Amber W., Raleigh, NC Basketball Coach

Amber W.



Former Division I basketball player has trained all ages and skills levels from 5 years old to professional players both Wnba and Nba View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. 201 Baptist Rd, 201 Baptist Road, Durham, NC

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles

  • North Carolina State University--Raleigh (NC)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Shooting, Passing, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Defense, Footwork


  • North Carolina State University--Raleigh (NC)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Shooting, Passing, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Defense, Footwork

More About Coach Amber

As a trainer
Trained all ages and skills levels from 5 years old to professional players both Wnba (Alex Montgomery//NY Liberty) and NBA (Darius Johnson Odom//LA Lakers).

I have experience working basketball birthday parties, camps, clinics, semi private groups and team practices

As a player I was a 2006 McDonalds All-American
All time leading scorer boys and girls (2529) Coatesville High School Pennsylvania
Ranked 6th in country (point guards) class of 2006
3 time Player of the year (Chester county)
2006 Gatorade player of the year (Pennsylvania)

Played at North Carolina State University (3 years under legendary Coach Kay Yow)
2 year captain
3 year starter
2 time player of the week
2011 Sheraton Tournament Mvp

Played professionally in Puerto Rico for a season
All-star selcetion

Play semi-professional (Fayetteville Lady Rush)
2 time all tournament team
2013 tournament Mvp

A typical session with me consists of conditioning, ball handling, shooting, defense, agility drills, and passing. I focus primarily on enhancing each athlete’s fundamentals skills, basketball IQ, and self empowerment all while reinforcing the fundamentals of basketball.

No two sessions are a like. I like to tailor each session to the athlete that I'm working with. The first sessions is standard. I will put the athlete through a lot of different drills to see what areas need work.

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Client Reviews

Our son loves going to see Amber. He always asks in the car on the way home when he’s going to see her again. In just the 1st training his ball handling has already improved.

Extremely professional, prepared and kind. Ideal coach also for advanced programs. My daughter was truly impressed.

Amber, is an excellent mentor and coach.

(no details provided)

Amber Was Great Coaching My 10 Year Old Nephews, She Was Assertive But Patient With Them And An Eye For Potential! We Will Be Using Her Again In The Near Future!

(no details provided)

Coach Amber is fabulous! She was great with my 10 year old son, she encouraged him, kept him moving and taught him so much in such a short time. One of her focuses is teaching the why behind moves so he'll have a much better understanding of the game. He absolutely loved his session and is ready for more, we will definitely be back. Thank you Amber!

Learned a lot from my first session, has great techniques and teaching skills. Highly recommended!

Coach Amber is training my 14-year old daughter. My daughter's ball handling skills and ability to go to the left was substantially better after one session. Coach Amber has great knowledge of the game and creates challenging drills that help with proper technique, footwork and control. She shows multiple ways to do things and correlates it to game situations. She explains why every drill is necessary and is an effective communicator. My daughter really enjoyed it and is looking forward to more sessions. I would highly recommend Coach Amber to anyone!

This was my first time hiring a basketball coach for my 13-year-old daughter. Coach Amber uses a well-rounded approach that helps teach both the mental and physical aspects to the game. Not only did my daughter gain substantial skills in just her first session, she got feasible things she can work on at home until her next session. There were a few other less expensive coaches on CoachUp, but we went with Amber because of her background and her great reviews. My experience with other sport coaches is that it can often take multiple sessions to accomplish what a great coach can accomplish in 1 session. I think Amber is a great coach. We will be booking many more sessions.

Coach Amber did a 1-hour session with my 11 year old son. My son had a great time with her and is eager for his next session. I was able to watch part of the session and was impressed with her desire to explain why they were doing a particular drill instead of just "go do it". I appreciated her feedback on my son's skill level and where he needs more work.

Coach Amber was great with our 8 year old daughter. She went over fundamentals with her and started with some basics. We look forward to her next practice.

Coach Amber had a one training session with my daughter. We had a game about two hours later where immediate improvement was noticeably clear. My daughter hit her free throws and layups, demonstrated stronger ball handling skills! I was pleased with their connection, drills, and we have already booked additional training. Coach Amber is highly recommended.

Coach Amber is working with my 9 year old son. Her training sessions have had a positive impact on his game after only two sessions. The one on one teaching is addressing areas that team practices simply cannot reach. We will continue with Coach Amber. She knows her stuff - highly recommend her!

Coach Amber had the girls engaged the minute she walked through the door. Smiles from ear to ear. Excellent coach really helped the girls bring the best out of themselves! I wish Coach Amber could be there for every practice! Thanks and can't wait to book another session!

Coach Amber was outstanding! In our first session, she worked extremely well with my 11-year-old daughter. She demonstrated talent, patience, and a real gift for working with kids. My daughter hasn't stopped talking about her lesson and practicing what she learned around the house. I highly recommend Coach Amber for anyone else looking to develop their skills.

Our session with Coach Amber was awesome! From one session she has equipped my daughter with ways to improve. Defiantly look forward to having another workout that teaches not only the skill needed to become a better player but the mindset.

Coach Amber is a great coach. You can immediately tell she is dedicated to helping her athletes improve their game. In just one session with Coach Amber we noticed improvements! We will be booking more sessions with Coach Amber and can't wait to get back on the court with her! We highly recommend Coach Amber!

Coach Amber is great! My daughter absolutely loved her first session. This is the exact training we were looking for!

(no details provided)

The first session with my daughter (11yrs old) was awesome and she loved it. I loved the way she teaches techniques and ask questions to her to teach my daughter the basketball IQ along with the correct skills. At this time, I will continue to with Coach Amber.

Coach Amber is an amazing coach! Just after one session she's helped me feel ALOT more confident with fundamentals, jump shots, and my form. She truly is an awesome coach & im looking forward to working with her more on strengthening myself mentally and physically as a basketball player :)

I had a great first lesson with coach Amber. Especially because I'm an older student, her technical/fundamentals-based approach was exactly what I was looking for. It took me about 30 minutes into the first hour to be sure I was interested in another dozen lessons.

Update: I'm 3 lessons in and already integrating what I've been learning while playing on my own. I feel improved confidence handling the ball and with my shot after only 3 hours! Amber is the real deal.

Great session today! My daughter loved the training with coach Amber. She was very patient and made sure my daughter understood what she was explaining before they moved on to the next part of the lession. She's ready for the next session. I would recommend Coach Amber for anyone's training needs!

Thank you, Coach Amber! My daughter enjoyed her first session with you. We were very impressed with how you quickly assessed her skills and got right work. We will definitely be a repeat client. See you next week.

Coach Amber was Awesome. My daughter was able to learn a lot about the game of basketball and her teaching techniques were right on point. We look forward to our continue working relationship with Coach Amber and I would highly recommend Coach Amber to work with others. Thank You Coach Amber.

(no details provided)

Coach Amber was very personable and informative with me about my son's abilities and the direction he should go. Her assessment and style seems to be awesome ( direct and honest )! My 11yr old son never talks about his basketball practices, but this one he couldn't shut up about his session! He was so excited, and basically begged me to continue with additional sessions. We are definitely taking this journey with Coach Amber, and we are rating her as excellent and will be referring her to all of my basketball parents!!!!

WOW, everything that I could have hoped for my daughter. Coach Amber is very attentive to the small details and communicated those to my daughter perfectly. I enjoyed every min of the session and 11 year old my daughter... she was practicing dribbling in the kitchen 12:30 am after their session on Friday night. I get the impression that she enjoyed it as well. Phenomenal!!

My 6 year old son, Noah, loved working out with Amber! He is just beginning to learn fundamental basketball skills. In just one session his passing and ball handling skills improved dramatically. He also has much more confidence on the court since his session with Amber. He is having so much fun playing basketball and was all smiles the entire session!

Coach Amber is working with my 9 yr old beginner and I am so impressed with her coaching style. She is focused and professional, yet warm and encouraging - a difficult combination to get just right. She provides direct and immediate feedback so he can recognize when he improves a skill and focus on repeating that action.

Coach Amber is great! She really understands the sport, excellent motivator, the training is intense and rewarding! We highly recommend Amber!

Coach Amber did an excellent job coaching my 10 year old Son who lacks a bit of confidence on the court. He responded well to her and you could definitely see some improvement after the one hour session. The location was perfect for a one on one session! I would definitely recommend Coach Amber to anyone who was considering this service!

Coach Amber was great with daughter on her first training. I like the fact Coach Amber talked to her and made her understand why to go hard attacking basket and how to handle the ball. Even more so, shooting freethrows while being tired was a good training tool. My daughter said she liked her lesson and how she coaches. With bball season in we will be back for more.

My sons, 11 and 13, both LOVED Coach Amber. She gave them a packed and intensive training session. My boys are used to 2+ hour practices and yet this one-hour training session with Coach Amber had them sore and feeling like they learned so much. Immediately after their training session, my sons asked if they could have another session. Both my sons asked to have a private training sessions for Christmas and while skeptical, I am so glad my husband and I decided on Coach Amber. She's fantastic! We will definitely be booking further sessions.

Coach Amber is professional and excellent!!!! My daughter enjoyed the session felt like this was just what she needed and I would recommend Coach Amber to anyone. Looking forward to our next session.

Coach Amber was awesome, really great teacher of the game. Teaching skills, techniques and the why's of the game. To help understand flow and speed so it comes more natural. My daughter loved the work-out. She felt that after just one practice she learned a lot and had something to go home and practice. Really recommend her.

Wow! Coach Amber is awesome. As a father, I could not have asked for a better private coach for my 9 year old son. I did my research in looking for a private coach, and I can say that the high ratings Coach Amber have received from others are right on the mark. From the very first lesson, she wasted no time in getting to work on things to improve my son's confidence and his game like ball handling and shooting technique. I love that she not only does an outstanding job explaining what to do but she is awesome at demonstrating how. My son is excited by his immediate improvement. I wish I had found Coach Amber a year ago when my son began participating in organized basketball.

We're glad that we found coach Amber. She provides great coaching in great facilities. My daughter is looking forward to training with her.

Coach Amber was amazing!!! My son loves the way she teach. I will definitely recommender her to anybody !!!

(no details provided)

With the time my son was with Coach Amber, she wasted no time with getting to the point. I observed my son working hard an also breaking sweat 😓. I highly recommend her and I will be taking him to her from now on. Thanks!

Caleb really enjoys the way coach communicates she's very patient and gives good direction we really believe she will make a difference In Caleb's game

Thank you so much Coach Amber! Cora had a great session and is looking forward to the next meet on Saturday!
Thank you again so much!!!

Coach Amber is wonderful.

Coach Amber was very professional and knew how to challenge and identify areas of improvement during our first session. We were very happy with our experience.

My Son really enjoyed his one-on-one session with Coach Amber. She took time to assess his skill level and offered quality feedback on ways he could improve his game. Coach Amber also did a good job of following up and was prompt to our meeting time. My son was relaxed and gave good effort. I look forward to another session.

It was a delight to work with Coach Amber!! She's knowledgeable of the details of the game, and she also knows how to push my son in a way to show him that he can do more than he originally thought he could. My son is a good ball handler for his age, but Coach Amber opened his eyes into seeing another level. He's very excited in what the future holds. Thanks Coach Amber!!

Coach Amber has been wonderful for my son. Not only has he gained confidence, but his skills have improved as well. We look forward to continuing practices with her and seeing even more improvement with time.

Coach Amber is great! She takes the time to teach the little details that many coaches skip over. She asks questions and learns about the individual. Her coaching is geared towards the needs of the athlete and not a pre planned work out. I would definitely recommend her!

Excellent coach! She will push you to do/be better, and you will feel more confident in your game after a session with her. I highly recommend Coach Amber!!!

Coach Amber is a great coach! After just one session my confidence soared! She was patient with me and was able to communicate on my level. She challenged me and makes me want to work hard to be a better player...

Coach Amber, is a great person, as well as a great trainer. She put my daughter through some drills that I was really impressed with! I left them alone, so they could form some kind of bond, and my daughter really connected with her. I highly recommend her.

Thanks Amber!

Really enjoyed Coach Amber. She was so knowledgeable and confident and she really encouraged my daughter. My daughter was really excited about everything she learned and she learned so much in her first session.

I selected Coach Amber because of the other testimonials, Glad I made that decision. It is usually hard to get kids to warm up to someone initially. However, my son connected with Amber on the first workout. Moreover, I could see his excitement because of the 1-on-1 training. He’s usually overlooked on his team but Coach Amber was completely in tune with my sons’ basketball needs. I could not believe today (Sunday) he picked up the basketball and starting working on the skills training taught by Coach Amber. We look forward to building a long-lasting parent, player and coach relationship with Coach Amber. Glad I found her on CoachUp!! THANKS.

My lesson with Coach Amber was great. She's professional, easy to get along with, and knowledgeable about the game - able to explain not only how to do something but why. Highly recommended.

Coach Amber is a wonderful trainer. My son needed someone to push him and make him work harder and she had just the right approach to keep him going. He loved working with her and can't wait for each new session. I trusted the great reviews here and chose Amber and I'm so glad we did!

Coach Amber is a great coach. She motivated me and encouraged me to go hard at every drill and workout. She also offered to help me with a nutrition and exercise plan. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a basketball trainer.

Amber has had 2 sessions with my son so far. She seems very experienced. She definitely makes basketball and the training fun. She works on both skills and mentality. She can do either a single session or a double session. The reason I wanted my son to have some coaching is that, he has been playing football all season, and is trying out for basketball. Amber is refreshing his skills, and focusing on the fundamentals.

I think you'd be happy with Amber.

(no details provided)

i really enjoy watching my daughter workout with Coach Amber. She patiently and took het time with my child. She is an excellent trainer and she knows all about the game of basketball. I most definitely eould recommend her to other people who is looking for a wonderful trainer. Serenity and I would be seeing you again..Thanks for todays workout and on future workout soon.

Coach Amber was great to work with. She was very professional and was able to give my daughter valuable feedback after one session. I definitely look forward to working with her in the future and seeing my daughter evolve into an even better player!

Coach Amber is AMAZING! She has given our 8 year old son the skills and confidence needed to go out and play basketball. Amber is an amazing teacher - she has the patience and ability to break down the skills needed and has taught our son how to practice in a manner that has him successfully becoming better and better. I would highly recommend her for males and females of all ages. She is kind yet firm and a truly amazing teacher. Thank you Amber!

(no details provided)

I was very pleased with Coach Amber.This was my 6 yr old sons first ever training session. Amber did a great job with him. She was very patient and really went above and beyond to make him comfortable. She broke it down ro the basics for him.He was really excited about the next up coming session. I would recommend Amber to anybody..She was awesome

It was a joy meeting Coach Amber for the first time. Her approach as a One-on-One Coach is very personal yet professional. She has a great personality, but most of all she is dedicated to maximizing the time spent in training. Her approach to the workout was very methodical, constructive, and encouraging. She is definitely in her element as a personal trainer. During the first session she was able to establish a level of comfort and trust with my daughter. My daughter had a great time and is very excited to continue her training.

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Amber. This was the third program I enrolled Trey in, and fortunate for us, this session was very beneficial. To put it simply, Amber was awesome!!! She is exactly what Trey needs. She gave Trey strong direction, needed discipline, a high level of patience and constructive feedback. I highly recommend...

Amber is knowledgeable of the sport and she is a great coach!

Had a great time with Coach Amber! I was surprised that she came up with new drills to workout and very insightful and the explanations on what we were doing. I only wish I remembered to take out my iPhone and recorded the moves so I can remember everything we worked on!

I highly recommend Amber as a coach. She is a terrific! She combines exactly the right mix of toughness and positive reinforcement to help my daughter improve her skills. Her ability to make slight adjustments to my daugher's technique, which result in a significant difference in my daughter's shooting and dribbling is amazing.

Coach Amber is incredibly talented. Luv her, Luv her, Luv her. She is down to earth and very compassionate with teaching the fundamentals and skills to Hannah. It's amazing to watch Hannah's progress as well as her self-confidence when playing basketball. We highly recommend using CoachUp and Coach Amber. We are looking forward to seeing the growth over the next couple of years as they cultivate a great relationship between each other.
Great Experience!

Great experience for my girl. Coach Amber has the right mix of confidence/authority, toughness and kindness towards the player--especially girls. She focuses on the fundamentals and is very organized. We've just signed up for more lessons.

Tyler really enjoys working with you. I wish we would have started with you sooner. He has made great improvements in the short time we worked together.
I really am happy with your personal instruction and so is Shelby and Brock. You got the gift and can share it.
I believe we met you for a reason. Its not a coincidence and you are exactly the influence she needs in her life right now.
Alden loves working with you and she had made great improvements.
Amber Alden had 21 points tonight and 6 assists. She played great! Thanks so much for helping her!!
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