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I implement not only skills & drills taking your game to the next level, WE incorporate the mental aspect and gear your lifestyle to enhance success at the level you desire. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  1. Encino, Los Angeles, CA
  2. Burbank, CA
  3. Los Angeles, CA

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Elimu. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$95 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Elimu. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$285 3 sessions ($95/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Elimu. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$475 5 sessions ($95/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Elimu. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$950 10 sessions ($95/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Syracuse University (NY)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Center, Guard, Forward

  • Post Moves, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll, Agility


  • Syracuse University (NY)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Center, Guard, Forward

  • Post Moves, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll, Agility

More About Coach Elimu

My perspective is unique in the training/coaching arena because i've been doing it, even when i was playing basketball at Syracuse with some of my teammates. and although I've coached a few teams here and there, my specialty has always been in one on one training. I believe in attention to detail and working towards and individuals strengths. what may work for you might not for someone else. I've coached classes of 6-10 year olds in after school programs around Los Angeles as well as a private coached two 16 year olds, (one boy, one girl) and have actually trained some actors for auditions, tv shows/films that had no experience at all. I played at Milton High School from 87-91. I was the MVP of the Bay State league my senior year where i averaged 24pts, 10 rebounds and 8 assist. I was the leading scorer. I was on the South Eastern Mass top 80 team, tried out for the Boston shootout and this was all before i really hit my growth spurt. I had numerous scholarship offers to division 2 and 3 schools for Basketball and Scocer but I chose to go to Syracuse U. I walked on at Syracuse in '93, became and 'All-Star walk-on' That year I made Dick Vitale's all-walk on team. I was and believe still am the first walk-on in Syracuse History to play the first half of a game. I went overseas with the team the following summer and started in numerous games in France, Italy and Switzerland and in the '95-'96 season I was awarded a scholarship for my efforts and was instrumental in helping the team to Final Four run where we lost to Kentucky in the final game.
I choose to coach because I like to give back and help. There are things if I could do them over again, I would concerning Syracuse basketball. I was good enough to play in the NBA, but looking back there are things that I should have done different. So aside from the technical side of the game, which is alway evolving, there is a mental side that is often overlooked, which I incorporate into my training sessions as well.
I also box and have been for the past 9 years at Wildcard Boxing Gym in Los Angeles. I came in there a novice and now I spar with pros and amateurs and train people as well.
I also coach acting as well as being an actor.
I tell you all of this to show you that teaching/training/coaching comes very natural to me in whatever field it is.
Basketball has been my first love since I was 8 years old and still is. I would love the opportunity to take you to the next level, be it an AAU team, high school, college, or even pro. I have the tools and the know how to do it.

I was the MVP in the Bay State League for Basketball in 1991. I was on the TOP 80 Southeast Mass. team. I tried out for the Boston Shootout. I walked on to Syracuse Men's Basketball team in 1993 and was awarded a scholarship in 1996 when we went to the Final Four and played against Kentucky in the championship game. I played overseas with my Syracuse team in the summer of '94, where I started numerous games, (usually walk-ons aren't allowed to go, but they took me) I played in the famed Rucker tournament in NYC, in '96 where I was nicknamed 'The Hat' ( if you got a nickname in this tournament, you were doing something)

What is unique about my sessions, is that they are completely dedicated to how the particular client operates. In other words, no two clients are the same IN THE WORLD. I find what works for the client is to add to their arsenal through different drills showing them what is most effective and what is least effective in their game.
There is a lot of communication about HABITS and the mentality to be consistent in their game. This is often an aspect overlooked. This is a crucial in my sessions. Clients after 10 sessions will have the ability and muscle memory to self correct which is key, because no one other than THE PLAYER is on the court playing the game.

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Client Reviews

My beginner daughter had her first session with Coach Elimu and it was fantastic. Coach was really clear in his instruction and the drills were dynamic and fun. She made noticeable progress in just one session and is excited for more! Highly recommend for any skill level.

Coach Elimu is amazing! I feel so fortunate that we came across him on this site. Not only is he an incredibly knowledgeable coach, but he was able to explain things in a way that my 9 year old son could understand and implement. He was patient and kind. My son learned so much in just one session and had a good time doing it!

(no details provided)

Great coach! You can immediately tell he has a lot of experience coaching. He's also great with kids. I would highly recommend him!

First session with Coach Elimu was great! He is very knowledgeable, put my son at ease, evaluated strengths and weaknesses, taught him new skills, worked him hard with drills and gave him things to work on before the next session. My son is very fired up!

(no details provided)

I am 59 and Coach Nelson put me through a great age appropriate and challenging workout. He was teaching throughout the workout while making the drills fun. I highly recommend Coach Nelson for any age group.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We had a great session with Coach Elimu - he really saw the potential in my son and how to work with him to achieve his goals.

Coach Elimu is very perceptive, quickly picks up on the needs of his clients, and tailors his coaching sessions to work on those needs. For excellent personalized training, choose Coach Elimu.

We have worked with a lot of coaches through the years and coach Elimu is the best of the best. He has an incredible knowledge of the techniques of the game and comes with a master plan for how to improve your game. My son has had the best improvement with Coach Elimu. He also is great in making the player understand the pychology of the game. I highly recommend Coach Elimu.

Elimu is very nice and friendly and knows what he is doing. The workouts are at the right level and making a difference in my game. He is also very reliable and punctual.

Coach Elimu is a great coach! He is an all around player and helps or improves on how you play! He is very nice, motivative, patient, informative, open, and teaches you all types of drills and skills. I would greatly recommend coach Elimu to anyone!

Coach Elimu is great with the kids. He knows the perfect drills to help you reach the next level. My little brother has had two sessions so far and has loved them both. I would definitely recommend Coach Elimu, to friends and family.

Finished first lesson and I'm already signing up for more sessions. Whether you are starting out or an expert, Elimu is the guy that will get you to the next level. Patient and very knowledgeable of all aspects of the game. One of the best experiences I've had.

Coach Elimu was great. He was able to assess my son's strengths and challenges and had positive, active advice and drills Tucker could use to start improving his game right away. Tucker soaked everything in and can't wait to do more.

Coach Elimu is currentIy coaching my 15 year son and is doing a fantastic job. I have nothing but high praise for this talented Basketball professional. Coach Elimu has the perfect skill set & temperament to coach my son. He gets it! It's not easy getting a teenager to listen, but this coach has his undivided attention. Coach Elimu communicates very effectively and is already improving my son's overall game. Not only does he deal with the athletics and mechanics of the game, but also psychology and mindset of the game. He's an exceptional coach.

Coach Elimu is a fantastic coach! He has been helping me tremendously with re-learning the fundamentals, breaking old habits, and making me a much improved player in every way. In addition to being a great teacher and motivator, he is also great at tailoring his approach based on the athlete. (For me, that is working around some previous injuries, and using my body correctly and more efficiently.) Highly recommend!!

Coach Elimu is a great coach. Great motivator with kids. He tailors to the skill level but also challenges them with a plan to improve.

Elimu communicates instruction in an upbeat way that motivates Lee and brings out the best in him at each practice.
They work hard, and Lee's skill and confidence is improving leaps and bounds.

Coach Elimu has an incredible understanding of the technical skills needed in basketball. He tailors the lesson to exactly what aspects of your game that need improvement. In one session he taught me so much that I didn't even know. After the one session when I played ball I was told by my friends that my technique and form looked so much better than it had. I didn't need to back up to the rim like I had done for many years. I could face my opponent and dribble without having the ball stolen our slapped out of my possession. My shooting skills improved greatly as well. He's a great coach and knows what he's talking about ! He's a BBall Jedi !

(no details provided)

My son was so tired of travel teams, and High School Coaches, he wanted to work one on one with a professional, and that is exactly what we got A PROFESSIONAL, Coach Elimu put the spark back in my son's eyes, by the time his first session was done not only was he soaked in sweat, he was shooting better!!! Having his own professional Coach enabled him to have someone to take time out and educate my son on the fundamentals of 🏀 basketball, as well as honest feedback on what my son needs to work on, something I was not getting from the travel teams, and High School Coaches, this truely was a blessing, and we are so happy my son's skills will be further improved! Thank-you Coach Elimu

Elimu is an excellent coach, he is very easy to work with and really knows how to motivate the people he trains. He is very good at judging your level of skill and conditioning and putting together a plan. I have a lot of fun in our sessions and work hard, its an all around great experience and I would definitely recommend him to anyone else that looking for a basketball coach.

Great skill training, professional, and fun! Looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Elimu is a great coach, exactly what my son needed! Coaches attention to details allows him to tailor his coaching to the specific needs of each individual, tweaking their mechanics in making real times adjustments for taking to their games to the next level. My son said that after the first session he already felt more confident dribbling, shooting, and driving. I too have seen him become a more assertive, and fluid in his play, thank you coach Elimu!

Coach Elimu is an awesome coach. Even though it was my first session he still wanted to push me as much as I can to not only see what I was about, but for me to see what he was all about. He is very encouraging and has a great knowledge of the game. I would for sure recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their games to the very next level.- Andrew

Coach Elimu is fantastic. From the very first time we contacted him, he has shown professionalism in every aspect of this process. My son has learned more from Coach Elimu in two sessions than from all of the other coaches combined. His coaching style is very effective and easy to learn. We are extremely pleased with the whole experience.

Coach Elimu takes the time to understand the athlete's goals and discuss a plan to get there. Great technic, coaching and basketball skills. Fantastic communication with player and parents.

(no details provided)

I wanted to see what kind of training Coach Elimu had to offer and ended up signing up for 5 more after the first session! I'm really out of shape and want to improve my game all around and I believe I can reach that goal with him. He kicked my butt a little but didn't push me too hard since it was only our first appointment. I'm excited to see what more he has to offer!!

Coach Elimu has in two sessions shown me exactly how to improve my game. He is an incredible teacher that understands the game and how to translate it into drills that are challenging and fun at the same time. I will definitely recommend Coach Elimu to anyone that wants to take their game to the highest level.

My daughter just had her first session with Coach Elimu and he was amazing with her. In a short period of time she had already improved in her shooting. She found him very motivating and patient and is excited to work with him more!

Elimu is a great coach and has outstanding basketball knowledge. He is very patient and skillful at teaching and grasping the player's attention. Our son was very impressed with the session and definitely would like to continue his one on one session with him.

We had an Amazing session! Coach Elimu is a fantastic trainer and was quick to respond! My 14 year old son loved him and learned so much. By the end of the hour, my son’s skills improved tremendously. There was definitely a noticeable difference. Coach Elimu was extremely knowledgable and encouraging. He was professional, polite, friendly, skilled and very informative. This guy knows what he’s talking about! We are thankful to have had a session with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Coach Elimu!

Just had a great first session with Coach Elimu. He really understands the game and can break down technique in an extremely understandable way. In this first session, he taught me the PROPER way to shoot, dribble and crossover and i'm even more excited about the game than I ever have been. I am also exhausted and I think I'll end up getting in much better shape as a result of his training. Definitely recommend Elimu to anyone.

I'm 29 and have been looking for a coach to help me step up my game. Elimu kicked my ass the first day (Don't worry parents... not literally). He quickly pointed out my weaknesses that needed improving and worked them. All the while tiring me out and making me work under pressure. This is exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait for my future sessions with him. I have no doubts he'll make me a better player so I can tear up the court!

My son just had his first session ;) and very pleased with coach Elimu. He can't wait for the next one . Can't stop talking about it . Thank you coach Elimu .

Coach Elimu I had a great first session with you this past Sunday. I know this is going to help my game and playing time for next season. I look forward to our next session and learning more that will help me get better at basketball.
Thank you

We booked Elimu via Coach Up all the way from Australia. He responded immediately to every question and helped us get sorted prior to arrival in LA. Elimu took the time to prepare - he reviewed notes on our Boys prior to arrival and then worked on improving their skills in the short time we had. If you want a Coach who knows how to engage your kids, foster the passion they have for their sport, inspire them to be better and help them understand what it takes to improve then spend some time with Elimu.
Elimu has the skill set -more importantly, he has the rare skill to be able to engage boys and help them become better and feel good about working their weaknesses.
We highly recommend Coach Elimu - the expectations we had from our two sessions were exceeded at every level.
Thanks Elimu, Brad, Deb Lachie, Hamish and Sam

My son was reluctant to work with a new coach but Coach Elimu was amazing and put him at ease right away. We had asked Coach Elimu to focus the workout on shooting and he gave my son great tips to improve his shot. During their session, those tips helped him increase his shooting accuracy.

I am a 13 year old boy and after three sessions I believe Coach Elimu is probably the best trainer I have ever had. He is very experienced and knows what he is talking about. For the first three sessions, he has taught me how to blow pass people using jab steps, how to shoot properly, and especially how to use proper foot work in your shoot. Also, he has taught me how to shoot when you’re tired and all of these things had helped me a lot. The reason why is because after our first session, I played game the next day and I was making all my shots, thanks to him teaching me correct footwork. He is a very intelligent and enthusiastic, and I am blessed to have him as a trainer. I am for sure that these techniques is going to help me in the games, and I really appreciate him helping me with that.

I had a fantastic first session with coach Elimu. His knowledge is vast and he made the workout fun and vigorous. Looking forward to continuing. Highly recommend!

Coach Elimu provided the right balance of pressure and positive feedback for my very quiet 10-year-old son. My son finished the session motivated and excited to try out his new skills (he stayed on the court another half hour practicing). Great experience.

Coach Elimu is a great coach! He has helped me improve a ton! He will push you hard, because that is neccesary for to improve. He will put you through hard drills, but it will make you better. I reccomend him to everyone of all ages!

Coach Elimu was great with my 8 year old. His instructions were clear and easy to follow. The drills helped with shooting and ball handling. The session was efficient and there was no wasted time. One Coach Elimu's greatest strengths is his patience. He was incredibly patient and very encouraging with our son, which is a great asset to any coach. If you are looking for a coach to work with young people, Coach Elimu should be your first choice.

Let me start by saying what an awesome instructor Elimu is! He knew exactly what strengths/weaknesses my son's game has. He was clear and concise and my son listened to him with full attention. Elimu knows the game and I have confidence that my son will benefit highly under his guidance. I highly recommend Elimu. Your son or daughter will love him!

Amazing coach. He knows the game very well and knows what's best for you. He also keeps you motivated. It's been only 3 sessions and I am already so much better. I get a great workout every session, but get ready to work hard. I recommend him to everyone.

I am absolutely enjoying working with Coach Elimu. He has been teaching me a lot with my fundamentals and we still have a great journey to go. I can't wait to see what's in store and to have Coach by my side when I make it to the pros.

(no details provided)

Coach Elimu is a great coach! He's very patient and makes training fun for my kids(ages 6 & 9). After the first session both my children couldn't wait for their next session! His skills and techniques are top notch and I would recommend him to anyone with young children!!

I just started working with Elimu but I am looking forward to a long and productive relationship. I am a D1 collegiate athlete and I am confident he is expanding and improving my game.

Coach Elimu is a great coach to work with. He is very professional and provides a lot of encouragement. After only two sessions I feel much more confident in my abilities than I have ever felt before. He will teach you many tips and ways to improve your skill level. I have really enjoyed working with him.

Coach Elimu,

Is not only a teacher but a student of the game. The fact that he focuses on the details but gets to the point of why you do certain things helps athletes understand the game and helps them get to their goals quicker. My son is having a lot of fun and its not just a Workout. My son feels that there is something on the line every time he trains with Elimu. So it's nice to see the competitor come out in him. My son really likes training with Elimu and Im glad I choose to work with him. I would recommend him to anybody looking for guard, scoring, dribbling, forward and big man skills.

Under the lovingly watchful eye of Elimu Nelson, I have uncovered an understanding of not only basketball, but of life. As Elimu has and continues to show me, how we do one thing is how we everything- this is the universal lesson that keeps on giving.
Hello. My name is Anthony Montgomery. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of working with Elimu Nelson to develop and hone my basketball skills. Elimu’s experience, personal skill level, knowledge of the game and ability to convey what was necessary to achieve my desired result – and pushing me to reach that result – translated into a fantastic experience. He’s got a great personality and he’s incredibly patient. I learned much more about the game I’ve loved my whole life and even came away with a nice little jumper for myself. I strongly recommend doing yourself a favor and allowing Elimu to help you mold yourself into the basketball player you desire to be.
My name is William Simmons. I am a high school senior. When I was age 12/13, I had All kinds of kid issues with coordination, growing to fast and being extremely awkward in sports. I wanted to play basketball as well as my other classmates. I practiced and practiced but to no avail I saw no improvement. When my mom found coach Elimu, everything changed. He was great. He worked diligently with me several times a week and my skills improved significantly. He was kind, professional and very knowledgeable. I progressed quickly. Working with coach Elimu helped me in many facets of my childhood years of sports. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!
~Elimu Nelson is an Excellent Motivator. He will find what makes you tick and hones in on that to bring the best out of you. After moving out to LA about 4 years ago, I decided to take some private lesson's from him to keep my skills sharp for league play. I must say he far exceeded my expectations from day one. He's very cognitive and his approach and then he helps you put it into action. I enjoy the fact that his IQ of the sport is admirable which gained my respect immensely. I have played basketball all over the World, played ball in college for UNC Chapel Hill and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to be challenged and motivated.
I came late to basketball. Didn't put a ball in my hand until I was 30+ And I was terrible. Then one day, Elimu offered to help me develop some skills. Build a series of moves that would help me whenever I played. Knowing his background I agreed. And I regretted it immediately. I thought I was going to get a few drills, do a couple things to make myself feel good about taking that leap. But Elimu wanted to make me better. Truly better. And that's what we did. We worked on ball handling, shooting, footwork. I got lessons that were far above where I was and eventually saw the improvements. And so did the people I played against. I think you can't go wrong with the process Elimu takes you through. You'll be sore, but when you become more confident on the court you'll feel good because you WILL be better.
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