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"What is your opinion on tracking pitch counts? Are there any "rules of thumb" for one day (and one week) limits for a young pitcher? "

I often instruct parents and athletes to base it on how they feel. Some days you feel good, other days are a little off. Some days it's good to work through the frustration and others times frustration starts to get the best of you so cut your losses and come back tomorrow with a refreshed perspective. Rarely do I assign a number of reps. The focus should be on the quality not the quantity. It's a pretty sweet reward to be released after an intentional/effort filled workout. Ex: If you put in max effort for 20 pitches (which is a crazy amount or physical and mental effort), you only have to throw 20 pitches. On the flip side, if you don't exert enough energy and end up throwing 100 pitches just to check it off the To-Do list, you have wasted much time and energy with little result to show for. That's how the game works...

Monica Fenton

Softball | Valley Center, CA

February 28, 2017
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