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"How do I not easily fatigued when sprinting?"


Sprinting is a super high intensity movement before you even start to try to attempt it you must have a quality base of fitness established. That means being able to maintain strong sprint mechanics over longer length runs. If you are fatiguing quickly I would focus on your base work. Sprinting is all about finesse the more relaxed you can keep your body the more efficient you will move. Trying to force the movement your body tenses up and you expend more energy fatiguing quicker.
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Steven B.

Track & Field | Burbank, CA

May 28, 2016
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Sprinters need to understand that in order to utilize their natural gifts of speed, they need to also develop their technique and strength endurance. You need to work intervals at a multiplicity of speeds, do appropriate upper body work and get some technical help with form. I know of a young high school sprinter who struggled with his starts until he got some specialized advice (he was in a small town in Oegon where I used to coach his High School team) , he got some techical advice for a minor hand placement adjustment for starts and just won his state championship races. The best sprinters learn to train as hard as distance runners and maximize their speed with proper technique.

Heather T.

Running | New York, NY

May 28, 2016
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