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"How can I improve my left handed layup? "

It's all about ball placement. Your target is the top left corner on the white box above the rim. See your target and shoot at it.
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Rod Mosby

Basketball | Augusta, AR

July 03, 2016
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Working on finishing with your off hand is an important part of developing your game. Your opponent will quickly learn if they push you to your weak hand, if you can finish or not. Being able to finish with your off hand can increase your ppg average up at least 4-5 ppg. Begin on your off side with a stationary stance. If it's your left hand finish that you need working on, stand about 6-7 feet away from the basket. Once you are facing the basket, take one dribble with your left hand. Make sure to stand stationary without moving when taking that left hand dribble. Once you dribble the ball once and pick up the dribble, then take your 2 steps allowed(LEFT/RIGHT). Repeat this over and over emphasizing your steps. Always remember that whatever hand you are dribbling with, the same foot is the first foot you step with once you pick up the ball to go into your 2 step motion.



Poncho H.

Basketball | West Hollywood, CA

October 22, 2016
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