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Head Coach @ Youth Sports Academy. Elementary to High school ages are welcome to master thier position! Small groups, clinics & 1on1 View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Scottsdale Community College (AZ)

  • 9 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Scottsdale Community College (AZ)

  • 9 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach D.B.

12+ year of Basketball Coaching experience including Camps, 1on1 training and as a Head Coach. I strive to make every 1on1 session as individualized as possible! My sessions are fast paced, engaging and results oriented!

All Level and positions welcome!

-Head Coach City of Scottsdale 1999-2004
-P.E. Teacher for Looking Glass Charter School in PHX (2005-07)
-One on One Basketball instructor for Jr High, High School Level (5 days a week) Tempe, AZ 2009-2013

My training sessions included warm-up, full court Dribbling, passing, shooting, lay-ups and game simulation drills. Camps are also available to help players read the court and learn at game speed.

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Client Reviews

Coach DB did a great job showing my player the way to keep moving and to keep his hands moving. He helped him make it to college and play at UofM Morris in Minnesota

Excellent technical instruction. Easily relates and made an excellent connection with my kid.

Very good!

(no details provided)

My son's football training with Coach D.B. has been amazing for his confidence and skills practice. Coach D.B. is very knowledgable about how to work with your child's personality and abilities to increase confidence and has a very mental approach to athletics which is essential to making progress. He has a whole person technique (muscle memory, mental, drive, and abilities) to coaching and encourages my son with his feedback by helping my son identify what skills he performed well or which ones need improvement so that my son can analyze and learn from each session/drill. This type of coaching is invaluable for improving at a sport.

Great trainer. Shows great patience with the player. My son love working with Coach D.B.

Coach D.B. is doing an outstanding job with my son. He is very positive and encouraging. Coach is thorough and explains drills and strategies well. Looking forward to working with him again soon.

(no details provided)

Coach D.B is excellent..!! After first session with him for my son I feel I took right decision and got a great coach for my son. In the first session itself coach trained my son BEST and IMPORTANT techniques that make feel confident and I will be continuing with D.B coach all session in future

DB was fantastic.

(no details provided)

Amazing coach!

(no details provided)

Coach D.B. Is simply amazing! You can feel his energy and his love on what he's doing on every word, every tip. I did my first session (of many) with him today and I can say that I see football with fresh eyes now. He is very skill wised and knows 100% of what he's saying. I'm a 20 years old guy and he greatfully managed the session. Extremely recommend!!

After one session I saw enormous progress in my son. Not just in the skill set Coach D.B. worked with him on, but the confidence too.
Actually, something Coach taught my boy, and something I'll use with all my kids, is to perceive how coaches see you. Always look like you're ready and have the confidence to play. Coaches do notice that. I never even would have thought about that. But that advice alone was worth the small cost to have coach D.B work with us.

Very much looking forward to continue to work with Coach D.B.

DB was great with my son! We started out with the basics and DB gave Braiden the one on one attention he needed to master his stance and catching. He also focused on teaching Braiden how to be an all star by seeing “what the coaches see” and Braiden is excited to “show up” to football practice tonight! Will definitely use DB in the future!

Coach Db was very organized and encouraging to our 14-year-old son, who came home highly motivated following the session. Our son commented to us that he felt that Coach Db "cared about wanting me to succeed".

(no details provided)

Good coach, very patient with my young son

(no details provided)

Coach DB was very knowledgable and helpful with my son. He was encouraging but didn't take it too easy on him and explained to him what coaches are looking for when doing the drills he was performing. I thought it was also great to have immediate feedback and before and after pictures. Would highly recommend!

(no details provided)

Coach DB has been great with our son who has needed help with confidence on the football field as well as mechanics! We plan on continuing and referring him.

Great coach!

Coach DB touched in aspects of football that were immediately useful to my boys. Their footwork and take off speed were better and appeared faster after the 1st session. In the second lesson he taught new concepts but also reinforced the conepts from the 1st session so the prior lesson would not be forgotten. He is a coach that kids really look forward to be trained by. I would highly recommend coach DB at any level of tackle or flag football training. John

My son really enjoyed working with Coach DB. He listened to us when we talked to him about what we wanted him to work on. He not only showed him how to do things but the thought process behind it, which will help him to remember. He is very knowledgeable about the game and the positions.

(no details provided)

Our grandson looks forward to his sessions. We are very pleased with his progress. The coach makes it fun, and uses positive reinforcement. The coach has greatly helped with his self confidence. We are looking forward to his first game.

Coach Db did a great job with my son. He was able to make corrections that greatly improved my son's game in just one session.

Coach DB is quick to identify strengths and weaknesses. He also gave my boy a pep talk when he needed it. Love working with him!

Coach DB will not only develop your child's skill set to a high level, he will also provide them with the necessary acumen to excel in their sport of choice. We were so impressed with his knowledge of football, we have also chosen to have him train our 14 year old son in basketball. Would highly recommend working with Coach DB.

(no details provided)

AWESOME!!! Thanks coach. We're very happy we gave this a try. Honestly we did not know what to expect but he exceeded our expectations. He's a MOTIVATOR and an amazing TEACHER. The other reviewers were right about that. If you wanna have someone teach your kid how to play football - with mind - heart - soul - you just got lucky. I feel blessed to have found a perfect match for my young football player. He has a background in both football and music and his emphasis on playing with intensity but also rhythm and smoothness will take your kid to the highest levels!!!

Coach DB is a fantastic coach! I feel 10 times better than before I started working with him. He has showed me many things and they are really great!

My son needed a football coach who's a teacher. Someone who could patiently break down all the fundamentals of the game. Someone who would inspire him to increase his technique and football IQ. Someone who's a master at all the football skills and drills out there. No one is better at this than Coach DB.

The training sessions with Coach DB are just outstanding. They are extremely well-organized - DB will tie in the basic skills used in the dynamic warm-up exercises into both the beginning and advanced-level skills and drills.

If you want someone to teach your child the game of football. If you need a supplement to the coaching your child is currently getting on the team, I can say without any hesitation that DB's your guy.

You child will learn from him. He's patient, perceptive, and very in tune with the strengths and weaknesses of my kid's knowledge and skill-level. He moves through things quickly to teach "real time" game-speed thinking and playing. But if your kid is driven to play football, your kid will love DB.

Coach DB is a fantastic coach! He is very patient and teaches foundation. He is well organized and very professional. My 9 yo son is already showing improvement in his form and fitness after 2 sessions! Coach also teaches leadership and accountability, which is more valuable than anything. We will definitely be using Coach DB for the long term. Thanks Coach!

Very motivating and determined to teach you. I wish i wouldve known about him while i was in high school cool great man.

Coach DB was excellent. He really helped my 7 year old with some basics. My son had a blast and wants to do more sessions. Coach DB really made it fun but had a perfect mixture of having that fun but also learning. We will absolutely use him again!

Working with Coach D.B. Brooks has been wonderful from our very first lesson. After just one hour, I could already see growth in my 10 year old son. We signed up for One-on-One lessons to specifically work on his tackling skills, passing and tossing skills and because he was slotted as a third string quarterback. This is his 2nd year playing, and each time he has had inexperienced coaches. Neither my husband or myself have any experience with football and as a result, all my son's learning has been from his team experiences. Coach D.B. quickly recognized the areas my son needed more knowledge. He incorporated these lessons all the while focusing on the areas we had requested help. He is very patient and provides great support and reinforcement, all the while pushing my son to succeed. What I didn't count on though and was surprisingly pleased was to see how Coach D.B. encompasses life skills and values into teaching the game of football. He taught my son that being a quarterback also means you are a leader and as such, your stance, body language, and conversations are all crucially important. My son has walked away from each session with a greater level of confidence, knowledge and excitement. We would definitely recommend coach D.B.

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