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"What's more beneficial, playing pick-up ball or training by myself? "

In order to simulate real game situations you need to play against others. It's easy to make the shot with no one guarding you.
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Rod Mosby

Basketball | Augusta, AR

July 03, 2016
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Great question. How about both? Playing the game without the proper foundation will help you increase your live experience, but it is a recipe for frustration and sub-optimal results. However, individual training only will help you increase your skills in a bubble, but you will be hard-pressed to apply your skills without the proper experience. My suggestion: instead of going all-in on one or the other, take the time you have and split it between the two. This will help you increase your skills and experience. Good luck!

Mark G.

Basketball | Bryn Mawr, PA

August 04, 2016
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