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"Is learning boxing good for self defense?"

Is boxing actually good for self defense or is it just a sport? Would being good at boxing help protect me from getting mugged or something like that?
YES.  Learning boxing is great for self-defense.  There are several modern forms of martial arts that explicitly include Boxing in self-defense applications, such as Jeet Kune Do (JKD) or my personal expression of JKD known as Powell Combat Arts (PCA).  The main difference is that Boxing in a "sports" context allows participants to wear boxing gloves.  Of course, on the streets you would not be wearing boxing gloves.  The bones of the hand (knuckles) are very susceptible to being broken. Therefore, Boxing techniques would need to adapted so that you will not injure your knuckles while defending yourself.   In self-defense situations, boxing punches to the skull can be delivered with an open hand or palm instead of a closed fist.  While boxing punches to soft body parts, e.g., the stomach, can still be delivered with a closed fist.  Hope that helps! 

Roderick P.

Boxing | Atlanta, GA

May 26, 2016
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Boxing is indeed a Martial Art although most people think of it as such. And yes it is an excellent form of self defense not to mention the fitness benefits that come with training in such activity. If you are new to it, I would suggest you look up an experience trainer who can design a custom routine for you and from there you can move onto any other martial art forms.
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Carlos A.

Martial Arts | Gardena, CA

December 22, 2016
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