of drills that I can practice at home with. We also did some jogging, sprinting, and scrimmaging (which you had to incorporate the drills from the practice). All around a great practice, looking forward to the next one!

Coach Eli was a terrific coach for my 10 year old son! He was patient, challenged him, and gave him his confidence back - thank you! He not only learned skills, but Coach Eli showed him how to use that in a real life game situation and that really made a difference too! After just one session, my son is playing better on a consistent basis! I would really recommend him to everyone!

We were very fortunate to find Eli on Coach Up. We have only had one initial session with Eli and my husband and I were equally impressed with his demeanor, professionalism, and drills to assess the skill level for my 5.5 year old son. He has the perfect personality for my son -fun and engaging while also firmly teaching my son the solid drills that will build a very strong foundation. I was very hesitant to trust a coach from 'Google' search and basing my decisions on the helpful reviews here, but I am so glad that I did. So far from this initial session, I think Eli will live up to his summary profile at Coach Up.

Great first practice. Very patient and teaches with detail.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We have only had one lesson with Eli, however I can say it was a great experience for my 7 year old Alex. We look forward to many more lessons with Eli.

Coach Eli was Great! My daughter has had 2 sessions with him and cannot wait to get back at it. She is even recommending him to all her Soccer buddies! I have never seen her so motivated to improve her soccer skills! As a parent I would recommend him to all my soccer moms if there daughters or sons are ready to take it to the next level, he is very patient but firm. We are looking forward to our future session with Eli!

I've had two sessions with Eli so far and I've already noticed improvement. He is really patient and is willing to do things over and over with you to make sure that you get it right. I really enjoy our sessions and find them a lot of fun while still being challenging. He asks you what you want to work on or improve during your first session and from there does a variety of different drills to help you improve your weak areas. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a private coach and look forward to my next session.

Coach Eli was awesome! We had our first practice this week and our daughter felt so comfortable and confident with his training. She literally cannot wait for her next session.

Eli is a great coach with excellent skills. My daughter was very comfortable with him, after trying several. Eli has great drills set up that were challenging but fun at the same time. I would highly recommend.

Coach Eli is professional and certainly does a great job! We are looking forward to many more lessons for our daughter.

Our daughter had her very first 1-on-1 session with coach Eli today. We were thoroughly impressed. He was patient, attentive, and supportive. He also took great care in assessing her current abilities and was able to immediately implement skills and an improvement plan. It was very apparent that Eli's knowledge and skill set is very strong. We feel very fortunate to have found coach Eli and look forward to future training sessions with him.

I’ve taken my son to three sessions with coach Eli and have been very pleased. Eli has been reliable, organized and ready to start with cones and goals already laid out by the time we get there. He spends the entire session coaching right next to my son, running, dribbling, etc. not shouting out instructions from the side line. At the end of the session, Eli is sweating just as much from the workout. As for his coaching style, he is demanding, persistent, but yet very encouraging and motivational. I can see improvements in my son’s abilities and a stronger sense of confidence when playing. In addition, Eli writes up a nice summary of each training session, the progress being made, and what to expect for the next session. I would recommend Eli to anyone who wants to provide 1 on 1 soccer training for their child.

Eli is absolutely fantastic. My son had his first session with him today and I watched carefully because I was curious to see how he taught. He was very patient and kind but pushed my son and shared his obvious knowledge and talent with him. I was extremely impressed with him as a person and as a coach and look forward to working with him for a long time. Highly recommend!

Eli to me is one of the best coaches i have ever had, i have only had 3 sessions with him, but i have learned so much, and has given me an insane confidence boost. Eli, unlike most coaches is very very patient. He is very dedicated to his athletes, and will improve your skills and confidence in no time. He runs his sessions so smoothly that i am always looking forward to another session. Without a doubt one of the best soccer coaches you can have

Eli is the BEST!! I cannot put into words the passion he gives me!! (but I most certainly will try) Eli isn't like any ordinary coach at all, I know this because I played Football all throughout middle school and high school and I had some amazing coaches throughout all those years. Eli just has something very special about him that make's the BEST coach I've ever had! The amount of effort he puts into his coaching is absolutely phenomenal!! My skills and confidence have shot through the roof and I've only had two sessions!! I can't wait till the next session and all the other sessions in the future!! Thank you sooo much Eli!! It is a true blessing to have you as my coach!!

Eli is one of the coolest guys I've ever met! I've completed 3 sessions in the last half of July '13, and I couldn't be happier right now. He is my first soccer coach, and I will stay with him as long as I can. Eli is always smiling, and always has a great attitude throughout every practice. His attention to detail is miles above the rest. He shows me exactly what I'm doing wrong, precisely how to fix it, and how to practice it when he's not around. In fact, just watching Eli with a soccer ball is inspiring to me. He's so incredibly smooth, and can literally flow to anywhere on the field. Watching Eli play literally lights a fire inside me, motivating me to want to become as good as he is. The thing I like most about Eli is that he works out with me the entire session. Basically, at the end of our practice he's drenched in sweat as much as I am! By doing this he's helping me get the most out of every practice, and he's making every practice a lot of fun! What's really great too, is he's always giving me praise on how much better I've gotten. Even midway through a drill he'll say "Look at how much better you're doing than before," or "Look at you go!" Honestly, if you're interested in the best soccer coach in Austin/the world, then look no further! This guy is all the motivation and inspiration I need to keep doing awesome things in my life. Since, my first session: I've been eating much better, I've been exercising for at least an hour everyday, I've been sleeping better, I've been doing more with my little brother, I feel better, and I've made five friends who love soccer just as much as I do! Eli and CoachUp have literally changed my life for the better in so many ways! I will recommend Eli and CoachUp to anyone and everyone that God graciously crosses my path with. If you want to become even more awesome than you already are, CoachUp is the website, and Eli is your man. Thanks to you guys, I am now shining my true colors and these are surely my style!

Eli has impressed me from the moment we made contact on CoachUp. From identifying the needs of my daughter's soccer training to scheduling the sessions, Eli has been incredibly responsive, thorough and organized. The first training session with my daughter was greatly impactful. Her confidence improved 100% after the FIRST session alone (this was evident at a tournament she played a week after her first session)!! She's a powerful soccer player for her age; however, Eli is honing in on the details/skills that she wouldn't otherwise receive from her team training. Eli is meticulous in carefully planning and executing each session. He plans in advance, tracks what’s been accomplished at each session, provides real-time feedback, and completes/posts written feedback very soon following the sessions. We’ve now completed 5 sessions with Eli and my daughter’s skill level improves dramatically each time. I STRONGLY recommend Eli to anyone interested in obtaining greater soccer skills--and not just physical skills. Strategy's involved and Eli brings this to the table as well. Thanks Eli – we are happy to have found you and thrilled to see her apply these new skills on the field next season!!

Coach Eli was a wonderful coach & motivator with my daughter. He saw what she was doing wrong and correted her on the spot during the drills, which is what she needed. He did a lot of muscle memory drills which improved her skills and the fatigue helped her really focus on technique. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their soccer skills!
Abi's high school soccer season has officially begun, and she was so excited to be one of 3 freshman chosen for the varsity squad! Abi said the work she did with you this past summer helped her earn this spot. She may even be starting! So thank you for all that you did for her - she loved working with you :)
Hello Coach. We can't thank you enough! Our daughter has shown so much improvement already! We would really..
... Eli my kids adore you! I want to thank you for being amazing. I love how you inspire them on as well as off the soccer field...
BTW, it was amazing to see my son's reaction to your time together. After your session, he was so on fire for soccer and excited and watched youtube videos all day of soccer games and was critiquing the players. Seeing the passion that your coaching brought out in him really showed me that you have a gift for what you do! So thank you Eli!"..
.. Eli just has something very special about him that make's the BEST coach I've ever had! The amount of effort he puts into his coaching is absolutely phenomenal! My skills and confidence have shot through the roof ... it is a true blessing to have you as my coach!..
... Eli, you're a big reason for all the great changes we've made in our lives! You mean a lot to me and my brother and I'm looking forward to our next practice later in the week!..
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