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COACHUP'S #1 BASKETBALL TRAINER in NC (#8 in the US). USA BASKETBALL CERTIFIED. I've played & coached for 30+ yrs. You want to get better? I'll see you in the LAB! View all coaching experience

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LABCITY 1on1 Session ( All Skills )
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Single session package with Coach Andre (CoachUps #1 trainer in NC). 60 minute LAB session focusing on all skills: Shooting, passing, dribbling, defense, 1on1 moves, and conditioning/explosiveness/confidence.

Session Length: 1 hour

$90 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

The LAB U POINT GUARD PACK will focus on all the keys to being an effective PG. Leadership, Basketball IQ, Passing, Ball Handling, Conditioning, Offensive Understanding, Shooting and Game Management.

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 4 sessions ($75/ea) + applicable fees

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SHOOTERS LAB - LAB U (Dr. Dish Shooting Session)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 Hour session with a detailed focus on shooting only. Dr Dish Shooting Machine is used in this session. This session will focus proper shooting form. Hand placement on the ball. Proper footwork. If you are looking to im... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$85 1 session + applicable fees

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SHOOTERS LAB PACK - LAB U (Dr. Dish Shooting Machine)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

In this training I will focus solely on the players shot. We will use the high tech Dr. Dish shooting machine during session. Everything from the footwork, form, release, eye/head position, and ball position. I also focu... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 4 sessions ($75/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

8 session package with Coach Andre. 60 minute session length. Will focus on all skills: Shooting, Passing, 1on1 moves, Ball Handling, and Conditioning.

Session Length: 1 hour

$500 8 sessions ($63/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 session package with Coach Andre. 60 minute session length.

Session Length: 1 hour

$280 4 sessions ($70/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

20 training sessions in the LAB with Coach Speech. LabCity T-shirt, wrist band, and shorts included.

Session Length: 1 hour

$1200 20 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

The LAB U BIG MAN POST PACK will focus on all the keys to being an effective POST PLAYER. Positioning (How to post up), Basketball IQ, Rebounding, Passing (Outlet passes), Conditioning, Setting Screens, Offensive Understan... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 4 sessions ($75/ea) + applicable fees

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LABCITY GRIND SESSION (Advanced/College/Pro players) *Recommended
In-Person Training for a single athlete

This is an intense session strictly for players that are looking to take their game to the next level. The session includes advanced skill work (shooting, passing, rebounding, defense, and ball handling). Also high intens... See More

Session Length: 2 hours

$140 1 session + applicable fees

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LABCITY Elite Package (All Skills)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

15 session package with Coach Andre. 60 minute LAB session focusing on shooting, passing, ball handling, confidence building, and conditioning. LabCity T-Shirt & socks included.

Session Length: 1 hour

$745 15 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

The LAB CLINIC is basic (up to advanced) info and instruction on coaching a team. I will teach offensive and defensive strategies. Baseline and sideline OUT OF BOUND strategies. Also included is Drills for individual and t... See More

Session Length: 90 minutes

$65 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for up to 5 athletes

You have a group that wants to get some skill training in together? Small group session focuses on SHOOTING, PASSING, BALLHANDLING, 1on1 MOVES, as well as CONDITIONING, EXPLOSIVENESS, and DEFENSE.

Session Length: 1 hour

$225 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

This session is for players that want to become quicker, more agile, and more explosive. Resistance training, vertical jump training, and quick burst training are all part of this session. Let's work! ***note: THIS SESS... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$50 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for up to 15 athletes

Team training session with skill development, team defense drills, passing drills, shooting drills, and live scrimmage work. 8-15 players per team session.

Session Length: 90 minutes

$400 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

This series of training was created for wing players. This will focus on moving without the ball, catch & shoot, attack moves off the dribble, pick and roll reading/attacking, and finishing at the rim. All of these skills ... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$280 4 sessions ($70/ea) + applicable fees

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  • University of San Diego (CA)

  • 29 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting


  • University of San Diego (CA)

  • 29 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting

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More About Coach Andre

Once my basketball playing career ended, I turned my attention to the development of student-athletes. I'm currently the Head Coach/Director of a very successful showcase AAU organization (Charlotte Dragons ages 8U-17U www.CharlotteDragons.com). From 2012-2022 I was the JV Head Coach and Varsity Asst. Coach at the 2016 4A State Champion, Charlotte Catholic High School. I've worked with developing athletes, both girls and boys, for over 25 years. I have worked with athletes as young as age 6 up to college & pro prospects age 21+. I'm also a Certified USA Basketball Coach.

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Call my training center for more info at

Coach Tip: In order to be good at anything you have to put time into it. Basketball is no different. Quality repetitions at game speed with an attention to detail is the recipe for improvement ....GET IN THE LAB (aka The Gym) and work on your game!

I have been playing the game of basketball for 35+ years. As a California native, I played my prep ball in the Sacramento area at C.K. McClatchy High School and was a 4-year varsity standout. I finished my career as the schools all-time leading scorer, rebounder & shot blocker. I was 2-time league MVP and 2-time ALL-CITY selection. I finished my high school career by receiving the prestigious ATHLETE OF THE DECADE award and was inducted into the 2015 High School Hall of Fame in California. I went on to play at the University of San Diego (Div. 1- West Coast Conference) on scholarship and grew into a complete player moving from the Center, which I played in high school, to the Guard/Forward spot. I was awarded Teams Most Improved Player award as a sophomore increasing my points, rebs, blocks, and 3pt shooting.

All my sessions focus on the BASKETBALL A,B,C's.

A - Attitude: To play this game you have to have an attitude of wanting to get better every day and be coachable. Great players are coachable. I focus on teaching players the proper attitude needed to play this game.

B - Basketball Skills: Shooting (shooting machine will be used at times), Passing, Rebounding, Ball-handling, Defense. These are the skills every player needs to be a good player. Young athletes have no control over how tall they will be, or how fast they are, or how high they can jump. However, they have total control over their basketball skill development.

C - Conditioning & Confidence: To play at a high level it is important to be in great shape and to have confidence in your skills on the court. I focus on drills that will improve basketball conditioning as well as build a players confidence throughout my training sessions. Sessions will work on speed, agility, explosiveness with the use of VERTIMAX training platform. Will also use treadmill to build basketball conditioning. Come ready to work and watch your skills improve!

Bring your game to LABCITY...WE LIVE HERE! (Training sessions are held at my indoor, multi-court facility in Charlotte, The LABCITY Sports, Training, and Event Center)

*****No call/No show for a scheduled appointment will be counted towards the client as a COMPLETED SESSION.*****

-Coach Speech (Director of Speechless Basketball) LABCITY DEPT. OF BASKETBALL CORRECTIONS
Email: labcityclt@gmail.com
Follow on Twitter @labcityclt
Follow on IG: @labcity_clt
Follow on FACEBOOK: @labcity_sb

For more info you can reach Coach Speech at 916.501.9385

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Client Reviews

Great facility to practice and my son loves his coach

(no details provided)

An absolute amazing coach! He worked in depth with my son on the fundamentals and basics!

Coach Andre provided excellent guidance in refining my son's shooting technique and ball handling skills. His personalized approach demonstrated a commitment to individual player development. We're grateful for the positive impact on our son's game. Highly recommend!

Coach Andre was a great coach. He gave great attention to my sons skill set and areas of improvement. One of the main things that stood out to me was his ability to identify right off an issue my son was having when entering his games. It gave a big relief to both me and his advice was top tier. I highly recommend!

My daughter really likes this training. There was a certain spark that was lit as we walked out and she will definitely be back. Not only was the training efficient, I appreciated Coach Speech taking the time to get to know my daughter and motivate her to work hard.

Coach Andre had an immediate impact on my son. After their first 2 sessions, I saw an improvement in my son’s jump shot and his ball handling. We will continue to utilize coach Andre’s services.

Coach Andre was a great find. My son and I were both impressed with his coaching style and knowledge. After only one session, the tips Andre shared helped to improve his shot. Would highly recommend Andre for any level player to help improve their game and knowledge. Also Andre's training facility is top notch.

Top notch

First session was great. Loved the way he ran the whole sessions. Can’t wait for the next one

My first session with Coach Andre was great! He took extra time to talk about goals, the basketball training program, improving my game, and future expectations. I really appreciated Coach Andre's one on one coaching for the entire training session. His attention to detail, recommendations, and tips were all excellent and I believe he can help me be a better athlete.

I reached out to Coach Andre about coaching for my 7 yr old son. He was quick to respond and we were able to set something up within a few days. He tailored the session to his younger age, and made the session informative and engaging. My son left asking if he could see Coach Andre every week! Recommend him highly.

It was an excellent first session. I can see how working consistently under the tutelage of Andre and his Trainers can help my sons game mature. I look forward to additional session going forward.

Amazing coach!!

My session was very helpful. I received constructive critiques of my shot and tips that I can use at home or when I am working out by myself!

My son loved his session with Coach Andre. We weren’t even out of the parking lot from the first session and he wanted me to schedule his next session. Coach Andre is very responsive to messages, which makes scheduling with him super easy. Great experience.

The first session was great. The coach worked with my son to determine the areas he should focus on and developed a training routine based on his needs. The intensity of the workout was great. We intend to schedule additional sessions ASAP!.

If you want to learn basketball skills at any level, LabCity is the place and Coach Andre is the guy. My son wants to play high school basketball. Coach Andre gave him an honest assessment and a plan for what it would take to give him the best chances. Coach Andre's passion is evident and what he is building is impressive. After talking to him for 5 minutes, I knew my son was in the right place to take his game to the next level. Look no further, you found the best coach and best facility in Charlotte. Book today and thank me later :)

Coach Andre was patient and provided excellent instruction. I felt he provided exactly what he needed to learn the game of basketball. I would definitely recommend him and his facility. If you want to learn call Coach Andre.

I decided to use Coach Andre and his team to improve my game.
Coach Andre and his team are true professionals. They are on time and organized. They are positive and keep you motivated.
Coach Dre knows shooting. Very technical. Quickly broke down my shot and went over all the things done right in our session and briefly noted things to work on for the next session. Also had good work with Coach Darrell and Coach ‘Mari.
The thing that really struck me is the atmosphere at the facility is a family atmosphere. Everyone is supportive, friendly, but are all about putting in that work.
Looking forward to continuing to work with Coach Dre and his team.
Finally, greatly admire Coach Dre and his team for all the work they put in with the players of all ages.

Great session with my 7 year old son. He improved a lot in just one hour. My son is looking forward to more training sessions with Coach Andre.

My son had a great session and responded really well to the coach!

Coach Andre was very professional when he coached my son. He is very passionate about helping others gain the additional skills they need to increase their basketball game. We will definitely look to book future sessions!

Excellent coach and definitely the guy if you want your son to go to the next level. I read his reviews and once I saw that training in person I was in awe of his work.

My son is 11 years old so it was time for him to step up and this is the place to be.

(no details provided)

Coach Andre was personable and made it easy to talk to him. My son had a Great time and was excited to be there and learn. He was also patient.

Excellent session with coach Andre. Worked with my son on ball handling and shooting. Saw good progress in just an hour - not just in his skill but also his confidence. Highly recommend!

Coach Andre was real good with me he took his time with me and was very patient. He showed me some tips that I will take to my game tomorrow, he has brought the shyness out of me. I was working hard today he pushed me and I was glad he did, it will help me to be on point now. I wasn't expecting to work that hard but to be honest I feel real good and know I will make sure I make the best out of it in my games and practices. Today was my 1 session and I am ready to work hard to improve my skills and go to the WNBA.

My daughter 1 session today was very impressing to me, when she had her water break she said mom I definitely want to come back and work with Coach Andre, he is real good and I am glad he is taking time out with me. I am surprised because I am female and looking forward working with him. Coach Andre has brought the confidence out in my daughter and I already see a difference in her in just this 1 session. She has not stop talking about Coach Andre how professional he is, she really enjoys working with him.

Thank you Coach Andre

This was our first session with Coach Andre and we were impressed. The skill training was properly tailored for our skill level and most importantly it was fun. Coach has a great demeanor and was able to relate to both my son and i. Looking forward to our next session.

(no details provided)

Great first session today. I got a great workout and tips to immediately improve my game. Andre was awesome at working with me and very patient. Can't wait to get back in the gym

Great work coach. I’m excited to see the levels I reach in my game. Thank you!

(no details provided)

Just finished the 1st workout session with Coach Andre and Staff! Exceeded our expectations! Very knowledgeable, excellent skills training and fundamentals!
Will definitely be back!!!

Coach Andre’s work out was great! We recently moved to the Charlotte area and have been looking for a good trainer! My son walked off the court and said “we have found my new trainer!” CoachUp made it easy for us and I would recommend the service and Coach Andre to anyone looking to take their game to the next level!

My son was in need of conditioning and just the 1st session I saw a difference by the end of that session will be using him again .

(no details provided)

Great session.
Good instructions were provided.

My daughter really enjoyed her 1st session with Coach Andre and we can see a difference after 1 session. We believe he will be a great mentor for her. We Highly recommend him!

(no details provided)

I enjoyed the work with Coach Speech. Very encouraging and made me work hard.

I think Coach Andre did a very good job going over things such as the right attitude to have, if you really want to be good figure out the things needed and work on them and explaining what I needed to work on. I would definitely recommend him.

Great first session Andre made me work hard but I loved it can’t wait for the next session

My son completed his first session with Coach Andre today. Andre was very professional, provided helpful tips on how my son can improve. I can tell that Andre is passionate about basketball and will provide my son with the skills needed to improve in the sport of basketball. I would definitely recommend Coach Andre to anyone.

Andre is an amazing coach! My daughter is coming back from an injury and I know that with continued training Andre will have her back in the game, better than ever!

Coach Andre is an incredible coach- knowledgable, skilled, driven and brings the best out in an athlete. I am very excited to have my son continue with him. We are grateful for his expertise and willingness to work patiently with players. His positive reinforcement coupled with skilled discipline is a perfect recipe for success. Thanks Coach Andre- looking forward to seeing you more on the court!

Andre is an absolutely amazing coach. His knowledge and positive reinforcement during training is unparalleled, and a great characteristic in any coach. I can’t wait to learn more, and continue elevating my game through coach

After the first session I could already tell my daughter’s confidence in her post-play will improve. She was making moves in her training with Coach Andre that will stick, come game-time. Great training atmosphere and we look forward to future sessions with him.

Coach Andre and Luke had a great first session with a very positive response from Luke who said he feels like he received very helpful direction from someone with the expertise and experience he was looking for. Coach is very easy to relate to and his demeanor is very good with each individual. Coach is good at tailoring his message to each person depending on what they need, while still pushing them to get better. We are looking forward to the next sessions and for accelerating the growth of Luke’s game!! I highly recommend Coach Andre!

We’ve only had one session with Coach Andre so far. He has been attentive to my son, shown him some tips to improve his shooting skills and worked him hard on the court, while at the same time making it fun. My son came home exhausted but looking forward to the next session.

My 13 year old son had his first session with Andre today. It was a great hour of training. Although we went to see Coach Andre for a shooting lesson, Andre did a complete evaluation of his game. Andre did a great job of teaching my son in a positive and respectful way. We look forward to future sessions with Andre.

Amazing coach best works me out makes me a better player...

My son recently completed his first session with Coach Andre. He had a great time, learned alot and I feel this is the Coach we have been looking for to get my son to the next level.

Awesome Coach. My son Dorien enjoyed the first training session.

My son just finished his first session with coach Andre Speech, and HE LOVES IT!! Coach Speech is the REAL DEAL!!! I'm going to enjoy watching my son progress with coach Speech!!

My had his first workout and it was exactly what I was looking for. Andre helped him with his positioning as well as gave him some tips on shooting. I would highly recommend Andre to anyone that is seeking professional and effective training for your child. I was very impressed with Andre’s assessment of my son, after 1 workout. My son enjoyed this training that he invited his other team members to join him. I was hesitant on signing up with any trainer because it’s hardly what they say it will be. The training with Andre was PHENOMENAL!!!!!! Well worth the money and time. Thank you, Andre. Keep doing what you are doing!

Coach Andre was great! My son was definitely challenged but not in a demotivating way. Coach Andre also gave him tips and tricks to help his game the whole time while running drills. We will absolutely sign up for regular sessions.

My son's performance has already improved in the first session! He really enjoyed the session. We highly recommend Coach Andre to anyone who's wanting to improve their basketball skills.

Coach Andre is phenomenal! We saw the improvement in our son's basketball skills after just 1 hour. Coach Andre is relatable, motivational and clearly a basketball expert.

Best trainer i’ve ever worked with. Helped me improve in just a hour. Ready for the next session!

My daughter just had her first session with Coach Andre and loved it! She had been struggling with her shooting and learned a lot in just one hour. We will definitely sign up for more sessions-great experience!

Good workout today. Look forward to next session.

Coach Andre was incredible. He’s extremely knowledgeable and very insightful. You can tell right away that he loves teaching/coaching basketball and is 100% into helping your kid to be a better person and a better basketball player. I love that he gives ‘homework’ or things to work on at home or away from his sessions. We are all in!

Coach Andre is the real deal. I was blown away with what he accomplished with my daughter in just 60 minutes. His drills, instructions, assessment and adjustments to her shot were all spot on.

My son went to Coach Andre for a training session today and it was awesome! He started the lesson talking about leadership and his expectations of his team’s PG. He spoke about being vocal and about being an extension of the coach.

He clearly set expectations of every drill and provided feedback both positively and corrections when necessary.

Coach Andre was Amazing! He made my son feel comfortable and confident the min he called his name and gave him a fist bump! The training was incredible and my son learned shooting techniques he had never tried before!! Thanks Coach Andre!!

My son is really enjoying his first sessions w/ Coach Speech. He keeps the sessions challening and progressive. Also very flexible with our schedule and location.

(no details provided)

Coach Speech continues to deliver the very best basketball training in the Charlotte Metro area! We have worked with Andre for over a yr and have seen the rewards of his detailed training, the focus on fundamentals and the expectation of excellence! He will bring out your child’s very best basketball by teaching them to love to work and demand more of themselves. His passion for the game of basketball is contagious. If your Son or Daughter want to take their game to the next level then get them in the LAB!

(no details provided)

Dad-Coach Speech does an excellent job assessing players and my son is excited to continue working with him. I am confident he has the knowledge and ability to help my son reach the next level.

Player-He does a good job of describing each drill and what it will do to help you get better as a player. He knows a lot about the game and the process, so he can explain scenarios that you could do to best help your future. He works you hard and drills and gives you different viewpoints and aspects that will help you improve. He is an understanding and great trainer that will help you elevate to the next level the more that you work with him.

My son is 12 and basketball is new to us. He was nervous about basketball lessons bc his primary sports are baseball and soccer. After training with coach Speech my son is playing on his school basketball team and doing very well. My son looks forward to training with coach Speech and asks, “ I have training with coach speech this week?”

Great Coach! Works hard to help improve my sons skills and technique while encouraging and motivating him to do better! We just had our first session and we're excited to continue working towards improvement.

Coach Andre is great! My son really enjoys working with him. He’s more self confident and has improved under Coach Andre.

My son just had his first session with Andre. Andre was wonderful!. Not only did he do a great job teaching my son the fundamentals needed, he increased my son's confidence. Andre communicated in a manner in which my son had no problem understanding. I highly recommend him. He's one of the best athletic coaches/trainers/teachers that I've seen. Thanks, Andre! My son looks forward to his next lesson.

We really enjoyed our one on one training with coach Andre! He really worked on my sons form and the fundamentals of the game with him. He has already improved by the little tweaks Andre helped him with! Can’t wait to go again!

(no details provided)

Coach Andre is a fantastic coach. He will meet you where you are and make you a much better player. I would recommend coach andre to anyone.

Coach Andre was awesome!!!

Great experience! Very knowledgeable and professional! My son can’t wait to go back!

(no details provided)

Coach Andre is an amazing teacher. He is down to earth and is the kind of person that makes training fun. I couldn’t have gotten a better coach for my time in the U.S

Coach Andre is doing a wonderful job with my daughter. In a short time we already see an improvement in her shooting and ball handling skills. I highly recommend hiring Coach Andre if you want to improve your game!


Training covers the areas where my son needs to improve. Coach gives detailed and specific advice on what to do for improving speed, being agressive, etc. Group lesson is intense and exposes related aspects where the players need to improve. Way better than the AAU team practice my son had.

My son had a fantastic time in his first session with Coach Andre and can’t wait for the next one. I was very impressed with Andre’s knowledge, encouragement and patience.

(no details provided)

Excellent coach. Very knowledgeable.

Very knowledgeable and overall just a great experience!!

Great experience with a knowledgeable Coach who practices patience. Coach does a great job explaining the training methods and goals for the individual athlete. Also, very personable.

My son just just completed his freshman year of college basketball. We searching for a trainer, to elevate his game to the next level. After only one session, we have found the perfect fit with. Coach Speech. After many years of basketball, my son felt this was one of the best workouts he has had. Looking forward to Coach Andre working with my son over the summer.

great training

I am totally NOT a fan of basketball but I am a HUGE fan of my 3 sons who love the sport. For the first time since they began playing little league to high school and some AAU... this experience is the first that I felt and saw an immediate ROI. My 2 oldest sons (17 & 15) got more out of 1 session than I seen them get out of their entire season of school ball. The consistent feedback, REAL talk, experience, push and encouragement was a breath of fresh air. DEFINITELY will be keeping them in the LAB! Thank you Coach for your contribution to the Village that it takes to train our boys to become Men. THANK YOU!

I personally think coach Andre is the real deal, i believe that he has the knowledge and experience to help any player regardless of age or skill level to improve and reach their potential!!!

Coach Andre is a great coach! After first session I already feel like my son did improve a lot. His training techniques are like none my son had before – definitely to notch. Also his is very professional, while teaching my 12 years old son. My son likes him a lot! I would recommend Coach Andre to anyone.

Coach Andre is excellent with the kids, works them hard, and runs great drills to set them up for success. After my son's very fist session, he literally cannot wait to go back for more.

Coach Andre Speech is a great trainer, he will push you to be a better basketball player. I would recommend the lab city grind session for basketball players looking to get better. This session will really push you to get better at basketball.

Great coach- my son really enjoys working with him!

Took my son to his first session today it was Coach Andre is everything as advertised. If you want real results I'm talking about within the session and afterwards contact him immediately!! Thank you

Coach Andre did a great job diagnosing issues which improved my son's game.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Andre is the best!! He made my son feel super welcome and at ease during their first meeting. His attention to detail and the amount of effort he puts into his sessions speaks volumes. My son is super excited for his next session and learned so much just after the first practice. We will defiantly continue to bring our son to see coach Andre from here on out! I will recommend him to everyone that I know that loves basketball. Defiantly 5 stars all day!!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Andre is amazing! My daughter trained with him twice prior to her school team tryouts (she made the team!!), and I couldn't believe how much he taught her in that short a time. Not only did he help her approach to shooting and moving, but he was able to teach her how to present herself during tryouts and stand out to the coaches. I could tell within minutes in the first session that not only was Coach Andre a true professional, but that he had an unusual away of explaining things that makes it easy for kids to understand and execute. My daughter said that working with Coach Andre gave her a big boost of confidence for her tryouts, and she's asked to continue working with him on an ongoing basis. My expectations were definitely exceeded. Thank you Coach Andre!

We are really happy with Coach Andre. My son has had 3 sessions now and I am impressed by the time Coach takes to listen to what my son wants to work on and gives solid advice and teaching examples to help my son improve as a player mentally. The drills that Coach runs are challenging and encourage my son to endure mentally and physically. We are looking forward to more sessions!

I've been with Coach Andre for 5 years now. He single handedly has improved my game in all aspects. I owe a lot to him as I am now playing college basketball. I guarantee that with him your game will improve.

Coach Andre met all the requirements: He was punctual, prepared, organized, knowledgeable, and motivated. The one hour session was non-stop, with a lot of hard work and coaching encouragement. He did a good job with each drill or skill, explaining what to do, showing how to do it, then explaining it again so that my son had a clear understanding. He loved the new ball handling drills and has been doing them on his own.

My son is in 8th grade and he just completed his first training session with Coach Andre. We have been to a lot of the elite training programs in and around Charlotte, and I can not say enough about how pleased I was with the attention to detail and Coach Andre's ability to focus in on his weaknesses, while also making his strengths even stronger. If your son or daughter is serious about basketball and wants to not only increase skill but also basketball IQ, this is the best 1 on 1 training in Charlotte.

(no details provided)

Coach Andre really observes my son's practice and pin points exactly what is good and bad. He gives good motivation throughout the practice. Thanks Coach

Coach Andre is exactly what my son needs. I was so impressed with his coaching. He makes sure his coaching relates to the person and what they need. My son was literally bragging in the car about coach Andre and he doesn't do that. That should speak for itself.

After only a few group sessions I have seen a major improvement in Cody's game play. He and I can't wait to continue to see how he grows while working with Coach Andre!!

Matthew had a great session with Coach Andre.

Coach Andre has been a tremendous help in helping me become a better player. This guy can get you to get to where you want to be. I came in a good player learned what I needed to be a great player! I recommend Andre to anyone who loves the game of basketball.

Coach Andre dedicated the time to make sure that my son had the fundamentals he needed to be successful in his 1st time trying out for basketball. We will continue to use him and recommend him to anyone looking to start the game as a 1st timer or to advance their current basketball potential! Thanks Andre, he made the team!

(no details provided)

Coach Andre Speech is an amazing coach. Shows great temperament and patience all the while pushing athletes to the best of their abilities. Provides great exposure to a variety of skills, moves, IQ and conditioning builders. The kids absolutely love him. Parents appreciate his good nature and camaraderie. Bottom line, I highly recommend Coach Speech for athletes at all levels who want to improve their game.

(no details provided)

What can I say of Andre Speech! Exceptional Coach. Very enthusiastic with a lot of great insight. He knows basketball like the back of his hand, and has an unlimited arsenal of drills to make you work! He clearly exhibits his ambitions of making you succeed both on and off the court. Worth every minute

Brandon Betances

Great first session with Coach Andre. Took the time to learn what my daughter's goals were and then implemented them into her workout. My daughter found his coaching to be rigorous, but his clear instruction made it easier for her to take his critique and implement it immediately. If you are looking for a coach to help your child to the level, I would recommend you book a session with him and see for yourself.

(no details provided)

Andre is a fantastic basketball trainer. He helped me take my game to the next level. Andre has helped me improve ever since my sophomore year of high school. I would definitely recommend him.

Coach Andre is beyond awesome! My son wishes he would have known about COACHUP and Coach Andre in particular a few years back. My son is trying out for the Penn College basketball team later this summer and we couldn't be happier or more excited to be able to work with and learn from Coach Andre. The intensity level and practical and specific skill sets that Coach Andre brings to his session is tremendous. We highly recommend Coach Andre for skill development in basketball. His enthusiasm and passion for the sport and for helping his students reach for their potential is inspiring and he obviously is a great person and sincerely seems to want to impart every bit of information and skill that a student is ready for and can handle. We appreciate so much this opportunity to work with this outstanding coach! Peter C

Wow! Another great session with Coach Speech. He continues to impress with his variety of shooting drills and diverse training methods. My son really enjoys these sessions and we look forward to continuing to work with Coach Speech. Thanks Coach!

Andre put my son Michael to work! I liked seeing him sweat but also seeing how far he has come and will only get better with Andre's help. Andre provided great feedback after just one session. We have booked 10 and I already see that it will be worth it. 2 thumbs up

(no details provided)

Training with Coach Speech has given my son the skills necessary to advance him to the next level. From correcting his shot form to excelling his shot off the dribble, he continues to improve. Thanks to these sessions, my son is growing physically with critical skills,as well as, emotionally as he gains confidence in his play.

Coach Andre is a great trainer! Super motivational and a great trainer. My skills have improved tremendously, even after a couple sessions. I would recommend Coach Andre to anyone!

Coach Andre does an excellent job training my son. His sessions are challenging and geared to getting him ready for game day. I highly recommend Coach Andre to anyone wanting to take their game to the next level.

Coach Andre has been fantastic working with my son & his buddy Walker! They've had 3 sessions now and we are booking more as we've been impressed with their progress--plus they're having a great time with Coach Andre. Coach Andre understands how to get the most out of his players based on skill set & age. I was super impressed & grateful that he emphasized the importance of physical fitness to enhance their endurance up & down the court!

Great first secession and looking to build off of it.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We have had 3 sessions with Coach Andre and getting ready to purchase more. He is by far the best coach that I have used and trust me I have used a few with two kids playing basketball. His ability to be creative in teaching and push the kids to excel in a very encouraging way is rare. His knowledge of the game is great and he relates that knowledge to actual reps for the kids. I highly recommend coach Andre

Coach Andre was awesome working with my son. We are from a small town in VA and drove over 2 hours to work with him. We will be back in the summer for more lessons.

Walker and Hayden had a great 1st session with Coach, can't wait for more.

Excellent job!

Great coach. Knows how to work you and gives you a great workout. Lots of good drills and overall positive guy. Strongly recommend.

My son just completed a group session with Andre. He worked harder than he ever had. We can't wait to set up the one on one sessions.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Speech was awesome in our 2hr private session. My son Parker has always loved basketball, but as his parents we only knew basic skills. Coach Speech was able to identify quickly help give advanced tips to help improve. I as his Dad explained to Coach Speech that we will be coming to see him 2-3 times a month for next few years. Highly recommend him!

He put my son through a great workout and wore him out. I have never seen him so tired and he is in pretty good shape.

My son had is first session with Andre last night and he truly enjoyed himself. He keeps asking when will I schedule another session. I look forward to booking his next session next week.

(no details provided)

My 13 year old daughter just completed her first session with Coach Andre. It was exactly what we were looking for. He focused on ball handling skills and improving her approach to shooting. Coach Andre clearly knows what he is doing. He had a very efficient plan for the session and my daughter got a lot out of it. He also has a very effective style that kept it fun but also made it clear that she was there to work. My daughter was tired at the end of the hour, but also happy and eager to come back. I strongly recommend Coach Andre and we will be signing up for additional sessions.

Best coach ever

Today was the first session that our 15-year-old son had with Coach Andre Speech. A coach's purpose is to inspire and enlighten a player. He has done just that for our son! He is looking forward to the next session ! Thanks Coach Speech!

(no details provided)

Coach Andre is the BEST COACH/TRAINER! My son enjoys all his sessions and always look forward to his work outs with Coach Andre! My son's basketball skills along with self-confidence has increased dramatically since working with Coach Andre. We couldn't have asked for a better coach/trainer!!! Coach Andre is AWESOME!!!

My 11 yr old son had his first 1:1 session with Coach Andre. It was a great session all around. My son has trained with several different coaches/trainers in the past so we have seen a lot of the standard drills and then some. Andre had a great mix of drills that we have not seen before. Simple but very effective and they capitalized on the skills we wanted to work on most. He also has a great style - a good balance between discipline and encouragement to help drive confidence. That is really hard to find. We have 4 more sessions left and my son is already asking me if we can do more.

Very knowledgeable and worked great with our 11 year old son. He learned a lot on the very first day and can't wait to go back! He even started doing push ups all on his own!

We had our 1st session today. Coach Andre worked with my son on his ball handling and gave him some good drills to practice at home. He also talked with him about how important confidence is. The session included a good mix of drills and scrimmages to look at his strengths, weaknesses, and stamina. My son is not comfortable with everyone and is a little introverted. Andre made it easy for my son to let his guard down and listen to the feedback he had to give. Usually, he does not take criticism very well so this was very import me as a parent.
On the ride home my son said thank you (from a teenage boy this is big) so it let me know he liked his approach. He is excited to meet for his next workout!

He is an excellent coach that teaches the fundamentals

We have just finished our second session with Coach Andre. We researched him several months prior to reaching out. Our only regret is not contacting him sooner. He is fantastic! The sessions are instructive and very productive, day one. Coach Andre gets right to business on the first session. He provides a challenging workout, and very motivating. Our son's confidence on the court had taken a dive downward prior to meeting with Coach Andre. Immediately after meeting with Andre our son was able to practice the tips learned and apply them in his game. We were able to see improvement and increased confidence in just the first game he had after meeting with Coach Andre. Our son gets excited about his sessions and has enjoyed working with Andre. We look forward to working with Coach Andre in the future.

First group session was very good, Coach Andre worked them hard and made sure they were doing things correctly.

(no details provided)

We've had two sessions so far, and we've been very pleased. Andre has great experience at multiple key positions and thus can coach my son at whatever he needs the most for the position he will be playing. Andre also seemed to quickly be able to identify my son's greatest needs and has been working on those. He pushes my son hard, but in a positive manner. We have one session remaining but I intend to schedule more. My son is almost 14, has played many years of rec ball, one season of AAU/travel and is about to try out for 8th grade middle school basketball. We are training with Andre once/week to help prepare my son for the tryouts.

I am excited to report that my son made his middle school team. I have no doubt that the 7 sessions he spent with Coach Andre contributed to his success. Andre pushes his kids hard but in a positive way and encourages them. One need Andre quickly identified with my son was his handling skills with his left hand. During tryouts, the coach actually mentioned tangos specifically to my son - that he had noticed this in the past and was concerned, but now notices a significant improvement. Andre knows what is needed to succeed and helped my son work on it.

Coach Andre session was great ! We've already recommended him to others and we look forward to scheduling more sessions with Coach Andre as soon as possible.

Coach Speech pays attention to the details, and my son has echoed that he feels differently "better" about how he is going to approach the game after only one session with coach Speech. Strong work!

My son has only one session under his belt, but he certainly felt like these sessions would be key in bringing his game to the next level. He woke up excited for his next session this evening! We are looking forward to a great partnership in gaining skills and confidence

(no details provided)

Coach Andre has done an incredible job of developing my son's skills and confidence. My son is learning not only how to play basketball at a higher level but how to practice to get the most out of his time and effort. I will continue to use Coach Andre for years to come.

Thank you Coach Andrea, my niece was so excited & loved her first session. She is looking for the upcoming sessions...she can't stop talking about it..thank you for your time & patience.

My daughter had her first private session with Coach Andre this week. He was fantastic! He was very motivating and really gives a challenging workout. He knows what each athlete needs to work on and gets right to it. She very much enjoyed working with him and is looking forward to her next session!

(no details provided)

My son had a lot of fun at his first session with Coach Andre. Andre covered a lot of ground and was very motivational. My son is looking forward to next week.

Coach Andre was great off the bat with our son. He observed his strengths and weaknesses along with his conditioning level to get a feel of what he was working with. Our son since then has showed great initiative through the week with the drills and conditioning skills he was shown. I would highly recommend Coach Andre to anyone and we actually have. We will definitely continue to keep going back for more sessions, it's worth every dime and then some!!

Thanks Coach!!

My Son had his first session with coach Speech this past weekend and it was an outstanding session. My son was put through a great work out that challenged him but fun. My son can't wait for his next session because thanks to coach Speech he knows he can get better.

My son really enjoyed his first session with Coach Andre and we will be signing him up for more soon. He has a great way with kids, patient yet still demanding they do their best. He also spent time with me talking about his strengths and weaknesses and what we need to work on. Great coach!

Our daughter Madison loves Coach Andre!! We have seen a significant improvement in her confidence and skill!! We hope to continue the sessions as long as she needs it!

Our first session was great my son really feels that coach Andre can take him where he needs to go

As a parent searching for the proper training, I honestly feel like we've found something special in Coach Andre. He immediately recognized our kids' strengths and their weaknesses and he made sure they walked away from session 1 with confidence as well as new techniques. I highly recommend Coach Andre to anyone looking for someone to help their child improve!

Just had our first session with Andre and loved it. It was hard work but Coach Andre was very positive and encouraging to the girls. I will definitely be booking more sessions!

My Son is 9 and he has loved both sessions he has had with Coach Andre. He has helped him with his footwork, ball handling, and real game situation thinking. My son is always excited and ready for the next session. Coach Andre is professional, on time, and makes sure he uses ever min of your hour session, so there is no money wasted. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Thank you Coach Andre! If we could give more then five stars we would. You're very professional, knowledgeable, and good with our son.
To all our son has been playing AAU ball for two years which is good for learning how to play as a team but we needed a way to get him to the next level by enhancing his skill sets. There were many coaches to pick from and we narrowed it down to you which we believed and know now was a great decision. We plan to buy more lessons with you once again thank you.

Rick H

My son liked working with Coach Andre. He felt like the session was very beneficial and is looking forward to his next session.

Coach Andre is an awesome trainer after the first session I could already see and tell the confidence and drive that it gave my daughter . He worked on so many different things in the time frame that was allotted we were very impressed and can't wait until the next session. I recommend Coach Andre to any child that's anticipating on going to the next level in their basketball career.
The Adams

Andre is very enthusiastic, dedicated and extremely passionate about basketball. He is very detailed and provides valuable feedback. He has a vast wealth of knowledge that he is able to impart in a clear and concise way. He focuses on your child's specific needs while enhancing their strengths and building their weaknesses. He makes his players work hard but it is with a valuable purpose. He is a brilliantly effective coach who can identify and correct weaknesses (mental, physical and technical) and ultimately transform your son/daughter into the best basketball player he/she can be. He was also very accommodating with scheduleing sessions.

(no details provided)


Coach Andre did a great job building my sons game and confidence. After just one session he said he felt like he was the best athlete on his team and his coach saw an improvement at his next practice.

Coach Andre is a great coach who really knows the game of basketball. He has helped me improve my game and has helped me reach another level. Be ready to work!

(no details provided)

After watching the coach training techniques I knew that my son would benefit and improve his basketball skills tremendously.

One of the best trainers I have ever worked with. He gave me drills I have never done before, and I look forward to working with him again! Cassius

(no details provided)

My son had an excellent session. Very helpful.

(no details provided)

It was a good intense high pace work out where I learned alot!

Coach Andre helped our 2 boys on the fundamentals of basketball in our short time frame. He was professional and extremely knowledgeable. He provided them some new techniques that assisted them when trying out for their basketball team.

My son's first session was great. Andre really gets to know the player and works to his/her needs. My son is looking forward to working on things at home and then returning to learn more. THANKS ANDRE!

Coach Andre was great. My son really enjoyed him and learned a lot just from one session. He was very hands on and you can tell he knows what he is talking about. I was very impressed.

Great first two sessions. Seton has learned alot already and had fun with Coach Speech.

Coach Andre is a pro. After one session he is dialed into what will make an immediate impact in my son's game. Great drills and fundamental skills that engage basketball players at all levels. My son is ready for more and I will be sure to share with others. Definitely will be spending a lot of time with Coach looking to go to the next level.

Coach Andre was awesome. My son learned something new during the first session. I can't wait until his next session.

Coach Andre, was great! Our son enjoyed the session and learned some new skills right away. He has already taken them into practice. Andre is professional and he gives great feedback to the child and parents. We are anxious to get our son back on the court with him.

Coach Andre did a wonderful job!!!! His workouts challenges you and pushes you to dig deep and improve. He is wonderful with the kids and very encouraging after the workout he provided feedback that was very helpful and constructive. I can't wait for my next session..

My daughter who is 9, just had her first private workout with coach Andre and it went very well. Coach Andre is very passionate and knowledgeable about basketball.

He put my daughter through some pretty high level workouts to see where her game is and it pushed her. Coach is good at being tough when it's needed but also giving praise when it's earned. Looking forward to our next session with coach and seeing how far my daughter can go!

My daughter had her first session with Coach Andre. His knowledge for the game was apparent in his drills and exercises. He was very patient and encouraging. My daughter loved him. We plan on using him again.

Great coach coach Andre pushed my son to do his best and then some, always encouraged my son

After only one meeting with coach Andre, I can see that he is very knowledgeable and passionate about the game of basketball. He relates well with the kids and inspires them to be the best that they can be. My son has been playing basketball for a while but was given advise that will elevate his game to the next level by coach Andre that he has not gotten from other coaches I traveled a hour and half for coach Andre to work with my son and it was definitely worth the time and money. My son is already asking when is his next session.

My son's first session with Coach Speech was great. Coach Speech was very hands-on and provided my son with exceptional techniques, drills and instruction. His advice was clear and very easy for my son to comprehend and follow. He encouraged him and praised him as well as provided him with much need constructive criticism to help him improve his skills. I was very impressed by the way that he incorporated a couple of his players during the session to help push my son. I am confident that we will be using his one one services on a regular basis. I highly recommend him to any parent/player looking to learn the sport and develop strong basketball playing skills.

Coach Andre is a Great Coach and a Great Person, he has helped me tremendously on improving my skills! His workouts are intense but good. I look forward to working with him more in the near future!

Matt Hobbs

I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Speech for my son's first session. Coach was patient and very knowledgeable in his craft. He was excellent in communicating his ideas and adjustments to his players. Balancing both strengths and weakness for each player individually.

Coach was very punctual and professional. He maintained a good atmosphere of enthusiasm among his players as he worked them with a good pace of intensity.

It was evident that each of the students there gained valuable training tips in just the first hour. We certainly look forward to working with Coach Speech in the coming weeks.

I rarely write reviews, but my son's experience with Coach Andre was so positive, I felt the need to share feedback. My 10 yr old son has not been interested in sports or athletics until recently --- and so, he has been deficient in basic skills and conditioning. Coach Andre was able to relate to my son as a supportive mentor which allowed him to build his self confidence through hard work with constant support.

Not only is Coach Andre a professional but extremely his techniques are not overly intimidating. Highly recommend him for children of all skill levels

My son loved Coach Andre! Coach Andre has an outstanding demeanor and encouraging spirit about him. My son just started playing basketball recently and his skills are not on the same level as other kids his age. My son learned a lot in just one session! Coach Andre helped to restore his confidence and we are excited about our next session.

Coach Andre was great! My boys really like his style. I have a 9yr old and Coach Andre has given him so much confidence. He relates to the boys very well. I would recommend Coach Andre to any parent who is looking to help there child to be a better Basket ball player!!!

Well organized practice. High tempo, quick paced focus on technique as well as conditioning. Great for young players (my son is 8) through high school.

Excellent coaching by Coach Andre! Great tips and pointers for my daughter. Very attentive...look forward to more lessons. My daughter really enjoyed him as well.

(no details provided)

My son had his first session with Coach Speech and loved it. Coach Speech covered all aspects of the game and pushed him hard. We look forward to many more sessions in the future and will refer Coach Speech to anyone looking for their child to take their game to the next level.

Coach Andre was excellent. My son had an intense training session. Coach Andre worked with the boys on dribbling, shooting, passing, and catching with a push to drive the boys to do better!!

Coach Andre was the best coach ever. His expertise was apparent in his drills and exercises. He is also fair and encouraging. His calm demeanour but high expectations was a perfect fit for my son. We hope to use him again.

My son had his first session with Coach Andre on yesterday. He was very excited and pleased and can't wait to work with him again. He said that he really worked him hard and he enjoyed it.

My son went for his first session with Coach Andre and loved it! Not only were the drills helpful, he worked him hard! Coach Andre was also encouraging- which my son needs. I'd highly recommend Coach Andre and look forward to our next session.

(no details provided)

Our son had his first session with Coach Andre today, and we were very impressed. He not only has great basketball knowledge, but is also a skilled coach who is great working with kids and clearly loves what he does. He teaches in a positive, motivating manner while still encouraging a competitive spirit, a strong work ethic, and the keys to being a complete player. We look forward to our son's continued growth under his care.

My son just completed his first session with Coach Andre and it was an excellent session! He is the youngest and smallest of the group. But being able to run with the big boys has already boosted his confidence x10! The great thing about the session is Coach Andre pushes him, the little one, to do the exact same thing as the older, better skilled kids. No catering to his size, age, or skill level, which is great! At the end of the session, the kids played a game of 21, 5 on 5. I was thinking that the rest of my son's group would kind of exclude him, but they talked to him, embraced him, told him what to do, and gave him the ball a few times. This forced my son to think and play smart, being that he was out sized. He made some smart passes and put up some good shots (no buckets though). This is exactly what my son needs. It's a great group of kids! They all encouraged my son and worked with him. Coach Andre encourages all of the kids! He acknowledges them when they do something well, as well as lets them know when they didn't do something quite right. Coach Andre's demeanor and temperament is great! The kids seem to all connect with him. My son has just stopped talking about this session about 30 mins ago (830 pm) and we left the session at 6pm! He said it was a hard workout but he loved it! We are looking forward to working with Coach Andre for many, many more sessions!

Amazing sessions with Coach Andre, after just three lessons I can already see improvement in my game. He has a connection with all players and helps them reach their potential through hard work.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great Coach, great workout definitely would recommend to others.

Coach Andre did a great job! My son loved the workout and cant wait to go to his next. I can already tell that his confidence is rising after just one workout!

(no details provided)

Coach Speech training is a great value. He has great communication skills with his trainees. He points out tips improve their games, and always has time to speak with a parent after a session. The players relate well to him and my fourteen year old has a great time. Much love to coach Speech. Keep up the good work.

Andre was fabulous!! My son had the most intense training by far with Andre! He worked on dribbling, shooting, passing, catching, technique all with positive reinforcement and a push to drive the boys to do better!! We will definitely train with him again!!

(no details provided)

Great workout, works out jumshot and works you to the max very hard workout

Took my 11 year old son who has developed a passion for basketball to his first clinic with Coach Andre. The clinic was a constant workout of dribbling, shooting, and technique. My son make wonderful progress in his dribbling, ball handling, and shooting, after just 1 session. Watching his confidence grow in that environment was a pleasure to watch and he's already looking forward to the next workout. Highly recommend.

Had a nice time with Coach Andre. Very knowledgable and respectful of the game. Learned a lot -- wished I recorded some of the techniques with my iPhone. Hope to continue working out with him when I'm back in Charlotte for work.

Coach Andre Speech had a TON of basketball knowledge and was able to effectively communicate that to my 14 yr old son. He was encouraging, challenged and pushed the players, but never discouraged them. Overall, a very positive experience and it is very clear that Coach has a lot to teach someone at any level, who is willing to work hard and learn.

Excellent!!! We are beyond thrilled with choosing Coach Speech to work with Matthew. My son has been working with Coach Speech for over a month now. The drills are VERY challenging and pushes him more and more each time. It has really helped out a lot with my son's confidence when the older players are working out with him. We are very appreciative of all the Coach Speech has done for Matthew and will continue to work with him.

I've never learned more or been pushed harder than I have working with Coach Speech. He's the best!
Great work Coach! Both my sons love coming to LABCITY TRAINING!
Thumbs up to you Coach Andre! My son loves coming to LabCity. Thanks for all you've done. BEST. COACH. EVER.
Thank you so much Coach! We are grateful that you and your other coaches for working with Carson to get him better both physically and mentally. The hard work and time paid off. He's so excited! Has a lil swagger in his step!
Thanks for all the help you have given our son. You've taught him more than just how to shoot and dribble. You've him about work ethic, basketball IQ, and how to be a good teammate. You are awesome Coach!
My two sons can't stop talking about how much they enjoyed Coach Speech's KEYS TO THE SEASON clinic. It was well ran, organized, informative, intense, and fun on top of it. Nice job Coach. We will definitely be back in the LAB!
Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your work with Carson over the last several months. You guys have inspired him and I think he is very prepared for tryouts. He really seemed to put it all together today and that was the perfect way to go into tryouts.
After my son had some bad experiences with some coaches he had lost his confidence and was ready to give up on basketball. I found Coach Andre on CoachUp and thought I'd get my son some sessions to see if it'd help him get his love for the game back. I was floored when he came out of his first session. He talked about how hard the sessions were with Coach Andre and how much learned and how much fun he had. He is back to loving the game. His confidence is back. And....his skills are SO much better. Coach Andre you are AMAZING! You have a gift....THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO.
During a session with Coach Andre my son was asked by Coach how he was feeling. My sons response was "I'm tired and excited at the same time." You do great work Coach. Thank you.
I'm SPEECHLESS!! Coach Speech is great. In just a few sessions our son has improved so much. Coach has even helped my son with his jumping and he can dunk now! Thank you Coach Andre
Coach Andre you are the BEST!!! My daughter is a better shooter, ball handler, and much more confident since she's been working with you. Thank you so much.
Coach Andre runs the most intense 1on1 training sessions, group sessions, camps, and clinics. My son attends every week and is upset if he is ever unable to attend. Coach Speech is the best I've ever seen with players. He pushes them hard to be the best they can be. If you are looking to get better come check out LABCITY!
Coach Andre has the best group sessions. He and his staff are very instructional. The sessions are high energy. My son loves the group sessions just as much as the 1on1 sessions. We love working with Coach Andre and highly recommend LABCITY to everyone!
My son had several issues with his jumpshot. Coach Andre corrected his jumper in 2 sessions! My sons shot is much more consistent and his confidence has improved so much! Thank you Coach Speech. We love LABCITY!
Coach Andre is a highly skilled, enthusiastic, smart and talented coach. He excels at helping your player meet their max potential, regardless of their skill level. He has great drills, keeps his training sessions moving, and packs more into a session that you would ever expect. We have watched our player become more confident, more skilled, and a better all-around player since he has been working with Coach Andre. He coaches at the high school that our son will attend, and he invited us to come watch one of their games, which was a great experience to motivate our son to work as hard as he can to possibly be able to play there one day. Our son always comes away from a session with Coach Andre happy, positive, exhausted in a good way, and with things to work on until the next session. Coach Andre is also great at providing good, usable feedback to parents after every session. He is a great guy, great with kids and teens, and a fantastic coach. We recommend him whole-heartily to everyone we run into who is looking for a great coach to help their child achieve their goals and take their game to the next level in a healthy, hard-working and positive manner.
Coach Speech left us SPEECHLESS!!! Thank you so much for how you have helped our sons skills and his confidence. He's already looking forward to the next session.
My sons love Andre and his SPEECHLESS BASKETBALL staff! They come out of the sessions excited and exhausted. Thanks Andre!
Best coach in NC!!! My sons love Coach Andre. He pushes them to get better and the boys love his drills.
My family moved to Charlotte and wanted to find a trainer for my 2 sons. We found Coach Speech on CoachUp. After 1 session with him my sons were hooked. They love Coach Speech's style and techniques. He pushes them hard and they love it. We tell everyone we know to contact him if they want their kids to improve their basketball skills. We love SPEECHLESS BASKETBALL!!!!
He is by far the best skills coach I have ever seen. My son asks everyday when's his next SPEECH LESSON. You the man Coach Speech.
I love SPEECHLESS BASKETBALL!!! Thanks Coach Speech
Coach Speech left me and my 15 year old son SPEECHLESS with his high energy workout. His group sessions are the best and I would recommend his workouts to anyone looking to develop their skills. AWESOME!!!!!!!
My daughter, Sarah, started going to Coach Andre's sessions with other girls and in a matter of 2-3 weeks she was more confident, a better shooter, and she improved her left hand dribbling. Andre does such a good job motivating and instructing.
Andre has experience at every level of basketball and the way he relates info to players is amazing! He gets players to push themselves harder than they ever have and they enjoy it because they are getting better. ANDRE IS GREAT,
My son and daughter have been to Coach Speech's training sessions. They both love his style of coaching and he really pushes them hard. They have improved a lot in only one month. Thanks Coach!
Coach Andre has helped our team tremendously. Our boys have become highly skilled and very confident under his coaching. Great job coach!
Coach Andre has really helped me to become a complete basketball player. I didn't make my team in 8th or 9th grade. Now I'm the starting PG on my JV team as a 10th grader. Coach Andre pushed me hard to get better and it really paid off!
I have played and trained with Coach Speech for 3 years and my skills, strength, and knowledge of the game have all greatly improved. If you want to get better come get some SPEECH lessons!
I worked out with Coach Speech all summer in preparation for team try-outs at UNC-Chapel Hill. His workouts not only focused on improving my basketball skills, they helped strengthen my athletic skills in general. Coach Speech is not only a talented coach, he is a good person. He was very dependable and always worked with my schedule. I highly recommend Coach Speech. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.
ndre combines an impressive basketball background with a love of teaching young players. “Kids just connect with Andre. He has that rare knack of being able to communicate with kids in a manner that is clear to them. The guys is a master and motivating others!
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