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"How do I get to do the shots 3 points?"

Learn to utilize the entire rim when shooting jump shots. I teach shooters to forget about distance and master ball placement. All the jumpshots and free throws you shoot are the same shots. In fact it's one shot because the ball must arrive at the same point in order for any of them to go in; hence you merely need to master getting he ball to that single spot.

Make sure that keep your elbow close to your body but not touching. Be sure that your shot reaches the height of one basketball above the backboard ( mid -range, trey & free throw). Turn your feet to 10 o'clock (right handed shooter) or 2 o'clock (lefties). This lines your hip up with the basket and allows you to shoot right down your hip on a straight line to the basket. Sweep your feet when you shoot (search on youtube for examples). Lastly, be sure to follow fully extend your shooting arm and through with fingers pointing down after releasing your shot. This tells the ball where to come down. Shoot high and straight . . . . sweep your feet . . . . follow through. When learning a new method of shooting, many athletes get discouraged because the start missing a bunch of shots. Do fall for that. Continue to shoot with this method until you are comfortable with it, and you will be happy you did.
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Rod Mosby

Basketball | Augusta, AR

June 06, 2016
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