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Im a passionate teacher of basketball, with tons of knowledge and experience. I help each client reach their full potential by enhancing their skills and knowledge of the game. View all coaching experience

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  • University of Louisville (KY)

  • 3 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Center, Guard

  • Shooting, Post Moves, Agility, Rebounding, Attacking the Rim, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Footwork, Defense, Pick and Roll, Passing, Ball Handling


  • University of Louisville (KY)

  • 3 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Center, Guard

  • Shooting, Post Moves, Agility, Rebounding, Attacking the Rim, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Footwork, Defense, Pick and Roll, Passing, Ball Handling

More About Coach Alex

My name is Alex and I have over 15 years of coaching/training experience. As a former athlete at the HS, colligate, as well as the professional levels. I was a 2 year starter on the #1 HS basketball team in the nation while attending Oak Hill Academy (92-94). I was also a 3 year started in college at the Univ.of Louisville. In my professional career I had the pleasure of traveling the world with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters for 6 years. During the process of my career I've worked with many kids and young adults from all over the world, to help develop and enhance their basketball skills. I have a world of knowledge and remain very passionate about the great game of basketball.

While in HS I was among the top 25 players in the country. I was being recruited by nearly every top universities in the nation and decided on the Univ.of Louisville and play for the HOF coach Denny Crum. As a member of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters I won many MVP awards. My career also took me to many minor leagues such as CBA,ABA,IBL, and USBL winning multiple championships and MVP awards alone the way.

I always like to start a session off with a good warm-up and some great stretching. Next I like to get into the basics such as passing, shooting, and dribbling drills. After that I think its important to get into some defense, rebounding, and footwork drills. I also like to work on one on one moves as well as pick and roll situations. In finishing up with my clients I feel its important to discuss the mental part of the game as we do some cool down stretching.

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Client Reviews

Coach Alex really knows his stuff. After just one session i already feel major improvements in my jump shot and my footwork. Planning on booking more sessions to come.

Thank you

Basketball season is about to start in a few weeks at my son’s school, so I decided to find a trainer since he hasn’t played in a few months. I decided I would keep him out of AAU this season and focus more on getting him some private training. He told me that he wasn’t as confident playing basketball as he had been in the past. No parent wants to hear that, so I immediately downloaded the CoachUp app as suggested by a friend and found Coach Alex’s profile. Oh my goodness is all I can say. My son just had his first session this evening and I was blown away at how much his confidence grew during the middle of the session. I was able to see a lot of improvement with just tonight’s session. I cannot tell you how impressed I am. I am sold and plan on setting something up with Coach Alex weekly. He is the kind of coach my son needs to be the best he can be.

Amazing coach! Listened to what I needed and performed beyond that!

My two sons got a lot out of working with Coach Alex. He is able to work with different age groups and while he is patient he still pushes players to get results.

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(no details provided)

Great Coach

Awesome coach he takes his time with my son.

Just by talking to Coach Alex I knew I was with a pro. He knows the game and is great at spotting weaknessess in order to strengthen them as well as strengths. Great to work with him!

(no details provided)

I have enjoyed training with coach Alex very much! Thank you so much for your expertise and great coaching.

My son has had 3 training sessions with Coach Alex. From the first session I noticed a significant improvement in my son's shooting form and skill. Coach Alex not only focuses on the skill but he also has built confidence in my son that I had not Seen before. Coach Alex is very flexible with scheduling and very accommodating. Great Experience. I highly recommend Coach Alex for your basketball needs he is one of a kind.

Coach Alex is a great coach. He is professional and teach students well. I like his approach to kids.

(no details provided)

Awesome first session of training! Coach Alex was very kind and had great interest in helping my daughter on her skills training. Will definitely recommend to other parents in our area.

Patient and knows how to break down the game.

Coach Alex was a great coach . He helped me perfect my shooting form making for a more acurate shooter . We also worked on ball handling and layups . I especially like the the technique of dribbling on the grass which helps with ball control .

Great session with a great coach. I was pleased with the overall quality of workout and attention my son received from Coach Alex. Coach Alex was able to show him the fundamentals - proper shooting form, dribbling, and passing. It was a great experience for all involved. We will definitely be signing up for additional lessons in the near future.

Coach Alex is a great coach! my husband and my son think his training techniques are great, and my grand -son like coach Alex a lot and he is enjoying a lot. I would recommend Coach Alex to anyone.

(no details provided)

My experience with coach Alex was awesome! Great coach!

really helpful!!

Coach Alex is Awesome! My son loved his lesson with him and we are looking forward to more sessions very soon!

It is a pleasure to work with such an expert. Coach Alex has transformed my son from something he took as a hobby, to a true basketball competitor. After every session, I can see the progression my son is doing. Thank you Coach Alex!

Coach Alex is excellent. Very impressed the way he came in and helped my son with some great basketball training.

Coach Alex has all the tools needed to be an excellent coach. He always pushes me to my limits and makes me get better. I would definitely recommend him.

Really nice guy. Had fun

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Stayed over an hour to make sure I had understood. Really focuses on small details. Definitely booking again.

My daughter Brynnan has attended pgc one of the top basketball camps in the country along with numerous other camps and trainers. Coach Alex was a perfect find for us to elevate her game and build her knowledge and confidence. Playing at the division 1 college level and pro he knows what it takes to get to that level. Coach Alex is a very patient and encouraging teacher with a top notch workout reinforcing proper techniques and fundamentals along with his knowledge of skill set. We are excited and confident after the first two workouts Brynnan will reach her potential under his expert tutelage. I encourage anyone searching for someone to elevate there game to give coach Alex a call.

He does an excellent job of teaching skills my son simply hasn't learned from AAU or his jr high team. The drills are very instructive and his patience and attitude are great as well. Highly recommend.

Coach Alex has been great. He challenges my boys at every training practice. Keep pushing them coach!!! Definitely recommend!

(no details provided)

Coach Alex is definitely the right choice for us. I saw real improvement after the first session. He's very kind, patient and professional.

(no details provided)

Excellent coach! 9th grade my son is very satisfied his teaching. Excellent !!!!

He's a great coach! Starts out with jump rope and some agility drills and moves onto shooting. He is very patient and wants you to get better however long it takes. He's very understandable with scheduling and rescheduling practice sessions. He will also go over the allotted time to make sure you finish the workout. I recommend booking a lot of sessions with him

Coach Alex is a great coach. He really works with my son. He cares if his kids improve. He will not tell my son to do a drill without doing it himself. Coach Alex had drills and warm-ups that we have never seen. HE IS AWESOME

Coach Alex has been awesome with my son, Brody. He is so patient with him and already Brody has learned so much. He is always very accommodating and always keeps me well informed. Brody and I have so much respect for him. We couldn't have asked for a better trainer. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!

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