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My high school students have been named "Pitcher of the Year" 17 times throughout my career in the softball hotbed of Southern California. View all coaching experience

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  • California State University--Chico (CA)

  • 21 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Outfield, Pitcher, Infield

  • Baserunning, Pitching, Hitting, Fielding


  • California State University--Chico (CA)

  • 21 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Outfield, Pitcher, Infield

  • Baserunning, Pitching, Hitting, Fielding

More About Coach Monica

When I was 5 years old I was in ballet class and knew that I wanted to be just like my Instructor; own my business and teach ballet. Fast forward several years and the subject may have changed but the desire and will never has. I absolutely love what I do and how we do it. My goal is not to create great athletes but rather to help mold really exceptional humans. Through the process of meeting together we learn about life through the experience of the ball field and recognize that if we can be great there... We can be great anywhere. We train one pitch/hit at a time to win one pitch/hit at a time. Everything matters so that nothing is wasted.

I believe in this cause so much that I leave my two amazing children (3.5 and 15 months) to pour into your amazing children on a daily basis. I truly look forward to serving your family. (Space is extremely limited - I have about 70 spaces each week for in person lessons [which sell out every week with a wait list] and only 3 spaces per day for Online Training. If you have flexibility in your school schedule please let me know, I can usually start earlier - Ex. early release days, homeschool, Charter school flex program, etc.)

Instructional Expert since 1998. Completed over 60,000 lessons in pitching, hitting, and defense. Assisted hundreds of athletes to gain and maintain college scholarships through the fundamentals taught in lessons and clinics, marketing their skills, and educating parents and players about the recruiting process. Played and coached at the travel ball, high school, and college level. Pitching Director for an eleven team travel ball club based in Southern California. International Coach with America's Team, former Ca State Commissioner for a National Softball Organization.

High School: Coke Cola Golden Glove winner, MVP, Coaches Award, All League in multiple sports, Athlete of the Year runner-up, scholarship offers in tennis and softball, ERA 0.11, 12 varsity letters
College: Most Improved, All State pitcher, ERA 0.86
Coaching: Over 63,000 lessons taught since 1998, former college pitching coach, former high school varsity coach, former/current director of numerous camps/clinics, current International Coach with America's team, current college recruiting educator/consultant for A-Game, former Ca State Commissioner for National softball org, current Pitching Director for 12 team travelball club in So Cal, and so much more.

Hours of Operation: In person lessons

Monday 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Tuesday 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Thursday 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Questions are asked as soon as introductions are made (ex. why do you want to play? What level to you hope to achieve/what is the end result, etc). Once an end game is established we can get to work on what it will take to get there, meeting the athlete exactly where they are now mentally, physically, emotionally etc. Next a diagnosis is made on the problem that brought them to lessons in the first place and short term/long term plan of attack is set in motion. Drills are given as homework to fix the problem on the athletes own time and before their next lesson. Bringing an athlete to a place of understanding is the goal of each and every lesson.

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Client Reviews

Amazing coach. She coaches both the physical ability and mental aspects of the game. Your child will benefit greatly from this coach.

She is a wonderful coach. Straight forward and direct. In just two sessions there has been such an improvement in the way my daughter is playing, which has increase her confidence on the field.

Coach Monica does a great job and my daughter learns a lot from each session with her

Great experience! My daughter is 8 and she’s really improved thanks to Monica. Would highly recommend her for pitching lessons.

Coach Monica is an excellent coach. She not only teaches the fundamentals of being pitcher but she also assist with the various types of pitches needed to be a successful pitcher.

(no details provided)

Seniors coming back to softball, Coach Monica is the one for you! I last played in my early twenties for UCSD. Over thirty years later, I have to relearn to run, field, throw and bat again, and deal with my senior body’s complaints and mental uncertainties. Coach Monica sees it all, communicates ways to improve my specific skill issues clearly. Wow! What a find!

Coach Monica is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and the best coach I have ever come across! She uses her knowledge and experience to coach the finest of details, but does it in a way that challenges and encourages the athlete at the same time. My daughter has just started lessons, but even after only 3 sessions the improvement my daughter has shown is sizable. Coach Monica has also got my daughter to begin thinking about the mental side of the sport and competition and that is something that my daughter had not been doing before. I would recommend Coach Monica to any athlete or parent that is serious about becoming a better pitcher!

(no details provided)

Coach Monica is an excellent coach!! After a a few lessons, I notice the difference and impact Coach Monica had on my girl. Highly recommend for others.

Coach Monica is awesome! She’s direct and well define, she explains everything in ways that my daughter can understand.
With the first session my daughter was able to adjust her stance that helped her adjust the alignment needed when pitching.
We highly recommend Coach Monica.

Incredibly busy woman and for good reason. Changed my daughters swing in 10 minutes which was very productive during games. Love how she makes my daughter think of what she’s doing and why she’s doing it.

Huge shout out to Monica ! She is a solid coach with a ton of experience, her ability to get my 8U daughter to come out of her shell, understand the importance of motion. Highly recommend her for proper instruction !! We will continue to blossom my daughters abilities with Monica.

She is very motivating. My daughter has not only made a complete change in how she practices, but takes all of Monica’s advice and tips and uses it in everyday life. I love how she teaches, and takes her time to coach these girls. I recommend anyone to try her out. She’s amazing.

Monica is a very thorough coach and provides consistent feedback for improvement and things to focus on.

(no details provided)

Very knowledgeable and helps girls think about the mental aspect of pitching.

Coach Monica has been a good coach for my teenage daughter. She is working on getting my daughter to be a more effective pitcher. She is so supportive and gives good advice on being a team member in general.

Coach Monica goes above and beyond in her coaching. She makes effective use of her online tools to teach not only pitching skills, but to encourage confidence and excitement for the game. My pitcher's confidence and on the mound skills have grown exponentially thanks to her coaching and enthusiasm for the game. I could not ask for a better pitching coaching experience for my daughter.

Coach Monica has being awesome with my daughter, she is working on improving confidence and give my daughter couple of drills to improve accuracy wile pitching. I Really recommend coach Monica if you want your daughter improves her skills. Thank you Coach!

Coach Monica has been so great with my 8-year old daughter. She has instilled an amazing work ethic and most importantly, a love for pitching. We’re able to take away useful tips for improvement after every lesson and as a result, I’ve seen vast improvements over the last year. Highly recommend!

(no details provided)

Coach Monica is a great coach! Our daughter has been going to her for the past year and it is amazing how much she has learned! Definitely reccomend Coach Monica!

(no details provided)

Coach Monica is phenomenal. With just a few sessions, we have already seen my daughter's great improvement in her pitching skills. Before the first session, Coach Monica analyzed a video we sent her showing my daughter's pitching. And we were totally impressed on the comments Coach Monica responded. They were exactly the problems we have been seeking solutions for. After that, everything turned out working really well. My daughter was very convinced by Coach Monica's explanation, and was very willing to follow Coach Monica's instruction. Now we keep seeing progress my daughter has been making under Coach Monica's guidance.
My daughter is eagerly looking forward to learning more skills and making further progress with future lessons. Thank you, Coach Monica!

(no details provided)

Coach Monica is great! She helps break down everything and has helped my daughter understand how and why about the mechanics. Her knowledge truly shows in the adjustments she makes. She takes the time to analyze the student and help her grow!

Coach Monica found two perfect college softball players who helped my daughter work on specific fielding drills that she doesn't get the one on one help with during her team practices. They gave her new techniques from a players view and how to think during different situations that are thrown at her on the field. She was very inspired and took it all in like a sponge. Thanks Monica and thanks to her girls for the fast response and booking these lessons within our shedule. I highly recommend Monica and will book many more!

My daughter has improved a lot on her pitching technique since we started working with Coach Monica, she is amazing!

Coach Monica is awesome! She talks to the player directly and explains everything in a way they can understand and translate into action. We cant wait for our next lesson.

Amazing! I can’t believe what we accomplished over video in such a short period of time!

(no details provided)

Monica is amazing. Emily has been with Monica for about a year and has improved so much.

First off, Coach Monica has been great! My daughter looks forward to her session with Monica all week long just to see what new things there is to learn and correct in her pitching movements. Monica really makes my daughter dig deep and think about what she’s actually doing and if my daughter gets stuck,Monica’s analogies help her understand while also making her crack a smile. We just can’t say enough good things!

(no details provided)

She was awesome. Can't wait until our next session.

My daughter is a pitching beginner @10U and has been with Monica for 2 months. We appreciate Monica's efforts fitting us into her super busy schedule. My daughter really enjoys the classes with Monica: clear instructions and big improvement seen! I especially like the way Monica makes my daughter to self-evaluate her own pitching and to think hard.

Coach Monica is awesome! Our daughter has taken her ‘homework’ and been working on all the things Coach Monica has told her. She gained so much out of our first session. She cannot wait for her next session!

This is the first Coach we have used through CoachUp. Very professional, experienced, all business. My daughter is a younger player and is eager to train with her again.

Coach Monica has been great with my 8yr old daughter, Kayla. 1st, no monkey business, this encourages Kayla to focus. 2nd, no parent meddling, this creates the perfect 1 on 1 environment. 3rd, feedback from student, teaches Kayla Why she is doing what she is doing whether it is right or wrong. This is only our 3rd session and Kayla is new to pitching. She is obviously learning the basics but with Monica's help she truly understands them. As time goes on I will either improve Monica's rating or drop it depending on Kayla's development and performance in fall ball. As of right now, I PREDICT 5 STARS. Thank you Monica from Kayla and her Dad. Update terrific coach. Kayla really enjoyed her experience. Thank you.

My 8 year old daughter just had her first lesson with coach Monica. She’s not like any other coach we’ve ever seen. I really appreciate her straight forward attitude, her drive and passion. I feel that she took advantage of every minute of the lesson to get to know my daughters pitching and mentality. She didn’t waste any time getting into the nitty gritty of what’s going to push my daughter to the next level. She was very direct and honest. My daughter threw the best change up she’s ever thrown in just one lesson. I feel that coach Monica is the type of coach we’ve been looking for to help step up my daughters pitching mentality. We are definitely going to continue to see coach Monica.

(no details provided)

My daughter has been with Monica for a month and has already made solid progress in improving her pitching. Monica had done a great job identifying problems with my daughter's wind up and delivery and has made positive changes. Great instruction!

(no details provided)

Our daughter just had her first in person session with Monica and it was by far the most productive she's ever had! Monica was the perfect combination of encouraging and tough which is exactly what Mylie needs at her age in a successful coach relationship! We loved how tailored the lesson was and how Monica was able to adjust what they were working on throughout the lesson. Mylie left feeling confident in the new drills and skills she learned and immediately put them to work at pitching practice - she's already looking forward to her next lesson!

Coach Monica used every minute of the session; no time wasted. She was able to make my daughter think about her pitching at a much deeper level. The information and insight we got in this first session is truly valuable. She truly made us feel that she cares for the improvement of my daughter's pitching.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Amazing, exactly what we were looking for in a coach for my daughter

I waited for a few sessions to write a review. My daughter has pitched in 8U but with no formal training. Now that she's moving to 10U and is interested in continuing as a pitcher, we decided to find a pitching coach.

Monica's no-nonsense attitude has been good for my daughter. So far I have seen improvement in my daughter's pitching after every session. She has more confidence in her pitching because she feels like she knows what she's doing because of Monica's input. Every week we leave training with new things to work on, something to try to do better.

What I didn't expect is how Monica has been teaching how to be a better pitcher, not just how to pitch better. How to have a presence on the field, throwing and catching, accepting that bad pitches are not something to get worked up about. I suspect this is a big reason why so many of her students have had success.

(no details provided)

Have had one practice with my daughter. She's an amazing coach. I've seen numerous pitchers around the league from her, and they are top notch. She is the best out there so you might have to work with her schedule, but it's worth it!!😝

Coach Monica was great!!! Izzy felt really comfortable and she's super excited to continue lessons with Coach Monica! She had a wonderful experience with her first lesson.

(no details provided)

My daughter has been with Coach Monica for 3 years and as her pitching coach she continues to amaze me every lesson. My daughter has progressively grown physically and mentally as a pitcher through her expertise. Coach Monica is truly an incredible coach and mentor, her knowledge and way to relate to my daughter is invaluable.

Knows her stuff... passionate about coaching and teaching as well as the game itself...has an amazing ability to see exactly what needs to be adjusted and effective in communicating how to do just that...very encouraging with our eleven year old daughter which just helps her do her best... all this after only two lessons. Looking forward to many more.

Monica is an amazing coach! My daughter is learning a lot. She really enjoys her pitching lessons.

Our first lesson was amazing. Coach Monica manages a half hour leasing with not a minute to waste. So informative and my 6yr old daughter wanted to practice what she learned as soon as we got home. Very please.

Very patient, awesome!!

Coach Monica is a great coach. Very knowledgeable. Was able to relay her message great with my 9 year old child.. i would recommend to anyone looking to improve their game..

After only two lessons with Monica, we are so impressed. She's so knowledgeable and really knows the mechanics of softball. We've already seen such an improvement with our daughter that we can't wait to book more sessions with her. Excited to see where she can take our daughter in her softball career!

Monica did an amazing job with my daughter Addison. Looking forward to more sessions with her.

My daughter displayed significant improvement after just a couple lessons with Coach Monica. After several more the growth continues each and every lesson. I was patient in looking for a long term pitching coach for my 11 year old daughter and and glad I did because I see Monica as an expert in fast pitch softball, a motivator and a teacher of all that goes into developing a pitcher. And best of all Monica relates to my daughters experience as a pitcher, is able to talk to her on that level, and motivates by daughter to be better. Coach Monica is legit!

Coach Monica is an excellent coach! She teaches not just the "how", but also the "why" of the game. Highly recommended!

Monica knows what she is talking about. She was able to see what my daughter was doing wrong in only 1 or 2 swings. I can't wait to get it fixed.

(no details provided)

Monica is great. She has a great way to communicate with my daughter in a way she can understand to get the results she wants. Can't wait to see her improvement over time.

Coach Monica is very knowledgeable and all business when it come to teaching my daughter the mechanics of pitching. She is great with my daughter and motivates her to produce.

If you are looking for a pitching coach look no further! Coach Monica is Awesome! So knowledgeable and the way she explains how the pitch needs to move, with a few tweaks she had my daughter's pitch breaking harder than ever and has increased her speed with just one lesson.

Coach Monica is an awesome coach. Her approach to my daughters mechanics was impressive. She made some corrections and made us look at the pitch in a different perspective. Her technique is great and she explains every step and every adjustment she makes. I'm looking forward in continuing our sessions with Coach Monica

(no details provided)

Wow what a great woman - I can't say enough good things about her! I have known her about 4 years and Monica goes above and beyond with my child, always willing to set aside her home life and her two small children to work with me on scheduling and making it as easy as possible for us to reach her. She even offers lessons at her own home! If you're looking for a coach to teach your child not only how to be great on the softball field but in life in general, then I really suggest Monica. She is taking my child to a whole new level. I look forward to spending another 4 years or more with her as my daughter's coach.

Coach Monica is a true professional. My daughter responded really well to her teaching approach and took home pitching drills that have really improved her game. We have already booked 3 more pitching sessions and look forward to many more. Thank you coach Monica!

Monica was very helpful and connected with my daughter right away. She is very skilled. We look forward to working more with her and developing my daughter's full potential.

Coach Monica has offered solid coaching tips/strategies in a straightforward fashion. She has been great in regards to scheduling coaching sessions as well. Thank you, Coach Monica!

Great feedback! Our 8 year old learned a lot in her first session. Love Coachs emphasis on technique.

Coach Monica is a 10/10 she is very serious with her game and knows what's she's talking about, I felt more confident with my mechanic's and her showing me the right way to tackle thing's I will definitely be coming back to her.

Coach Monica is an exceptional coach! She's definitely highly skilled and walks the talk! Her teaching skills are based on the individual students strength and weaknesses. Her expectations for her students are very high as they should be and she has a way of making my daughter understand why it should be like this or that. She gives my daughter the drive to set her own goals on top of what Coach Monica has for her after every lessons.

Coach Monica also has a way of making my daughter leave each lessons with a better sense of why the little adjustments and technical changes make the world of a difference. Because of her, my daughter is able to feel when she's made a great pitch and when a pitch wasn't or didn't feel right! Coach Monica explains every steps of each lessons and to make sure the student understands what she was saying she would have my daughter explain it back to her in the way she understood it. I love that she gives my daughter that motherly kind of tough love, calling my daughter out in a professional and respectful manner when my daughter is not giving it 100%.

My daughter has only had 5 lessons and already there's a big difference in her pitching from the first lesson. Coach Monica is very engaged and dedicated to her students and I also appreciate her analogies of pitching with life lessons. She reminds my daughter that you can't go through life with just the motions; likey that in pitching, you have to focus and drive full speed ahead with intentions and purpose and should you fail, you just reset, take a deep breath, focus and try try again. She's the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone who has the love for softball and for those who only want the best for their daughter(s)!!!

Coach Monica was absolutely amazing with my 8 year old daughter. My daughter really struggled in spring rec ball & did not get a hit all season. After a 1 hour session with Coach Monica I could not believe how much her fundamentals had improved. Her pitching also greatly approved. My husband came home after the first session & couldn't stop talking about how impressed he was with Coach Monica. I'm can't wait to watch my daughter progress with the help of Monica.

Coach Monica has been fantastic for our 9 year old daughter so far. We really like how Monica is challenging her physically and mentally. Her pitching has greatly improved in just 2 lessons. We really like how she is teaching her all the "little things" like how to have the confidence and swagger of a great pitcher. Our daughter loves coach Monica and we are so excited to see how much she will improve with future lessons.

Coach Monica immediately saw all the little changes my daughter needed to make to correct her pitching technique. She is very knowledgeable and has a good approach on teaching the basics first before moving forward with more advanced pitching skills and techniques. I've never seen my daughter pitch with more discipline and confidence then she does when she is working with Coach Monica.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Monica really knows how to relate to players and we have had 2 sessions with her and my daughter is gaining a lot of knowledge about pitching and we look forward to continuing to work with Coach Monica.Coach is very knowledgeable.

Coach Monica was a great match for my daughter . She has never played softball and needed lots of guidance. Monica was open , honest and supportive. She is a wonderful and very experienced coach. I would highly recommend her to any player.

Coach Monica has done a great job working with my grand daughter who lacks confidence in her ability. Monica helps her to understand the "why" of what she needs to do. My grand daughter is just 7 and needed a light touch. Monica has done an excellent job with her, she looks forward to her coaching sessions!

Monica is unbelievable. We love her. She has helped my daughter so much. Such an amazing, patient and knowledgeable coach!

Coach Monica is amazing! My daughter is 11 and just recently started pitching. Her being older I was nervous that it would be very difficult for her to break with bad habits and learn from a coach. I couldn't believe that after only a few lessons with Monica she has improved and I am confident that she will do awesome in her first season as a main pitcher for her team. The patience and knowledge that Monica has to offer amazes me at each lesson. We drive 1 1/2 hours to see her and it is completely worth it to see my daughter come out of each lesson so confident and happy!! Coach Monica makes her excited to pitch and improve her game.. can't ask for more than that!

Monica is amazing and her teaching style meshed perfectly with my daughter. After 7 years of playing, my daughter said, "I finally know what I'm supposed to do!"
Thank you Monica!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My daughter immediately responded to Monica. She asks great questions that make her pause and think. Her hitting already looks a lot better after just two lessons.

I took a chance on finding a coach without a referral from this website. I couldn't have been happier. Monica was great with my 10 year old daughter. She was instructional on both physical needs and emotional needs to be a better hitter and fielder. I highly recommend!

Great first lesson today, Thank you!

Monica, I just wanted to send a quick message and tell you thanks again for all you have helped Hailey with. I know she's going to do great at Nationals thanks to you. See you when we get back :)
You always seem to make our daughter feel so special at each lesson. We are truly grateful for your wisdom and guidance.
Thank you! You gave Maddie so much to think about. She's never been asked the questions you ask. She's thinking it through...
First of all thank you for being so inspirational. Rachel came home so motivated. She wants to work on the drills you gave her this week...
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